Are you unconsciously resisting the very things you say you want?

Are you unconsciously resisting the Money, Relationship, Health, Business… you say you want?

You say you want the things but, are not able to manifest it all? 

You take the courses, hire the coaches, do all the things but, still nothing?


Unconscious RESISTANCE is playing out in the background of your mind and energy field.

Are you ready to #unfuckyourmind ?

Do you want to know how I came about being a Master at #unfuckyourmind?

My own mind was pretty fucked and that fuckery held in place with unconscious resistances to much of what I truly desired. 

When I was 100 pounds heavier, I said I wanted to lose weight. I DID all the things – worked out, tried all the diets, even diet pills (gasp).

My unconscious resistance held onto the physical energy of the WEIGHT because behind losing the weight would mean that I would be seen. If I lost the weight, I’d have nothing to hide behind. 

When I said I wanted to be a successful, Badass leader in Healing, Love Coaching, and Holistic Health, I did all the things to build and grow my business. Networking, business coaches, web design, etc.

The unconscious resistance was in a pattern of not receiving MONEY or a pattern of receiving then dwindling down to nothing again. 

These patterns came from underlying BELIEFS that it was unfair things could be easy for me; that I NEEDED to struggle. I worried what others would think if I was doing something I loved, it came easy to me, and I was paid well for it. 

Is any of this highlighting some of your own beliefs and judgments? Of yourself. To others? 

“There are many memories of my past that I have held onto over the years, of which I thought could be the reason my energy was still feeling “trapped”.

Memories that were so traumatic, where I even had feared for my life at times. For sure, I thought these were “the key blockages”.  But I was wrong.

Kelly Ann, as amazing as she is, was able to pinpoint the very first incidence that caused my “energy to lock in and feel suppressed/trapped”.  

When Kelly Ann identified this as being a CORE blockage….flashbacks started, and I instantly started to recall details. 

Kelly helped me through the release and healing part of the session.  I noticed over the weeks to come… just how much more expressive I had become. 

I thank Kelly, because she used her gift to channel and explain to me when/what in my life had trapped me into place from moving forward.”  Jennifer P

When clients come to me ready to do the things necessary to get to what they really crave and desire, know they need to get out of their own way, and release what is no longer serving them, the outer aligns. 

  • All the things manifest.
  • The ideas flow.
  • Creativity is abundant. 
  • Connections are made.
  • Money flows. 
  • Opportunities arise. 

With ease.

Through clearing the subconscious patterns, clarity comes.  Clients tap into their natural gifts, desires, their path.  They feel confident and safe and FREE to be their fullest expression.  #soulalignedliving

I have yet to NOT blow someone’s mind when it clicks for them – the subconscious beliefs, pattern, core thing that has been in their way. 

When they see the connection, patterns, and how they’ve been getting in the way, they are speechless.

Once the underlying hidden stuff is out of the way, it gets to be about creation and being the full expression of who you are. 

And when you’re in alignment with what is REAL and RIGHT for you and your Souls journey, life manifests to meet you exactly where you are. 

Your world is created from within. 

:: Do you want to know what your subconscious resistance is?

:: Are you ready to drop the walls and be your fullest expression? 

:: Are you ready to let it be easy?

I will tell you… Life is so much more in flow as I’ve identified my core resistances, beliefs and patterns. 

With this level of self-awareness, I make informed choices from an empowered space versus from low vibe, survival, victim, lack thoughts. 

I am tapped more deeply into all the aspects of myself – energy, consciousness, soul. 

Life is so much easier lived fully and freely than it was within all the unconscious resistance, limitations and roles. #livingismyart

P.S. Are you ready for a mentor and Guide to #unfuckyourmind and shift the energy blocking you from doing the damn things? 

I have only 3 spaces available for private one on one support before the financial investment changes in 2019. 

Inside your sacred container of this work, you have my support in

  • identifying and clearing what has been in your way – energetically, emotionally,
  • know how to hear your intuition,
  • trust where your Soul is guiding you,
  • integrate the expanded aspects of your vibrational essence,
  • tap into quantum fields,
  • clear your own energy,… and the like.

