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Chaos is your signal

Can you really afford to continue holding yourself back? You’re seeking your purpose, trying all the things, doing all the tasks but, you’re still confused, running yourself ragged, and racking up debt.

You’re running around on a hamster wheel trying to find ‘your thing’ but, going nowhere. You keep getting sick, you try jobs and lose them, your business isn’t supporting you.

Your past taught you it wasn’t safe to be fully you. It was safer to be out of sight, not fully shine, to hold back who you really are so others feel better about themselves.

And now, it’s all too HARD and frustrating. Because…

You are not fully showing up. You are holding back who you really are.

I get it… You were born into a family who doesn’t get you. You see and feel the world differently. You want to fit in, belong, not get kicked out of the tribe.

You’re afraid of what others will think if they see this side of you. You’re worried by saying what you really feel and believe, you’ll look like a fool and be made fun of.

So, you fly under the radar. You hold back. You don’t share your truth.

You fit in, get along, please others. And its killing you slowly.

You aren’t believing in yourself. You abandon you. You do the things to yourself you’re afraid others will do to you.

It is creating chaos in your life. It is costing you too much to keep holding back… Your health, money, inner happiness, relationships…

But, how do you get to the other side?

The old must die for the new to be birthed through.

What you seek is within you. This is not new information.

What you’re really seeking is how to get to and through the other side of these invisible barriers, to alchemize the energetic ties that bind you, to shift your inner dialogue.

To FINALLY feel safe, confident, empowered to BE all of who you are.

Sharing your art, healing, message is so much easier when you surrender to your authentic self and allow what is within to be birthed and expressed through you.

It is what Rebel Rebirth is all about… The way through and beyond these invisible limitations, insecurities, fear programming…

We begin 2/5 on a five-week submersion within, clearing, and expansion of the authentic expression of YOU and the life you were born for.

Details here


Rebel, this isn’t your first rodeo.

You’ve done this before. You’ve come into this world with natural born talents. You know things and don’t know how you know them.

Your past was your initiation. But, you’ve gotten caught up and distracted by the circumstances.

The veil of truth has lifted. You’re beginning to gain glimpses and remember.

You see the gap… Are you ready to close in on it and do what you came here for?

Rebel Rebirth is here to take you all the way through.

  • Transmuting the past.
  • Releasing limitations and all that binds you.
  • Clearing the clutter from your vibration.
  • Fine-tuning your frequency.
  • Allowing clarity to come through.
  • Being the channel for consciousness to be expressed through you – YOUR WAY.

Rebel Rebirth is a 5 week submersion, clearing and expansion into the authentic expression of YOU and the life you were born for.

We begin 2/5/19.

Details here.


Rebel Rebirth : group course

You have something to share with the world.  You’re here to bring about a change.  You’re meant to do it your way.

It has been challenging. You’ve been struggling.  There is no one to follow.  No one before you is doing what you do, the way you do it. 

What you are here to share is different.  Like no other.

You can feel it within you but, it’s not clear or you are afraid to let the world see this side of you.

This isn’t your first rodeo. 

You’ve done this before.  You’ve come into this world with natural born talents.  You know things and don’t know how you know them.

You’ve held back.  Afraid of someone questioning you, testing your knowledge, afraid to put yourself in a position where you might not be able to handle it.

You lay low. Fly under the radar.  Stay within your comfort to not be too seen.

But, the discomfort of holding back and not doing the thing you know you’re meant to be doing is becoming too much.  It is creating chaos, struggle, the challenges in your life. 

What you are doing with your time and energy is slowly squeezing the life out of you.

It is intended that way.

It is your internal signal you’re out of alignment, holding back, hiding, playing small. You’ve given in to ego and fears. 

I get it.  You’re journey to this space, this time, here and now hasn’t been an easy one. 

You’ve been ridiculed, tormented, abused, abandoned, betrayed – this life or past.

You’ve brought into this life’s experience gift and talents.  You’ve also brought in Soul memories from the past.

Something within you holding you back to not allow the past pain to harm you now.  Protective mechanisms built.  They appear as “logic”, patterns, circumstances or relationships that hold you back.

It is all subtle and blind to your eyes. 

But, you know, you feel it – something more is meant to come through you.

