// Have you done all the things and still not having the results you desire? //

It doesn’t matter if it’s about attracting LOVE, making more MONEY, transitioning into your own BUSINESS, finally sharing your ART, or releasing excess WEIGHT…

If you have an underlying commitment to remain where you are or a shadow aspect of yourself operating from fear, the actions you take, the desires you put out to the universe won’t produce the outcomes you desire.

For example the shadow of SHAME.

A client has been on a hamster wheel, feeling frustrated, and unable to complete and release her art and projects – for YEARS.

In her session I identified the underlying pattern of her holding shame from what happened to her as a child.

She was programmed to believe she was bad and the violations she experienced were her fault.

She had a subconscious fear that she’d be seen and everyone would find out she’s really a bad person.

The underlying operating pattern has her self sabotaging, in resistance, and playing the perfectionist.

She saw how she’s been kicking the rock ahead of her and having excuses of why she can’t quite get beyond the finish line.

To get off the hamster wheel and finally launch her art and projects means healing the shame.

Until the shame she’s carried and the beliefs she’s created about herself are cleared, no amount of doing things will launch her forward to where she says she wants to be.

For other clients the underlying causes have been a fear of being heart broken 💔 again kept them attracting the “wrong ones”, single longer than desired or in unhappy relationships.

Another, the fear of being abandoned if she was successful held her in “just enough” money.

Another, old resentment and anger toward others held excess weight.

The underlying cause isn’t a direct relation to the results.

When the underlying aspects that keep the behaviors and patterns in place are cleared, all the doing becomes being and you tap into a state of empowered creation (versus creating from shadow).

So, the thing you’re feeling frustrated about and struggling with… it’s not about doing more things. It’s about a subconscious commitment to not disrupt the protection patterns you’ve developed to keep you and your shadows safe.

If you’ve been struggling and ready to clear what’s underlying and take that leap beyond where you’ve been hovering, let’s have a chat and see if Beyond Your Edge is a fit.

It’s a six week, one on one private mentoring intensive where what’s in your way will be cleared and you’ll tap into the divine creator self you are.

I know you’ve been hovering. You know there is more you want to experience. Are you ready to push your edge and go beyond?

There are 4 spaces available and doors close June 30th (is when all spots are taken).

Your investment is 1997. Payment plans available.

Details at www.KellyAnnCory.com/beyondyouredge


There is a YOU already living your dreams.

When you release the barriers – control, expectations, negative thought patterns – you become available for quick shifts in your reality.

Many say they want quantum leaps but, they’re not ready or available to let go of what currently is.

What’s happening for you now is a choice – on some level.

💰 When I became aware I was subconsciously choosing lack because I was afraid I’d be abandoned, I worked on the abandonment piece (not the money) and my experience with money shifted (70% increase in the next quarter over the previous year).

❣️ When I became aware I was subconsciously choosing men who betrayed our relationship, I healed the traumatized parts of me (not try and change the man, make a fancy dating profile or change what I looked like) and who I attracted into my romantic life changed.

💃🏻 When I shifted many layers of my subconscious – deep unhappiness, trauma, betrayal, disconnect from self – I lost 100 pounds. I was choosing to have extra weight to protect myself (one of the many other reasons I held weight).

You see, it’s not always a one to one.

If you’re working on money stuff and it’s not shifting, it’s highly unlikely the lack and scarcity you experience is about money.

Same with launching your business, attracting love, and losing weight… it’s rarely about the thing directly.

It’s about the barriers you put up against it.

Are you ready to drop your barriers and go beyond what you’ve been choosing up til now?

Beyond Your Edge is a six week accelerated one on one private mentoring course for those who know there is something in the way and you’re ready to clear it out and take a leap.

This is a highly intensive, high touch, intimate course for those who are ready for the change they’ve been holding off or feeling blocked to allow.
If this feels like you, message me to apply for your space and we’ll discuss the details and ensure this course is a good fit.

Your investment for this six week private, one on one mentoring course is 1997.

Full pay bonus: One month free inside my membership group Mind Mastery: Unfuckyourmind. Your Grand Awakening (150).
Payment plans are also available.


Doors close 6/30 or when the four remaining spaces are filled.


Are you feeling like you want to give up, throw in the towel and just quit it all?

You are right in line and on time.

💪Time to go beyond your edge.

🦸‍♀️Time to leap into the experiences you say you want for yourself.

🗣Time to allow the expression of who you are to be set free.

🦋Time to make the transitions you’ve been holding off out of fear, doubt, insecurity.

💫Time to allow your desires to come into form.

This also means the old has to die off.

☠️The die-off isn’t easy. It’s squirmy and uncomfortable.

Every time I’ve been brought to my edge and lept into the unknown, I have always built better and created more new than I could imagine possible.

What are you ready to leave behind in order to experience what you say you really want for yourself?

Five spaces open. Doors close 6/30.


Are you willing to surrender to the PURGE?

The purge of your pains, limitations and fears.

Current circumstances are a bit fiery now 🔥🔥🔥, eh?

