When you feel stuck, afraid, and have no direction

Your mind feeling a little lost and confused?
The energy is a little heavy, low, and stagnant.
The symbolism is similar to when the tide is changing….There is a pause between shifting directions.
For some, this energy can feel like you’re sitting still on a roller-coaster, stopped mid-ride, at the bottom of a hill, with a steep incline in front of you.
“Why is it stopped? “
“Is it broken?”
“What is going to happen now?”
“What’s on the other side of this hill?”
Afraid, lost, confused, no direction…
Take some deep breathes.
Feel the sensations of what you’re feeling inside. Breathe through it.
Yes, this is going to pass.
The unknown, the change ahead – maybe it is exactly what you’ve been asking for.
Who do you have to be to allow the good and better you’ve asked for to come through?
Allow this energy tide to wash away the fears, doubts, worries…

One last thing… When these energy surges come through, our mind will want to call the sensations anxiety, fear, lack, insecurity… and will come up with all the evidence and stories of why it is true.

The integration happens with more ease as we allow the physical and energetic process and keep the mind / ego out of it.
There is so much more I can share about the energy and how to process and integrate and understand for yourself what it all means.
It’s a huge piece of the work I do with clients.
Understand this piece and yourself at a deep level and your empowerment and sovereignty is upleveled beyond.
Manifesting, synchronicity, flow, ease, miracles….
You are that powerful!

Allow yourself to emerge


I know there is a lot of energy moving around – we have the full moon, Mercury retrograde, the eclipse (and more).

Let me break it down and sum it up….

Allow yourself to emerge.

That’s it.

This energy is all for you to allow yourself, your true self, to emerge.

The you without the barriers, walls, veils, masks…

The you that you know intimately; the side that feels too vulnerable for you to show.

The you without the negative self beliefs, the fears, self doubts, insecurities…

The you without the falsities you place before you to keep you “safe”….

It’s all being challenged.

If you step back and look at the grander view, you’ll see these ego behaviors and shadow parts are being laid out in front of us.

It is uncomfortable because it doesn’t work any more.

Let go of the heavy, dense behaviors, beliefs, patterns.

Allow the light from within to emerge.

Sure, it may feel scary, vulnerable and naked to be seen. But, isn’t it getting a bit hard to be hiding behind and holding up all this stuff??

Allow yourself to emerge.

You’re not alone. We’re all going through it.

We are in this together.

We are the change.


When the voices and smallness creep up and try to distract you

This morning I witnessed an inner voice try and distract me from my morning routine. The routine – which is under 10 minutes – helps me keep my vibration high as well as create strength in my body.

Maybe you’re familiar with this voice too?  

This voice is the expression of the smallness;  the part that feels “safer” in the comfort zone avoiding feelings of:

– I’m too much
– I won’t be liked
– Worried about what others might think
– Afraid of failing
– It is too hard or too much
– It won’t work out any way so, why bother?

This voice was offering up good reasons, excuses and distractions to keep me from doing something that is ultimately good for my mind, body, soul, growth, energy, expansion, strength…

I just watched and listened. Instead of going right into my routine, I made my bed and started sorting laundry… listening, witnessing but, not buying into it’s full diversion.

After the voice fully expressed itself and felt heard, I got into position for my routine.

In my morning and within the routine I gave myself space for the voice to be heard. I also kept myself committed to the agreement I have for my mind, body, and soul nourishment.

As I moved through my routine, I was fully present with my actions – how I felt and observing the strength I have gained since re-integrating this practice.  Feeling grounded, centered and connected at the start of my day.  This conscious, positive reinforcement reminded me of the reasons why I take this time for myself every morning.  This thought pattern is what will support new behavior and habits.

The important piece is all parts of me were served today.  The smallness was heard yet, what took precedence was ultimately for my highest and best good. The threat of the smallness was not so strong because I gave it space and heard what it had to say.

I share this because if you’re having trouble creating a new routine, making a change in your life, or adding in more positive practices to your lifestyle, this may be one aspect of why you are unable to keep your goals and commitments to yourself –  

–  a part(s) of you is being ignored, squished down, threatened, or numbed out. This part may be hidden from your awareness.  When that is the case, it is because the part(s) are likely running a pattern or cycle or protecting a wound and releasing the ‘protection’ can feel threatening.

So, its not just about failing a goal or succumbing to the voice.  An inner part of you is doing what it feels like it is meant to be doing – protecting you or keeping you safe.

