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Why CHANGE feels hard and when SELF SABOTAGE kicks in…

Beliefs buried in the subconscious mind are the biggest block to creating change, MANIFESTING and attracting your desires.
These beliefs run on auto pilot and can be difficult to recognize within yourself (as an Intuitive I see them clearly for my clients).
They’re hard to see yourself because these autopilot programs once served a purpose – to protect some kind of PAIN or HURT from happening.
Also within you are Aspects that hold these programs in place.
To these programs and Aspects, CHANGE becomes a THREAT.
And what happens is, as you begin to make change, these inner Aspects and programs kick in, turn on and do their job of running the ‘protection program’.
Something like:
– self sabotage kicks in,
– projecting onto others,
– avoiding what you know you want to do,
– mind chatter about all the reasons it won’t work, why you can’t have it, how you’ll fail….
The Aspects guarding the
• past pain,
• fear of being seen,
• vulnerability,
• unworthiness,
• shame of desires…
is the part of you that takes the sabotaging actions necessary to keep you and these programs “safe”.
When you get too close to going beyond the inner limitation and into sensitive territory, the program kicks into self preservation mode.
It is an internal set point that kicks in, automatically, to keep you from feeling what you’re afraid you’re going to feel when you reach that experience you’re striving toward.
Most times you won’t even see this happening until you’re 5 or 10 steps backward. That’s how cunning these inner workings are.
They truly believe you may get badly hurt or even annihilated. So they work real hard to not allow you to get in the way.
Wild how your mind works. Right?
If you’ve found yourself on a hamster wheel and no matter what you do you can’t seem to hit that goal, attract that love, feel abundant, lose the weight, grow your business, move forward in life…. Consider how your buried beliefs and past pains are actually “protecting” you from what you really want.
In the work I do with individuals, I identify these Aspects and subconscious programs and guide my clients to dismantling these barriers.
The Aspects and programs dismantled holistically – mind, body, spirit. Energetically, Emotionally, Spiritually.
This OPENS the field of POSSIBILITIES.
If you can dream it, you can live it.
Now, quit f@cking around!
Kelly Ann
By the way….I have space for one on one clients who are ready to fully step into and claim the dream that lives in their heart.
If you think it’s you,,, Apply for an intuitive energy assessment call (limited number available – apply now). 
If you know someone who might be ready for this transformation and up-level, feel free to share.

Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain

Healing and the Metaphysical Perspective of Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain

Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Pain are serious subjects.  Anyone experiencing these should seek professional support.

I share my perspective (<–video) to shed light on the subject and remove the shame from having these feelings.

As a metaphysical practitioner I have a holistic perspective on emotional discord and the energetics of emotions. 

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

With that behind us…

I observe these emotions and feelings as a greater part of you reflecting back to you insight, information and guidance.  Yet, for some reason, not feeling fabulous all the time is wrong or bad.  So when these heavier feelings come up, a person tends to hold it all in, hide how they’re really feeling, and isolate themselves.  

But, how different is this from being laid up, needing help for a flu or a broken bone?  Why does heavier, harder, less than happy feelings carry so much shame that many feel badly about themselves when they are feeling this way?

Feelings are your inner guide. 

What I share inside this video are a couple of perspectives on what these feelings might be telling you.

If you prefer to read, below is the gist of it…



Healing Past Pains and the Key to Freedom

I’ve got a mind hack that just may be THE THING that has been holding you back.

If you are showing up here, and watching this video, then you understand the energy of consciousness and the Law of Attraction and having a positive mindset and focusing on where we want to go.

Yet, you can’t get there if something is misaligned.  There is unconscious stuff happening below the surface that you have control over to make the shift!

As an Intuitive Healer, I  move through the world a little bit differently.  My mind sees the energy of the collective consciousness and I can break it down and be the bridge to help you understand your own inner workings.

Sometimes our minds get tangled up like an old fishing line or a slinky and it can be very challenging to untangle all of that.  I can help you master your own belief system and really get to know what’s going on inside yourself!

