What are you fighting FOR?

This bears repeating, so pay effing attention.

I Will Not Fight For Your Limitations.

You want to chat, jam out, discuss possibilities, opportunities, and creating sh!t out of thin air – then we’ve got something to talk about.

You know there is something more within you and you’re ready to unveil it, lets talk.

You know you’re ready to move forward, be seen, and stop playing small, lets talk.

You know you have gifts, talents, and magic within and ready to explore more deeply, integrate it, and share YOU with the world, lets talk.

I will lock arms with you, forge ahead, and fight for your fullest, most authentic expression of you and your life.

But, to sink to the bottom of the ocean and hold the anchor down and waste any oxygen on why you can’t – I am not available or interested.

And neither should you.


What are you missing out on?


Hey! Yeah, you – the one with all the magic, gifts, and talents inside.. You’ve been flying under the radar, hiding out.

Heads up – You are not going to be able to do that for much longer.  

I bet you even feel it – the ache, the urge, the deep desire that there is more.  There is more of what you have to share.  You feel the energy of it but you hold back or are held back.

Well, listen – I am SUPER PUMPED to be downloading this next group program. The title that initially came through – Remember Your Magic – is bouncing around and my mind is telling me its too ‘woo woo’.

And just now I said, out loud to myself – “Whatever!”  Seriously, who is meant to come on this journey with me will FEEL the words, the energy, the intention that I am sharing.  Me mussing about the title is just a distraction from me sharing this.  

WHO am I to get in the way of what is coming through??

What about you?  Ever find yourself holding back because of the stories that pop up in your mind or the beliefs, doubts and fears that rise up?

You know you’re meant to be showing up more but, you just can’t seem to get past or move forward?

What I am talking about here is serious business! – because, it is not just about you.  It is about who you are meant to be serving, touching, exchanging, leading, healing, transforming, empowering, guiding.…


I get it – It can feel super fucking scary.  You know why?  Because you’ve been doing this work for lifetimes.  LIFETIMES.  Who you were and what you did – it wasn’t so easy, acceptable, or supported in the past.

You might have even died over following your passion and doing your mission.

Perhaps you haven’t felt a ton of support in this lifetime. Yeah?

Maybe you’ve been the odd one of your family.

Maybe you feel you just don’t quite fit in.

You’ve been hurt by others.

Maybe as you’re expanding into more of you and your life is changing…

It has all been intentional.

To keep you quiet.
To keep you small.
To prevent you from empowering and enlightening others.
To keep you from having the profound impact you know SO DEEPLY IN YOUR HEART that is what you are here for.


But, you’re stuck.
It all feels hard and overwhelming.
You get in your own way.
You stop yourself.
You dim and hide your gifts.
You doubt yourself.
The fear feels like too much.

Yet, here is the thing… The inner nudge can no longer be ignored.  In fact, your body is likely giving you  signals.

Life is guiding you to show up more.

You touch peoples lives in just being who you are – in your home and through the way you move about the world.  You have an impact.

You share with small groups. Allow selected FEW know who you really are and what your talent is.

But, you have MORE of you to share – a FULLER way of showing up.  No more hiding out or hovering below the radar.  It is time for you…

I get it – I was there too. Life kept reflecting back to me, nudging me, guiding me to get out of my own way.  To OWN my truth, my gifts and surrendering to the energies ready to express through me.

Not living my full, authentic self made things hard, feel overwhelming – like I was being squished, held back, too hard to move forward.  My body slowed me down so that I could only be fully present to what was.  My mind made stories and created drama to distract me from my path.

I fought back because the alternative was not an option.

What other option do you have? (there really isn’t one – you and I both know it).

I see what was happening and I am here to share with you a way through. To bring you through the process of reclaiming your essence.  And setting parts of you free from the inner limitations, patterns and cycles.

No more hiding. No more hovering.

You have an impact that ripples out to others – a family unit, clients, the world.

You’ve needed to create survival mechanisms to get this far.  But, you don’t need them any more.

You’ll be letting go of those too. 

Now it is time to remember and reclaim.

When you do…

Life flows much smoother, the support shows up, you’re naturally in your element, you feel on purpose… You are doing YOU in your own way.

Isn’t is time –

  • To get out of your own way and get on your purpose
  • To reclaim and set free the aspects of yourself holding the fears in place
  • To share more of your gifts and who you are
  • To spread your magic through words, work, love, presence, being, healing, creating, sharing
  • To live authentically, fully expressive and freely YOU.


  • The two week group program is held inside a secret Facebook group – link to be sent once registered.
  • There will be energetic transmissions, live streams, and posts all supporting, guiding, lightening the way for you to OWN it and SHINE through.
  • We begin 11/11/17 and finish up 11/25/17.
  • I feel the energy of it all…. Those of you who have been hiding out and hovering under the radar – I’ve got you!  Come on out.  Let’s play!

What is all this discomfort about?

What is happening?

Energetic Upgrades

You are:

  • Expanding consciousness
  • Allowing more of your true self through
  • You’re tired of hiding out, playing small, pretending

Those who are feeling this here and now are an integral piece of the collective expansion.