For example… When I was on my weigh loss journey – where I ultimately kept off 100 pounds – there were unconscious parts of me so frigin afraid of shedding the ‘protection’ I had unconsciously built around me. Those parts are what kept putting the weight back on.  Because letting the weight go meant so much more than having health.

As I allowed space and a voice for those inner pieces of me, the weight released.

If you’re feeling stuck, ready to create a shift but feel blocked, have fear but don’t know why…

1. Be aware of the inner voices but, don’t allow them to make your decisions.

2. Keep focused on the ultimate goal and how you want to feel.  What is in the way will naturally rise (then see #1).

3. Listen to the voices and observe where your inner limit and comfort zone stops you but, then continue to move through ( see #2)

4. Create new beliefs and feelings about what it takes to create the change you seek.

5. Remember, these inner parts were created for some reason and feel it is their job to keep things as they are.  Be gentle and kind to yourself as you become aware of these parts of you.

So many are coming face to face with their inner blocks and barriers and feeling the desire and urge for more.  Likely, if you’ve gotten this far, part of you is resonating with what I’ve shared and ready to move beyond the space of comfort.

If you’re feeling like something is in your way but, you cannot see or get beyond it, lets do some work together.  My intuitive readings and healing programs not only help identify what is going on deep within, at the core, they also provide you with the energy shift and healing that supports the release and alignment with your highest and best – all with ease and grace.

I’m actually excited about my morning routine!  (it really can be as simple as changing your perspective and the things that voice says)

What are you excited about?

What space are you ready to be in?

What is beyond your comfort zone that you are ready to claim for yourself?

Lets do this!


Do you hold yourself back – unconsciously?

Do you want more for yourself and life but, can’t seem to make it happen?

Inside this audio, I share Three Ways we Unconsciously Hold Ourselves Back from what we want and desire in life – business, love, money, relationships, health…

Whether what you want is Inner Peace, More Money, Love Relationship, More Energy, Successful Business, Feel Happier etc, if you don’t have it but, you want it, this recording will help you get clear about what is in the way and how you can make a shift.

If you’ve hired all the coaches, read all the books, went to all the classes, but still feel stuck, the understanding of these 3 ways will help you move forward.

You’ll learn techniques you can use to identify and clear up the energy around these patterns, blocks, cycles, beliefs that hold you back.

For personal support, check out the different ways we can do some work together.


What is an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session and How it Can Help You

Psychic, tarot, astrology, and intuitive readings are all great. But, do you leave feeling like you don’t know what to do with all the information?  

What is possible if you not only receive the guidance and insight to help you move through but, also clear the energy that created your experiences?

In an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session you receive insight as well as guidance, clearing, and energy alchemy to support you in moving forward on your journey.

Here is a short video about how that process works and how it can help you.


Men, We Need You – Video

Feminine energy has been rising globally at exponential rates.  Men are feeling this at various levels and haven’t been given the support, permission, or guidance to integrate this energy.

Men, I want you to know it is okay – actually, it is imperative to your well being  –  to feel, to love, to be vulnerable, to have emotions.

There are many women holding space for you to come into your full self. To allow this integration. To allow the feminine energy to rise to clear all the shit out of the way in its path of you owning your full power.

It is impacting you on deep levels.  I see you pushing this piece of you down.  It holds SO much of your innate power.

There is more to life for you.  I know you want it too.

This video shares about how to allow this energy to rise within you and what is available to you and your life as you do. (so much more!)

Love, money, health…. When you harness ALL your energy, you are unstoppable.

When you stuff or push down the feminine energy that is rising, it is like denying your right arm or denying yourself oxygen.  This energy is absolutely a necessity to you.  Imperative to yourself and the world coming into balance.

Feminine energy is creative.  What are you ready to create?

If you are ready to create and claim more for yourself and your life… Lets make it happen.

The blog I refer to is here.

Thank you in advance for sharing this video with your male friends, partners, lovers, and those who love them.


Create your own happy no matter what life throws your way – Video

When life throws you a curve ball, pick that ball up and throw it right back!

This video shares a perspective shift in life’s events and how you can feel empowered as you move through life changes and transitions that come our way.

Life is for us but, it doesn’t always appear that way when things are not going so well.  

In the video I share how shifting perspective places you in a place of co-creating happiness and what you desire to feel.

You’ll learn to see what is happening and how to manage the energy to co-create what you wish to manifest and experience in your life.