Your ego holds you back with voices of “be afraid, worry what others think, you don’t know enough, you’ll fail, your family will disown you, they’ll make fun of you, it’s too vulnerable…”

All with the feelings of death and annihilation behind it.

Because you’ve been there before too.

No longer. 

No longer are you willing to let the past hold you back, or the fears be louder than your fierceness.

No longer are you able to hold back all that wants to burst through you.

No longer are you willing to hide who you are so others are more comfortable.

You are here to make a change. 

This life. 


For yourself.

For others.

You’re here to shake and wake people up.  You can’t do it the way you’ve been doing it.  It has become more effort to hold back than it is to set yourself free. 

Rebel Rebirth.

You’re back and it is your time. 

Five weeks of shedding all your fears, subconscious limitations, subliminal programming, ancestral and past patterns in the way of you allowing the healing, art, consciousness, and expression to come through you the way you’re meant to be the Channel for.

Through the other side you’ll have clarity and confidence to share who you are. 

You’ll have energetically expanded your field to hold a higher vibration that triggers the changes in those whose paths you cross.

You freely express yourself, you create, you’re inspired, you’re tuned into YOUR life, YOUR way.

The chains are cut, the walls dropped, the veils pushed aside, you’re free from the noose. 

You see, feel, know who you are more clearly. 

You tap deeply into trust and understanding of yourself and your life journey.

You take action from aligned inspiration and live in flow.

You’ve rewired pathways in your mind and expanded your levels of consciousness.

You remembered who you are and what you’re here to do and done letting anything stop you.


  • Gathered for five weeks, with a tribe of others just like you, I’ll be your Guide clearing the energetic, emotional, and soul lesson pathways so you can live the life and do all the things you deeply know are meant for you.
  • We’ll meet inside a secret Facebook group. 
  • Five live transmissions energetically ignited to clear out the confusion, clutter, and chaos and guide you into alignment with the expanded version of yourself you’re ready to remember and become.
  • You’ll have 2-30 minute, one on one private sessions with me ($240 value) and consistent support inside the group space.
  • We begin 2/5/19




VIP Option:

  • All of the above PLUS an additional 30 minute session ($120 value) AND private 1:1 support through the five weeks of the course through Facebook messenger ($100 value)





There is an optional overnight retreat in Connecticut the weekend of 2/22 and 2/23/2019 (additional investment). Message me here with your questions.


When things get tough, do you break down or rise up?

When something doesn’t go your way, work out, have the results you anticipated and hoped for, what happens?
Do your emotions take over?
Do you get lost in the circumstance?
Does your mind follow down the path of all that went wrong and try to figure out why?
Or do you RISE UP and choose for yourself?
Choose how you’re going to feel.
Choose how you will respond.
Choose what action or non-action to take.

Your responses have been conditioned. Are they working for or against you?

The conditioning comes from your past. Passed down, taught, trained, chosen.
And, you have the capability to shift the conditioning, what you’ve been taught, told. It begins with awareness.
This morning something I was hoping would be resolved, wasn’t. I felt an inner part of myself rise up with disappointment and a dash of frustration.
In the past (way past), total temper tantrums took over. Emotions overflowing and beyond control.
Days, weeks, months caught up in a story of circumstance. A subconscious part of me had taken over.
It sometimes appeared in the name of “healing”.
Let me tell you… there is a fine line between healing and distraction.
Through my journey, I have learned the difference. So, no harm, no foul. It gave me what I need to know to share with others about how to open your mind, #unfuckyourmind , to other possibilities.
For self-awareness.
Self empowerment.
Remembering who you truly are.
The past no longer exists. All we have is now.

We have the power to shift our conditioning and responses. And, therefore, shift our experiences. Every single moment.

That inner part that rose up with disappointment?… Simply a need rising up to be recognized or an inner belief to be examined. Or maybe source / the universe / God pointing me in another direction.
The inner needs… They can no longer be bypassed. And, the programmed conditions don’t need to be driving your bus either.
The inner beliefs… They are what create your circumstances. Certainly worth taking a moment to see what is being reflected back.
Being pointed in another direction… Surrender, Trust, Faith.
No emotions necessary.
Are you ready to change your circumstances? Do you want to feel empowered in your life? Do you want to be the driver in the manifestation bus?
Take a look at your responses to what is happening in your life. Your feelings are a signal to an inner belief.
Both, your feelings and responses, you have the capacity to shift and change.

