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Weight Loss is Not a Simple Formula


In conversation with someone this week they said losing weight was a simple formula.  “Eat less, move more.”  Maybe for some.  But not for those who carry emotional weight, it isn’t lost by eating less.

My life long struggle with weight (and my body) began at the age of nine years old.  I was an average sized kid.  Maybe a little bigger than the shorter, smaller boned girls, but I was nowhere close to being overweight or having a struggle with food.self-image

This one day, just before fifth grade, my mother was driving us somewhere but, didn’t say why or where.  I was feeling nervous and uncomfortable.  Signs on the wall said “hypnosis”.  Now feeling confused too, a creepy old man led us into a small office.  There were two green, puffy recliners on the left facing a huge blank white wall.  It was a narrow, tight room – like a walk in closet.  At least it felt that way.

I walked by him to my designated recliner.   As I passed by him I had no idea what to do with the creepy energy I felt from him.  He looked me up and down and said to this spunky pig-tailed girl “she’d be cute if she lost a few pounds.” 

Bam.  There it was.  It’s like this automatic processing system his words went through in my mind. Through my heart. Through my soul.  Out the other side came “there is something wrong with you”. 

This began the cycle of a buried belief I wanted no one to ever find out about me.  I stuffed it down with food.  I tried to release it through fad diets (including pills with who-knows-what in them), starvation, and extreme exercise.  Binge eating, drinking, dieting, and exercise was my cycle. All to numb that painful belief.  Something is wrong with me.  My cycle of survival worked.  I’d lose weight.  But, I’d soon find it again.  Sometimes I’d find more weight than I lost.

It was an emotional and physical roller coaster I was on for the many years that followed that one day.  The damage to my body wasn’t to the depths of what it did to my emotional well-being.  On the journey to finally releasing and keeping off 100 pounds it was healing the emotions, that buried belief, and giving space to the feelings I’d stuffed for so long. That is what sustained the release of all that weight.  Not because I ate less or exercised more.

So, I know, I really know losing weight is not a simple formula.  It’s quite complicated with a painful buried belief about yourself.  It’s complicated when you’ve learned food is a source of comfort.  It’s complicated when you don’t have a model for self-love or self-acceptance.

In these few days I’ve spent in LA I’ve been really observant of the level of self-acceptance of my physical being.  My body isn’t perfect.  It holds scars of my weight loss and weight gain journey.  But, it certainly feels much lighter on my emotional well being.  I accept exactly where I am right now and grateful to be healthier than I’ve ever been – on all levels.  In 33 years, I’ve come a long way, baby.

Here’s my formula – Radical Self-Love + Radical Self-Acceptance = Happiness, Health, and a Bad Ass Beautiful Life.

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Lose Weight Naturally

Throughout my life I was on a rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain.  I did all the “fad” diets, took pills, starved myself – you name it, I did it.  I’d lose 20 pounds and gain back 30, lose 15 and gain back 20. Not only was it damaging to my body and organs, it took a hit to my psyche.  It was stressful and depressing to do all that hard work only to go beyond where I started.

It doesn’t have to be that way!  I’ve lost and kept off 100 pounds.  It wasn’t on any special diet program or simple pill.  I did it by taking responsibility for my life, what I was doing with it, and who was in it.  I made me a priority. I honored this vessel I call my body by making better food choices, moving it more, and giving it what it was really craving.

In my training for Holistic Health Counseling we were taught about Primary and Secondary foods.  Primary foods being relationships, career, finances, exercise, hobbies, and more.  Secondary foods are actually what you eat.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I made Primary Foods my priority. I let go of the stress I was putting on my mind and body.  Stress causes cortisol levels to rise.  Cortisol increases the fat around your belly area.   I released and let go of relationships that weren’t mutually beneficial. I took care of me.  And a really big part of that process was consciously releasing stress from my body.  I meditated. I breathed more deeply. I envisioned the body I wanted for myself rather than focusing on what was wrong with it.  I changed the way I thought about food.  I chose to be happy.

If I ate cake, I enjoyed it.  Your body will react to what you say to and about it.  Enjoy your food!

This article I found online on ignited me to share a little more about my story and my journey of losing 100 pounds, ending the yo yo dieting, and finally being at peace with my body and my life.

Here is a video I participated in when I was in school.  It explains a little more of what a Holistic Health Counselor can help you do for your life.  As with all my personal healing work and journey I’ve taken what I’ve learned educationally, professionally, and through life experience and bring that to my clients and help them empower themselves to living their best life yet!


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Are your inner limitations conditioned to keep you from manifesting?

Are you and have you been wanting to go beyond? To the next level? Attain a goal? 