This is not one size fits all support. Your course is custom designed to meet you where you are and what you are ready for.

Not my agenda – Your Soul’s.

Are you ready for more?

Next level you?

Message me at hello at kellyanncory dot com with what you’re ready for and why now is the time. We’ll chat and ensure we’re a good match for the level of transformation you’re ready for. 

In the meantime, look at the stories you tell yourself why you “can’t” or why “it’s not possible” or how things are limited. 

Then ask yourself “what is underneath this story I keep telling myself?”, “what could be possible if I changed this story?”


The reward of transcending physical pain and healing on all levels

Got lower back pain? Hip pain? Sciatica? Reproductive and sexual organ challenges? 

There is and has been deep, cellular, energetic wound healing and program release occurring. 

Have you been trying to heal and resolve the issues from physical approaches but, things still not resolving? 

Your body is a manifestation of your subconscious mind.

The healing and resolution has to go beyond the physical – to the energetic and consciousness. 

In sessions with clients, some of what is being resolved are 

:: old traumas, too painful to resolve at the time of occurrence,

:: incongruent beliefs taken on as theirs passed down to be transmuted in the now,

:: primal fears on survival…

What is happening within manifests beyond your physical aches as – 

:: financial instability,

:: abrupt life changes,

:: lack of purpose, clarity, creativity, direction,

:: emotional instability,

:: feeling stuck or trapped in circumstances…

If your physical challenges aren’t resolving, the opportunity for you is to go deeper into your consciousness and energetic vibration. 

These shifts can happen rather quickly and some take time to resolve and be comfortable in the new expansion of yourself. 

When the emotional and energetics are cleared, transmuted, resolved, clients –

:: tap into their flow,

:: purpose, drive, creativity, ambition increases,

:: money starts to flow in,

:: they feel inner peace within themselves and all of life,

:: their aligned relationships, community, tribe come in…

A holistic approach (body, mind, spirit) is the only way I’ve had lasting change and results – personally and professionally. 

You are way more than your physical being. Your body is guiding you deeper within yourself and Soul. 

Who you are not is being shed

Just like a butterfly going through metamorphosis sheds and becomes something different, so do you. 

The difference is humans have free will and can grasp on and try to control the change. Until your body says “enough, it’s time”. 

Only addressing the body keeps the subconscious patterns in place manifesting the cycles keeping you frustrated. 

You are frustrated because your Soul is calling forth. Signaling you. Guiding you. Are you listening? 

To hear Soul it is a deep listening. Beyond the subconscious limitations, barriers and beliefs. 

It’s a tuning in. 

Self awareness. 

Soul Alignment.

Emotional mastery. 

Energy management. 

They don’t teach this is school. But, I do. 

// Are you through with managing the discord?

// Are you willing to surrender what is seeking to come through you? 

// Can you let it be easy? 

For those that are a “Hell YES!” I have a few exclusive spaces for private one on one work. Message me at hello at kellyanncory dot com with what resonates for you and what you’re ready for. We’ll see if we are a match for the transformation you seek. 

Once all the gunk is cleared away, it becomes about conscious creation.  And that is a heck of a lot of FUN!!


Why they call it growing pains

You have what it takes within you.

There is a process to growth and expansion.  And, trust me, if there is a shortcut, faster route, cliff notes version… I will know it.  It is just how I am wired.

Before I knew what I know now, I would be in a pattern of taking 5 steps forward and 3 steps back toward my desires and goals.  The pattern and cycles were way more challenging than doing the things it took to attain my goals and attract my desires.

But, after I got to where I was heading, I’d falter back into the same behaviors and habits I had broken and I found myself back at square one.

It was soooo frustrating, hard, shameful, embarrassing, heart breaking…

What I know now is… while the outer manifestation of my goals would appear, I didn’t have within me the mindset and energetic vibration to maintain the expanded version of myself.