You do not have the capacity to change the things outside of you. Stop putting your energy there and go within.
And, not go within to get lost in mind space.
Go within and make the internal adjustments the external circumstances are pointing you toward.

You are way more powerful than you’ve been taught.

Have your emotions kept you in loops and patterns for too long? Are you ready to remember your power and drop into what surrender and allowing really means?
I have 2 spaces available for private, one on one clients.
This work is best fit for one who deeply knows more is available but, can’t quite seem to break through to the other side. You know you’ve been conditioned and taken on from others what isn’t your truth. You’re ready to tap deeply into Soul and allow the rest to strip away.
Message me for details. Let me know where you’re feeling limited and what you’re ready for. We’ll make sure we’re a good match before we carry forth.

How resentment holds you back and down

Resentment is the righteous cousin of the victim. 
Resentment is a belief that someone has wronged you and you need to be right about it. 
Holding onto resentment is like holding a hot stone and blaming another for your pain. 
Sure, shitty stuff happens but, holding onto resentment toward another gives your power to them. 
No one else is responsible for your feelings. 
What you can and have the power to do is take a look at what the circumstances are reflecting back to you about your beliefs. 

Resentment is a mere signal from your Soul that YOU are allowing something to happen that is not aligned with what is real, right, and true for you. 

Is somebody treating you poorly, taking advantage of you, disrespecting you….? 
Well, you’re allowing it. 
The person is not in your life any longer and their name and how they’ve done you wrong still rolling from your lips? 
Victim. Giving away your power. Allowing your energy to leak. 
The feelings that trigger resentment are signals from Soul to spark a shift, speak up, make the necessary changes to come back to your truth. 
It is not for you to hold onto. 

You teach people how to treat you and attract people into your life to mirror back your beliefs. 

These circumstances and people that trigger you are a gift to help you see a belief you can’t see for yourself. A belief that doesn’t serve you. 
You’re being signaled. A change is necessary. 
Holding onto resentment only burns you and it gets hotter until you do something about it.
Are you ready to let go of resentment? 
– Thank the person (silently) for showing you what you couldn’t see for yourself. 
– Forgive them and yourself. 
– Make the changes in your beliefs the resentment triggered. 
Then watch ALL areas of your life shift. 
Because core beliefs affect EVERYTHING. The resentment was simply a signal you’re out of alignment.  
Are you ready to break the patterns you have in money, relationship and health?
Do you want to pluck out the root of the core beliefs manifesting and attracting the shitty circumstances?
Many of your core beliefs have been passed down from other. Or you’ve been pained and created a belief to protect you from being hurt again.
Your subconscious holds these beliefs tightly.  You are blind to them because they’ve become automatic operating mechanisms. It is how you’ve learned to move about life. 
But, BUT! if you’re feeling resentful, frustrated, angry…. And not taking action to shift and change…?
You are getting in your own way. 
Are you ready to get out of the way? 
My super power is reading energy and identifying core beliefs that keep you from aligning, doing and feeling what you deeply know is possible and available to you. 
I will guide you out of your own way. I’ll identify and clear the beliefs and energy stopping you up. 
From that space – old blocks and beliefs cleared and what you ’ve been working so hard toward but haven’t quite gotten there comes into alignment.
The business, money, health, relationship… It all starts within. 
I have 2 spaces for private one on one work. A good match for this work is one who knows more and better is available, knows it begins within, and is ready to do the things necessary to get out of the way and allow the life that wants to make its way through to you. 
How do you know? It’s in your dreams and desires.
You’re not given a dream or desire that isn’t possible. 
Now that you know, what will you choose? 

What is Soul Flow?

Soul Flow is living life beyond the constructs of programming and limitations passed down from others or picked up from this life’s experiences. 

Soul Flow is living from self trust and faith. It asks you place down the need to control outcomes. It encourages you to SURRENDER and ALLOW.

Soul sees and knows the bigger picture.  Soul flow brings in more than your mind could imagine. 

Soul Flow encourages you to choose and allow the “how” to be taken care of. 

Soul Flow teaches you to TRUST life is for you and always unfolding for you highest and best outcome. 

Soul Flow asks you be patient in the pauses and remain clear and focused on where you’re being led. 