Whatever that is for you… Whether it be around money, love, weight loss, career, relationships, health, business…

But, find yourself in a loop not quite being able to go beyond or maintain that next phase…?

You may have an inner limitation condition set to stop you in that area(s) of your life and goals.

Meaning, once you get to a certain point with money, love, health, etc., you get set back.  It could come in the form of self sabotage, distracting yourself, chaos, drama – something brings you steps back.

This condition is like an invisible ceiling.  We sense something is there but, we really can’t see it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life.  We’ve taken on and been passed down these conditions, beliefs and limitations from our ancestors, environment, societal expectations.  You’re a part of the greater whole and collective consciousness helping to clear the energy around all of this.

Therefore, the traditional way of attaining goals is outdated. 

You need to go beyond the ‘doing’ and taking action.  To break the inner limitation requires you to go inside yourself – look at mindset, energy and emotions.  Align your Mind, Body, Spirit to work in collaboration.

If you have noticed the inner limitation…



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Emotional Freedom Technique

“The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption of the body’s energy system.” ~ EFT founder, Gary Craig 

When I was first introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) around 2006 I thought it was weird. It felt weird and it looked weird! Yet, I experienced gentle, amazing, and quick results in my healing process. 

I was re-introduced to EFT again in early 2013 shortly after Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Over 300 applicants applied and I was chosen to be part of a team to provide trauma relief for families who lost loved ones, first responders, survivors of the shooting, and other affected members of the community, and provide vital support to community mental-health care givers. 

I spent an intensive year in training with Nick Ortner, Lori Leydon, Johdi Whitis, Jade Barbee, and 25 other licensed health care professionals and self-care practitioners. Our focus being on global trauma relief and resilience.

EFT is a self-care technique that combines modern psychology with acupressure.  EFT’s gentle process assists releasing of negative emotions held in the body.  It creates a powerful shift, lightness, and feeling of freedom and expansion once this energy is set free.

(Here is a link to brief instructional video – How to Tap)

When you hold negative emotions in your body it will appear as physical discomfort – pain in the body. Or emotional discomfort – depression, anxiety.  Sometimes it can’t even be named. Through EFT we get to the core of the disruption within.

I introduce EFT to guide clients through healing, releasing and transforming the buried beliefs and past pains that are preventing them from living the full, joyous life they desire to experience.

I specialize in creating healthy relationships, healing the relationship with yourself, weight loss and creating a nourishing relationship with food, healing from heartbreak, attracting love, healing childhood trauma, releasing the past, and identifying and re-framing problematic thought patterns.

  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and haven’t moved through to how you want to feel?
  • Do you recognize there is something in your way, but not quite sure what it is or how to move past it?
  • Do you desire love and happiness, but you can’t seem to attract it?

Here is the link to the “How to Tap” video on my YouTube channel.

Lastly, I have found the best success in long lasting, permanent change as I work with clients for a period of time. I do offer a single session of 60 or 90 minutes for those who want to try this type of process.  For deeper dives into transformation, I offer three and six month program packages. Details about packages and pricing are through this link

Sessions are held all over the world via phone or Skype call.

I’d be happy to talk with you. The work I do with my clients is an holistic approach.  As core issues are healed and released, their whole lives are changed.  They feel empowered, happy, free, and more peace in their lives.

Click here to apply for a 20-minute complementary connection call.

(out of respect to my clients and private practice, I humbly request only serious applicants book a complimentary connection call)

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Kelly Ann is a Intuitive Healing Guide.  Her work focuses on the connection between the Mind, Body and Spirit.  

Her presentations and events are designed to evoke an inner awareness of one’s self and their connection.

Her areas of specialty include:

Kelly Ann continues to enhance and deepen her skills and knowledge by consistently attending trainings, experiential workshops, reading many books, and listening to teachings on the go.  

Previous trainings with alternative thought leaders included Debbie Ford, Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Geneen Roth, Michael Beckwith, and more.


To arrange for Kelly Ann to speak, teach, or provide an experiential process for your guests at your next event, email her at ‘hello at kellyann dot com’.





To arrange for Kelly Ann to be a guest or teach, email her at ‘hello at kellyann dot com’.

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To arrange for Kelly Ann to speak or teach at your next event, email her at ‘hello at kellyann dot com’.


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Get Your Sexy On

I spent many years crash dieting – starving myself, fad diets, and yes even diet pills (eeks!).  I was a roller coaster dieter – gaining back even more weight after each stint of losing weight.  Such damage to my body, mind, and emotions.

When I dealt with the underlying emotions and pain I was suffering from the weight nearly dropped off and I’ve since sustained a 100 pound weight loss.

So, sure I may have been thinner at certain points, but I was far from healthy!

