Manifesting what you desire

Are you not manifesting or creating as you desire?

Have you created vision boards, mantras, and chanted affirmations to still not have or feel what you desire?

Have you read all the books, hired the coaches, took all the programs to only still feel blocked or stuck?

Go within and ask what your beliefs are in regards to your desires.

Sometimes the buried beliefs are what block you from the very thing you want.

It may manifest as self sabotage, patterns or cycles you may or may not be consciously aware of.

Self awareness is empowering and arises as you ask and pay attention to what you say and do.

If you are feeling blocked or stuck, an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session will provide the insight and guidance you’re looking for.

Think of it as a psychic reading for your soul.

Clients come out of the session feeling clearer, lighter, inspired, and free from what was holding them back.


Maybe for you it’s Love, Money, Health, Career. Or a combination. I find the core block typically effects multiple areas of ones life.

Once the core block is transmuted, several areas of life open up and blossom.

:: What buried beliefs are you ready to let go of?

:: What would freedom feel like for your life?

::What are you ready to align your vibration with?


How to surrender

Sometimes on this journey of life, we are met with tough experiences. It doesn’t have to feel tough if you could allow yourself to grasp the concept that life is for you. Life is leading you exactly where you’re meant to go. It doesn’t always feel the best nor is it easy.

The journey of surrender.

This video speaks about:

  • spiritual surrender,
  • why we’ve unconsciously feared surrender,
  • what makes change feel so hard,
  • why your being faced with these challenges, and
  • how to transition through what life brings you with ease and grace.

I hope it helps. Please share with someone who could use some ease and support during this time.


New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Happy New Moon – February 26, 2017!

This one feels particularly good. Eh? Today we also had a solar eclipse which caps a two week window of intense energy (am.I.right??) that began with the lunar eclipse on February 10th.

The New Moon and this Eclipse are about new beginnings. As a part of the process, the last couple weeks were about clearing out the old.

For me, I felt like I went through the heavy duty spin cycle on the washer machine.

Some really weird life events happened – a date (first and last) gave me a stomach bug – it had me on the couch for three days followed by a snow storm that kept everyone inside for two days. Life was certainly keeping me still and present.  Just as I had my freedom back, my car broke down and I was told it was beyond repair – something I was not financially or emotionally prepared for.  Gratefully I was given my father’s truck to drive. Yet, it has only been six months since he passed away suddenly.  All the feelings not yet felt came up around that – being inside his truck and his energy…

Those were just a few things that triggered tucked away feelings and emotions for release (and also helped craft a couple chapters for my book – seeing the bright side).

Additionally, there were great moments of bliss, joy, magic, and miracles that guided me to remember the truth of this life, the creator I am, and what I truly want.

The skill and gift to self is to remain inside the desired feelings and be witness to what is coming up from within and to not get taken over by circumstance and the stories.

How did you do?

If you’re still experiencing some ‘static’, the best thing you can do is feel what is coming up and recognize what beliefs are being triggered.

With this energy we have the support to make positive shifts.

The less than pleasant experiences can be used to gain clarity on what you truly want for yourself and your life.

Daydream, play, vision, imagine what you want to experience and pull into your life.

Consciously and purposefully keep your focus on your desired feelings.  It is like a muscle – consistent practice makes it stronger.

Who is up for a Conscious Creator gym class? Yahoo!

The cool thing is as you put more focus on your desired feelings, you’ll experience more of that. It is how energy works.

If you find yourself in cycles, patterns, and beliefs you can’t seem to get yourself out of, let’s have a chat. Identifying the core cause is my superpower.

If life circumstances have taken over and you can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, lets chat.  You deserve to live free and happy! And its totally possible and within your abilities.

Ripple effects of healing your heart

In this session I did some heart healing with this beautiful soul. Spirit showed me a prominent relationship from her past that left some wounds.

I focused the heart healing within her and between them. She could see how that pattern continued in relationships that followed. She had been single for a while and quite frustrated.

When we have these open wounds, we tend to do all we can to keep the wound from being poked. That includes keeping the love we really want at arms length away from us – unconsciously and energetically.

It was a beautiful and gentle process where she felt a shift and changed the story about her experience. And then was asked out on two dates

When we shift the energy within and are able to see our story differently, our experience shifts.

I feel so honored to do this sacred work with beautiful people who are totally ready to shift what’s in their way of having the love and life they desire.



Healing trauma

I wanted to share on my page a response I posted to a Facebook friend who was looking for resources of those who help heal past trauma.

I share here for any one of my friends who needs a resource.

Please also share with someone who is ready and wants deep, compassionate healing.

“I help people heal trauma not only emotionally but energetically and physically as well.

The trauma may need to be released from the body where it could be trapped from the time it happened.

Sometimes an aspect / part of a person is also stuck and I go into the field where they are and recover them.

