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Are you stepping out of or retreating into your comfort zone?

Nobody can do it for you.
Others can help you clear what’s in your way, remind you who you are, open the elevator doors for you but, YOU have to step in.
I need to be pushed”. You’ve got to push yourself to do the thing that’s going to get your momentum going.
I’m SO ready to get out of my own way!” You still need to take action. You’re not going to go anywhere standing still.
The door is open.
Expecting another to do for you what only you can do for you is a matrix trap.
You’re giving your power away.
This is some Disney Princess, someone is going to save me, bullshit.
I’ve seen 4-year-olds work harder at trying to accomplish something they haven’t learned the skills or have the strength to do than some adults stuck in their own mind fuckery.
You’ve been programmed with limitations. Those before you were also programmed and passed it down. It’s an effective system of limitation, control and fear mongering.
Your journey here is about remembering the truth of who you are. Aligning with Soul and the expansiveness beyond your human body and ego mind.
You also have free will.
Bring an end to your suffering and do what your Soul has led you to do or end your suffering by stopping your bitching and complaining about what isn’t working.
There is no try.
There is no middle ground.
There is do or don’t do.
Get on with it. Or get over it.
Are you ready to step up and take the reigns back? The be reminded of your power? To clear the subliminal limitations and programming?
I am the Queen of My Universe is 21 days of unfucking your mind, dropping into Soul and stepping into your next level.
BONUS: 30 minute 1:1 private session where you’ll get to the core of your biggest challenge and Soul channeled guidance for your specific next steps. (There are only 4 left – This is nearly the cost of the entire course. Bonus!)
VIP: 30 minute session 1:1 private session. Can be stacked or used separately with the bonus.

I am the Queen of My Universe

Some say the hardest part is starting. I say the hardest part is CHOOSING. Because of all of the things in your way of choosing in the first place.

Isn’t it the truth? You choose but then something stops you from following through. 

Fears, limitations, insecurities, self-doubt pop up.

Thinking mind takes over and starts to analyze success rates, safety issues, past evidence. And a whole other lot of mind fuckery.

Want to know the secret?

Choose and follow through. Just do the damn thing.

When I chose freedom, I had to let go of all that kept me bound. I left a steady corporate paycheck and pursued doing my own thing.

When I chose love, I had to let go of all that wasn’t really love. I left an 11-year relationship and engagement and that brought me to my spiritual path and business.

When I chose connection, I had to face the internal pieces keeping from connecting with myself. I released the wounds and programming that said I want good enough.

You can’t be the Queen and a Victim at the same time. 

And, you see, it’s really not the physical and outer manifestations you deeply crave. It’s what you want to FEEL when those things are in your experience.

You’ve got to CHOOSE what you say you want to feel.

Stay out of your head.
Drop into your heart.
Listen to your Soul.
Take inspired action.

It’s simple. Not always easy. 

The inner limitations, fears and past pains feel so real.

Rather than feed the fears, take your energy and mindset and set it to the outcome you’re ready to experience.

It’s energy and mindset. And you have the power to shift it.

Are you ready for support to make the internal shifts?
Are you ready to do the damn thing you’ve said you’ve wanted to do?

Next monthly group opens 12/1/2018 –
“I am the Queen of My Universe”

21 days of unfucking your mind, dropping limitations and energy alchemy to tap into your next level vibration.

Is it about time you took your throne back and stopped hustling around with the jokers?

Every time I made choice from an empowered space, life saddled up and matched me.

Because we are vibrational beings. What you are tuned into is what your experiences will be.

Grab your crown, let’s do all the things. 


“Working with Kelly Ann has guided me to push through, break free and align myself. This has shown me how to navigate through life in a different manner. She has set up space for me to shut off, vibrate out, and work through the things that were holding me back.

Thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that would have taken years in therapy to overcome.  Together this work was done in a 4 week program. YES, only 4 weeks !!!!” ~ Melissa V.


I am the Queen of My Universe starts 12/1/2018

Inside this sacred container of the online Facebook group –

21 days of

  • Unfucking your mind,
  • Dropping limitations,
  • Energy alchemy practices,
  • Tapping into your next level vibration
  • Two live transmissions
  • Individual Energy Readings and Intuitive Soul Guidance

You’ll have direct access to me and my psychic insight into your blind spots, fears, subconscious beliefs…  Whatever you need to uplevel and tap into the expanded vibration you are ready for.