Sometimes those things that are tangled up inside of us won’t even allow you to show up, or be aware of the misalignment within. And the beauty of this work is that you don’t need to go digging around in the past to look for what is holding you back.  As you keep your focus ahead and move forward – the past pains and things in the way will naturally rise to the surface.

Your buried beliefs, past patterns and subconscious cycles are what is stopping you from moving forward. Once you begin to recognize them, you can make a different choice!

How do you begin?



What is holding you back?


One quick fix to FREEDOM – start by letting go of the stress, worry, beating up on yourself for procrastination, not doing enough, doing it “wrong”…

Step back and look – can you see it is really just you taking on OTHERS EXPECTATIONS that have been projected upon you?

How are you LIMITING yourself by putting on another’s shackles?

What are the UNDERLYING commitments and agreements you’ve subconsciously and subliminally agreed to?

And you know what is BEYOND all of this? What is really holding you back??


– pain of the judgment you’re afraid others will project on you
– pain of not fitting in / being abandoned
– pain of feeling what others will feel when you’re living happy, free, empowered, abundant, and showing up awesome wherever you are

The funny thing about this –



Moving Through Energy Shifts, Expansions and Downloads

We just went through another big expansion and shift in energy.  Did you feel it?  What have you noticed?

We are in really powerful times and my intention is to guide you to using the energy to your highest advantage. 

Everyone is going through shifts and feeling the energy on some level.  There are different experiences and phases of the expansion.

What happens and how long it last is about what you do with what pops into your experience. 

For me, I felt a palpable shift – One day I woke up and everything felt different. #quantumleaps.  The world even looked different.

That morning – and since – has had the energy and essence of New Years Day.  You know – new beginnings, fresh starts, blank slate, fulfilled…

There is a whole other level of inner openness I feel.  I know it is a direct result of the inner work I have personally been doing as well as the energy that has been unleashed from running this last group – Mastery of YOU (no worries if you missed it – another group program is formulating now).  

It is surreal.  

I am also very much intrigued by



What Does “Be the Change You Wish to See” mean?

Join me on my hike for some soul nourishment and replenishment as I share my radical thoughts on how we can each take responsibility for changing the world. 

In this video, I will guide you to gently look at your own feelings with curiosity and investigate how you can make changes for yourself. 

Mahatma Ghandi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

What does that mean? 

How can I have any impact on the world when there is so much violence and so many mass shootings and senseless murders?! 

How can I make a difference to all the fear and anger in the world?

A common reaction is to become angry and frustrated and start pointing fingers at who is to blame for what is happening in the world.  People are through with sending thoughts and prayers and are demanding that we affect actual change!

My radical suggestion is that we can affect actual change by looking inward and changing what is going inside of us.

Our thoughts and feelings are energy and we are always projecting them into the world. When we are angry and blaming and fearful and judgmental, we are sending those ‘energy rockets’ into the world. 

Let’s look at these feelings and transmute them into something positive. Just like the butterfly can flap her wings and cause a tsunami, let’s intentionally be a tsunami of Love and Joy and Play, and send that wave out into the world!

If you are feeling angry, ask yourself:

  • How am I contributing to the anger in the world?
  • Who am I angry at?
  • My boss?
  • My neighbor?
  • My family?
  • Myself?
  • If you are feeling judgmental, look deeper:
  • How am I being judgmental in my own life?
  • Who do I judge when I’m walking by them?
  • How can I transform my inner judgment?
  • If you are feeling afraid, ask:
  • How can I transmute my fear?
  • What am I afraid of in my own life?
  • Putting myself out there?
  • Being in a relationship?
  • Being happy?
  • What will other people think of me?

I encourage you to experiment with how you can embrace your own feelings, and recognize how you are the expression of that in the world.  Begin to accept, with love, all of these parts of yourself and feel how your energy changes. 

When you deny your feelings, stuff them down, and point fingers at others, you are unwittingly projecting the anger and fear into the world.

Martin Luther King, Jr told us that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only light can do that.” 

You have the power to be the light that the world needs, simply by changing what is happening inside of yourself! 

Take responsibility for your own feelings, and your reactions and what you decide to do with them.  Accept all of the parts of you. It is empowering to be 100% responsible for ourselves; we give away our power when we blame and judge people.