When there is illness, injury or disease, that could be an indicator of the trauma inside the body.

You’ll know an aspect has been split off and stuck when behaviors and patterns keep playing out and the cycle can’t seem to be broken – no matter how much positive thinking, mantras, affirmation etc are practiced.”

All of this is available Internationally and locally via Skype call or phone.


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse February 2017

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse today, February 10, 2017.

The few days prior to today may have felt a little awry for some, bland for others. Things have been shaken up or felt a little boring.

Full moons shine the light on the dark and eclipses bring surprises. The energy is felt a few days prior and is alive a few days following.

As I feel into this energy, I sense there could be some ‘rock your world’ events.

Exciting for some, shocking for others, and relief for many. Not necessarily “good” or “bad”.

Remain grounded and present.

Opportunities we’ve been waiting for may be unveiling and presenting themselves. We’ve been given glimpses and hints to get out of our own way – this time will show us how so and if we’ve changed our ways.

Choices may be blatant and demanding of us. Clear new paths in front of us. The easiest decisions aren’t always for our best.

It’s okay to have your best. It is safe. Now is the time to claim it.

It may feel quite paradoxical. Trust yourself. Follow your heart.

Blessing my friends. We are here at a precious and monumental time. Claim it. Own it.


Ego, beliefs, limitations and ultimately – liberation

“Your ego is not your Amigo”

How often do we listen to that inner voice telling us stories that aren’t true or make us feel bad?

Stories like:
– I’m not enough (thin, pretty, wealthy…)
– It’s too hard
– I am not worthy
– I’m too much (loud, strong, independent, powerful…)
– There is not enough (lack thinking)
– It cannot happen because ______ (insert limitation)

But, these stories are so familiar! We don’t know any other stories or ways of thinking? (lie & unconscious limitation)

Has pain become the comfort zone?

Does your Amigo tell you that outside the comfort zone isn’t safe? (liar)

If this ego Amigo was your human BFF (best friend forever), would you keep them around?

Does this Amigo say things you’d say to your BFF?

Why do we sometimes talk negative to or limit ourselves by what we hear?  
– the comfort zone is comfortable and familiar
– we repeat behaviors we were taught by others
– we can’t see what else is possible
– we are afraid we’ll hurt another or be hurt by going beyond
– to keep false beliefs alive that we made up to keep ourselves “safe”

Sooooo many other reasons and possibilities.

The key to unlocking inner peace, courage, and creating lasting, positive change is understating what is going on under the surface – within the unconscious beliefs.

What was your Amigo created for? What is it protecting? What pattern does it keep playing out?

The Amigo has a purpose. As we make changes that impact the job of the Amigo (see above), the Amigo is threatened and kicks it up a notch.

That kicked up notch looks like self sabotage, stuck in cycles, and repeating negative behavior patterns.

As we make change, the Amigo will feel it is being annihilated and will do all it can to survive.

That’s why sometimes change feels impossible and why the cycle and patterns can be hard to break. Until you understand what is going on within the depths of you.

This ego Amigo sabotage could show up in:
– money
– relationships
– health
– work / business

If you’re attempting to make any kind of change but, experience resistance, sabotage, cycles, patterns that boomerang you back or keep lasting change from occurring – you’ll want to explore what your Amigo is up to.

Discover what those inner beliefs and fears may be. Once you take a look at them, you may realize they’re not yours and not even real. Just something you picked up along the way it took in from another.

How do you begin to discover what your cycle or sabotage pattern is coming from?

Listen to the things you think and say. Those will be your golden ticket clues.

Sometimes there is deeper stuff we can’t get to on our own – that Amigo is a clever fella. Get support or ask a friend for their observations of you.

My natural super power is to see these buried beliefs and false fears and identify where they originated from.

My healing process goes in the side and back door – around where the ego Amigo is guarding the station.  If you want some help, reach out. Limiting yourself is so 1980’s.

Listen (actually, read and feel this), you are here to be brilliant, talented and gorgeous; to explore and experience this life fully. This is your life’s journey and who you keep company with will have an impact on that – including yourself, other humans, and that Amigo.

Choose wisely. You’re worth it!



Speak your truth

A theme running through right now is ‘speak your truth’. The energy is here providing us with opportunities to speak up for our beliefs, what we need, and how we feel.

This can be triggering and uncomfortable. 

– Triggering fears within before speaking up. There is no avoiding it any longer. We deeply we know we must speak up now. If we don’t speak up, it just doesn’t feel good. (Feels super bad)

– Triggering other emotions we have as we speak up. Maybe even emotions that don’t make sense given the circumstances – sadness, grief, overwhelm…

– Experiencing other people’s stuff getting triggered by us speaking up.

– Being triggered by another’s trigger.

So how the heck do we get through it?

* Speak your truth even if your voice shakes.

* Allow your feelings space to be felt.