The energy transmissions I provide will open up and activate your Queen energy, uplevel your mindset, blast out subconscious limitations, and support the sustained expansion of your energy field.

Dates of the live transmission TBD.  If you need a schedule and a lot of advanced notice on the live transmissions, this may not be for you.  I honor the energy and my role as the Channel for it.

BONUS: For the first 8 who register, you receive one – 30 minute private 1:1 laser focus call ($120 value)

Grab yours now, before they are gone or before the doors to the course close on 12/6.






Uplevel to Queen VIP

VIP includes the course PLUS an additional 30 minute 1:1 call.

—> If you are one of the first 8 to register and snag the bonus call, you get a FULL HOUR call.

Your VIP call can be used at the same time as your bonus (if you snag one right away) or two separate calls.




With this option, the course is essentially free!


3 signs your shadow kicked in

I got my ass kicked a bit. Each time, and I don’t know that it has to be this way, I’m about to take a quantum leap, anything limiting and everything not aligned with the next level me, comes up for clearing and transmuting.

Abandonment. Can you relate?

If so, you’ve:
• Been left,
• Had relationships you didn’t want to end comes to conclusion,
• Not had your needs met,
• Put in your all and the other just walks away,
• Not been seen for who you are, been rejected for being you,
• Not been included, invited, thought of,
• Still holding on to another because you’re afraid to feel alone…

Abandonment appears to be a part of what I’m here to transcend and transmute.

You see, when I found out a plan was in place and I wasn’t invited to participate, it was like Freddie Krueger’s knife fingers went into my heart and tore down through my entire torso.

For real. That’s how painful it felt.

Emotional wounds can feel as painful as pouring alcohol on an open physical cut. Would you agree?

When we have deep, core wounds, we develop shadow aspects to either protect, reject or project the wounds.

It is why so many avoid their shadow and wounds.

The wound being so painful, you don’t want to have to feel it EVER AGAIN.

That’s where your shadow kicks in.

Your shadow PROTECTS the wound by avoiding everyone and everything that would potentially trigger or poke your wound.

This manifests as isolation (not always a bad thing) and energetic walls around you keeping people out and, keeping you from doing things you want and being with people you want to be with.

You REJECT the wound by disregarding it’s existence. Ignoring the negative experiences in your life and bypassing the feelings you have.

This erupts in bursts of emotional expression – anger, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, depression… Physically manifesting in aches, pains, illness, etc.

You PROJECT the wound into the world and it mirrors back to you through life circumstances and your interactions in relationships.

The very thing you’re trying to avoid reflecting right back at you.

Initially, I attempted to try and convince the other person involved to understand my point of view about not being included.

Like a bull in a china shop.

Yeah, I didn’t handle it the best. My shadow kicked in and with all its armor and fighting gear at the forefront to protect the abandonment wound triggered by feeling left out of something I deemed important.

After reflection, I saw I had projected my story of abandonment onto the other so I could release the energy and story within.

The heavy energy. The limiting story.

I took at look at the truth of this old story…

—> Can I really be abandoned?

—> How do I abandon myself?

That’s a start to integrating your shadow.

The gift of integrating the shadow is what I’ve learned from all the abandonment experiences.
– discernment
– boundaries
– speaking my truth
– taking care of me
– self trust… and more.

The learnings may be different for you.

The point is integrating shadow is about –

: reclaiming all parts of you and coming into balance,
: transcending the limitations and embracing the empowerment your life experiences are bringing forth,
: detaching from the circumstances and going within and making adjustments,
: Diving into what you’re avoiding… because on the other side is the breakthrough.

Integrating your shadow holds the key to what you seek.

It’s not outside you, it’s within. And you are THAT clever and powerful.

Doors to You are the Medicine close tomorrow. Identify your shadow, integrate, and expand… what we’ll be doing over the course of the month.

Divine downloads and Soul channeled guidance for you to break your limited thinking and the patterns you continue to repeat.

Ready to be free? There are two 30 minute BONUS 1:1 calls with me left. Grab yours now.


