To men and the women who love them

Love letter to men, my brothers and for all the women who love them too.

Men, we need you. We, the world – women, children, other men, earth, the universe – need you.

But wait, not in the “go out and kill the bear for our survival, fight the tiger to protect us” kind of way.  More in the way of “stop suppressing any parts of yourself – we need all, ALL of who you are” – to be in your full power kind of way.

Your full power in the sense of owning, expressing, releasing all of the parts of you – your full on energy, your softer, sensitive side, your nurturing side, your emotional side.  Your power – not in the destructive, take over the world kind of way.

All of you – the balance of feminine and masculine.

This is what is beginning to fall apart on a grander level – the false structures built on masculine only energy.  The destruction is happening within. I know you are feeling it too.  You no longer want to or can suppress parts of you.  You want to let the hard shell and walls down.

You see, we are all masculine and feminine energies. (I’m so passionate about this, I’m crying at this point).  The feminine energy has been rising at exponential rates in recent years.  Men haven’t been given the support, tools, or permission to allow the integration of this energy.

For way too long you have been suppressed.  Told not to feel, don’t show emotion, don’t cry, don’t nurture – buckle up, get ‘er done.  You unconsciously took on the role as ‘provider’ and have dismissed anything seen as less than that.  And now its just too much and its fucking you up.

Men are killing themselves (literally and figuratively).  You are drugging, drinking, numbing, destructing, destroying.  Not intentionally.  In a way to cope with all that is rising within and not knowing what to do with it.  So, you dig deeper into the masculine energy – what you’ve been taught and told to do.

– You’re losing relationships you want so very much.

– Your body is breaking down.

– You’re hiding out.

– Your denial of parts of you is kicking up massive shame.

– Guilt indoctrinated into your being and cells from organizations and those who came before you – also stifled.

– The emotions held back for so long are bubbling up beyond your control.

Stuff down, numb, destroy is the default.

When you stuff or push down the feminine energy that is rising, it is like denying your right arm or denying yourself oxygen.  This energy is absolutely a necessity to you.  Imperative to yourself and the world coming into balance.

On a macro level, masculine structures are crumbling – on a micro level we’re seeing our men crumble.

Women have been integrating the masculine and feminine for quite a while now. We’ve been given the space to feel, to handle life and get things done.  We are still fighting for some things but, we have the tools and support to do so.  Men were taught to not talk about things, not need support, not to feel.

I want you to know it is okay to feel, to love, to be vulnerable, to have emotions.  There are many women holding space for you to come into your full self.  To allow this integration.  To allow the feminine energy to rise to clear all the shit out of the way in its path of you owning your full power.

Denying the feminine energy is like driving your car with only half the battery operating.  With a full battery and everything operational, you get to where you need to go quicker and with less effort.  You don’t need to bulldoze your way through life any more.

So, what does integrating the feminine energy look like?  

To honor your feelings, desires, emotions.  To let the wall down around your heart.  To let go of the pains from your past.  To forgive and heal from those who beat you down and shut you up.  To question what you believe – is this your belief or something you’ve carried on from generations past.

Why is it important to integrate this energy?

There is so much more to life available to you.  The feminine is creative energy.  You have a creative power within you – to create a life beyond any confines and limitations society has put on you.

When you come into inner balance, it shifts the entire world.  As the masculine, falsely built structures crumble, new structures can and are being built with balanced energies.  This happens within then around us.

As much as you can destroy, you can create.  

I know you want so much to allow yourself to dive deep within your own heart, to allow pure love to penetrate you so deeply it takes over your entire being, to be seen by another so clearly, and to be fully and unconditionally loved by another.

Men, we need you to support the other men in your life too.  To honor your own discomfort when  a man shows his emotions, feelings, or vulnerability.  To know the discomfort is yours.  Allow that discomfort to move through you.  Please be the example of what you wish another man was for you.

To the men who have bravely opened themselves up in this way already –  I know it has been a hard journey for you.  Thank you for all you’ve done.  I am sorry – I know it has been hard.  You’ve paved the path for those behind you to come through with greater ease.  Your pain and effort has not been in vain.

