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Triggers lead to empowerment

If you aren’t triggering your clients, you are failing them.

Your clients are not going to receive the level of healing, expansion and up-leveling they desire if you are concerned about being nice and having your clients feel good all the time.

Put it this way… Let’s say I see you are about to walk into oncoming traffic with a huge tracker trailer coming at you.  Do you want me to whisper softly “hey, sweetie, get out of the way hun.”

……………Click pic for video replay

Or would you rather I yell “WATCH OUT!!” and be jolted into awareness to get out of the way?

It really is the same with ego, pain body and limitations running your client’s growth and expansion process.

If you aren’t saying the TRUTH to your clients, if you are not saying the HARD things and pointing out the pink elephants in their life, it is EXACTLY why they haven’t gotten off the hamster wheel, out of self-sabotaging behaviors, healing their trauma, or breaking their limiting money, health and love patterns.

You are not doing any service to another by bringing comfort to their wound, shadow or fear.  Your role is to guide your client into their truth and beyond their fears, insecurities, and limitations.

You have to be strong enough to handle their unraveling and not take it personally.

What keeps you from telling the hard truths is you haven’t worked through your people pleaser, victim aspects.  Your underlying shadow aspects are running your business.

Underneath, you’re worried if you say something that triggers your client, they’ll tell other people, no one will come to you, you won’t be liked, you wont get paid, your business will fail… So, you play nice.

And maybe your business is already failing and exactly why it has been so hard to create success and consistency or why you haven’t gotten yourself outside your own comfort zone and doing the things you know you need to be doing.

Your shadow is running the show.

If you haven’t worked through your own triggers, you cannot hold space for another to move through theirs.  And when another gets triggered by you, it will throw you into a loop. 

When you are solid in who you are, have worked through your triggers, your work is going to be way more impactful and sought after.

If you are the one who gets triggered, what do you do with it?  Do you cower back into your tortoise shell and blame, lash back, walk away from the gold that is right in front of you?  Giving your power to the thing or person outside of you to decide how you feel and what you do about it?

Your trigger is your treasure. 

Your trigger shows you where you are trying to protect a limited part of yourself.  Where you are defending your wounds rather than allowing the healing.  Where you are protecting a dysfunctional part of you you’ve hidden from yourself.

It is a call for healing and expansion.

The discomfort of your trigger is temporary.  Taming your trigger, placating it, numbing it out or avoiding it holds it within you – until someone or something else comes along to trigger your awareness.  And the cycle repeats over and over and over again until you get it out by the roots.

You can be free from triggers and the underlying fears and limitations that hold them in place. It is exactly why the person or experience came in and triggered you..

To trigger you into freedom.

If you are ready to be FREE, I have something special I have created for this energy of change and transformation and TRIGGER we are in…


6 weeks 1:1 – you and me.

This is for the fierce badass, rebel, magical beings who are ready to come out of hiding, stop flying under the radar, and align with the powerful aspects already within you.

Empower is for you if you are ready to release the root fears that hold you back, alchemize the energy of your inner shadow aspects, transmute the underlying triggers that keep you trapped.

We’ll fire your ego from working your spiritual evolution, healing, and expansion process.

We’ll get to the root of your biggest barrier, block, and limitation that has been in your way and making things so hard so you can move forward with ease and allow in all you’ve been struggling to make happen for yourself and your life.

We’ll clear out the energetic chaos, subliminal programming, and subconscious beliefs that have you anchored to your current reality and take quantum leaps into the experiences you’ve only tapped into through your dreams.

You’ll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to take those next steps.

Because when you shift what is within, everything around you shifts to meet you there. 

It is already always happening.  Is it time you took charge of what your experience looks and feels like?

We begin March 4th. 

Those who register by March 1st receive a guided healing meditation recorded by me with the energy and vibration of healing and liberation. 

Message me through the link or hello at kellyanncory dot com for the details to ensure Empower is a good fit for what you’re ready for. 


What is holding you back?

Have you read all the books, taken all the programs, hired all the coaches and find yourself still confused, lack of motivation and paralyzed by fear?