The patterns were losing 20 pounds to gain 25, losing 30 to gain 50 back; I download a business idea but shrunk back in fear before I could launch it; I’d have huge sales, big money flow but then bring the accounts down to nothing…

No shame, no guilt, no embarrassment… I learned from it all.  Always learning.

From my journey to where I am now, I learned what it took from within to make the internal shifts, expand my energetic vibration and have the strength and skills to maintain my next levels.

No more 5 steps back.  All forward – now that I know life is for me and knowing how to navigate the energy through the growth process.

Would you like to know how to navigate your energy, growth, journey, and process?   

Check out the replay of this Facebook live video I transmitted yesterday.  The energy coming through was fun, playful and no holds barred.

If you are REALLY ready to go further and deeper on your journey of growth and evolution – with ease and empowerment – email me to inquire about the available private programs exclusively for those who are committed to their Soul growth and personal expansion.

:: Have you been exploring the idea of soul channeled guidance with more intimate one on one support inside a sacred space?

:: Are you ready to break the forward / backward pattern?

:: Are you ready to step in and remain aligned with the expanded vibration?

That’s the funny thing…
The goals and desires were easier to allow and surrender to when I cleared the energy within me and locked into alignment with the expanded parts of myself – vibration, higher self, soul, divine essence.

What becomes available is through who you become.

“Hell YES”?  Message me now.  When you send your email, tell me what you are ready for and why now is the time for you.

Hugs and high fives,
Kelly Ann

P.S. Due to the level of support, there are only a handful of these spaces available and requests are carefully considered.

The sacredness of this work is honored by ensuring we are both a match to where you are and what you are looking for on your journey.

Also FYI… if you have been considering 1:1 work, you may want to jump on board now before the structure and pricing changes in 2019.


Are you stepping out of or retreating into your comfort zone?

Nobody can do it for you.
Others can help you clear what’s in your way, remind you who you are, open the elevator doors for you but, YOU have to step in.
I need to be pushed”. You’ve got to push yourself to do the thing that’s going to get your momentum going.
I’m SO ready to get out of my own way!” You still need to take action. You’re not going to go anywhere standing still.
The door is open.
Expecting another to do for you what only you can do for you is a matrix trap.
You’re giving your power away.
This is some Disney Princess, someone is going to save me, bullshit.
I’ve seen 4-year-olds work harder at trying to accomplish something they haven’t learned the skills or have the strength to do than some adults stuck in their own mind fuckery.
You’ve been programmed with limitations. Those before you were also programmed and passed it down. It’s an effective system of limitation, control and fear mongering.
Your journey here is about remembering the truth of who you are. Aligning with Soul and the expansiveness beyond your human body and ego mind.
You also have free will.
Bring an end to your suffering and do what your Soul has led you to do or end your suffering by stopping your bitching and complaining about what isn’t working.
There is no try.
There is no middle ground.
There is do or don’t do.
Get on with it. Or get over it.
Are you ready to step up and take the reigns back? The be reminded of your power? To clear the subliminal limitations and programming?
I am the Queen of My Universe is 21 days of unfucking your mind, dropping into Soul and stepping into your next level.
BONUS: 30 minute 1:1 private session where you’ll get to the core of your biggest challenge and Soul channeled guidance for your specific next steps. (There are only 4 left – This is nearly the cost of the entire course. Bonus!)
VIP: 30 minute session 1:1 private session. Can be stacked or used separately with the bonus.


You cannot hold back part of yourself without holding back other parts.

Is there something screaming to be liberated from within you?

Every once and a while my therapist would suggest I scream in my therapy session – to release what was being held within for years (decades, even).

A part of me knew screaming was a necessary channel to release. But, every time she invited me to liberate the energy I’d feel like my release would bring the two story brick building we sat in crumbling down.

It’s like opening a closet door and all the contents would come flying out of control.

Until there became no other way and too much effort to hold it all in.

You see, life would manifest to trigger the liberation. Drama, trauma, chaos, betrayal… manifested to match the energy I held within. Life showing up for me to liberate and release what was no longer serving me.

