The break before the breakthrough

Has it been intense for you? Have you wanted to throw in the towel? Quit it all? Set fire and walk away?

It’s part of your next level process.

It is your inner limitations popping up as you’re breaking through patterns.

Many stop right there, get caught up in the chaos and allow the circumstances to become a distraction.

It’s easy to quit.

What it takes to get next level you and allow the life you want in is perseverance, courage and trust.

Do you trust yourself?

From the start we have been conditioned to believe the authority is outside ourselves. The thing we need is outside of us.

Limited thinking conditioning 101.

But, you’re here to break that. You want more. You KNOW more is possible. Yet, you can’t seem to break through.

You’re not doing it ‘wrong’.

You just may need a shift in perspective, a reminder of who you really are, and a helping hand from someone who has been through it all before.

I mean, isn’t it so much easier to see once you’re through it? But, when you’re in the thick of it, it is hard to see clarity or make sense.

It is not necessarily about breaking the limiting thought patterns as it is about choosing.

When life brings chaos, it’s a good chance you’re getting an upgrade and opportunity for you to choose next level you.

Here’s the thing…. You don’t need the chaos! You can simply keep choosing for yourself.

What do you *really* want??

Because underneath the choosing is the limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns.

And… what you seek, you will find.

So, why not seek more of what you want to experience vs seeking what is holding you back?

You always get what you look for.

When people find their way to my work, the biggest challenge is them having CLARITY of what they want.

They’re unclear in their purpose, what they really want in their romantic relationship a should they leave / stay, they’ve been doing their business someone else’s way and things aren’t flowing… Lots of confusion.

Life can’t bring you what you don’t know you want.

So, this throwing in the towel and quitting it all… You’re likely being given the opportunity to toss out some limitations and stinkin’ thinking and POWER up to choosing.

:: What if it could be easy?

:: What if all the inner stories, fear and limitations didn’t have the power over you?

:: What if you felt inner peace in surrender and allowing life to come to you?

It begins with CHOICE.

If you keep choosing from the same mindset, you’re going to get what you always got.

Choose from your future self. The one already living the reality you desire.

What fear is below the surface of you boldly choosing?

– Not good enough?
– Don’t have enough?
– Afraid you’ll fail?
– Afraid you’re heart will be broken again?
– Afraid of succeeding?
– Afraid of having it easier than others?

I’ve had those (and more). What I’ve come to know is the bold choice, clearing the chaos, feeling the fear, grounding into my power… is all very much worth the temporary discomfort of the moment.

So much better than continuing to live a life held back (by my own self).

Don’t let your mind tell you how hard things are or how you can’t or don’t have enough…

If it’s in your heart, it’s possible. But, if you’re not clear or boldly choosing, you’ll remain in the default settings.

Ready to upgrade? Let it be easy?

My superpower is dialing in on the fears and clearing all that been in your way. Then I bring you to remembering who you are – at your core. I clear the clutter to clarity. I connect with your Soul and channel the guidance and next steps you need to take to align with what you’re ready for.

I would not be where I am today without the support of many talented Healers and Guides. I’m pretty strong minded and stubborn. It is how I know the to guide others through their inner barriers and boldly choose more an better for themselves.

What are you ready for?

I have individual and group sessions available. Message me with where you are now and for what you’re ready for.

Are you choosing YOU?

See you on the other side!


Going next level you – outside your comfort zone

In this video, I speak about going beyond your comfort zone to the next level you, your life and where ALL the goodness is.

Here is a full-length version – I took out the conversations I had with live attendees.

I share several ways you subconsciously hold yourself back, what arises as you move past your comfort zone, and how to get your own clarity beyond the limitations.

Life is SO worth the effort to move through what holds you back.

From Willy Wonka: “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it.”

The Art of Being You opens 10/1/18.  Doors close 10/5/18.

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What my fear of dying was really about…

For so long I was afraid of dying. I did not become aware of this underlying fear until I integrated my Soul into my body and started living my path – what is real and right for ME.