Projection is your ego’s protection

What you project on another is a part of yourself you are rejecting.

If you’re needing another to change so you’ll feel better, that’s another sign of your projection.

All the chaos will manifest outside of you to trigger what is within you.

Be the Queen / King of your universe and claim back your truth.

The projection is a lie. You project it so you can see it more clearly and remember your truth.

It’s not them. It’s you.

Integrate your shadow and set yourself free of patterns that aren’t serving you.

This Thursday the You are the Medicine group opens. We’ll begin identifying your shadow aspects then integrate these pieces.

What’ll you’ll also discover is gifts, talents, clarity and more become available through your shadow integration.

Because you can’t deny some parts of you without denying others. 

Then we’ll have the remainder of the month exploring the next level you.

Four weeks together with Divine download, channeling your Soul and guidance for your way in and through.

There are 5 bonus calls available. This call is nearly the value ($120) of the whole group course ($150).

Register now to grab a 30 minute one on one session with me where I’ll identify the core issue in your biggest challenge and reset your vibration to where you say you want to be. There are 5 left.

These sessions have been said to BLAST through years of stuckness and provide mind blowing CLARITY with forward momentum that carries through – beyond the session.

The work inside the group will continue to support your expansion.


Are you justifying your limitations?

Are you justifying your LIMITATIONS? Making excuses for your VICTIM aspect of self?
You may not even know you’re doing it until chaos erupts in your life experience or relationships.
Your limitations and victim story won’t be super obvious – like something you’re saying to yourself.

The shifts you’re ready for go a bit deeper.

When you have hurt, pain or trauma in your past – this life, past life, ancestral trauma – you develop subconscious aspects of yourself to prevent yourself from feeling the pain again. It becomes your Shadow.
It operates on auto pilot.
It limits you.
Not only does the shadow aspects limit the anticipated PAIN you are afraid you may feel, they also limit the “good” parts of you.
These “good” parts you’re working so hard to access – love, confidence, clarity, gifts, talents, empowerment, creation…
Because these aspects have been developed to “protect” you, they’re hard to see them for yourself.
So, you project them on another. You project the limiting aspects so you can see them and clear them.

Even your projection is not easy to see!

You’ll FEEL the emotions though. You’ll feel – anger, hurt, insecurity, despair…
Under the feelings are your beliefs about life, yourself, love, money, etc. the aspect is attempting to protect – lack, abandonment, betrayal, unloveable, not worthy…
This all manifests in life experiences and in relationships.
Rather than blame the other person or the event, take a look at how you’re feeling and what your belief is about the experience.
The opportunity you’ll make available for yourself is integrating your shadow – a shift in perspective, to let go of what you’ve been holding on to, owning your truth, confidence, clarity, direction…
It is going to feel scary, hard, or vulnerable… Whatever feelings rise up are temporary compared to continuing to hold on to the pain and and all it’s protective armor.

Once you integrate the shadow parts of you, more of what you’ve been seeking also comes into the light.

You feel freer, more empowered, clear, tunes in, on mission, creative…
You’re the only one holding it all back. Life around you is guiding your way. You’ll see – IF you are courageous enough to look.
Are you ready to explore these deeper aspects of yourself?
To integrate your shadow?
To tap into the more of you available?
You are the Medicine group course starts tomorrow – Thursday 11/1. Four weeks of Divine downloads and Soul channeled guidance.
You’ll receive inner reflective prompts via posts, live transmissions, and my support available through the entire month.
You’ll identify your shadow and aspects you’ve rejected and projected, integrate the pieces you’ve been seeking and step into your next level you.
Yeah, because when you integrate aspects of yourself, life shifts. It’s easy for the personality to bring you back to what’s familiar (past). Living in the new is what takes some guidance and support.

Be honest with yourself, haven’t you gotten in your own way before?

If you are ready to break patterns and cycles that aren’t serving you and you want tools and techniques of self awareness, integrating aspects, energy alchemy, emotional healing….and all else that comes through for you – Jump into this months group.
Register now to grab a 30 minute one on one session ($120 value – nearly your entire course investment!) with me where I’ll identify the core issue in your biggest challenge and reset your vibration to where you say you want to be. There are 5 available now.
These sessions have been said to BLAST through years of stuckness and provide mind blowing CLARITY with forward momentum that carries through – beyond the session.
The work inside the group will continue to support your expansion.
Don’t let your shadow decide.

