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Are you being led to make a CHANGE?

In the process of change, there comes a choice point of Fear or Faith.

It happens every time there is an opportunity to take a LEAP.

You always have a choice.

Keep in mind…The internal energetic patterns and subconscious thought process mechanisms may need to be cut and re-routed to allow the change to occur.

As uncomfortable as the old is, it is familiar.

Don’t let your ego choose.

This change energy – like, HUGE life change type of energy – is upon us.

What if what you’ve wanted is on the other side of it all?

Inside the You are the Medicine group we’re going deeper and further than ever before. Here is the link with the details.


I am my medicine

Raw, naked, vulnerable…

Like I was breathing in and out directly from my heart.

My tender heart sitting there wide open.

Things no longer there to protect it.

Protection that once had a purpose but, now a barrier.

I get why. And why others would do the same.

Walking around this wide open is not always met. Walls feel safe. But also keep things out.

In letting it go, there is no putting it back.

This is SO next level surrender.




As my heart is free and breathes,

~ I am met.
~ Magic shows up.
~ Connections are deep.
~ Love is all around.

I am my medicine.


Set yourself free from guilt

The other day I wrote about the shame and guilt paradigm dissolving and the impacts shame has.

Today I want to share a bit more about guilt.

The difference between guilt and shame are –

:: guilt is something you believe about yourself

:: shame is something another believes about you and you took it on.

The impacts of having both these energies underlying your energetic vibration are debilitating to any efforts of moving forward or having more and better for your life. 

You can take all the courses, read all the books, follow the blueprints, have a dating profile up but, if you have guilt or shame playing out under the surface you’ll feel stuck, stagnant and sabotage any forward momentum you are able to attain.

Guilt will keep you from allowing your desires to manifest.  Depending on how deeply interwoven, guilt will prevent you from even having desires.

Guilt gets buried so deep you become unconscious to the ways it plays out in your life.  It becomes an automated operating system you are blind to because on some level it acts as a protection from feeling the feelings guilt represents.

As with all feelings, guilt carries an energetic vibration that attracts similar. 

Some shadow aspects of guilt are feelings of unworthiness and not deserving.  If you only address the shadow and not the core, the energetic pattern will continue to play out in your life.

The patterns play out by feeling stuck, being in a pattern you can’t get out of, attracting people and experiences that match the underlying belief of guilt.

It manifests as relationships not working out, the health plan or workout routine is sabotaged, you can’t seem to bring in the money you want, your creativity is halted, you can’t quite get your business rolling…


Guilt is learned through family – passed down like a family recipe.  It is taken on from an experience you didn’t have emotional intelligence at the time to resolve.  It is subliminally taught through institutions to keep you limited.

These limiting paradigms are dissolving.  I believe those drawn to this writing and my work are an integral component to clearing and dissolving the paradigm.  What you shift within, shifts collectively. 

Therefore, through this process of dissolving, the energies and patterns of shame and guilt rise up.  You’ll see it around you and also within you. 

As it rises to be resolved you’ll witness how –

:: you’re carrying guilt and shame in your body (the body is the messenger of the subconscious mind)

:: it plays out in your life through people and interactions

:: it holds you back from what your heart and soul know is possible

Your soul is calling it all forth to help you see, transmute and release.

You are a part of the team creating Heaven on Earth.

While it may very tempting to ignore, avoid or stuff down these feelings, facing and doing what is required to clear the pattern is the path to the freedom and allowing what you desire to come into your life. 

To shift and heal this does not come from changing the people or experiences outside of you.  You have it within to clear and release these patterns. 

Once you clear these energetic patterns – 

: have available to you the energy this feeling was holding.

: open up the doors and channels of creation this pattern was closing off and blocking.

: attract people and experiences that match your new vibration.

: are connected more fully to your power to create more of what you want.

If things in your life are not going the way your heart desires and your soul knows is possible and you are ready to give yourself the time, energy and attention you deserve, message me about where you are at and what you are ready for. 

As an Intuitive healer and energy alchemist, I get to the core of the energetic pattern and clear the vibration; supporting you in aligning with the realm and reality of possibilities available to you.

This work is life-changing.  Releasing what has been holding you back is priceless.  You wouldn’t have the desires you do if they weren’t possible and available to you. 