Things are different now.  My relationship with food and with my body has changed – how I look at it and how I feel about it.  I have much more appreciation for this temporary vessel that allows me to move about and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Energy –
that is what people really see.  How you feel about you and how you feel inside shines through.  I’ve met the most beautiful, confident women who are above the national average (Marilyn Monroe was size 14).

If you’re struggling with weight and not feeling good about how you look begin by paying attention to what you say to yourself, how you look at your body and how you treat it.  When you’re ready to make a change, start small – overwhelming yourself only sets you up to quit or fail.

We’re all energy.  Your body will respond to how you feel about it and the words you choose.  Choose an affirmation or a loving mantra that you can really allow in.  Something like “I love and accept all parts of me”, “I accept myself completely as I am”, “I love and respect my body”.  Your body will respond to love much more positively than to hate.  You’re changing subconscious thought patterns – those that may have been running for a while.  Find something you can really take in and repeat it several times through the day – especially when you catch yourself being mean to you.

After all, no one can love you more than you love yourself.  Confidence is sexy. Now, go get your sexy on!

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When the voices and smallness creep up and try to distract you

This morning I witnessed an inner voice try and distract me from my morning routine. The routine – which is under 10 minutes – helps me keep my vibration high as well as create strength in my body.

Maybe you’re familiar with this voice too?  

This voice is the expression of the smallness;  the part that feels “safer” in the comfort zone avoiding feelings of:

– I’m too much
– I won’t be liked
– Worried about what others might think
– Afraid of failing
– It is too hard or too much
– It won’t work out any way so, why bother?

This voice was offering up good reasons, excuses and distractions to keep me from doing something that is ultimately good for my mind, body, soul, growth, energy, expansion, strength…

I just watched and listened. Instead of going right into my routine, I made my bed and started sorting laundry… listening, witnessing but, not buying into it’s full diversion.

After the voice fully expressed itself and felt heard, I got into position for my routine.

In my morning and within the routine I gave myself space for the voice to be heard. I also kept myself committed to the agreement I have for my mind, body, and soul nourishment.

As I moved through my routine, I was fully present with my actions – how I felt and observing the strength I have gained since re-integrating this practice.  Feeling grounded, centered and connected at the start of my day.  This conscious, positive reinforcement reminded me of the reasons why I take this time for myself every morning.  This thought pattern is what will support new behavior and habits.

The important piece is all parts of me were served today.  The smallness was heard yet, what took precedence was ultimately for my highest and best good. The threat of the smallness was not so strong because I gave it space and heard what it had to say.

I share this because if you’re having trouble creating a new routine, making a change in your life, or adding in more positive practices to your lifestyle, this may be one aspect of why you are unable to keep your goals and commitments to yourself –  

–  a part(s) of you is being ignored, squished down, threatened, or numbed out. This part may be hidden from your awareness.  When that is the case, it is because the part(s) are likely running a pattern or cycle or protecting a wound and releasing the ‘protection’ can feel threatening.

So, its not just about failing a goal or succumbing to the voice.  An inner part of you is doing what it feels like it is meant to be doing – protecting you or keeping you safe.

For example… When I was on my weigh loss journey – where I ultimately kept off 100 pounds – there were unconscious parts of me so frigin afraid of shedding the ‘protection’ I had unconsciously built around me. Those parts are what kept putting the weight back on.  Because letting the weight go meant so much more than having health.

As I allowed space and a voice for those inner pieces of me, the weight released.

If you’re feeling stuck, ready to create a shift but feel blocked, have fear but don’t know why…

1. Be aware of the inner voices but, don’t allow them to make your decisions.

2. Keep focused on the ultimate goal and how you want to feel.  What is in the way will naturally rise (then see #1).

3. Listen to the voices and observe where your inner limit and comfort zone stops you but, then continue to move through ( see #2)

4. Create new beliefs and feelings about what it takes to create the change you seek.

5. Remember, these inner parts were created for some reason and feel it is their job to keep things as they are.  Be gentle and kind to yourself as you become aware of these parts of you.

So many are coming face to face with their inner blocks and barriers and feeling the desire and urge for more.  Likely, if you’ve gotten this far, part of you is resonating with what I’ve shared and ready to move beyond the space of comfort.

If you’re feeling like something is in your way but, you cannot see or get beyond it, lets do some work together.  My intuitive readings and healing programs not only help identify what is going on deep within, at the core, they also provide you with the energy shift and healing that supports the release and alignment with your highest and best – all with ease and grace.

I’m actually excited about my morning routine!  (it really can be as simple as changing your perspective and the things that voice says)

What are you excited about?

What space are you ready to be in?

What is beyond your comfort zone that you are ready to claim for yourself?

Lets do this!

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