Are you blocking the LOVE you say you desire?

Last night I was in a deep meditation with the intention on healing and gaining clarity. My dad came through. I was being shown how much he loved and cared for me.
I felt love come in from him I didn’t even realize I had been holding back.
You see, I was part of a package deal when my dad met my mother. In the 70’s it wasn’t hip to be a teen mom. Back then, you might as well be wearing a bell bottom polyester suit with scarlet letters all over it.
My dad, a Vietnam veteran, was introduced to my mother by her BFF soon after he returned from the war. I understand he was smitten with her.
My mother, not so open to his desires, due to having trauma and abuse in her life, was weary.
Some things get passed down until someone decides to heal it.
Then there was me. Part of the package deal.
He signed on and adopted me when I was under 1 years old.
My biological father signed off on me upon learning of my conception. Thankfully. It insured his hands would never land on me.

My dad was someone I always felt like I could be myself around.

He passed suddenly 2 years ago, August 2016.
Because of my internal work, my soul determination, and who I’ve become, I can easily speak to my dad now at anytime. He and I are closer than ever.
I feel him watching over me, guiding me, cheering me on. He helped me open my heart.
Even last night.
You see, the storage in my phone is full. The system says it’s my voice notes storage.
Later last evening, I had an “inspired thought” to clear out my phone voice notes.
I started at the bottom – titled 2/14/12.
I play it. My dad’s voice comes through.


“Hi Kel, it’s me. I wish you a Happy Valentines Day. I hope everything is okay. Talk to you later. Have a happy day.”

I’m just remembering this as I type… when he connected with me in my meditation earlier, I asked him to send me a sign, to come through to me.
Then I let it go.
Later on, there he was. His voice and all. Thanks Dad. You.Fucking.Rock.
I share to encourage you be fucking determined to dig deep and clear what is in the way of you having what you say you desire. It is worth it.
Do not let anything get in the way of allowing in the love from those who love you. No matter where they are.
Because, what I know, if you’re holding back from one who loves you, you’re holding back from others who want to love you.

IGNITE – 5 week experiential course


You ever received intuitive intelligence that doesn’t make any logical or intellectual sense?

It’s like feeling energetically electrocuted. Or, maybe you want to throw up because it resonates but you are not ready to heal it?

It’s like an intuitive message that collides with your intellectual self?

Have you ever disguised your intuition as intellect? I know we did. 

Do you realize that your intuition & transformation are not goals but consequences of becoming congruent and developing self-esteem.

When you have this pull…it’s part of your soul contract. 

Intuition is about Integrity and learning to trust your self. 

And trusting your gut instinct and going from NEXT LEVEL TO NEXT LEVEL.

You have a meaning for purpose and wanting DIRECT CONTACT. 

The path of consciousness is when one strives to be conscious of their outside world. 

The path of spirituality is when one strives to be in tune with their inside world. 

One is not better than the other and we need both. 

The Magick spark happens in bridging both worlds and INTEGRATING THEM. 

The only thing in your way is you. 

Right now we are providing a clear-cut shortcut over 5 weeks with oozing potent experiences with concrete tools & techniques to exponentially catapult you into a place where you can..

Trust & value and LAUGH  with your intuition while you have tools, tips, understandings to help you navigate the ebbs and flows of your consciousness. 


Inside the five weeks and sacred container, you will discover and uncover self-sabotaging frequencies running through your nervous system.

You will get  tools, tips and technique on how to transmute them ON THE  SPOT.

Each week you will get direct transmissions from Kelly Ann & Lisa.

Each week you get to tie it all together within the moon phases. 

You get unlimited access to Kelly Ann  & Lisa  for 5 weeks of IGNITE: where you alchemize and ignite what is within on a soul level in the Private Facebook to assist you in your evolution this is PRICELESS. 

If you are aligned with this one of a kind offering you know its value of TRANSFORMATION because you are already seeking it.

We begin Wednesday, November 7th and conclude Thursday, December 6th.

Each week we will guide you through a theme (descriptions below) and the energies present and available to you.