To the women who have and continue to hold space for our men to come fully into themselves – thank you for all you have done.  The hard times you’ve endured as men have revolted, bucked back, hurt you in their own defense.  Maybe they didn’t stick around but, you planted the seed.  Keep your heart open.  It is the only way we will transform.

We don’t need you to go out and kill the bears and tigers for our survival any longer.  We need you along side us co-creating this life; creating heaven on earth.

Put down your armor. Open your heart.  It is safe.  My arms are wide open holding space for you to fully bloom.  To let go of the bullshit stories and roles you’ve been squished into.

Let us see all of you.  

We need you and are ready for you.  It is safe.

Let go of the shields around your heart. Let go of the fears, guilt, shame, denial, self sabotage…. it is not yours to carry any longer.  Release it back to where it came from.  Be brave and courageous and claim all of who you are and show it to the world.

Love is so much more powerful than fear.

We need all of you.  We’re ready. So are you.  It is safe.

I can and want to help you Dear One.  I would be honored to support you in letting go of what is no longer yours to carry, and to guide and support you in owning the power you already have within you.

You need you.  The world needs you…  ALL of you.


Physical symptoms of expansion, upgrade, ascension

We, as human beings, are made up of energy.  When the energy around and within us shifts, our bodies also respond.

As a collective, we are all going through shifts and upgrades – also been referred to as the ‘ascension process’.

The shifts can feel uncomfortable, startling, and even scary in your mind and body if you don’t realize something larger than your symptom is going on.

I thought I’d share some of what I and others have been experiencing as ‘ascension symptoms’ so you do not feel crazy or alone in your experience.  When our minds get involved and we try to ‘fix’ things, we could actually put more energy toward more of what we don’t want rather than ease through it.

Do not take these on as your own.  Simply witness what I share as an inspiration to surrender to the process of your body adjusting to the new energies – however that manifests.  Absolutely follow whatever medical guidance you are drawn to – this is not medical advice nor am I suggesting you ignore anything your body may need.

I am very self aware, connected to my body and my Soul team.  I have a strong knowing of what needs attention and what needs to be surrendered to which absolutely makes this process easier.  If you want help deepening that relationship with yourself, lets have a chat.

As I write this, I have a HUGE breakout happening on the third eye area of my face (okay, “huge” may be a slight exaggeration. maybe, not really).  It is odd and interesting because I have good skin and for it to break out is anomaly.

My body changes almost daily.  Have you ever felt like you gained 50 pounds over night? Yeah, me too. For about a week I was bloated for no other reason. No workout or food adjustment would change it. I have stopped trying to force anything – it only adds more stress. My body naturally comes back in line.

When new energy comes in it is similar to a balloon – when you fill it, it expands.  Same with energy coming into our bodies.  As we integrate the energy and let go of other energies, our bodies will come back into balance (letting go is a big piece of this too).

A few months back (honestly, ‘time’ has shifted for me too – so I don’t know exactly when), I was having sharp pains in my chest area.  I knew (guidance and intuition) my heart was opening up more.  One might have thought I was having a heart attack.

Another time similar sensations happened that I could have named it a panic attack.  When that happened, I just stopped and allowed the energy to run through me.  Kind of like a river of fast running water – just let it flow.

It is so important to listen to your body and what it needs.  Too often we push through – get the ‘to do list’ done, fulfill obligations we don’t need to, do more for others than we do ourselves.  This is when the body has had enough and forces us to bed or on the couch for the integration to take place.  Don’t let it come to that.

Sleep is one of the ways the energy integrates and upgrades (similar to when we our computer or our phone is updating and is ‘asleep’). Last week I had a couple nights of 11 hours of sleep. Another day I took a nap – there was nothing else I could do but sleep.  For a few days that week I’d wake up and feel totally “out of it” for hours (kinda feeling the same today) – because of all the shifting happening.

Yesterday I had a headache all day long. Sure, I could have taken medicine but, I knew my mind was clearing out and my brain was being rewired.

While my body is physically responding, there is nothing I can do to change what is.  I allow.  My body is adjusting.