Before I knew the circumstances were FOR me, my focus went to blaming the things outside of me. Trying to fix the circumstances. Not understanding the circumstances were a match to what was within me.

I was angry. Rage would explode out of me. My emotions like a wild rollercoaster. I didn’t know any other way. I thought this was how life was.

I attended a Shadow retreat hosted by the late Debbie Ford. It wasn’t in the course description that there would be a “rage” party at the end of the week.

We all gathered inside a huge open building. The lights were dimmed and we were given eye masks.

Very loud music was played while an assistant spoke harsh words over the loud speaker.

“You’re not enough, you’re worthless, who do you think you are, you’re pitiful, you’re a piece of shit…” and on.

It was as if they knew exactly what I’d been told, been taught who I was, and were running the background tapes from my mind.

The words came through and tore me apart from within. I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

We were instructed to scream, flail our bodies, cry, do whatever we were called to. Anything but be still.

Still waters create algae.

Same with still energy.  Holding within what wants to flow creates stagnation.

When I liberated the pain, trauma and energy within, I liberated others parts of me I didn’t have access to previously.

My heart, love, compassion, creativity, healing capabilities, confidence, ability to connect with others more deeply, more energy…

My energetic vibration was up-leveled. It, I was no longer being weighed down by the heavier things.

I was freer to be a fuller expression of myself and tap into who I am behind this physical experience.

As I liberated myself and the energy within,

– I became the healer I am today,

– I’ve created safe connections with people who adore and appreciate me,

– I’ve had the strength to do the hard things,

– I attracted up-leveled experiences that are a match to what is with me,

– I’ve done things I never thought I’d be able to do,

– I know how to navigate energy versus is navigating me,

– I aligned with my inner truth versus walking around with the constructs and programs placed on me by others…. and so much more.

As I’ve liberated some parts of me, I’ve liberated ALL parts of me.

Life is so much easier to be in flow as I’m not putting so much energy in trying to hold the closest door back from exploding open.

I invite you to explore where you’re feeling held back, stuck, stagnant. To investigate, open up to the parts of you held back and ready to be liberated.

The desire is enough to get started. Life will show up with the opportunities. Say “YES” to yourself and what appears for you.

I am the Queen of My Universe group is open and members are already experiencing the magic and expansion the energy coming through is offering.

We’ll be exploring together 21 days of unfucking your mind, releasing limitations, dropping into Soul, expanding your energetic vibration and taking your experiences next level.

This potent energy is coming through powerfully.

There are 4 BONUS 1:1 calls with me left. In your 30 minute laser session, you’ll receive an intuitive reading, soul channeled insight and energy clearing to tap into your next vibration.




A VIP option is also available to receive an additional (to the bonus) 30 minute session and other bonuses that come through.




Doors close 12/5.  Register now to snag your space and bonus session.


I am the Queen of My Universe

Some say the hardest part is starting. I say the hardest part is CHOOSING. Because of all of the things in your way of choosing in the first place.

Isn’t it the truth? You choose but then something stops you from following through. 

Fears, limitations, insecurities, self-doubt pop up.

Thinking mind takes over and starts to analyze success rates, safety issues, past evidence. And a whole other lot of mind fuckery.

Want to know the secret?

Choose and follow through. Just do the damn thing.

When I chose freedom, I had to let go of all that kept me bound. I left a steady corporate paycheck and pursued doing my own thing.

When I chose love, I had to let go of all that wasn’t really love. I left an 11-year relationship and engagement and that brought me to my spiritual path and business.

When I chose connection, I had to face the internal pieces keeping from connecting with myself. I released the wounds and programming that said I want good enough.

You can’t be the Queen and a Victim at the same time. 

And, you see, it’s really not the physical and outer manifestations you deeply crave. It’s what you want to FEEL when those things are in your experience.

You’ve got to CHOOSE what you say you want to feel.

Stay out of your head.
Drop into your heart.
Listen to your Soul.
Take inspired action.

It’s simple. Not always easy. 

The inner limitations, fears and past pains feel so real.

Rather than feed the fears, take your energy and mindset and set it to the outcome you’re ready to experience.