Are you LIVING? Really living…? Or are you inside some construct or shell of a life following another’s path or society’s expectations?

When I was 18 I was sitting on a plane with a friend heading to Florida for a 5 day weekend wedding.

Before we were about to take off, I was sitting in my seat in a panic going through my mind all the ways to prepare myself if / as the plane crashed and I plummeted to my death.

Looking back now I could see all the fears I had about dying came from my inner self, my Soul showing me how I wasn’t living.

I thought I was living it up. But, my insides and feelings were telling me differently. There was a disconnect then that I wasn’t even aware of…

Until I started living.

Living in a way that is for me. Tapped into what is really important to me.

Turns out, what is real and right for me isn’t all the things I strived for. I had the ‘things’ and all the check boxes marked.

Turns out for me… Much of what is important to me, one can’t see and can only feel.

Are you tuned in to what is really important and valuable to you?

We’ll be exploring this and more inside a sacred, secret group – The Art of Being You. Doors are open now and there are 5 spaces left for a one on one laser focus call with yours truly.

Register here, grab your bonus, and don’t miss out on the first LIVE transmission.


You attract what you are

Cultivate and grow the love vibration within yourself and for yourself and you become a vibrational magnet to the matching love vibration from and within others.


Energy Alchemy and Management

Are you feeling the energy wave and cycle moving through? Would you like to know how to use the energy moving through for your highest and BEST evolution and expansion?

I have a monthly group where I forecast the energy making its way in. Kind of like an astrology forecast but, energy.

For the members inside the secret, sacred group, I channel, read their energy, and provide Soul guidance.

Members are feeling empowered, confident, clear and that translates into Soul alignment which manifests into the Career, Money, Relationship, Health changes they are ready for.

Don’t take my word for it – check out the pic below.

What if you knew and understood what the energy meant for YOU and what you could do inside the wave and cycle?

The Art of Being You starts 10/1.

Four weeks, exploring, getting clear, receiving guidance, being and becoming… The Art that is You.

There are 7 one on one bonus calls with me available. There is also a double bonus when you bring a friend.

Click here for details and to register.


Have you had static in your interactions with others?

Before you get your panties in a bunch, make sure you aren’t responding from a wound, insecurity, projection…

Your response is your responsibility.

The energy making it’s way through will poke at your relationships. You may get a little zap.

Don’t get tangled up in it.

Be aware to not take things personally.

It may be a simple shift in perception to clear the static.

It starts with you.


Shifting beyond your shadow

Are there a couple of hard DECISIONS in front of you?

Different paths and completely DIFFERENT possible outcomes available?

NOT CLEAR what choice and it all feels pretty challenging?

Is your heart feeling a little TORN from it all?

You’re likely looking at those decisions and choices and wondering…

”What is important to me?

What do I really want for myself?

Who is the person I want to be?”

There is something already there waiting to come through. You can feel it too. You want it but, you don’t know how, you feel anxious, you want to know what is going to happen…

Much of that is through the filter of your shadow.

What makes life choices and next steps challenging is holding onto the shadow and holding back your authentic self.

It can be much easier.

What if you had all the different art tools in front of you and were told create what you want…

No limitations, no rules, just allow yourself to make the art…

Could you relax, have fun and see what comes?

Essentially that is what Soul Aligned Living is…along the way, the human personality got caught up.

The Art of Being You officially begins 10/1. 

I’ll be your Guide through your own inner exploration of the Art that is You ready and waiting to come through.

I’ll reflect back your light and invite forth your dark.

Do you it can be easier?

This group is for those who are ready to…

– do what it takes to make the changes life is calling forth,
– are done putting off what you know needs to be done to have the life you say you want,
– surrender and allow the life you’re ready to have, come through you.

No more stories.

Three key areas to focus on to create a shift –

  1. Choice
  2. Commitment.
  3. Integrity.

Is life showing you it is time for a redesign?

For the first 7 who register, you receive a bonus, private 1 on 1 call with me.