The mind will get all bent out of shape or in a tizzy because we’re not being productive enough, are “lazy”, not doing what we ‘should’ be, not eating the ‘right’ things, sleeping too much, etc.  But, this is absolutely what we need to be doing.  Stillness, listening, and surrendering to the process of what our body is going through.  Oh! and do not believe the stories running through your mind.

No matter what was on my “to do list” last week, I couldn’t get things done. If I tried to, I would sit and and just spin in circles.

The last thing I want to mention is time.  Time would do it’s own thing. At times it felt like hours went by and it was only minutes. Other moments it felt like time stood still.

Surrender to the process.

The more I allow and surrender my mind, the easier the process.  It can be and feel quite intense at times.

These are the times where self care is imperative.  Some of the self care things I amped up are:
– walking in the woods, being in nature, surrounding myself with fresh air and trees
– Epsom salt baths
– rest when my body calls for it. slowness.
– eat what my body asks for (even if it is outside the ‘norm’ or ‘junk food’ – I was on a kettle corn kick for a bit and now juicing daily for over a month)
– dance – to help move the energy
– cleared out my space, moved things around, and de-cluttered – our space reflects us and our bodies. get rid of stuff!
– read a few books
– watched a lot of Netflix and movies
– spent time alone – declined social events (sometimes being with people interferes with the integration – for me at least)
– spent time with those who understand the shifts going on

Trust yourself, listen to your body, get the support you need.

You do not need to suffer through the process.  Part of your mind may want to hold on to what is not serving you (release).  Where you are heading and experiencing may feel like unknown territory – that can feel threatening to the ego and psyche.  Don’t let that hold you back from ascending to greater, more, better.  You are so deserving!

As an Energy Practitioner and I Intuitive, I can help support you through these shifts – guiding you through with ease and grace while supporting you with aligning with the higher frequencies and vibrations you are being led to.  If you’re ready to have a leap or quantum jump and feel more at peace through the process, lets do some work together.


What to do when things feel uncomfortable

Take advantage of any discomfort you feel but, do not focus on it.

The discomfort is just parts of you holding on or resisting due to buried beliefs and patterns.  Parts of you that are afraid of the unknown.

We are in a time where claiming what we truly desire is right here.  A choice point.

Focus on what you desire to feel and experience.

Live in vision, not in circumstance.

The more you focus on what you desire and what is possible, the more ease and effortlessness in your expansion and ascension.

  • Your heart is opening.
  • You’re being led to integrate more of the essence of who you truly are.
  • You’re integrating with your Higher Self.

Opening your heart means dropping the walls and protections you’ve built up to keep you “safe” or from being hurt.  You will see these walls and protections are actually keeping you from what your heart desires.

The essence of who you are is beyond the mind and physical limitations.  In integrating more of yourself, you will see the abilities you have (and do) to create the (all) experiences you desire to have.

As you integrate your higher self, you lose the drama, trauma and pains that parts of you have held on to and kept you small and limited (what may be causing the discomfort now).  You will see the bigger picture.  What you felt was so important is no longer important.

You will feel freer, lighter, happier, have more inner peace.

Embrace the discomfort. Yet, is does not have to be part of the journey.  You decide.

You are literally designing your life in each moment.

Choose. Dream. Allow.


Harness the powerful energy guiding you to ascend

We are in the presence of an energy opening available to support us in making powerful, huge changes and to take quantum leaps in our lives.

To leap, to own your inner light and brilliance, to claim your hearts desire can feel scary. It doesn’t have to be. With the energy present, you don’t need to break through all that has been holding you back – simply claim it.

This time is really so much about connecting into a grander piece of yourself. Your inner power, light, brilliance, and your magic. To claim what your heart desires. To leap into the unknown because that is where your intuition is leading you.

Do you feel the energy shifts we’re going through?  The energy here, at this time, is supporting us in choosing the larger, grander parts of ourselves.

You know you’re shifting when your body shows physical symptoms, your minds get a little busier, you begin to clearly see patterns and cycles playingout…

We are energy.  We all receive upgrades just like our phone, app, computers upgrade.  an upgrade may show up as chaos in our lives.