Fired up and intense to show you what you’re holding onto and what is ready to be purged.

Because the desires you have and what you’ve been working toward will be unveiled beyond the purge. 🌈

… If you’re willing to let go and go through the purge process. 🐉🦋

♥️ When you purge the fear of being hurt again, the love you desire arrives.

🚀 Purge the beliefs of ‘not enough’ and your business flourishes.

🤸🏻‍♂️ Purge anger and resentment from your past and excess weight dissolves off your body.

💰 Purge your fear of abandonment and your income increases.

(⬆️ real life examples)

Most stop when it gets uncomfortable. But, don’t you always feel better when things are purged out 💩?

Allow the temporary discomfort. 🤬😭🤢

Don’t get caught up in current circumstance.

It’s all happening for you.

You’re being brought beyond your edge. Take the leap! Allow the purge.

Doors to this course close June 30th or when the five available spaces are filled. Apply today by contacting me directly – hello at kellyanncory dot com


Beyond Your Edge

Are you questioning EVERYTHING?

Questioning your business, your relationships, where you live, your body, money, WTF you’re doing in your life…? ?

Are you ready to give up, throw in the towel and just quit it all?  

Are you wondering if you’re doing it ‘right’ and where the hell you’re headed?

Are all your fears, self-doubt, insecurity rising to the surface?

Excellent.  {rubbing my hands together with a grin on my face – I love this space!}

You are right in line and on time.

  • Time to go beyond your edge.
  • Time to leap into the experiences you say you want for yourself.
  • Time to allow the expression of who you are to be set free.
  • Time to make the transitions you’ve been holding off out of fear, doubt, insecurity.
  • Time to allow your desires to come into form.

This also means the old has to die off.

The die off isn’t easy.  It’s squirmy and uncomfortable.

I’ve let myself die off every time I’ve been brought to my edge and leapt into the unknown.

From there I have always built better and created new.  

At times it felt like I might never make it through because that is what dissolution of limitations feels like – death.

Death of fear, ego, insecurity, self doubt… All the stuff that held back who I really am and this life I desire to be living.

My desires are my guide.  

The Universe, God, Source is my GPS coming through my intuition and guiding me as I leapt into the unknown.

There is no way around the unknown or being able to control how the journey unfolds.  

Yet, there is a way to navigate through the leaps and transitions feeling empowered.

SO many times it would have been easier to shrink back and settle into what I knew, into what felt safe and secure.  The relationship, the corporate career, the big house…

But, that is not how I am built.

Have you ever seen a chrysalis try to remain in its goo state?  You know, the transition space right before it becomes a butterfly.

It is nearly impossible to not become the butterfly.

The same thing with your expansion, growth and ascension.  It is happening regardless.

If you’re questioning anything or everything, you’re in the goo state.  Not really knowing what is next, the unknown is freaking you out, the dismantling of who you are is happening…

You’re being brought beyond your edge.  

The edge is where many turn back.  

  • The discomfort of the unknown feels too much.  
  • The feeling of loss of control too unstable.  
  • The fears that rise up, too much to face.  

And, you’re exactly in the right place.  

This is not a time to turn back.  

How many years have you been turning back?  How much longer are you going to put off what you truly desire for yourself?

What do you do?

-Run toward or away from what you want?

– Blind yourself to seeing the gifts in front of you?

– Make the same choices as you have in the past?

– Choose what your mind / ego knows or follow your heart and Soul?

THIS.IS.THE.TIME you’ve been moving and growing toward.

Don’t give up now!

It is up to you to choose differently. To not allow the fears, conditioned limitations, current status quo to stop you.

It is time to go BEYOND YOUR EDGE.  Time to take the leap and make the transition to where your Soul has been leading you.

Let me tell you … If I didn’t have the support and Guides leading the way, reminding me who I am, and holding my hand as I leapt beyond on my journey, I know I would not be where I am today.

And I am so glad I went through the hard parts to get myself where I am today.  

I am doing work I love with amazing people, I have close friends all over the world, I am free from debilitating anxiety, depression and trauma triggers, I have the freedom in my days I always wanted…

Beyond Your Edge is a six week accelerated one on one private mentoring course for those who know a next step is what is necessary.  You know there is something in your way and you can’t put your finger on it.

We’ll begin with me identifying your biggest hidden block and transmuting the root cause and the energy holding it in place.  From there unveiling the clarity of your desires and taking the bold next steps you know you’ve needed to take. We continue on with fierce creation and doing the damn things.

This is a highly intensive, high touch, intimate course for those who are ready for the change they’ve been holding off.

Your investment for this private, one on one mentoring course is $1,997.

Full pay bonus: One month free inside my membership group “Mind Mastery: Unfuckyourmind. Your Grand Awakening“. Payment plans are also available.

If this feels like you, message me to apply for your space and we’ll discuss the details and ensure this course is a good fit.

Because of the energy and attention this course provides, there are only five spaces available and doors to this offer close June 30th (or when the spaces are filled).


Can you handle the truth?

The truth, when spoken with precision,  cuts deeply through the illusory bullshit stories you’ve been telling yourself.