I believe the reason we are here is to transmute these feelings that arise within and integrate the energies that move through us into LOVE.  And to guide each other home and to remind each other that we are all LOVE.

Please join me, with Love.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


The Energy of Jealousy

Jealousy is golden! It’s a treasure!

In this quick video I share a streamline of consciousness about jealousy.  You know…when you are looking at someone who has something and you’re feeling envious or jealous because they have this thing or they are having this experience that you don’t have. 

I encourage you to take a look and be honest about what you are seeing in the other person or their experience – be honest about what it is that you want.

The truth is there is a part of you that knows that you can have whatever you are seeing that other person has and you are denying yourself of it!

It’s not about the other person at all.

It’s a signal for you to look inside. 

You can absolutely have that experience, that money, that relationship, that vacation..whatever it is you are seeing another have that you want.

In fact – because you are witnessing it, it is even closer to you.

Empower yourself and alchemize the energy.

Go inside and investigate the belief structures that are preventing you from having what you want.  There may be aspects of you that are holding you back because you want to be liked or you want to be the ‘good girl’ or good boy’. There might be patterns playing out the belief systems that hold you back.  You may subconsciously committed to not outgrow anyone that you are close to. So you hold yourself back!.

Jealousy energy is showing you that you want something you are denying yourself. 

Go after it! 

Go get it! 

Let go of the stories that say you are not good enough and you can never have it. 

Own it! 

Claim it! 

This it your life – go get what you want!

P.S. If you want to tap even deeper into your energy and manifestation vibration, you can get your Expansion and Attraction meditation here.


What are you fighting FOR?

This bears repeating, so pay effing attention.

I Will Not Fight For Your Limitations.

You want to chat, jam out, discuss possibilities, opportunities, and creating sh!t out of thin air – then we’ve got something to talk about.

You know there is something more within you and you’re ready to unveil it, lets talk.

You know you’re ready to move forward, be seen, and stop playing small, lets talk.

You know you have gifts, talents, and magic within and ready to explore more deeply, integrate it, and share YOU with the world, lets talk.

I will lock arms with you, forge ahead, and fight for your fullest, most authentic expression of you and your life.

But, to sink to the bottom of the ocean and hold the anchor down and waste any oxygen on why you can’t – I am not available or interested.

And neither should you.


What are you missing out on?


Hey! Yeah, you – the one with all the magic, gifts, and talents inside.. You’ve been flying under the radar, hiding out.

Heads up – You are not going to be able to do that for much longer.  

I bet you even feel it – the ache, the urge, the deep desire that there is more.  There is more of what you have to share.  You feel the energy of it but you hold back or are held back.

Well, listen – I am SUPER PUMPED to be downloading this next group program. The title that initially came through – Remember Your Magic – is bouncing around and my mind is telling me its too ‘woo woo’.

And just now I said, out loud to myself – “Whatever!”  Seriously, who is meant to come on this journey with me will FEEL the words, the energy, the intention that I am sharing.  Me mussing about the title is just a distraction from me sharing this.  

WHO am I to get in the way of what is coming through??

What about you?  Ever find yourself holding back because of the stories that pop up in your mind or the beliefs, doubts and fears that rise up?

You know you’re meant to be showing up more but, you just can’t seem to get past or move forward?

What I am talking about here is serious business! – because, it is not just about you.  It is about who you are meant to be serving, touching, exchanging, leading, healing, transforming, empowering, guiding.…


I get it – It can feel super fucking scary.  You know why?  Because you’ve been doing this work for lifetimes.  LIFETIMES.  Who you were and what you did – it wasn’t so easy, acceptable, or supported in the past.

You might have even died over following your passion and doing your mission.

Perhaps you haven’t felt a ton of support in this lifetime. Yeah?

Maybe you’ve been the odd one of your family.

Maybe you feel you just don’t quite fit in.

You’ve been hurt by others.

Maybe as you’re expanding into more of you and your life is changing…

It has all been intentional.

To keep you quiet.
To keep you small.
To prevent you from empowering and enlightening others.
To keep you from having the profound impact you know SO DEEPLY IN YOUR HEART that is what you are here for.