Our physical body may show symptoms – dizziness, headache, digestion challenges, body aches and pains.  Our emotional pain also arises.  Fears of survival, feeling lack, overwhelm – manifesting as depression, anxiety.

The more we relax into the process and know it doesn’t have to be challenging to upgrade, the smoother we move through it.

Life may change.  Relationships may change.  Physical, energetic and emotional bodies are changing and upgrading.

In our lives we are being presented with an opportunity to experience and have what we deeply and truly desire.  The only thing in the ways is ourselves.

The way is through release, surrender, trust, faith. To let go of the unconscious limitations, fears, ancestral patterns, cellular memory, buried beliefs…

It is as though all we had been putting into our vortexes of desires is now right in front of us.  What are we holding on to that is preventing us from opening up to what we really want.

Could be false fears – learned, passed on from others keeping us from stepping forward.

Buried beliefs – something, some meaning made about ourselves that isn’t true and its showing up as subtle sabotage.

Past pains – broke hearts, trauma, betrayal, abandonment… Painful experiences we do not want to repeat again so we put up walls around our hearts and entire beings.

Slowing down, being present, listening to what your body needs is going to bring you to the space where the expansion of you already exists.  Think of it as a plug in station for hybrid cars.  Or where the most rockinest dance party is at full force, tearin’ it up dancing and music blaring already going on.  You just have to allow and show up as you are guided to.

What I’ve seen with this energy is as if every dream we’ve dreamt, every desire we’ve had, every wish, hope, manifestation we’ve given to the universe – it is here, right in front of us.  Available.

Now is a time of choosing.

It may feel scary because you don’t know what is ahead. But, you do.  Choose.  Decide.  It is just that maybe you’ve become more comfortable with the discomfort and pain.

This time (whenever you find this post, its your time) is about choosing another way.  Allowing ease in the upgrade.  Asking for a hand to hold as you cross the threshold.  To see and be seen for the truth of who you are.  Feeling empowered. Creating a new energetic imprint.

It is like once you’ve had the upgrade and entry to the dance party, you don’t really ever want to go backwards.

Ascend into that new space with ease and grace.

It’s kind of like a speakeasy… You know the space exists… Easier to get there with someone who has been there already.

Are you ready to feel and express more of your magnificence?  Let the upgrade begin.


Manifesting what you desire

Are you not manifesting or creating as you desire?

Have you created vision boards, mantras, and chanted affirmations to still not have or feel what you desire?

Have you read all the books, hired the coaches, took all the programs to only still feel blocked or stuck?

Go within and ask what your beliefs are in regards to your desires.

Sometimes the buried beliefs are what block you from the very thing you want.

It may manifest as self sabotage, patterns or cycles you may or may not be consciously aware of.

Self awareness is empowering and arises as you ask and pay attention to what you say and do.

If you are feeling blocked or stuck, an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session will provide the insight and guidance you’re looking for.

Think of it as a psychic reading for your soul.

Clients come out of the session feeling clearer, lighter, inspired, and free from what was holding them back.


Maybe for you it’s Love, Money, Health, Career. Or a combination. I find the core block typically effects multiple areas of ones life.

Once the core block is transmuted, several areas of life open up and blossom.

:: What buried beliefs are you ready to let go of?

:: What would freedom feel like for your life?

::What are you ready to align your vibration with?


How to surrender

Sometimes on this journey of life, we are met with tough experiences. It doesn’t have to feel tough if you could allow yourself to grasp the concept that life is for you. Life is leading you exactly where you’re meant to go. It doesn’t always feel the best nor is it easy.

The journey of surrender.

This video speaks about:

  • spiritual surrender,
  • why we’ve unconsciously feared surrender,
  • what makes change feel so hard,
  • why your being faced with these challenges, and
  • how to transition through what life brings you with ease and grace.

I hope it helps. Please share with someone who could use some ease and support during this time.


New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Happy New Moon – February 26, 2017!

This one feels particularly good. Eh? Today we also had a solar eclipse which caps a two week window of intense energy (am.I.right??) that began with the lunar eclipse on February 10th.

The New Moon and this Eclipse are about new beginnings. As a part of the process, the last couple weeks were about clearing out the old.

For me, I felt like I went through the heavy duty spin cycle on the washer machine.