Isn’t it about time you set yourself free?


Is underlying shame limiting you?

Have you noticed SHAME and GUILT popping up in your life and feelings?
Why? Because both paradigms are dissolving.

Do you realize shame is one of the biggest blocks and barriers to creating and allowing the life and experiences your heart desires?

Fucking shame. I’m blasting it out. 
Every thought, feeling, emotion carries energy. Shame is a heavy energy.
When we hold back and hide a part of ourselves (shame), we are also holding back other parts of ourselves (happiness, peace, joy, pleasure, creativity…).
The heavy energy of shame slows the natural flow we’re meant to be in. It can be immobilizing.
Shame is just mindfuckery, made up stories.
Shame is sometimes passed down and projected upon us by others – and being the ‘good little girl and boys’ we were, we took other other peoples crap. 
Here’s the deal… The only thing holding you back with shame is you.
AND, I totally get shame is not easy to just drop. There is a web and layers and even walls built up around this shame to keep it from being seen by anyone else.
But, it is destructive and too much to hold onto or keep hidden.
How do you know? Life isn’t working the way you deeply know it can be.
Shame is limiting. Shame is mind control meant to keep you small. 
Please know –
* You are not your thoughts!
* You are not what happened to you.
* You are not what you did.
* That stuff you’re carrying may not even be yours.
How do you begin to let go of shame? 
– Witness the thoughts you are thinking – what have you made up about yourself and/or the experiences?
– Look at how you’re limiting yourself, what you’re afraid of and see where that comes from.
– Stick to the facts of what happened that made you feel this way.
– Ask yourself “is this mine?” (no? throw that shit back!)
Truthfully, it can be hard to discover and understand on your own because of the web, layers, and walls.
There is a large part that fights to keep shame hidden.  But, it is also hiding you from life.
In my work and all my training, I have witnessed and held space for peoples hardest stuff, darkest feelings, and most traumatic experiences. Nothing shakes me. I am so focused on the truth of who you are and the liberation beyond letting shame go, that the story around it is mute compared to what is possible. 
Holding onto shame can be detrimental to all areas of your life. Because we are energetic beings and like a circuit or signal, if there is a kink in one area it is going to throw off the entire circuit.

Holding shame is detrimental to your ability to allow LOVE, MONEY, HEALTH, CAREER…

When you are free from the rapture of shame, you have an openness to all possibilities, energy is expanded, creativity flows, others are drawn to you…
I’d be honored to hold space and guide you in shifting the shame and heavier energies holding you back.
If you’re ready to be free, message me here.

Moving through change…

… like the badass you are.

Are you afraid of making the change you are being guided toward?

When you go to make a change or take the next step, does fear and stories from the back of your mind pop up and stop you?

You can either move through change resisting it or surrender to it. Either way – change is happening.

Inside of you is an inner warrior, badass guiding you toward what is for your highest and best good.

Inside this video, I speak about the obstacles that may pop up and what you can do to make the process of change one of more ease.

I have created a membership group where the warriors, change makers, courageous ones are gathering. I’ll be channeling energy and providing intuitive guidance through the shifts in the collective energy. You’ll get a heads up and learn how to alchemize the energy and use it for your benefit.

Here is the link with all the details: You are the Medicine


When you get emotionally triggered…And trigger another

I am a B!tch. #notsorry

We are all here reminding each other who we really are. Love.

Sometimes we tick each other off. Rather than run and hide in a corner, a trigger is an opportunity for growth and empowerment.

When you’re triggered, it is a signal you are holding onto something, believing something that is NOT TRUE about who you are.

The other person is pointing it out – in the role they are playing – in order to support you in releasing what is not your truth. What you’re holding onto that is not love.

Additionally, if you tick someone off (trigger them), it is their opportunity to see something in themselves.

Share this with someone who ticked you off LOL or who would be supported in hearing a shift in perspective. A perspective of empowerment.

Here is the link to the monthly group I mention: You are the Medicine

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and receive notifications of newest updates.


Remembering how powerful you are

I want to ask you a few questions… And they might piss you off.  And if so – GOOD! Because that is a signal I have triggered a truth inside you that you are denying for yourself.