You’re deeply being led. But, are you making it harder on yourself by trying to make things happen your way?

Are you carrying forth with old ways of being that just don’t work? 

Is it time to for something different, to get out of your comfort zone, and do the damn things

Following Soul Flow does come with risk. 

Risk of losing who you aren’t. 

The payoff? 

—> Gaining your authentic self. 

Risk of doing something you’ve never done before. 

–> And gaining what you’ve desired. 

Are you ready to take the risk and allow the gain waiting for you to get out of the way?

Over the years I have shed layers upon layers of programs and constructs. I have let things go over and over again; being available to align with only what is real and right for me. 

My life is a 180 from 15 years ago when I was in a corporate career, long term relationship, owned a house… 

All the boxes were checked but something always felt “off”.

For a bit I battled the internal voices of what “should be” and what was meant for ME.  

I broke rules. I did things my way. I risked it all to follow Soul. 

The payoff? 

I’m happier, have freedom in my life, share my art freely, surrounded by soulmate friends and clients, healthier (lost 100 pounds), I’ve created a business I can run from anywhere in the world…

I’ve tapped into what is real and right for me. 

Dissolving the constructs and programs can be tricky. 

If it wasn’t, you’d be where you want to be and what you want to have right now.

These constructs were built or carried forth for a purpose. A purpose that no longer serves you and is outdated.  

And, that is where I come in.

This new group course is going to dismantle and dissolve what no longer serves you and guide you into what is real and right for YOU.  

The course will go around the back or in through the side door and before the pattern even knows it, it’s dismantled. 

The best and most fun part is creation. What is FOR YOU? 

What does Soul Flow look and feel like for you? 

Not my way, so and so’s way, YOUR WAY.

You are way more free than you’ve been taught. 

Join a group of fierce, determined, courageous beings who are ready to break down the constructs, pull the plug on the programs and do Life their way. 

Through Soul Flow.  Four weeks of tapping in, up-leveling and going BEYOND.

“This group has been amazing, enlightening, easy, and unique. I look forward to your posts every day.

It may not be always easy to share, but I feel free from judgment with you. 

Thank you for the attention on my expansion!

Props to you! You do a really great job creating that sacred container not just in your calls but your groups. There aren’t enough words. Namaste”

– J.M.

Soul Flow starts 1/2/19.

Inside this sacred container of the online group –

  • Four weeks of support inside a secret closed group
  • Two live transmissions
  • Individual Energy Readings and
  • Intuitive Soul Guidance

BONUS: For the next 7 who register now, you receive a 30 minute, private session with me. I’ll get to the core of a pattern or limitation that’s held you back.

“On my bonus call, something was really touched on that hadn’t been before. I knew I was blocked and now I am able to explore that more deeply.” 


There is an UPLEVEL option for those who want more private, focused support.

With the uplevel option, you receive a 30-minute private session with me and private facebook chat support through the four weeks.
If you are one of the first 7 to register, you receive the BONUS call AND the uplevel call.  2, 30-minute sessions –  essentially making the group course free for you!

Do you have a cap on PLEASURE?

A cap on pleasure in life experiences, relationships, having a successful business, your body, sharing your art, being the fullest expression of who you are…
Your pleasure cap, glass ceiling, stop pattern might not be noticeable.

The pleasure cap is a subconscious pattern that when things feel really good, you’re in flow, feeling happy and then boom – something happens and you’re in a heavier, lower vibe state of being, stressed out and distracted.

Some kind of life event, drama or chaos shows up. A diversion from where you were headed now taking all your attention.

It seems really real. But, if you knew what a powerful creator you are, you’d be creating more of what you DO WANT.

For years I didn’t recognize this subconscious pattern I held within. When things would be going really well, some kind of bomb would drop in and bring me back down – off my ‘high horse’.
It all appeared really important life stuff that needed my attention. A relationship needed resolution, money challenges would pop up, my back would go out…
The events didn’t really need my attention.
What needed my attention was this inner cycle of subconscious self-sabotage that would appear when I got too close to pleasure and happiness.
From an early age I learned a behavior to not be TOO HAPPY because something bad would happen when I was happy and having fun.
That learned behavior of stopping my own pleasure and happiness carried through much of my life as a way of self preservation – to not get hurt, feel pain, lose what was good.
I didn’t even know it was a pattern until I became so frustrated at what was happening in my life. 