These private calls take things next level. The value is $80. Your investment in the 4 week course – guided by ME – is $150. The value is insane, really.


Do you worry about what other people think of you?

Do you worry about what people think about you? I’m not talking about the clothes you wear or your body shape or your messy hair…

I’m talking about WHO YOU ARE.

I’m talking about
• the way you move about life,
• what you believe in,
• what is important to you,
• how you manage your shadow, dark, and light,
• the questions you have about life,
• the way you express your soul,
• the feelings you have,
• the ways you behave to feel safe,
• your emotions,
• your true desires…

I’ll ask again… Do you worry about how people respond to who you are inside and what they think about you?

You may not know the answer right away. Many of us have created protective mechanisms to ensure our insides are not harmed.

We learned by being who we are, it has a negative effect on others. And too many have shut down or hid away the gift they are within because of it.

What I’m talking about are the times you
– had a boundary and another didn’t like it and you pushed back or away,
– when you stood up for yourself or what you believe in and the other harshly disagreed,
– when you asked a question for clarity and the other took it personally and fired back at you,
– when you wanted to fit in but, didn’t believe in the group census,
– when you shared your voice, art, creation, work and no one responded or took the time to cut you down…

Here’s the thing… A majority of the time it is about the OTHER person and what gets triggered in them.

But, how often do you shut down as a response to another?

I used to. My mere existence would make people uncomfortable. I learned early on to not be too much, too loud, too alive…

No more.

As a result of no longer having that subconscious mechanism, more of who I am – ALL the goodness was able to emerge.

:: I dropped 100 pounds of protective weight.
:: I am comfortable speaking my truth.
:: I am clear in my boundaries.
:: I ask questions to seek clarity rather than assume.

I am FREE to be me.

Do people still get triggered? Yup.

But, their trigger is their responsibility.

If someone gets triggered by you, there is something there FOR them. It’s not your responsibility.

Listen, I’m not talking about being mean or unkind AT ALL.

We are all here helping each other out in unveiling who we really are inside – beyond the walls, ego, protection mechanisms…

Maybe you’re on the flip side of this and someone triggers you. Do you let that shut you down and hide out?

Take a look at what the trigger really means for you.

Because, underneath us all is gold, love, beauty, perfection… Waiting to be unveiled and shown off to the world.

Just like the Golden Buddha, there is more to you inside. More goodness the world is waiting for you to unveil.

Don’t let what another thinks about you be any of *your* business. You have no control over that.

What you do have control over is creating your life, the Art of Being You.

How will you use what life brings to sculpt the creation YOU ARE?

Want to explore? Dive in? Unveil the gold?

We start 10/1/18 inside a secret Facebook group exploring what’s beyond the layers, what’s ready to be unveiled (it can feel scary), and learning to surrender to the essence and art you are.

You can expect to feel more free, clear, confident, expressive, tuned in, tapped in and turned on.

The Art of Being You… Are you ready to unveil, create, become?

There are 5 BONUS call spaces available ($80 value). Your investment for the course is $150.

Grab your bonus now – they go away on 10/3 or as they are claimed.

Doors to the course close 10/5/18. 


You are not everybody’s cup of tea… Be yourself anyway

YOU ARE NOT EVERYBODY’S CUP OF TEA. And that’s ok. Be you anyway.

Do you ruffle others feathers?
Do people get triggered by you being you?

I see you holding yourself back, hiding who you are, and squandering your gifts and talents because you –

  • are worried about how others will feel if you fully expressed yourself,
  • have subconscious fears of something happening to you if you be all you,
  • afraid you won’t be accepted if the world saw and knew who you really are…

I see it. I see YOU – who you really are behind the stories you tell yourself.

Do you see the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t do the thing you want to do or have the life you want to have?

Stories. All stories.

No one holds you back but you.

The opposite may seem really real – that it’s others or it’s life that is in your way. Nope. You.

My shutting down and holding back who I am was an automatic response.

I wasn’t aware of the automatic response mechanism until life became too uncomfortable in the many ways I was squandering myself.