My intention is to wake up that truth inside of you and inspire you to take the action from a space beyond your mind – from a feeling, a stirring within, a deep knowing.

So, here you go…

How bad do you really want that thing you say you want?

The life, relationships, money, fitness, business…

The love, inner peace, happiness, joy…

Those things you talk about wanting, doing, being.

Is it all just talk?  

Are you vibrationally and emotionally aligned with it?


  • Are you afraid to make the change(s) your Soul knows is necessary to take the leap?
  • Is fear debilitating you and draining your energy?
  • Is the stillness, lack of direction and zero clarity driving you bonkers?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, your ego is driving your life.Ego doesn’t like change and needs to be in control.

If you’re feeling challenged, you’re denying something within yourself.

A Soul guided life is one of flow, effortlessness, ease.

In this video, I share three key things for your self-reflection to see if you are working for or against yourself.

Kelly Ann

Oh! In the video, I also mention a new monthly membership group I made available for those who want to do life different –  THEIR WAY.
  • Do you want to be in a sacred space to be your fullest expression?
  • To be tapped into channeled guidance and intuitive insight for yourself?
  • To have a heads up on the energy making its way in and how you can use it to your benefit?
  • To feel held and supported as you make the leap and change your Soul is guiding you through?

It is nearly as close to working one on one with me.  And you’ll also be gathered with like-minded individuals with a similar mindset, courage, and desire.The details are here


You’ve had it all along…

You may not be Dorothy in the middle of Oz wearing ruby slippers clicking your heels and making wishes but…

You have had the power all along.

In my last blog, I wrote about the Grand Purge and all that was being churned up for healing, releasing, and transmuting and the opportunities available for you to create and design what you want your life experiences to become. 

Today, in the energy of the Solstice and the power you have within is more apparent now and readily available than ever before!

Yet, if you’re not feeling your power –

  • Is your current experience a habit or addiction?
  • Are you stuck in a pattern?
  • Are you self sabotaging with your choices?
  • Are your subconscious beliefs the master of your reality?

So many beings are doing their internal and vibrational work and it is impacting the collective in phenomenal ways.  Energy is speeding up, consciousness is elevating, soul is integrating… You are being guided to remember the truth of who you really are. A channel of consciousness with an infinite number of possibilities available to you.

These are super exciting times.  You’ve come here at this particular time to participate in all of this and are an integral piece of the whole.

I know it can feel challenging as life experiences are organizing and creating changes in ways you may not have expected.  Yet, you do not have to suffer.

Things happen to support you in creating what you want.  It just may not happen HOW you expect it to happen.

Back to the energy of the Grand Purge…

What I saw happening in the collective as things were churning up for release, the human personality and ego began to grasp onto the known and revert back to patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that keep in place the very thing that has to go.

Ego habits and pain addiction.

Change can feel scary to the ego.

  • Stepping into the unknown.
  • Needing to control / fear of losing control popping up.
  • The things you have clung on to feel ‘safe’ falling away.

Pain, as uncomfortable as it is, it is familiar to the ego and personality.  So, when it comes to creating lasting change, you have to step into new, unfamiliar territory.Stepping more deeply into your power requires next level SURRENDER.

I’ve said this before – You are not given a desire in your heart that is not possible to experience.  But, if you’re trying to control it, have specific expectations, or need to know all the ‘how, what when, where, who’ before you make a move, it just might not happen.

You’ve got to get out of the way and ALLOW.  Not easy for the ego either.

The space between the purge and the manifestation is the VOID.  A space of neutrality, nothingness.  It feels challenging because the ego makes it ‘wrong’ to be in that space and state of being and stirs up fear about the new and unknown.  This is when your ego brings you back to your comfort zone.

Look at it this way… It takes about nine months for a baby to come into the world.  It takes about 20 – 30 minutes to bake a cake.  Right?  We know this and accept it as is.

I haven’t seen anyone freaking out at a woman’s belly or staring angrily at an oven arguing why it is taking so long, why it hasn’t happened yet or questioning the entire process.

Yet, I see judgment and wrongness about your personal journey.

This is another piece of subliminal programming (there are so many) that has limited our remembrance of our power… Yes, while you are the co-creator of your reality, it takes the time it takes.  It does not mean that where you are now is wrong, you are not doing enough, or you messed up.