Life is going to happen. How you respond to it is the magic that is available to you.  While you may have heard this before, this video shares a unique and energetic approach to creating happy in your life.

Please share with those who are looking for emotional freedom and empowerment.


Monkey mind, self sabotage, unhealthy patterns

Are you feeling ‘off’, fears coming up, negative thoughts passing through your mind, feeling like giving up, things feeling hard, participating in less than healthy behaviors, etc…?

If No, great! Carry on.

If Yes, read on.

In this last week I’ve been shown some heavier, darker, negative energy has been released, set free, or let loose per se. That, along with the state of affairs, fear has grown into a larger, more palpable energy.  Many felt it throughout this past weekend and still are. (Hence, why I’m sharing this less than positive topic.)

Right here and now is where we need to be vigilant about what we want to experience versus what we see in front of us.

Those that are Sensitives, Healers, Empaths, Wizards, Psychics, Intuitives may feel this more than another.  Please share this with anyone who might find this helpful in understanding and how to move through.

As we are expanding more into our light and true essence, what is threatened by that is being stirred up and fighting for its own survival.

We experience these energies through how we are feeling and what we’re doing:

– fighting depression

– a lot of fears – about many things

– questions of how / if we will survive

– money, jobs, health, home coming into question

– less than healthy behaviors increasing – drugs, drinking, bad relationships, excessive anything

– old patterns of abuse playing out – from others or self

It is challenging and hard to feel / shift into positive (possible, just takes conscious effort right now).

This is calling us more deeply into our light and power.

We need to be mindful with our words and our energy. Fear is what is used to control, manipulate us, and keep us small. Our individual fears add to a collective which then becomes bigger and stronger – nearly its own entity.

The energy is literally taking people down and out. But, it doesn’t have to. We, and Love, are more powerful than fear – even though it may not appear so or the ‘thoughts’ running through will say otherwise. We are stronger than our thoughts and fears.

Do your best to clear your energy, don’t feed or spread fearful news, raise your vibration, do not give any energy to the negative thoughts, and clear up your own emotional static.

Much of this may not be ours individually. But we’re feeling it at heightened levels because of world events and what has been released. And because there are lingering vibes within us, we feel it. As we rise to our next level, this clearing must happen. There is no place for this dark, heavy energy where we are heading and what we are creating.

We have to be conscious and aware. Otherwise, we ‘wake up’ and realize our life or behaviors have turned to shit – nearly without realizing it.

We need to remain strong and vigilant about our light and sovereign power. There are many who are threatened by those empowered in their own lives. Remember, the love and light is stronger – keep focusing back to that.

Drop the “to do list” and focus on your vibration – it matters for your own self and for the collective. Get support. Meditate. Talk to someone (not everyone) about how you are feeling. Don’t feed the fears. Don’t tell stories you don’t want to live out. Schedule an energy clearing and empowerment session.

Do not mistake what you are feeling and take it on as your own.  It may not be yours; you may be part of the clearing crew.

I can help clear this out with you and guide you to up level your energetic vibration.  This energy keeps us in loops, cycles, and patterns of all kinds – keeps us from taking the next step forward.  If you’re feeling this energy and ready to be free and live the life you know is possible, schedule your session with me today.


To men and the women who love them

Love letter to men, my brothers and for all the women who love them too.

Men, we need you. We, the world – women, children, other men, earth, the universe – need you.

But wait, not in the “go out and kill the bear for our survival, fight the tiger to protect us” kind of way.  More in the way of “stop suppressing any parts of yourself – we need all, ALL of who you are” – to be in your full power kind of way.

Your full power in the sense of owning, expressing, releasing all of the parts of you – your full on energy, your softer, sensitive side, your nurturing side, your emotional side.  Your power – not in the destructive, take over the world kind of way.

All of you – the balance of feminine and masculine.

This is what is beginning to fall apart on a grander level – the false structures built on masculine only energy.  The destruction is happening within. I know you are feeling it too.  You no longer want to or can suppress parts of you.  You want to let the hard shell and walls down.

You see, we are all masculine and feminine energies. (I’m so passionate about this, I’m crying at this point).  The feminine energy has been rising at exponential rates in recent years.  Men haven’t been given the support, tools, or permission to allow the integration of this energy.

For way too long you have been suppressed.  Told not to feel, don’t show emotion, don’t cry, don’t nurture – buckle up, get ‘er done.  You unconsciously took on the role as ‘provider’ and have dismissed anything seen as less than that.  And now its just too much and its fucking you up.