-The cycle of losing weight to only gain more back.
– Relationships / dating going really well, then not.
– Financial abundance and flow then a full on stop and empty bank account.
Deeply I knew more and better was available but, I couldn’t seem to get past the glass ceiling. The stop point just became a way of being that I learned a behavior to work around.
I thought this was just how life was. It is NOT.
I was subconsciously running this stop pattern and sabotaging my own pleasure and happiness from subliminal fear of what could happen. A learned response to protect me from pain of too much pleasure.
Once identified and cleared, the pattern no longer held me back. I could manifest, attract, and allow more of what I wanted into my life – and it remained in my life.
Take a look for yourself at when life seems to take a down hill turn for you. What was happening for you prior? Where were you headed?
This happens in –
: Relationships – things going so great then, a fight will break out. Or, being single, you decide to get out and start dating again and you get sick.
: Health routine – on a good stride then, you fall off the wagon.
: Money – making good bank then, some high priced necessary expense comes up.

Getting to the core of the pattern / pleasure cap is key to getting up and over the hill and keep going. To allow yourself full out happiness and pleasure.

It is not that you aren’t doing the right things to get you headed in the direction you say you want to be… it might be that you have a cap on pleasure.
So, if you’re doing all the things but, can’t seem to be and experience what you know is possible, you likely have a pleasure cap pattern within.
Your system is ready for a defrag – clear out what no longer serves you. In fact, a pleasure cap, likely the very thing in your way of what you say you want.
Nothing outside you can resolve this. It starts within.
You, your life, is very much worth your time and attention. Because if the desire is within you, it is possible.
Are you ready to explore and clear YOUR pleasure cap?
Once a pattern is identified, the clearing affects ALL areas of your life.
I worked with a client looking for LOVE. I identified core belief she held about who she was. She would attract dates but, never ideal matches.
When I read her energy and cleared the vibration she was giving out and operating from, she attracted more dates that matched who she was looking for.
She is now married.
She also hit 6 figures in her biz that year and became an International speaker.
You are meant for pleasure and to experience the dreams in your heart. Are you ready to clear what is in your way?
Once the cap, pattern, vibration is cleared, the ‘work’ gets to be about CREATION.
I currently have space for 3 private clients. You are one of them if you know more is possible and available and you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to move through the invisible limitations and co-create more of what your heart and Soul desires.
Whether it be love, money, health, business… once the core limitation is cleared, so much opens and becomes available. Like taking a boulder out of the way of a flowing stream. Flow!
Message me here. I’ll send you the details and ensure we’re a good fit for this transformative energy work.

Are you in a deficit from borrowing time?

You know – the ideas you’ve had mulling through your mind but, you haven’t quite taken action on? Your business, art, expression of you still lingering in your mind waiting for “the right time” to start.


“I’ll start Monday”, “When ‘such and such’ is in place I’ll start”, “After ‘blah, blah, blah’ I’ll do it”…

Does your job have you stuck in a comfort zone? Have you let other areas of life, people or events distract you from doing the damn things?

Oh, and your story of ‘perfection’ is also a well, story.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret….

There is no perfect time. There will always be an excuse. Starting is the hardest part.

You just have to rip the bandaid off and do it. Take the action. Do the thing outside of your comfort zone. Drop into Soul flow.

Here is another secret…

What you’re really avoiding is what is under the surface. Your fears, insecurities, stories of what could go wrong and what others might think.

“What if it doesn’t work out”, “What if I make a fool of myself”, “What will people say about me”.

Then the list of excuses why you can’t – because of this/that person, the environment isn’t right, I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough money/time…

The truth…

What is within you is meant to come through you. You have the ideas, dreams and desires because they’re meant for YOU. You are the perfect, divine vessel in which to express and share the ideas, art, creation. It is all there – waiting for you to get out of the way and do it, BE it.

Stop allowing the stories to hold you back. CHOOSE you.

Go within. #unfuckyourmind and set yourself free.

Going within only feels scary to the limitations wanting to hold on and remain in place. You’ve created these inner structures to feel ‘safe’.


Safety, along with time, is an illusion.

Do you see? It is just the stories you have that keep you held back.

Remove the stories and you are FREE to be.

Easier said than done. I get it. But, what are you going to do about it?