Some really weird life events happened – a date (first and last) gave me a stomach bug – it had me on the couch for three days followed by a snow storm that kept everyone inside for two days. Life was certainly keeping me still and present.  Just as I had my freedom back, my car broke down and I was told it was beyond repair – something I was not financially or emotionally prepared for.  Gratefully I was given my father’s truck to drive. Yet, it has only been six months since he passed away suddenly.  All the feelings not yet felt came up around that – being inside his truck and his energy…

Those were just a few things that triggered tucked away feelings and emotions for release (and also helped craft a couple chapters for my book – seeing the bright side).

Additionally, there were great moments of bliss, joy, magic, and miracles that guided me to remember the truth of this life, the creator I am, and what I truly want.

The skill and gift to self is to remain inside the desired feelings and be witness to what is coming up from within and to not get taken over by circumstance and the stories.

How did you do?

If you’re still experiencing some ‘static’, the best thing you can do is feel what is coming up and recognize what beliefs are being triggered.

With this energy we have the support to make positive shifts.

The less than pleasant experiences can be used to gain clarity on what you truly want for yourself and your life.

Daydream, play, vision, imagine what you want to experience and pull into your life.

Consciously and purposefully keep your focus on your desired feelings.  It is like a muscle – consistent practice makes it stronger.

Who is up for a Conscious Creator gym class? Yahoo!

The cool thing is as you put more focus on your desired feelings, you’ll experience more of that. It is how energy works.

If you find yourself in cycles, patterns, and beliefs you can’t seem to get yourself out of, let’s have a chat. Identifying the core cause is my superpower.

If life circumstances have taken over and you can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, lets chat.  You deserve to live free and happy! And its totally possible and within your abilities.

Ripple effects of healing your heart

In this session I did some heart healing with this beautiful soul. Spirit showed me a prominent relationship from her past that left some wounds.

I focused the heart healing within her and between them. She could see how that pattern continued in relationships that followed. She had been single for a while and quite frustrated.

When we have these open wounds, we tend to do all we can to keep the wound from being poked. That includes keeping the love we really want at arms length away from us – unconsciously and energetically.

It was a beautiful and gentle process where she felt a shift and changed the story about her experience. And then was asked out on two dates

When we shift the energy within and are able to see our story differently, our experience shifts.

I feel so honored to do this sacred work with beautiful people who are totally ready to shift what’s in their way of having the love and life they desire.



Healing trauma

I wanted to share on my page a response I posted to a Facebook friend who was looking for resources of those who help heal past trauma.

I share here for any one of my friends who needs a resource.

Please also share with someone who is ready and wants deep, compassionate healing.

“I help people heal trauma not only emotionally but energetically and physically as well.

The trauma may need to be released from the body where it could be trapped from the time it happened.

Sometimes an aspect / part of a person is also stuck and I go into the field where they are and recover them.

When there is illness, injury or disease, that could be an indicator of the trauma inside the body.

You’ll know an aspect has been split off and stuck when behaviors and patterns keep playing out and the cycle can’t seem to be broken – no matter how much positive thinking, mantras, affirmation etc are practiced.”

All of this is available Internationally and locally via Skype call or phone.


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse February 2017

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse today, February 10, 2017.

The few days prior to today may have felt a little awry for some, bland for others. Things have been shaken up or felt a little boring.

Full moons shine the light on the dark and eclipses bring surprises. The energy is felt a few days prior and is alive a few days following.

As I feel into this energy, I sense there could be some ‘rock your world’ events.

Exciting for some, shocking for others, and relief for many. Not necessarily “good” or “bad”.

Remain grounded and present.

Opportunities we’ve been waiting for may be unveiling and presenting themselves. We’ve been given glimpses and hints to get out of our own way – this time will show us how so and if we’ve changed our ways.

Choices may be blatant and demanding of us. Clear new paths in front of us. The easiest decisions aren’t always for our best.

It’s okay to have your best. It is safe. Now is the time to claim it.

It may feel quite paradoxical. Trust yourself. Follow your heart.

Blessing my friends. We are here at a precious and monumental time. Claim it. Own it.

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