But, you’re stuck.
It all feels hard and overwhelming.
You get in your own way.
You stop yourself.
You dim and hide your gifts.
You doubt yourself.
The fear feels like too much.

Yet, here is the thing… The inner nudge can no longer be ignored.  In fact, your body is likely giving you  signals.

Life is guiding you to show up more.

You touch peoples lives in just being who you are – in your home and through the way you move about the world.  You have an impact.

You share with small groups. Allow selected FEW know who you really are and what your talent is.

But, you have MORE of you to share – a FULLER way of showing up.  No more hiding out or hovering below the radar.  It is time for you…

I get it – I was there too. Life kept reflecting back to me, nudging me, guiding me to get out of my own way.  To OWN my truth, my gifts and surrendering to the energies ready to express through me.

Not living my full, authentic self made things hard, feel overwhelming – like I was being squished, held back, too hard to move forward.  My body slowed me down so that I could only be fully present to what was.  My mind made stories and created drama to distract me from my path.

I fought back because the alternative was not an option.

What other option do you have? (there really isn’t one – you and I both know it).

I see what was happening and I am here to share with you a way through. To bring you through the process of reclaiming your essence.  And setting parts of you free from the inner limitations, patterns and cycles.

No more hiding. No more hovering.

You have an impact that ripples out to others – a family unit, clients, the world.

You’ve needed to create survival mechanisms to get this far.  But, you don’t need them any more.

You’ll be letting go of those too. 

Now it is time to remember and reclaim.

When you do…

Life flows much smoother, the support shows up, you’re naturally in your element, you feel on purpose… You are doing YOU in your own way.

Isn’t is time –

  • To get out of your own way and get on your purpose
  • To reclaim and set free the aspects of yourself holding the fears in place
  • To share more of your gifts and who you are
  • To spread your magic through words, work, love, presence, being, healing, creating, sharing
  • To live authentically, fully expressive and freely YOU.


  • The two week group program is held inside a secret Facebook group – link to be sent once registered.
  • There will be energetic transmissions, live streams, and posts all supporting, guiding, lightening the way for you to OWN it and SHINE through.
  • We begin 11/11/17 and finish up 11/25/17.
  • I feel the energy of it all…. Those of you who have been hiding out and hovering under the radar – I’ve got you!  Come on out.  Let’s play!

What is all this discomfort about?

What is happening?

Energetic Upgrades

You are:

  • Expanding consciousness
  • Allowing more of your true self through
  • You’re tired of hiding out, playing small, pretending

Those who are feeling this here and now are an integral piece of the collective expansion.

You feel it inside, you can’t hold it back

When you do hold back, you suffer, feel pain.

click pic for video

For too long, a large piece of our essence has been split off outside of you.  It is time to RECLAIM it!

As the upgrade comes through, you are integrating grander parts of yourself.

The parts splintered off and that you gave away.

Pulling these pieces back feels like installing a V8 Engine into a matchbox.

Your body feels the higher vibration coming in and it begins to adjust.

Your mind doesn’t know what is going on (I’m telling you now) and it starts to freak out
– anxiety
– overwhelm
– fear

When you don’t know what to do with the energy:
* you numb
* avoid
* distract
* find the nearest comfort
* You try to expel it – pick fights, create drama, create chaos

I am not saying anyway you handle what you are feeling is ‘wrong’.  Yet! this energy is here FOR you and can be used to empower, uplevel, and expand yourself and your life.

The best way to integrate these energies:

  • Breathe – this lets your body know you’re not in fight/flight/survival mode
  • Do not create stories about what is happening.
  • You may need stillness or activity or both – listen to your body.
  • Do not react, allow.

You’ve been asking for more – Your operating system needs the program and resources to make it happen.

The other piece to this – all that is not aligned with the higher vibration and energy download will also rise to the surface.
* past pains
* fears
* buried beliefs
* insecurities
* self doubt

All that rises needs to be dealt with or you’ll bring yourself right back to your comfort zone (which really isn’t so comfortable any more).

You know it – You are meant for more.  Growth is part of the process. Suffering doesn’t have to be.

Does this help?  Drop a comment or write me a note or lets connect socially.

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