When precise truth comes in it will poke at your core like a hot poker just out of the fire. 

Your automatic defense mechanism is to defend, block, fight back. 

You’ll deny what you heard. 

You’ll push back the Truth Teller.

  • Sure ;), your relationship is working.
  • Yeah sure 😉 you’re in integrity with that one already in a relationship.
  • Sure 😉 giving your genius away for free so you don’t have to look at your own value is working well.
  • Yeah, sure 😉 it’s all about the final touches you need to get together before you can share your work with the world

Your LIFE is evidence of the level of truth you’ve allowed yourself to see through the veil of your blind spots. 

When you hear something and it hurts, pause. 

Is what you’re about to defend who you really desire to be? 

Is what you’re holding onto really hold the value you believe it does? 

Truth is the gateway to allow all you desire to come through you and be your experience.

The money, business, love, health…

What are your desires worth to you?

If you know more is possible for you…

Get yourself in front of a Truth Teller, stand in the fire and allow what’s really true to be unveiled.

Truth is the gateway to what you seek.  Truth will set you free.

You can handle it. 

You’ve just got to decide what is most valuable to you.

P.S. This not only is an invitation to hear truth but, to SPEAK your truth as well.


Why you’re holding back your wild genius

The aspect of you that makes others most uncomfortable is YOUR NATURAL GIFTS AND WILD GENIUS. 

The wild genius that is here to create ripple effects of change. 

Your natural-born gifts designed to disrupt the world into awakening.


You hide your genius and deny your gifts in order to NOT MAKE OTHERS FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE.

And, you’re the one who is suffering. 

You feel lost, confused, off your path, doubtful, insecure, afraid…

Because, in the past, you have been made wrong, ostracized, made fun of, or abandoned simply for being you.

It keeps you from being your full-on awesome self.

UNTIL… you realize it’s not about you

It can feel painful to not be liked, be misunderstood, not be seen or heard, and feel like you don’t belong.

Expressing your genius or sharing your gifts feels hard because there is an inner, automatic mechanism you can’t see, programmed to make sure you don’t experience that pain ever again. 

It’s about them. 

It’s about WHAT they SEE in THEMSELVES when you’re standing in your full on power.

It’s about HOW they FEEL about THEMSELVES when you’re expressing your genius and sharing your gifts.

And, you are NOT RESPONSIBLE for processing or taking on another’s discomfort or stuff.

You are responsible for being you.

But now it’s been so long, unveiling and coming out hiding out is a mind fuck Houdini act to get out of. And, at the same time, you feel like an enraged wild, caged animal who can’t hold back any longer.

You are going in circles, getting nowhere but, you know there is MORE.

It’s not that you aren’t doing all the “right” things.

It is that you are committed to NOT CAUSING DISRUPTION.

So, you don’t allow yourself to freely express your wild genius or share your natural gifts.

And it all feels hard because deeply you know there is more to come through you and more for you to experience in this life.

You can’t change anyone but yourself. So, forget about them and focus back on you. 

And when you finally let your wild genius and unique, disruptive gifts out of the cage, you’ll be free to be you and your aligned tribe can then find you. 



Let go and live

My life does not look like it’s “supposed to”.

While shedding the “shoulds” wasn’t a pleasant process, I wouldn’t trade who I am instead of it.

And, it’s only getting better.


(Edit: after posting, this night was better than I could have imagined. one for the books)


Getting to the root of where you feel stuck

You can’t #unfuckyourmind with the same mindset that created it.

This is why affirmations, journaling, mantra DON’T WORK to create LASTING shifts or quantum leaps. They are done through the conscious mind (5% of your mind).

Your life is a manifestation of your subconscious mind (95%).

Getting to the core and creating lasting change must happen in your subconscious.

If you’re feeling stuck with money and stagnant with love or hitting your head against the wall around your business, there are several effective ways to clear out the programming and limitations.

These programs are sneaky!

The most challenging piece I see people get stuck with is not knowing what is operating underneath and running their life.

My genius is to read energy fields and identify the root of the limiting belief and programming.

Once identified and the energy cleared, YOUR REALITY SHIFTS.

Clients have:
:: Clarity comes for their life’s vision. 👁
:: Money begins flowing in from random sources. 💸
:: The opposite sex responding more positively to them. ❤️
:: Homes they’ve been searching for suddenly appear. 🎯
:: Business opportunities they’ve been seeking fall into their laps. 🎉

Where there were once walls and barriers there is now ease and flow.

It’s not your fault. It’s all part of this human journey of remembering your truth and living it.

And, it all begins with you choosing you want more for yourself. This is where you’re responsible.

What are you willing to do to have, do and be what you say you want for your life, love, health, business?

What you desire is available. You have to choose it.

Kelly Ann

P.S. If you’re done doing it the hard way and ready for a quantum leap AND willing to do the damn things, message me. I have 3 spaces for private 1:1 clients. Message me for details.


Willing to love?

We can only love and be loved as much as we are willing to have our hearts broken open.

What are you willing to do in order to experience what you say you want?


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