* Be present with the energy that gets stirred up within. Let it move through you.

This could be a major turning point, internal energy shift, and deep healing opportunity. Embrace and honor where you are being led.



How Buried Beliefs and Unhealed Wounds Play Out until Healed and Collapsed

“There is something I need to tell you”, he says. “I never filed for divorce”.  These words come through as she was ending the relationship.  This was important information he “had to get off his chest”.  Was it really necessary to share this now??  Could she have just walked away without knowing this?

Her heart sank.  The wool had been pulled over her eyes. Again.  Her stomach felt like it was being ripped out.  How could she have not known?  They were together nearly every day for six months; casually hanging out for a few months before that and friends from a long time ago.

She gave this man her heart, mind and body.  She allowed herself to trust him when he said  “the divorce is in progress. It is just a matter of time.  I love you. I have liked you for a long time.  I want to marry you.”  With that she had decided to move the relationship beyond a friendship.

In retrospect she sees how something was always kind of off.  She could never quite put her finger on it or have evidence of what was wrong.  But, there was a feeling.  She fought to be a part of his life beyond their relationship – to meet his friends, family, child.  She wanted to feel important to him.  Yet, the feelings she had were of shame and needing to be hidden – without evidence of why.

Hearing this information kind of flipped her world around and it at the same time it was a familiar experience. Looking back, it was necessary for her to hear and know this at this point in time.

This experience was familiar to a childhood experience, 30 years prior, where truths had been revealed that greatly impacted who she was and where she came from. An entirely different script had been revealed than what she had been living out.  The wool had been pulled from over her eyes.

The truth that had been revealed caused her to put up an invisible wall around her heart.  Not really allowing others to get too close – afraid she could be deeply hurt.  Buried beliefs had instantly been developed like – ‘there is something wrong with me’ (shame).

When we have buried beliefs, we do all we can to protect them and ourselves.  We put on fronts not wanting anyone to see what we believe about ourselves.  Unfortunately, these beliefs keep us from having what we truly desire in our lives.

Fast forward nearly a year later.  She attracts a great man into her life.  He is tall, handsome, funny, their humor and personalities fit well.  She gushes to her friends about how magical and fun it is.  Until… that wound, still not healed, raises it’s ugly head.

She creates an experience where she is questioning the new guys past and the details around his divorce.  Was he really divorced?  Why aren’t the numbers matching up to what he shared?

Buried beliefs about herself rise to the surface – she can’t trust who she chooses, she cannot allow herself to be happy.

In turn, the new guy, possibly triggered with his own stuff about his honesty being questioned, gets defensive and pulls away.

Exactly what her pattern and buried belief are built to do – keep her from getting close to another.  It is not about him at all – it is about her.  He is responding exactly how her program was built.

We are the creators of our lives.  As I said earlier, our higher self will help us attract into our lives the exact experiences and people to help us heal these wounds that keep us from allowing what we truly desire.  It is our divine right to enjoy life, experience love, have inner peace.

While our natural reaction may be to blame the other, they are the exact character in our life’s play to help bring down the walls around our hearts.  So while we may walk away or end a relationship that has caused us pain, we are actually being given an opportunity to go deeper within our hearts and align more with love.

Our minds will tell us this needs to be resolved with the other.  Truth is, it needs to be resolved within.  The experience is a manifestation of what is going on within.  Once the wound is healed and the buried belief is collapsed, the need to call in the experiences and people to help do that cease.

Who knows what will happen with this new guy.  He may have just come in to help reveal the buried beliefs and a layer of the unhealed wound.  Or he may be the one to help guide her deeper into love – with another and for herself.

Her mind naturally wants to prepare for the worst – another ending.

Yet, she knows the truth of the experience – she is the creator. She is healing and integrating the past parts of her that had been hurt.  She is focusing on the experience she truly wants to create.  This surely is threatening all her inner protective mechanisms.  Mechanisms that are no longer serving her in where she is headed.

It takes courage and commitment to see these parts of ourselves and drop the protection mechanisms.  Handling breakups and endings became easier as that was part of the pattern she had to keep herself safe.

Her opportunity now was to go into the unknown spaces of deeper love.  She is ready.

Better to have lost in love than never to have loved at all”.  The Eurythmics


Our Heart Chakras are Clearing

Our Heart Chakras are being cleared at deep levels. It may appear in your life through:
~ a cold
~ sensations in your chest
~ discord with another / others
~ old beliefs about yourself being brought to the surface
~ sinus / throat issues, headaches (the energy is clearing on the way down)
~ stomach viruses, intestinal discomfort (energy clearing on the way up)

Take good care of your physical body.

And also take this opportunity to let go, transmute, and release any wall, barrier, or block keeping you from allowing the greater vibration of love to come through.

Love is only scary to the protective and defensive parts of ourselves. Love is your divine right and an empowering energy. Claim it for yourself.

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