Transitioning from 2017 to 2018 – Making this the best year YET!

In this video I share –

  • what the current energy is presenting
  • how life is manifesting opportunities for growth and evolution
  • how your inner limitations are manifesting
  • what you can do to create change

There are a couple directions I see this energy going.

In one direction, some are running full speed ahead with activity, ideas, creativity, momentum, inspiration…

In the other direction, some are feeling a bit less motivated, still in the slumber of the end of year energy, feeling introspective, finding themselves at choice points in life and not sure which direction to go…

The latter are still in a phase of cleansing and easing into the changes started at the end of last month.

It makes sense – this slow, ease feeling… You don’t want to barrel roll into the new year with any of the stuff that wasn’t working last year.  Or even the day before!

You’re always growing and changing.  At times, the energy all around supports massive change – right now is one of those times. 

For everyone it is important to know WHAT YOU WANT. 

And to have the courage to:

  • Allow what you want.
  • Claim your desires.
  • Let go of what holds you back.
  • Take courageous steps into the unknown and unseen.

Life events and relationships (with yourself and others) is showing you your limitations, beliefs, and fears.

The stories you tell about what is happening in your life are the manifestation of what is running your mindset from within.

This is a BIG piece of what is unearthing now – the stories. 

Witness the stories you tell about your experiences.  Are they supportive of your desires or supporting you in your limitations?

Your STORIES are your clues to your buried beliefs and inner limitations.

Moving forward – you are being challenged to leave behind the beliefs that are not in alignment with your desires.

// To believe love is painful, won’t attract the relationship you want into your life.

// To believe being vulnerable or being your authentic self will bring rejection – keeps the BEST parts of you hiding out.

// To believe risk equals guaranteed failure keeps you limited to all that is possible.

// To believe it is too hard to create what you desire will prevent you from taking a step toward what you want.

What beliefs are showing up in the stories you tell?

You have asked for more in your life.  It is coming… Although, the “how” it will come is not up to you.

Trust yourself, trust your journey, trust the process.

Last thing –

Right now… Take a moment to imagine where you want to be one year from now. 

  • Who is that person? 
  • What are they doing, believing, behaving, choosing? 
  • How is that different from the “you” you are now?

If life were Vegas, would you bet on you?  Would you let loose, unleash your full self and live life unabashedly?


That is your journey… Living life full out. Regardless. 

It is about COURAGE.  Will you choose to BE courageous?

I hope so.


Kelly Ann

P.S. This is exactly what I do in my work – help you remember who you are, what your inner magic is and how to use it powerfully, positively, and effectively. 

If you know and feel there is more meant to come through you, you are SO done with holding yourself back and hiding, and truly ready to feel empowered, free, and on purpose in your life – lets do some work together.

Don’t allow your bullshit stories to be bigger than your dreams.


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