Men are killing themselves (literally and figuratively).  You are drugging, drinking, numbing, destructing, destroying.  Not intentionally.  In a way to cope with all that is rising within and not knowing what to do with it.  So, you dig deeper into the masculine energy – what you’ve been taught and told to do.

– You’re losing relationships you want so very much.

– Your body is breaking down.

– You’re hiding out.

– Your denial of parts of you is kicking up massive shame.

– Guilt indoctrinated into your being and cells from organizations and those who came before you – also stifled.

– The emotions held back for so long are bubbling up beyond your control.

Stuff down, numb, destroy is the default.

When you stuff or push down the feminine energy that is rising, it is like denying your right arm or denying yourself oxygen.  This energy is absolutely a necessity to you.  Imperative to yourself and the world coming into balance.

On a macro level, masculine structures are crumbling – on a micro level we’re seeing our men crumble.

Women have been integrating the masculine and feminine for quite a while now. We’ve been given the space to feel, to handle life and get things done.  We are still fighting for some things but, we have the tools and support to do so.  Men were taught to not talk about things, not need support, not to feel.

I want you to know it is okay to feel, to love, to be vulnerable, to have emotions.  There are many women holding space for you to come into your full self.  To allow this integration.  To allow the feminine energy to rise to clear all the shit out of the way in its path of you owning your full power.

Denying the feminine energy is like driving your car with only half the battery operating.  With a full battery and everything operational, you get to where you need to go quicker and with less effort.  You don’t need to bulldoze your way through life any more.

So, what does integrating the feminine energy look like?  

To honor your feelings, desires, emotions.  To let the wall down around your heart.  To let go of the pains from your past.  To forgive and heal from those who beat you down and shut you up.  To question what you believe – is this your belief or something you’ve carried on from generations past.

Why is it important to integrate this energy?

There is so much more to life available to you.  The feminine is creative energy.  You have a creative power within you – to create a life beyond any confines and limitations society has put on you.

When you come into inner balance, it shifts the entire world.  As the masculine, falsely built structures crumble, new structures can and are being built with balanced energies.  This happens within then around us.

As much as you can destroy, you can create.  

I know you want so much to allow yourself to dive deep within your own heart, to allow pure love to penetrate you so deeply it takes over your entire being, to be seen by another so clearly, and to be fully and unconditionally loved by another.

Men, we need you to support the other men in your life too.  To honor your own discomfort when  a man shows his emotions, feelings, or vulnerability.  To know the discomfort is yours.  Allow that discomfort to move through you.  Please be the example of what you wish another man was for you.

To the men who have bravely opened themselves up in this way already –  I know it has been a hard journey for you.  Thank you for all you’ve done.  I am sorry – I know it has been hard.  You’ve paved the path for those behind you to come through with greater ease.  Your pain and effort has not been in vain.

To the women who have and continue to hold space for our men to come fully into themselves – thank you for all you have done.  The hard times you’ve endured as men have revolted, bucked back, hurt you in their own defense.  Maybe they didn’t stick around but, you planted the seed.  Keep your heart open.  It is the only way we will transform.

We don’t need you to go out and kill the bears and tigers for our survival any longer.  We need you along side us co-creating this life; creating heaven on earth.

Put down your armor. Open your heart.  It is safe.  My arms are wide open holding space for you to fully bloom.  To let go of the bullshit stories and roles you’ve been squished into.

Let us see all of you.  

We need you and are ready for you.  It is safe.

Let go of the shields around your heart. Let go of the fears, guilt, shame, denial, self sabotage…. it is not yours to carry any longer.  Release it back to where it came from.  Be brave and courageous and claim all of who you are and show it to the world.

Love is so much more powerful than fear.

We need all of you.  We’re ready. So are you.  It is safe.

I can and want to help you Dear One.  I would be honored to support you in letting go of what is no longer yours to carry, and to guide and support you in owning the power you already have within you.

You need you.  The world needs you…  ALL of you.


Physical symptoms of expansion, upgrade, ascension

We, as human beings, are made up of energy.  When the energy around and within us shifts, our bodies also respond.

As a collective, we are all going through shifts and upgrades – also been referred to as the ‘ascension process’.

The shifts can feel uncomfortable, startling, and even scary in your mind and body if you don’t realize something larger than your symptom is going on.