Thinking that way only puts a kink in the energy stopping the flow that is ready to move through you.

There is a fine line between allowing the unfoldment and where you are resisting.  Self awareness, honesty, and courage are key factors in determining where you are in the phase of change.

The energy we are in right now is one of change and newness.  Exciting!

The Grand Purge was supportive energy in helping you see and release what you’re doing and being that is not serving you.

Now there is a new level available where you have so much more freedom and the capacity to take the energy, shift your vision, gain clarity, and allow your dreams and desires to manifest.  To tap into your own vibration and align it with the reality you desire.

How? —>
Get clear.
Create the vision.
Feel it.

It happens within before it happens in the outer.

And, if it is not happening as you desire… you may be addicted to the old, caught up in subliminal programs, and allowing your subconscious beliefs to rule your world.

You are WAY more powerful than you’ve been taught.If you want lasting change and ready for a quantum leap – it is absolutely possible and you can enjoy the journey along the way.  In fact, that is exactly what life is meant to feel and be like.

Kelly Ann

P.S. Are you ready to claim what is already within you and BE the Master of your vibration?  How about feeling at peace as you flow through life with ease?  Do you have something you are ready to create, change and experience?

If a “hell yes!”, respond to this email with where you are at, where you’re ready to be and why you think this work is a fit for you NOW.

I currently have space for 3 one on one private clients.  Do you want to be one of them?


The Grand Purge

In recent weeks we have been through what I am calling “The Grand Purge“.  A purging of energy and consciousness happening on a macro and micro level.

Interestingly enough, it began around the time my home town and state were hit with 4, FOUR, confirmed TORNADOES as well as several micro-bursts in one evening.
Main St. after the tornado
Mother Earth and Nature, all over the world, are reflecting what is going on internally for many.  The difference is humans get in their own way of surrendering and allowing what is naturally occurring.

Just as Nature and Mother Earth will rebuild so can you.

Through this time of energetic and consciousness Grand Purge, past traumas, buried beliefs, and limiting patterns have come to the surface.  And just like those trees that were destroyed in the storm – they were cut up, chipped, and sent to recycling – the same opportunity is available to you and your internal landscape (which in turn creates your external experience).

What this means for the human experience is you are at a choice point.  

Are you going to put back into place all of the things stirred up and kicked around?  Or will you allow the purge to take away what is no longer serving you?

The thing is, surrender and allowing requires going into an UNKNOWN space.

The ego doesn’t like unknown.

The ego likes assurance, knowing, and control.  And so what ends up happening as each of these energetic opportunities are presented, rather than courageously move ahead into the unknown (and create what you really want), the ego grasps on to what is known and pulls that back in.

Even when it is something you no longer desire to experience.

On some level, what is known feels safer than venturing into the unknown.

So, take an honest reflection…

  • How might you be unconsciously bringing your past into your future?
  • What fears are holding you back from allowing the unfolding of your desires?
  • What behaviors and beliefs are you carrying forward that might not even be yours at all?
  • What stories are you telling yourself that are keeping you from the clarity you crave?

The sky after the storm
It is also important to note that creating change is not just an action based experience.

Change involves the mind, body, and soul.  It is a holistic approach that provides lasting, long term change.

Unless you are consciously creating your future, you are always living in the past.  Until you decide you want a different outcome and align all of yourself with that new outcome, you’re consistently bringing the past into your future.

The habit of being you is not an easy habit to break.  But, it is totally worth your time, energy, and attention.

Just like doing a purge of your basement, garage, a closet, or your home, it is sometimes easier to pull out everything, take a look and decide what you’ll put back.  Many times, it is even easier when someone who is not attached to the ‘things’ is there helping you clear out the junk.

In the cases of energy and consciousness purges, many times what goes back in is out of habit, fear, or what is known.

If you are ready to break the habit of being you and want to create something new for yourself, it may be time to invest the time and energy to make it happen.  The grander energy is here supporting you and is happening whether you are ready or not.  If you’re feeling it, you’re ready.

As a professional ‘Internal Landscaper’, I can easily recognize what is ready to be cleared out as well as see the path you need to take to align with your heart and souls desires.  I have a keen way of bringing you through and around your ego and limiting constructs.