It’s energy and mindset. And you have the power to shift it.

Are you ready for support to make the internal shifts?
Are you ready to do the damn thing you’ve said you’ve wanted to do?

Next monthly group opens 12/1/2018 –
“I am the Queen of My Universe”

21 days of unfucking your mind, dropping limitations and energy alchemy to tap into your next level vibration.

Is it about time you took your throne back and stopped hustling around with the jokers?

Every time I made choice from an empowered space, life saddled up and matched me.

Because we are vibrational beings. What you are tuned into is what your experiences will be.

Grab your crown, let’s do all the things. 


“Working with Kelly Ann has guided me to push through, break free and align myself. This has shown me how to navigate through life in a different manner. She has set up space for me to shut off, vibrate out, and work through the things that were holding me back.

Thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that would have taken years in therapy to overcome.  Together this work was done in a 4 week program. YES, only 4 weeks !!!!” ~ Melissa V.


I am the Queen of My Universe starts 12/1/2018

Inside this sacred container of the online Facebook group –

21 days of

  • Unfucking your mind,
  • Dropping limitations,
  • Energy alchemy practices,
  • Tapping into your next level vibration
  • Two live transmissions
  • Individual Energy Readings and Intuitive Soul Guidance

You’ll have direct access to me and my psychic insight into your blind spots, fears, subconscious beliefs…  Whatever you need to uplevel and tap into the expanded vibration you are ready for.

The energy transmissions I provide will open up and activate your Queen energy, uplevel your mindset, blast out subconscious limitations, and support the sustained expansion of your energy field.

Dates of the live transmission TBD.  If you need a schedule and a lot of advanced notice on the live transmissions, this may not be for you.  I honor the energy and my role as the Channel for it.

BONUS: For the first 8 who register, you receive one – 30 minute private 1:1 laser focus call ($120 value)

Grab yours now, before they are gone or before the doors to the course close on 12/6.






Uplevel to Queen VIP

VIP includes the course PLUS an additional 30 minute 1:1 call.

—> If you are one of the first 8 to register and snag the bonus call, you get a FULL HOUR call.

Your VIP call can be used at the same time as your bonus (if you snag one right away) or two separate calls.




With this option, the course is essentially free!


3 signs your shadow kicked in

I got my ass kicked a bit. Each time, and I don’t know that it has to be this way, I’m about to take a quantum leap, anything limiting and everything not aligned with the next level me, comes up for clearing and transmuting.

Abandonment. Can you relate?

If so, you’ve:
• Been left,
• Had relationships you didn’t want to end comes to conclusion,
• Not had your needs met,
• Put in your all and the other just walks away,
• Not been seen for who you are, been rejected for being you,
• Not been included, invited, thought of,
• Still holding on to another because you’re afraid to feel alone…

Abandonment appears to be a part of what I’m here to transcend and transmute.

You see, when I found out a plan was in place and I wasn’t invited to participate, it was like Freddie Krueger’s knife fingers went into my heart and tore down through my entire torso.

For real. That’s how painful it felt.

Emotional wounds can feel as painful as pouring alcohol on an open physical cut. Would you agree?

When we have deep, core wounds, we develop shadow aspects to either protect, reject or project the wounds.

It is why so many avoid their shadow and wounds.

The wound being so painful, you don’t want to have to feel it EVER AGAIN.

That’s where your shadow kicks in.

Your shadow PROTECTS the wound by avoiding everyone and everything that would potentially trigger or poke your wound.

This manifests as isolation (not always a bad thing) and energetic walls around you keeping people out and, keeping you from doing things you want and being with people you want to be with.

You REJECT the wound by disregarding it’s existence. Ignoring the negative experiences in your life and bypassing the feelings you have.

This erupts in bursts of emotional expression – anger, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, depression… Physically manifesting in aches, pains, illness, etc.

You PROJECT the wound into the world and it mirrors back to you through life circumstances and your interactions in relationships.

The very thing you’re trying to avoid reflecting right back at you.