You’re not sure what you are supposed to be doing with your life, clients aren’t signing up, you lack motivation, the fear of your own power is debilitating, you’re in a cycle of ups and downs.

And yet, something keeps you going on this path, determined to figure it all out. 

You FEEL it.  You KNOW it.  There is something within you that you’re meant to share with the world.


Your inner limitations, false fears, subconscious sabotage, and buried beliefs.  

When these inner aspects of you are threatened by your GROWTH and expansion you’ll subconsciously create –

– feeling stuck, 

– overwhelm, 

– emotional drama, 

– huge challenges out of small things, 

– something will manifest for you to project your lack and fear thoughts onto… 

and so on.

Oh, you are such a creative and POWERFUL being.   

When the energy and essence within you is held back, hidden, or pushed down all kinds of chaos occurs – emotionally, physically, energetically – to support you in setting you FREE.

But, you stop at the chaos.  You become distracted by the breakdown, relationship upheaval, financial strife, or get involved in drama.  You try and figure it all out rather than surrender to where life is leading you.

The chaos is all a part of the process of REBIRTHING you and place you on the path of what you seek.

  • Clarity on the direction of your business, clearing your money blocks, opening your wounded heart, clearing your underlying fears, transmuting your addiction to pain…

All the chaos feels real. It is a distraction to your personality but, the journey for your Spirit.

You see, you can’t take with you some of this baggage you have been carrying.  You’ve got to let die who you aren’t to allow who you need to become to come through. 

The chaos is a signal you’re about to break through. 

Break through your limitations, patterns and beliefs that are not serving you and what you’re meant to experience.  To face all that is in front of you and make a new choice. 

It takes strength to let go of the familiar pain.  It takes courage to choose YOU no matter what.  It takes faith to leap into the unknown. 

Life is a continuous journey of death and rebirth.  When you identify what is occurring and know how to use the experiences and transmute the energy, you are going to be empowered as the orchestrator of your life.

I created Rebel Rebirth for you.

This course will catapult you through your toughest BLOCKS, limited thinking, debilitating FEARS, and come through empowered, clear, inspired, motivated, and tapped into your vision and mission.

Why? Because it is my super-power to SEE and read the energy of the beliefs systems held in place that are creating the outer experiences as well as the mind set playing them on repeat.

You’ll learn to alchemize the energy and bring yourself to your next level vibration that is aligned with what you have been calling forth for yourself.  

But, you can’t get there if under the surface you unconsciously believe you:

– are unworthy,

– will fail

– not enough / too much

– will be left or leave people behind

– afraid to have more success than your family

In clearing all the underlying, subconscious clutter, you’ll gain clarity, confidence, inspiration, creativity…

Your experiences will line up to match your alignment. 

The world needs what you have.  

Rebel Rebirth.  Because this is not your first go around here. 

You are back.  New Time. New Paradigm.

The five week on line group course will guide you within to release, remember, rebirth who you are now and offer the clarity you’ve been working so hard to discover.

The pre-work and first LIVE transmission replay (“Transmuting limitations from your past and in your subconscious”) are waiting for you.

You’ll have my full on support inside the group through the five weeks PLUS two 30 minute PRIVATE sessions ($240 value). 




The VIP option has an additional one on one call ($120 value) and private support through facebook chat ($150 value).




What is coming through this for this course is already creating profound shifts for the members.  

You know there is more for you available. 

I’m here to remind and guide you to remember all that is already within you and for you to have the courage, faith, and confidence to BE who you are here to be.

P.S. Doors are closing soon to keep the space sacred and energy contained.


Is your fear of looking crazy the reason you are not showing up?

Is your fear the reason you are not sharing your gifts, talents, healing, art with the world?

You’re afraid of what others will say.
You worry you’ll lose credibility.

Then you won’t be able to make the money you need to make.

You’ll really fail.

So, you play it “safe”, fly under the radar, don’t say too much.

In the meantime, your insides are churning, you feel like you’re slowing dying, you want to crawl out of your skin.

Depression weighs you down. Anxiety takes over.

You are paralyzed.

You spin into overwhelmed, fear. Wonder if you should just quit life.

Then you somehow you find your way to feeling better about it all.