You feel it inside, you can’t hold it back

When you do hold back, you suffer, feel pain.

click pic for video

For too long, a large piece of our essence has been split off outside of you.  It is time to RECLAIM it!

As the upgrade comes through, you are integrating grander parts of yourself.

The parts splintered off and that you gave away.

Pulling these pieces back feels like installing a V8 Engine into a matchbox.

Your body feels the higher vibration coming in and it begins to adjust.

Your mind doesn’t know what is going on (I’m telling you now) and it starts to freak out
– anxiety
– overwhelm
– fear

When you don’t know what to do with the energy:
* you numb
* avoid
* distract
* find the nearest comfort
* You try to expel it – pick fights, create drama, create chaos

I am not saying anyway you handle what you are feeling is ‘wrong’.  Yet! this energy is here FOR you and can be used to empower, uplevel, and expand yourself and your life.

The best way to integrate these energies:

  • Breathe – this lets your body know you’re not in fight/flight/survival mode
  • Do not create stories about what is happening.
  • You may need stillness or activity or both – listen to your body.
  • Do not react, allow.

You’ve been asking for more – Your operating system needs the program and resources to make it happen.

The other piece to this – all that is not aligned with the higher vibration and energy download will also rise to the surface.
* past pains
* fears
* buried beliefs
* insecurities
* self doubt

All that rises needs to be dealt with or you’ll bring yourself right back to your comfort zone (which really isn’t so comfortable any more).

You know it – You are meant for more.  Growth is part of the process. Suffering doesn’t have to be.

Does this help?  Drop a comment or write me a note or lets connect socially.


Do not let this stop you

Yes, it’s true…

You are going to piss people off, trigger them, and lose relationships because of who you are.

Do not let that stop you from fully showing up as you – in your happiness, richness, freedom, big laugh, fun personality, expressive self, talent, art, whatever the F….

It is not about you – it is about them.

What is about YOU – dimming your frigin self. Stop it. Just stop.

Shine, show up, speak up, be you…. It is what the world needs right now.



Get out of your own way

It is time. The energy is here.
Quit resisting. It takes more effort to resist than it does to dive in.

Heal, transmute, release, integrate, break free from what is not aligned with what you want.

Yup! It means beliefs, behaviors, relationships, patterns, wounds, cycles – anything and everything dimming your light and life.

You’ve got this!

And if you’re ready for support and get to the core – hit me up.

Isn’t it about time you took reign over your life?

It’s now.


Don’t let this stop you from being your fullest, most authentic expression of who you truly are.

Are you afraid to trigger and piss people off?

If so, you –

  • hold yourself back

    click pic for video

  • don’t take that next step you know you want to take
  • do not follow through
  • keep yourself from shining as your authentic self
  • prevent yourself from being too happy, rich, thin, expressive
  • self sabotage what you know is in your best interest

You’re afraid –

  • people wont like you
  • you’ll be alone
  • dismissed
  • made fun of
  • rejected

The fear of triggering and pissing off people is two fold.
1. It is about them seeing something within you they cannot embrace within themselves.

You have or express something they are not allowing themselves to have or experience.  It doesn’t feel good for them because deeply they know they can have that but, are denying it themselves.  So, they project onto you.

When you show up, you are like kryptonite.  Threatening the things they hold in place to remain small, as a victim, a martyr…

It is not about you – it is about them.

2. You still have beliefs around not being enough, too much, not worthy, not safe, etc.

The experiences with those you trigger and trigger you are a reflection of something going on within you.  A belief, fear, trauma not yet resolved.

Once this is integrated and healed within you, you stop attracting these experiences.



What happens next is you become distracted with the “drama” created from the experience.  Perhaps looking outside yourself to resolve what is unfolding.  You want to be liked, belong, be a part of, allow your deserving….

Your energy starts going toward all of this and distracted from your purpose, vision, happiness, wants, desires, goals…

It takes you away from fully embracing you, being the fullest expression, and experiencing what you truly want to be.

When you are not the fullest expression of you – it hurts YOU and everyone in your circle.  Your soul circle.

The people who get triggered and pissed off at you are also a part of your circle but, it a way to make you grow. NOT to hand over your power to the discordant exchange.

You cannot change anyone.  You can only change yourself and how you respond to others.

The treasure is in the trigger – An opportunity for growth and expansion.

So, if this happens with you and you are ready to embrace the opportunity being presented, here is a few steps to guide you to breaking through (be sure to watch the coordinating video too):

  1. Be present to what you are feeling
  2. Write out all your feelings
  3. Take a look at the feelings that stand out most for you
  4. Explore the patterns and cycles you’ve had with this / these feelings
  5. Seek within the belief you hold that is creating the feelings

Living your fullest, most authentic self is liberating and empowering.  Life becomes more peaceful, you find yourself in the flow, things come to you easily, the ‘right’ experiences and people naturally find their way to you.

What you want and desire is beyond your inner limitations.

Are you ready to fully claim it?


When you feel frustrated, stuck, and ready to take the next step but…

Do you self sabotage?  You have really great intentions but, somehow don’t follow through or stop yourself?