Initially, I attempted to try and convince the other person involved to understand my point of view about not being included.

Like a bull in a china shop.

Yeah, I didn’t handle it the best. My shadow kicked in and with all its armor and fighting gear at the forefront to protect the abandonment wound triggered by feeling left out of something I deemed important.

After reflection, I saw I had projected my story of abandonment onto the other so I could release the energy and story within.

The heavy energy. The limiting story.

I took at look at the truth of this old story…

—> Can I really be abandoned?

—> How do I abandon myself?

That’s a start to integrating your shadow.

The gift of integrating the shadow is what I’ve learned from all the abandonment experiences.
– discernment
– boundaries
– speaking my truth
– taking care of me
– self trust… and more.

The learnings may be different for you.

The point is integrating shadow is about –

: reclaiming all parts of you and coming into balance,
: transcending the limitations and embracing the empowerment your life experiences are bringing forth,
: detaching from the circumstances and going within and making adjustments,
: Diving into what you’re avoiding… because on the other side is the breakthrough.

Integrating your shadow holds the key to what you seek.

It’s not outside you, it’s within. And you are THAT clever and powerful.

Doors to You are the Medicine close tomorrow. Identify your shadow, integrate, and expand… what we’ll be doing over the course of the month.

Divine downloads and Soul channeled guidance for you to break your limited thinking and the patterns you continue to repeat.

Ready to be free? There are two 30 minute BONUS 1:1 calls with me left. Grab yours now.


Is your shadow blocking you?

You know the same relationship patterns you keep having… Same issue, different person? Shadow.

Start a health regime and self sabotage it? Shadow.

Not quite making enough money? Shadow.

Have business ideas but don’t follow all the way through or quit right before launch? Shadow.

Your unintegrated shadow is what holds the negatively impactful patterns in place.

Integrate your shadow and the patterns shift.

Behind what you reject and project are the gifts, talents, successes you seek.


Join a group of badasses determined to no longer allow themselves to be in their own way – You are the Medicine : Shadow season group closes in 2 days.

Members are already identifying their shadow, having ah-ha moments and receiving Soul channeled guidance to move through.

When you integrate parts of you, you’re in touch with ALL of you.

2 BONUS 1:1 30 minute 🔥 sessions with me left. Join now to snag yours. Here is your link to join.


Shadow Season – your projection

We are in Scorpio season or what I call Shadow 🖤 season.

The shadow is an aspect of yourself that you deny and project into other people. It is linked back to an inner fear of sorts.

Your projection manifests in your life experiences.  <— click for video short

Don’t get caught up in the stories of what is happening. Look at what you are projecting and perceiving.

Life is happening FOR you.

Do you want to break the patterns and stop repeating some of this malarkey and mind fuckery?

Integrate your Shadow.


Top 3 reasons to integrate your SHADOW

(there are many more!):

1. There is more of YOU available with your shadow aspects integrated and positive aspects embraced.

There are gifts, talents, wisdom, creativity, power, confidence, vision, mission, etc that become clear and available to you as you integrate your shadow aspects.

You cannot hold back some parts of you without holding back others.

You are perfectly designed. Let the world see all of you.

2. Your Soul won’t allow you to hold back much longer.

It is harder to repress, hold back and push down parts of who you are naturally and effortlessly than it is to let yourself be a full expression.

As you resist, life becomes more challenging.

Surrendering to Soul and integrating your shadow drops you into life of flow rather than fighting the tide.

3. What you seek is within.

Who you are and what you desire is beyond the stories and limitations.

The subconscious shadow holds limiting stories, past pains, and buried beliefs in place.

All that occurred in your past has been a part of your Divine design. Let go of the circumstances.

Beyond it ALL allows what you seek to become more apparent and available to you.

You are the Medicine group doors CLOSE Wednesday, November 7th (New Moon).

Join us for 4 weeks of channeled guidance and soul growth support.

We’ll begin with identifying your shadow aspects, integrate your shadow, and move into your fullest expansion – beyond what you have yet to imagine (because your shadow has been blocking your efforts!).

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