The monster has been tamed.

Until it gets poked, prodded or triggered. Again. And the whole cycle starts all over.

This is where your magic is halted. Your fire dampened.

The pattern is always about coming back to the place that feels better. To get out of whatever chaos and uncomfortable feelings that got stirred up.

But, you see, the chaos is where you get to alchemize the energy and make the fierce, bold choices for yourself.

The crazy you fear being labeled and abandoned by… Beyond your fears and stories is your liberation and freedom to share who you are. To share your message, healing, art.

When you take the journey through the chaos, work with your monster energy within, and alchemize your fears… Nothing anyone says or thinks about you could ever, EVER harm you the way your mind is telling you now.

You may have been burned at the stake, stoned, hung, chopped to pieces before but, you’re back.

New time. New paradigm.

What you hold within is exactly what the world is ready for.

You are not crazy. You are here to change things up.

Your magic within is waking up, stirring up your life. Your magic, your essence is ready to be birthed.

There is a way through the chaos to come out on top.
A way to work with your inner monster to alchemize the energy for your expansion.
A way to integrate your crazy and allow life to flow with ease because you’re no longer holding back.

You know you’re here for more and holding back has become too much work.

Are you ready to remember and rediscover your inner gifts, magic, and talents?

Rebel Rebirth begins 2/5.

Five weeks of submersion within, clearing and expansion into the authentic expression of YOU and this life you were born for.

Your tribe of fellow Rebels is already forming.



You are Master. But, you’ve been messy.

You’ve gotten distracted by the practicalities of life.

You push your magic aside to ‘do the damn things’. Because, if you have the right website, funnel, email list, enough followers, recognition of your wisdom, likes / loves on your posts, tribe built… thennnnn you can do what you deeply know works.

—> Tapping into your unique vibration and operating from the unseen and unknown.

Jumping in and out of your different worlds makes it all that much harder to remain in your mile high club.

You stop trusting yourself. Doubt and insecurity creep in.

The human programming of tangibles distracts you.
Your ‘to do’ list seduces you.
Your shadow persuades you.

Until you are back to that damn place you worked so hard to get out of.

And the cycle starts again.

The good news is – You DO get yourself out of those spaces.

You’re a Master but…you’re being messy.

You know it. And, if you got super honest with yourself… All this messiness is fear of…


There is a way out of the cycle.

Are you ready to allow the old to die? Release the blocks that bind you?

Rebel Rebirth begins 2/5.

Five weeks week submersion, clearing and expansion into the authentic expression of YOU and the life you were born for.

Rebels, healers, magic makers, and artists are already gathering.



The cusp of change

You know you’re on the cusp of change, about to take a leap because life has been presenting you with “tests”, triggers, and tribulations.

It manifests in the form of chaos, disruption, discord with others, a wake up call, a big decision to make.

You can feel and have felt something just on the other side. You’re on the edge of it and just need that click, the adjustment, the missing.

But, then your doubt creeps up, fear takes over, you go into panic mode, emotions elevate…

You’re searching for the solution, trying to figure out the “how”, grasping to control the outcome.

There is an easier way.

All of the above is a response to your nervous system kicking off and triggering Core Beliefs ready for their update.

But when you get caught up in the outer circumstances manifesting, you distract yourself from the leap you’re being guided to take.

When you take it for what it is and use the energy for your use, quantum leaps are immediately available.

It just doesn’t have to be hard. The hardest part is getting out of your own way to show up for the YOU who is ready to come through.

This process typically runs automatically for me. Alchemizing the circumstances and core beliefs into energy for my upgrades.

I’m on the cusp, the edge, upgrade commencing. Today I was led to go fully and deeply in with the process. I was reminded the power and ease of working with energy and consciousness at this level.

I feel like I’m glowing and deliciously in love. It’s like I unlocked the secret door.

What is on the other side of your secret door? Magic, gifts, talents within?

You’ve been programmed to believe you are guilty for what is natural for you to be easy.

No longer.

Time for an upgrade.

Rebel Rebirth begins 2/5/19.

I will bring you through this exact process that has supported myself and clients in alchemizing core beliefs that prevent the leap you’re truly ready for.