– Feel the fear and do it anyway.
– Take the next step.
– Launch your art.
– Share your voice – written or expressed.

What do you need to do to get out of your own way? What is your Soul craving to express?

I can promise you this…

It is WAY more challenging to continue to hold back what wants to come through you than it is to face all the things holding you back.

Once recognized for the illusion they are, the stories, fears, insecurities fall away and you drop into a deeper TRUTH of who you are.

Letting all of you be and express is freedom – on so many levels. Once you’re through, you’ll know and never go back.

Being you is exactly what you came here to be. Who you are is a unique expression the world needs. Your Soul knows.

What are you going to keep listening to? The limitations or your deepest truth?

Take the step. Do the action. 


Because, going into tomorrow, the next day, next year with the inner limitations only creates more of that.

Get out of the way and let your Soul flow through.

Now is all you have.

Kelly Ann

This is precisely my magic – identifying and peeling away the layers of subconscious limitation. My super power is reading your energy field and identifying the core beliefs and patterns in place holding you back.

In our work together, private clients have aligned with their true mission, art, expression. Life feels easier, in flow, and way more FUN. They are creating and being what is natural, real and right for their heart and Soul.

Do you know you are in your own way?

Can you sense more is meant for you?

Are you done working so hard holding yourself back?

I have space for 3 private clients. Is 2019 your year?

If you’re ready to do the damn thing and get out of your way, message me here and I’ll share the options available. We’ll make sure we are a good fit for what you’re ready for before we carry on.

Don’t wait any longer… Putting off what you deeply know is meant for you and holding back Soul flow really only becomes more and more challenging – in all areas of your life.

Message me… Lets do the damn things!


The cycle of dismantling

“Everyone is born a genius but, the process of living de-geniuses them.“ R. Buckminster Fuller

The fact that you want more is enough evidence that it is possible.

Are you feeling uncomfortable? 
Not on purpose?
Held back?

That is your signal something is out of alignment.

Your heart and Soul are speaking to you.

Are you listening?

Life is asking you to take a LEAP.

Are you going to keep putting off the messages and allowing Soul to flow through?

You are in a cycle of DISMANTLING.

Dismantling inner patterns of behavior that keep you in limited experiences – opening space to be more of who you are and what you want to feel and experience.

All the things.

Life is manifesting and reflecting back the UNTRUTHS you carry about yourself.

It is time to claim and BE all of who you are and let you shine through.

:: To put down the defenses and let what you want in.
:: To let the limiting stories drop away and be free to express all of yourself.
:: To step forward confidently and fiercely grounded in your truth.::

This is the journey of your Soul.

You are not going to see the full picture, the next step or be able to control the outcome.

The more you resist, the more challenging it all becomes.

There is a finesse in –
:: Surrender and Co-creating
:: Allowing and Knowing
:: Trusting and Surrender
:: Co-creating and Allowing

We are complex creatures. Beautiful complex geniuses.

When you get out of the way and allow Soul to flow through,
– you see the orchestration you co-create,
– you feel on purpose,
– your vibration elevates,
– it all feels easier, more playful, creative, and free.

In Soul flow, you have more access to all aspects of you. You’re a master of your mindset and see the manifestations that come from within. You know how to make necessary adjustments to choose for yourself.

It’s not about the doing; it’s about the BEing.

Are you ready for a Guide to bring you through the process of dropping into Soul flow? To bring you through dismantling the inner limitations holding you back?

And then be guided to what your purpose is – from Soul. To unhook from built in constructs or those taken on from others. To feel confident, on purpose, and empowered as you step into the new. Your new.

I have three spaces available for private one on one mentoring.

This is a good fit for someone who knows more is possible and is fiercely choosing that knowing and ready to do all the things to get out of the way and drop into Soul flow.

You know that’s the place to be. It’s where your genius awaits.

If this is you, message me here and I’ll send you the details. We’ll see if we’re a good match for this level of exploration and transformation.

What better time than now?


Are you unconsciously resisting the very things you say you want?

Are you unconsciously resisting the Money, Relationship, Health, Business… you say you want?

You say you want the things but, are not able to manifest it all? 

You take the courses, hire the coaches, do all the things but, still nothing?


Unconscious RESISTANCE is playing out in the background of your mind and energy field.

Are you ready to #unfuckyourmind ?