Do you notice patterns and cycles that you cannot seem to break?

Do you know there is more meant for you to express and live more fully into life but, cannot seem to make it happen?

In this video I speak about how to get clear in what is holding back, allow the resolution, and step into the greatness making its way through you.

When you’re feeling stuck, resistant, and self sabotaging….

There may be more that is ready to come through you and part of you is resisting it.

You know it because you feel discomfort.

The discomfort is manifesting in your relationships, body, and experiences (money, job, interactions, home…)

You cannot avoid what is trying to come through you right now.

The grandest piece of yourself ready to come through is here. The authentic expression of you.

The thing is… parts of you are resisting it and that is where the discomfort is.

On some level you know there is more for you ready to be expressed and your life to feel authentic and fulfilled.

If you’re denying it, there is tension – emotional and physical tension.  Your body and feelings are your compass.  Watch the video for guidance on how to move through what is holding you back.

Some of this stuff hides deep within us.  If you are feeling stuck and ready for support in transformation, reach out.

As an Intuitive, I identify where you are feeling stuck and guide you to moving through.  I use various energy healing techniques and modalities to help my clients release and transmute these patterns on the emotional, physical and spiritual level.

You can read more about the process and results on my website and youtube channel.


Feeling unsettled, emotional, and going through hard times?

The one thing we know about change is that it is constant.

    In this video, from a live Facebook feed, I share insight to the feelings you may be having, the changes happening, the energetic aspect, and how you can manage all that you are feeling.
    The information is share with the intention to inspire and remind you of what you know within.  In the challenging times it is easy to forget these things.
    For further support – Energy Healing, Emotional Healing, Intuitive Readings, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) and more guidance, peruse through my website or other YouTube videos.

What is happening to my body?

 I have heard and spoken to many women whose bodies and cycles are responding to the eclipse energy. (Men too – I just haven’t heard much from them)

Wow! Powerful things happening – we just don’t ^see^ it all.

As I read the energy of the collective and connect with Spirit, I’m shown the Feminine energy (which has already been rising at exponential rates) came through like a booster shot or like a solar flare or an erupting volcano – stronger and very powerful.

When I went in to have my heart checked out. It was ascension symptoms 😉

We (all bodies) are experiencing this and integrating the energy in different ways.

* Lots of migraines and headaches
* Emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs (tears and tantrums)
* Needing more sleep
* Cravings – comfort, childhood foods, diary
* Some have felt pregnant (we are birthing new)
* Stronger PMS symptoms -tender breasts, emotional
* Some bleeding began – off cycle or when they should not be (IUD, birth control)

As I type this, I hear for the Men it’s more an emotional adjustment – not so much body.

More sensitive, feeling more feelings and emotions. Likely, in response, seeing short tempers, closing down, pulling away. (Any men want to chime in?)

For some Men, the rise in feminine energy, has been tough. So much moving through them and coming up – they’ve not been given the space or permission or tools to *feel* this energy. They’ve been taught and told to suppress it for so long. Now, they’re being challenged to face some of what they have not for so long.

The feminine energy is rising so strongly now; none of us can resist it.

Our bodies, hearts, energy, emotions are taking over.

We are the channels for this energy. We are exactly who needed to be here to support this integration.

Lots of extra self care.
• Say “no” when you need to.
• Rest, nap, sleep, slow down (it’ll all get done)
• Epsom salt baths
• LISTEN to your body and what is wants. Then act on it.
• FEEL the feelings coming through (it hurts more when you push it down)

Everyone is going through this at some level. Try not to take anything personal.

Perhaps do not make any huge, life altering decisions now.

Oh! And there is really some awesome creations, manifestations, awakenings, enlightenment, alignments, new beginnings, etc. happening too. (Do share! Please.)

You are fucking amazing! Really. We all are. Realize and remember that (especially in these hard times).

You are an integral piece of this entire process – however you are, in this moment, as you are.

You’re perfect.


Using the energies to guide you through healing and into empowerment

With the recent energies – the eclipse, new moon, planets in retrograde – are you noticing and experiencing…..

* Things have been coming to a natural end.
:: Are you letting go?

* Old wounds and traumas have been resurfacing and playing out – with different people and circumstance.
:: Are you allowing the healing?

* Patterns, behaviors, and cycles being played out with more awareness.
:: Are you choosing self love?

* Unconscious thoughts and beliefs becoming more apparent.
:: Who will you become if you choose differently?


Resistance to what is in front of you creates more static.
:: Allow what is being presented to unfold.
:: Step back, breathe, surrender and trust that what is happening is for your highest and best.

The New Moon and Eclipse are today (8/21/17). The energy will be with us for a few days. Some of this may come through or become more clear in the following days (or you have been in it already).

It is a great time for endings and gaining clarity of more of what you wish to co-create and experience.

While some of this can feel challenging, know that the best of you is being called forth.

Your Soul doesn’t want you hiding out or carrying around stuff that is weighing you down, dimming your light, holding you back, blocking your heart.

Life is for you.

Consciously and intentionally go into your heart….

We are the change.

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