I thought I’d share some of what I and others have been experiencing as ‘ascension symptoms’ so you do not feel crazy or alone in your experience.  When our minds get involved and we try to ‘fix’ things, we could actually put more energy toward more of what we don’t want rather than ease through it.

Do not take these on as your own.  Simply witness what I share as an inspiration to surrender to the process of your body adjusting to the new energies – however that manifests.  Absolutely follow whatever medical guidance you are drawn to – this is not medical advice nor am I suggesting you ignore anything your body may need.

I am very self aware, connected to my body and my Soul team.  I have a strong knowing of what needs attention and what needs to be surrendered to which absolutely makes this process easier.  If you want help deepening that relationship with yourself, lets have a chat.

As I write this, I have a HUGE breakout happening on the third eye area of my face (okay, “huge” may be a slight exaggeration. maybe, not really).  It is odd and interesting because I have good skin and for it to break out is anomaly.

My body changes almost daily.  Have you ever felt like you gained 50 pounds over night? Yeah, me too. For about a week I was bloated for no other reason. No workout or food adjustment would change it. I have stopped trying to force anything – it only adds more stress. My body naturally comes back in line.

When new energy comes in it is similar to a balloon – when you fill it, it expands.  Same with energy coming into our bodies.  As we integrate the energy and let go of other energies, our bodies will come back into balance (letting go is a big piece of this too).

A few months back (honestly, ‘time’ has shifted for me too – so I don’t know exactly when), I was having sharp pains in my chest area.  I knew (guidance and intuition) my heart was opening up more.  One might have thought I was having a heart attack.

Another time similar sensations happened that I could have named it a panic attack.  When that happened, I just stopped and allowed the energy to run through me.  Kind of like a river of fast running water – just let it flow.

It is so important to listen to your body and what it needs.  Too often we push through – get the ‘to do list’ done, fulfill obligations we don’t need to, do more for others than we do ourselves.  This is when the body has had enough and forces us to bed or on the couch for the integration to take place.  Don’t let it come to that.

Sleep is one of the ways the energy integrates and upgrades (similar to when we our computer or our phone is updating and is ‘asleep’). Last week I had a couple nights of 11 hours of sleep. Another day I took a nap – there was nothing else I could do but sleep.  For a few days that week I’d wake up and feel totally “out of it” for hours (kinda feeling the same today) – because of all the shifting happening.

Yesterday I had a headache all day long. Sure, I could have taken medicine but, I knew my mind was clearing out and my brain was being rewired.

While my body is physically responding, there is nothing I can do to change what is.  I allow.  My body is adjusting.

The mind will get all bent out of shape or in a tizzy because we’re not being productive enough, are “lazy”, not doing what we ‘should’ be, not eating the ‘right’ things, sleeping too much, etc.  But, this is absolutely what we need to be doing.  Stillness, listening, and surrendering to the process of what our body is going through.  Oh! and do not believe the stories running through your mind.

No matter what was on my “to do list” last week, I couldn’t get things done. If I tried to, I would sit and and just spin in circles.

The last thing I want to mention is time.  Time would do it’s own thing. At times it felt like hours went by and it was only minutes. Other moments it felt like time stood still.

Surrender to the process.

The more I allow and surrender my mind, the easier the process.  It can be and feel quite intense at times.

These are the times where self care is imperative.  Some of the self care things I amped up are:
– walking in the woods, being in nature, surrounding myself with fresh air and trees
– Epsom salt baths
– rest when my body calls for it. slowness.
– eat what my body asks for (even if it is outside the ‘norm’ or ‘junk food’ – I was on a kettle corn kick for a bit and now juicing daily for over a month)
– dance – to help move the energy
– cleared out my space, moved things around, and de-cluttered – our space reflects us and our bodies. get rid of stuff!
– read a few books
– watched a lot of Netflix and movies
– spent time alone – declined social events (sometimes being with people interferes with the integration – for me at least)
– spent time with those who understand the shifts going on

Trust yourself, listen to your body, get the support you need.

You do not need to suffer through the process.  Part of your mind may want to hold on to what is not serving you (release).  Where you are heading and experiencing may feel like unknown territory – that can feel threatening to the ego and psyche.  Don’t let that hold you back from ascending to greater, more, better.  You are so deserving!

As an Energy Practitioner and I Intuitive, I can help support you through these shifts – guiding you through with ease and grace while supporting you with aligning with the higher frequencies and vibrations you are being led to.  If you’re ready to have a leap or quantum jump and feel more at peace through the process, lets do some work together.

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