Do you want to know how I came about being a Master at #unfuckyourmind?

My own mind was pretty fucked and that fuckery held in place with unconscious resistances to much of what I truly desired. 

When I was 100 pounds heavier, I said I wanted to lose weight. I DID all the things – worked out, tried all the diets, even diet pills (gasp).

My unconscious resistance held onto the physical energy of the WEIGHT because behind losing the weight would mean that I would be seen. If I lost the weight, I’d have nothing to hide behind. 

When I said I wanted to be a successful, Badass leader in Healing, Love Coaching, and Holistic Health, I did all the things to build and grow my business. Networking, business coaches, web design, etc.

The unconscious resistance was in a pattern of not receiving MONEY or a pattern of receiving then dwindling down to nothing again. 

These patterns came from underlying BELIEFS that it was unfair things could be easy for me; that I NEEDED to struggle. I worried what others would think if I was doing something I loved, it came easy to me, and I was paid well for it. 

Is any of this highlighting some of your own beliefs and judgments? Of yourself. To others? 

“There are many memories of my past that I have held onto over the years, of which I thought could be the reason my energy was still feeling “trapped”.

Memories that were so traumatic, where I even had feared for my life at times. For sure, I thought these were “the key blockages”.  But I was wrong.

Kelly Ann, as amazing as she is, was able to pinpoint the very first incidence that caused my “energy to lock in and feel suppressed/trapped”.  

When Kelly Ann identified this as being a CORE blockage….flashbacks started, and I instantly started to recall details. 

Kelly helped me through the release and healing part of the session.  I noticed over the weeks to come… just how much more expressive I had become. 

I thank Kelly, because she used her gift to channel and explain to me when/what in my life had trapped me into place from moving forward.”  Jennifer P

When clients come to me ready to do the things necessary to get to what they really crave and desire, know they need to get out of their own way, and release what is no longer serving them, the outer aligns. 

  • All the things manifest.
  • The ideas flow.
  • Creativity is abundant. 
  • Connections are made.
  • Money flows. 
  • Opportunities arise. 

With ease.

Through clearing the subconscious patterns, clarity comes.  Clients tap into their natural gifts, desires, their path.  They feel confident and safe and FREE to be their fullest expression.  #soulalignedliving

I have yet to NOT blow someone’s mind when it clicks for them – the subconscious beliefs, pattern, core thing that has been in their way. 

When they see the connection, patterns, and how they’ve been getting in the way, they are speechless.

Once the underlying hidden stuff is out of the way, it gets to be about creation and being the full expression of who you are. 

And when you’re in alignment with what is REAL and RIGHT for you and your Souls journey, life manifests to meet you exactly where you are. 

Your world is created from within. 

:: Do you want to know what your subconscious resistance is?

:: Are you ready to drop the walls and be your fullest expression? 

:: Are you ready to let it be easy?

I will tell you… Life is so much more in flow as I’ve identified my core resistances, beliefs and patterns. 

With this level of self-awareness, I make informed choices from an empowered space versus from low vibe, survival, victim, lack thoughts. 

I am tapped more deeply into all the aspects of myself – energy, consciousness, soul. 

Life is so much easier lived fully and freely than it was within all the unconscious resistance, limitations and roles. #livingismyart

P.S. Are you ready for a mentor and Guide to #unfuckyourmind and shift the energy blocking you from doing the damn things? 

I have only 3 spaces available for private one on one support before the financial investment changes in 2019. 

Inside your sacred container of this work, you have my support in

  • identifying and clearing what has been in your way – energetically, emotionally,
  • know how to hear your intuition,
  • trust where your Soul is guiding you,
  • integrate the expanded aspects of your vibrational essence,
  • tap into quantum fields,
  • clear your own energy,… and the like.

This is not one size fits all support. Your course is custom designed to meet you where you are and what you are ready for.

Not my agenda – Your Soul’s.

Are you ready for more?

Next level you?

Message me at hello at kellyanncory dot com with what you’re ready for and why now is the time. We’ll chat and ensure we’re a good match for the level of transformation you’re ready for. 

In the meantime, look at the stories you tell yourself why you “can’t” or why “it’s not possible” or how things are limited. 

Then ask yourself “what is underneath this story I keep telling myself?”, “what could be possible if I changed this story?”

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