You’re here to do things different. Let’s clear out all that’s holding you back from what you’re here for.



Chaos is your signal

Can you really afford to continue holding yourself back? You’re seeking your purpose, trying all the things, doing all the tasks but, you’re still confused, running yourself ragged, and racking up debt.

You’re running around on a hamster wheel trying to find ‘your thing’ but, going nowhere. You keep getting sick, you try jobs and lose them, your business isn’t supporting you.

Your past taught you it wasn’t safe to be fully you. It was safer to be out of sight, not fully shine, to hold back who you really are so others feel better about themselves.

And now, it’s all too HARD and frustrating. Because…

You are not fully showing up. You are holding back who you really are.

I get it… You were born into a family who doesn’t get you. You see and feel the world differently. You want to fit in, belong, not get kicked out of the tribe.

You’re afraid of what others will think if they see this side of you. You’re worried by saying what you really feel and believe, you’ll look like a fool and be made fun of.

So, you fly under the radar. You hold back. You don’t share your truth.

You fit in, get along, please others. And its killing you slowly.

You aren’t believing in yourself. You abandon you. You do the things to yourself you’re afraid others will do to you.

It is creating chaos in your life. It is costing you too much to keep holding back… Your health, money, inner happiness, relationships…

But, how do you get to the other side?

The old must die for the new to be birthed through.

What you seek is within you. This is not new information.

What you’re really seeking is how to get to and through the other side of these invisible barriers, to alchemize the energetic ties that bind you, to shift your inner dialogue.

To FINALLY feel safe, confident, empowered to BE all of who you are.

Sharing your art, healing, message is so much easier when you surrender to your authentic self and allow what is within to be birthed and expressed through you.

It is what Rebel Rebirth is all about… The way through and beyond these invisible limitations, insecurities, fear programming…

We begin 2/5 on a five-week submersion within, clearing, and expansion of the authentic expression of YOU and the life you were born for.

Details here


Rebel, this isn’t your first rodeo.

You’ve done this before. You’ve come into this world with natural born talents. You know things and don’t know how you know them.

Your past was your initiation. But, you’ve gotten caught up and distracted by the circumstances.

The veil of truth has lifted. You’re beginning to gain glimpses and remember.

You see the gap… Are you ready to close in on it and do what you came here for?

Rebel Rebirth is here to take you all the way through.

  • Transmuting the past.
  • Releasing limitations and all that binds you.
  • Clearing the clutter from your vibration.
  • Fine-tuning your frequency.
  • Allowing clarity to come through.
  • Being the channel for consciousness to be expressed through you – YOUR WAY.

Rebel Rebirth is a 5 week submersion, clearing and expansion into the authentic expression of YOU and the life you were born for.

We begin 2/5/19.

Details here.


Rebel Rebirth : group course

You have something to share with the world.  You’re here to bring about a change.  You’re meant to do it your way.

It has been challenging. You’ve been struggling.  There is no one to follow.  No one before you is doing what you do, the way you do it. 

What you are here to share is different.  Like no other.

You can feel it within you but, it’s not clear or you are afraid to let the world see this side of you.

This isn’t your first rodeo. 

You’ve done this before.  You’ve come into this world with natural born talents.  You know things and don’t know how you know them.

You’ve held back.  Afraid of someone questioning you, testing your knowledge, afraid to put yourself in a position where you might not be able to handle it.

You lay low. Fly under the radar.  Stay within your comfort to not be too seen.

But, the discomfort of holding back and not doing the thing you know you’re meant to be doing is becoming too much.  It is creating chaos, struggle, the challenges in your life. 

What you are doing with your time and energy is slowly squeezing the life out of you.

It is intended that way.

It is your internal signal you’re out of alignment, holding back, hiding, playing small. You’ve given in to ego and fears. 

I get it.  You’re journey to this space, this time, here and now hasn’t been an easy one. 

You’ve been ridiculed, tormented, abused, abandoned, betrayed – this life or past.

You’ve brought into this life’s experience gift and talents.  You’ve also brought in Soul memories from the past.