In my subconscious mind and behavior, it was like I was holding back a monster behind the closet door I could no longer hold back.

The monster wasn’t really a monster at all. It’s just what I learned in order to survive, fit in, not ruffle other feathers.

In me freeing myself to be me, what I came to understand is the “monster” was only a monster TO OTHERS who couldn’t be fully themselves, who also learned to hide, or who were uncomfortable in their own skin.

And that’s a piece of how I see you holding you back, not fully showing up as the art you are – you’re worried you’ll trigger others, the subliminal programming has you frozen still, and the learned insecurities have you full of self doubt.

And I’m talking about ALL the ways you express yourself. Your point of view, your laughter, your art, your voice, your emotions…

If you’re struggling to manifest, create, be your fullest expression and live the life you desire, take an inner reflection of the ways you sensor and hold yourself back and the beliefs that arise as you consider your deepest desires.

You cannot hold back one part of you without holding back other parts of you.

Your life is YOUR art.

And when you drop the stories, clear the programming, and do the damn thing, your life changes to reflect that.

• The real ‘monsters’ in *your* life leave and those who your soul is a match to come in.
• You have clear access to the infinite being you are and all the talents and gifts within.
• You’re tapped back into your power and manifesting and creating comes with ease.
• You feel confident, creative, empowered.
• You change, your life changes.

Everything outside of you is a reflection within.

So, the cup of tea you’re trying to be for everyone is of your creation.

Now that you know all this, create what you really want for yourself and your life, your relationships.

Because as you surrender to the art of being you, life responds to match that.

It always is.

Create wisely and powerfully.

P.S. The Art of Being You starts 10/1.

Four weeks together exploring, allowing and BEcoming.


The Art of Being You

Are you feeling like something is ready to change? 

Maybe you aren’t sure what the change is but, you know something needs to shift.  You feel it stirring within.

Or maybe you know exactly what it is and want a Guide along your journey summoning forth that future self that already exists.

It’s been quite the journey.  This 2018, hasn’t it?!? 

Life a bit chaotic, HUGE changes, lots of uncertainty and healing.

You’ve released patterns, recognized your limited beliefs, you’ve dissolved past pains and now you’re wondering:

”Who am I,

What am I here for,

What is next for me,

What do I really want?”

On October 1st The Art of Being You officially begins.

Together we‘ll explore the art of your life and what is ready to come through you and be the expression. 

:: What is the art of your life look like? 

:: What could it become from your design?

:: What more is available to you?

You’ll meet inside a secret Facebook group with other like-minded, high vibration members.

Through the course of the month you’ll be prompted to explore through the downloads I post specifically for this theme and group energy.

You’ll be supported as you go deeper exploring within, gaining clarity, and receiving inspired direction and next steps.

You’ll learn about the energies moving through and how you can use them to integrate into the art that is you.

The practical pieces:

~ A minimum of 2 live transmissions where I’ll channel insight and guidance about the energies specific to the group  ($111 value)

~ Throughout the month: energy readings, intuitive insight, soul guidance as you show up in the group, respond to the posts, and interact on the videos. ($240 value)

~ We start 10/1 and go through 10/31.

Total Value: $351

** Your investment $150**

(**this is an insanely reasonable price for the level of guidance and support you receive)

 BONUS:  The first 7 to register by October 3rd receive a 30 minute, one on one private session with me ($120 value). 

DOUBLE BONUS: refer a friend, they receive a 30-minute laser session too. ($120 value)  AND YOU receive an additional 30 minutes  ($240 total value)

** Total, Total Value: $471- $591  

I’m doing the numbers and thinking…What?!?!

This is trusting Soul and allowing what comes through.

It is a win/win for all; is how I see it.

P.S. I am capping the membership off at 17 this month.  The doors will close on 10/5/18.

Join me and a community of others who are creating life by their design. 

Discover what life of The Art of Being You is all about.

For more about my approach, check out my website

Or my YouTube channel 

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