I’ve gone through many energetic and consciousness purges and what I have opened up to and allowed back into my consciousness has been profound.  And I’m excited to share with those who are ready to claim this for themselves.

This work I do it not for everybody.  It is for those who are truly ready to let go of what is not working in their lives, ready to claim their innate power, and determined to create, allow, and surrender to the life that wants to move through them.

To do this work takes courage.

So, if you’re through with being stuck inside a cycle, running on a hamster wheel of life, feeling off mission, and done playing out patterns preventing you from grasping onto what you really want, message me here.

The clients I am working with inside this energy are –

  • experiencing new levels of inner peace,
  • gaining clarity of their truest desires,
  • having elevated energetic experiences,
  • seeing all of life with new eyes,
  • attracting new relationships,
  • having the courage to leave behind what isn’t working,
  • feeling healthier, happier, more free,
  • gaining keener senses – beyond the ordinary,
  • experiencing sycnronicities and magic through their days,
  • feeling and knowing the power they have to create and design the landscape of their life.  

You are always creating.  Are you using what you have to the max?

Your energy vibration is what attracts your experiences.  Is your vibe and inner landscape ready for a purge and cleanse?

If yes, message me and let me know where your life is at, what you are ready to experience, and why you feel it is time to do this level of personal growth work.  All responses will be considered and responded to within 24-72 hours.

Until next time….

Kelly Ann

P.S. Also important to note, at the level of support provided, I currently only have availability for 3 individual, one on one, clients.

If you know someone who is ready to master their energy and inner landscape, please do share this.


Are you subconsciously denying your desires?

Do you know what you want?

Are you really clear on your DESIRES?

Or do you keep things at a safe distance away to not risk feeling what you’d feel if you allowed yourself to want it but, didn’t get it?

Or is there an underlying fear if you get what you want, you’ll lose it or it’ll leave? 

Do you subconsciously keep yourself from manifesting because it feels too vulnerable and risky to want something?

:: Love

:: Money

:: Hot body

:: Rocking business

:: Beach house, mansion, tiny home…

Were you taught wanting things is bad?   

Or there is a price to pay to receive it?

Or that you should just be happy with what you have?

Or maybe you’ll be hurt if you have it and it leaves?

With Empaths, Healers, and Sensitives I see additional inner programs about :

– it has to be hard / it can’t be easy

– others will be hurt / feel bad if I am successful, happy, healthy, rich

It’s not the things and experiences you cannot manifest…

You’re so fucking powerful you manifest EVERYTHING!

It’s the vibration you’re tuned into and coming from.

It’s the inner programs and belief systems running in the background that reflect in your experience.

It’s about taking the courageous risk (to the fears) and allowing yourself to be present with what arises within as you seek more of the life you want to live.

This is the Way of the Empowered Empath.

// To boldly choose.

// Grounded in vulnerability.

/ Confident in your path.

// Feeling safe to fully express yourself.

That’s the thing… Because your life has been a journey into your heart.

You feel so much.

Life is asking you to release the next layer of energetic protection.

To allow yourself to drop into your desires and feel what it feels like to have that wish fulfilled.

It’s not outside you. It’s within you.

It’s tuning into the frequency that attracts what you desire.

You must drop the density to tune in.

That’s part of the journey we’re traveling through in this next group course.

You have very carefully crafted these inner beliefs and programs;  they are no longer necessary.

Releasing them stirs up stuff you may have tucked away or used to keep you from feeling exposed or vulnerable.

It is not about getting rid of anything – that’s a whole other energy.

It is about remembering how powerful you are and how effortless it is to allow what you want.

It’s releasing the density, belief systems and programs that is the effort. Because intertwined in there is some pain that has yet to be resolved.

Ask yourself “Am I afraid to allow myself to want I want because I’m protecting myself from feeling some kind of pain?”

Or “Am I afraid to feel what others will feel about me if I feel great and I am truly happy?”

Happiness is your birthright.

I am inviting 10 people to come along with me on this five week journey.

The energy is so RIPE. Information is coming through on the daily.

I cannot wait to be inside a sacred space and circle to play with you, expand the energy, drop into other experiences, take quantum leaps, and feel more alive and empowered to create and expand on this journey. 

Let’s play! —> https://goo.gl/bNx8WR

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