Something within you holding you back to not allow the past pain to harm you now.  Protective mechanisms built.  They appear as “logic”, patterns, circumstances or relationships that hold you back.

It is all subtle and blind to your eyes. 

But, you know, you feel it – something more is meant to come through you.

Your ego holds you back with voices of “be afraid, worry what others think, you don’t know enough, you’ll fail, your family will disown you, they’ll make fun of you, it’s too vulnerable…”

All with the feelings of death and annihilation behind it.

Because you’ve been there before too.

No longer. 

No longer are you willing to let the past hold you back, or the fears be louder than your fierceness.

No longer are you able to hold back all that wants to burst through you.

No longer are you willing to hide who you are so others are more comfortable.

You are here to make a change. 

This life. 


For yourself.

For others.

You’re here to shake and wake people up.  You can’t do it the way you’ve been doing it.  It has become more effort to hold back than it is to set yourself free. 

Rebel Rebirth.

You’re back and it is your time. 

Five weeks of shedding all your fears, subconscious limitations, subliminal programming, ancestral and past patterns in the way of you allowing the healing, art, consciousness, and expression to come through you the way you’re meant to be the Channel for.

Through the other side you’ll have clarity and confidence to share who you are. 

You’ll have energetically expanded your field to hold a higher vibration that triggers the changes in those whose paths you cross.

You freely express yourself, you create, you’re inspired, you’re tuned into YOUR life, YOUR way.

The chains are cut, the walls dropped, the veils pushed aside, you’re free from the noose. 

You see, feel, know who you are more clearly. 

You tap deeply into trust and understanding of yourself and your life journey.

You take action from aligned inspiration and live in flow.

You’ve rewired pathways in your mind and expanded your levels of consciousness.

You remembered who you are and what you’re here to do and done letting anything stop you.


  • Gathered for five weeks, with a tribe of others just like you, I’ll be your Guide clearing the energetic, emotional, and soul lesson pathways so you can live the life and do all the things you deeply know are meant for you.
  • We’ll meet inside a secret Facebook group. 
  • Five live transmissions energetically ignited to clear out the confusion, clutter, and chaos and guide you into alignment with the expanded version of yourself you’re ready to remember and become.
  • You’ll have 2-30 minute, one on one private sessions with me ($240 value) and consistent support inside the group space.
  • We begin 2/5/19




VIP Option:

  • All of the above PLUS an additional 30 minute session ($120 value) AND private 1:1 support through the five weeks of the course through Facebook messenger ($100 value)





There is an optional overnight retreat in Connecticut the weekend of 2/22 and 2/23/2019 (additional investment). Message me here with your questions.


When things get tough, do you break down or rise up?

When something doesn’t go your way, work out, have the results you anticipated and hoped for, what happens?
Do your emotions take over?
Do you get lost in the circumstance?
Does your mind follow down the path of all that went wrong and try to figure out why?
Or do you RISE UP and choose for yourself?
Choose how you’re going to feel.
Choose how you will respond.
Choose what action or non-action to take.

Your responses have been conditioned. Are they working for or against you?

The conditioning comes from your past. Passed down, taught, trained, chosen.
And, you have the capability to shift the conditioning, what you’ve been taught, told. It begins with awareness.
This morning something I was hoping would be resolved, wasn’t. I felt an inner part of myself rise up with disappointment and a dash of frustration.
In the past (way past), total temper tantrums took over. Emotions overflowing and beyond control.
Days, weeks, months caught up in a story of circumstance. A subconscious part of me had taken over.
It sometimes appeared in the name of “healing”.
Let me tell you… there is a fine line between healing and distraction.
Through my journey, I have learned the difference. So, no harm, no foul. It gave me what I need to know to share with others about how to open your mind, #unfuckyourmind , to other possibilities.
For self-awareness.
Self empowerment.
Remembering who you truly are.
The past no longer exists. All we have is now.

We have the power to shift our conditioning and responses. And, therefore, shift our experiences. Every single moment.

That inner part that rose up with disappointment?… Simply a need rising up to be recognized or an inner belief to be examined. Or maybe source / the universe / God pointing me in another direction.
The inner needs… They can no longer be bypassed. And, the programmed conditions don’t need to be driving your bus either.
The inner beliefs… They are what create your circumstances. Certainly worth taking a moment to see what is being reflected back.
Being pointed in another direction… Surrender, Trust, Faith.
No emotions necessary.
Are you ready to change your circumstances? Do you want to feel empowered in your life? Do you want to be the driver in the manifestation bus?
Take a look at your responses to what is happening in your life. Your feelings are a signal to an inner belief.
Both, your feelings and responses, you have the capacity to shift and change.

You do not have the capacity to change the things outside of you. Stop putting your energy there and go within.
And, not go within to get lost in mind space.
Go within and make the internal adjustments the external circumstances are pointing you toward.

You are way more powerful than you’ve been taught.

Have your emotions kept you in loops and patterns for too long? Are you ready to remember your power and drop into what surrender and allowing really means?
I have 2 spaces available for private, one on one clients.
This work is best fit for one who deeply knows more is available but, can’t quite seem to break through to the other side. You know you’ve been conditioned and taken on from others what isn’t your truth. You’re ready to tap deeply into Soul and allow the rest to strip away.
Message me for details. Let me know where you’re feeling limited and what you’re ready for. We’ll make sure we’re a good match before we carry forth.

How resentment holds you back and down

Resentment is the righteous cousin of the victim. 
Resentment is a belief that someone has wronged you and you need to be right about it. 
Holding onto resentment is like holding a hot stone and blaming another for your pain. 
Sure, shitty stuff happens but, holding onto resentment toward another gives your power to them. 
No one else is responsible for your feelings. 
What you can and have the power to do is take a look at what the circumstances are reflecting back to you about your beliefs. 

Resentment is a mere signal from your Soul that YOU are allowing something to happen that is not aligned with what is real, right, and true for you. 

Is somebody treating you poorly, taking advantage of you, disrespecting you….? 
Well, you’re allowing it. 
The person is not in your life any longer and their name and how they’ve done you wrong still rolling from your lips? 
Victim. Giving away your power. Allowing your energy to leak. 
The feelings that trigger resentment are signals from Soul to spark a shift, speak up, make the necessary changes to come back to your truth. 
It is not for you to hold onto. 

You teach people how to treat you and attract people into your life to mirror back your beliefs. 

These circumstances and people that trigger you are a gift to help you see a belief you can’t see for yourself. A belief that doesn’t serve you. 
You’re being signaled. A change is necessary. 
Holding onto resentment only burns you and it gets hotter until you do something about it.
Are you ready to let go of resentment? 
– Thank the person (silently) for showing you what you couldn’t see for yourself. 
– Forgive them and yourself. 
– Make the changes in your beliefs the resentment triggered. 
Then watch ALL areas of your life shift. 
Because core beliefs affect EVERYTHING. The resentment was simply a signal you’re out of alignment.  
Are you ready to break the patterns you have in money, relationship and health?
Do you want to pluck out the root of the core beliefs manifesting and attracting the shitty circumstances?
Many of your core beliefs have been passed down from other. Or you’ve been pained and created a belief to protect you from being hurt again.
Your subconscious holds these beliefs tightly.  You are blind to them because they’ve become automatic operating mechanisms. It is how you’ve learned to move about life. 
But, BUT! if you’re feeling resentful, frustrated, angry…. And not taking action to shift and change…?
You are getting in your own way. 
Are you ready to get out of the way? 
My super power is reading energy and identifying core beliefs that keep you from aligning, doing and feeling what you deeply know is possible and available to you. 
I will guide you out of your own way. I’ll identify and clear the beliefs and energy stopping you up. 
From that space – old blocks and beliefs cleared and what you ’ve been working so hard toward but haven’t quite gotten there comes into alignment.
The business, money, health, relationship… It all starts within. 
I have 2 spaces for private one on one work. A good match for this work is one who knows more and better is available, knows it begins within, and is ready to do the things necessary to get out of the way and allow the life that wants to make its way through to you. 
How do you know? It’s in your dreams and desires.
You’re not given a dream or desire that isn’t possible. 
Now that you know, what will you choose? 

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