You’ll receive the tools and insights to carry with you through your journey beyond our time together.

Your investment: $444

Click here to get in.

If you want to uplevel to a VIP option which includes Meditation Magick – a sacred alchemical magick potion from Lisa and a 30 minute one on one session with Kelly Ann.

Your investment is: $555 

Click here for VIP.

This is a deal of a lifetime and we are super stoked to be the ones to serve you.


Kelly Ann  & Lisa

Any questions: 

Email: KellyAnn at KellyAnnCory dot com or Lisa at MigraineMagick dot com

Here are some high-level details of each week:



Lasting Impact

We commence November 7 syncing our collective energy with the New Moon. This week we meet in our private container where Kelly Ann & Lisa. Each week we will start with a transmission that will build on each subsequent transmission. These transmissions are rooted in intuition and grounded in intellect. Every week we will open with an Invocation, brief meditation, followed by a teaching and tools and techniques. We open with the Prostitute vs. Lover Archetype and solutions to correct any distortions relating to it. AND A GIFT!


Digging Deep

We meet next on November 16. Building on the momentum of week 1, and understanding that we are all at the mercy of archetypes, limiting beliefs, blockages in our energy field. Also understanding that is within our power to create sustainable healing for yourself. This week we will delve deeper into our nervous system and provide tools for you to self-manage. This week we meet the archetypes of the child vs. the sovereign releasing lots of the blockages that may be preventing you from manifesting and creating whatever you want! AND A GIFT!


Creative Synergy

We meet next on November 20 on prepping for a Full Moon, building on the momentum of weeks 1 & 2, this week we will delve even deeper into our providing tools for you to self-manage. This week we meet the archetypes of the victim vs. the warrior. Here we dive even deeper and really release and transmute the shit that affecting your confidence and self-worth. AND A GIFT!


Quantum Leaps

We meet next on November 29.  Building on the momentum of weeks  1, 2 & 3 this week we will delve deeper into our sacred heart. This week we meet the archetypes of the saboteur vs. the magician. Here we dive deeper into the heart and really release and transmute the shit that affecting your self-love and universal love. And we’ll touch upon the syncing up of the divine masculine and divine feminine. AND A GIFT!


Professional Guidance

We commence on December 6.  the December New Moon. Kelly Ann & Lisa will weave the magick of all our weeks together incorporating the moon patterns showing how to set yourself up and stack the proverbial decks in your favor to manifesting like a mofo! You will know how to ignite and alchemize what is within. AND YOU GET A PARTING GIFT that you can rinse and repeat!


Join by November 2

Inside the secret group, Kelly Ann will provide Energy Readings and Clearings on your biggest stuck points. Kelly Ann will connect with you, tune into your field and channel your Soul to identify the core of what is holding you back from what you know is available to you. The energy will be cleared intellectually, emotionally and energetically creating an opening for you to align with the next level experience you are ready for.

And  Lisa will guide you into a Nervous System Recalibration. Not only will you be totally relaxed but she will guide into the perfect space of ZERO POINT where you can inject whatever you want to manifest into the fabric of life whereby law it has to come back to you. 


Transformation, Evolution, Fun

Kelly Ann is a modern day mystic who takes ancient wisdom, shamanic studies, Energy Medicine, modern psychology, and science and brings it all into grounded, practical application.

She is a clairvoyant Guide opening the pathways and possibilities for one to come home to themselves.

After a life event led Kelly Ann to take a sharp turn off her path, she dove deep into metaphysical and alternative healing modalities. She intuitively knew there was something more, beyond the circumstances, for her to discover.

In her discovery, she freed herself emotionally, physically and energetically from limiting thought patterns stemmed from childhood trauma and conditioning.

Her deep, grounded Soul connection to the Divine supports her superpower of defining the core internal block holding clients back from what they desire to experience and express through themselves.
From that awareness, she guides her clients to their new found freedom, deep connection to self, and feeling confident in living life as their fullest expression – with ease and play.

In her free time you will find Kelly Ann reading a variety of personal development books at once, cooking, hiking, on a yoga mat, in a sacred ceremony with friends, or dancing freely – her kitchen or on a dance floor.

Kelly Ann believes CHOICE is your greatest power. Clearing your way to clarity of choice is her gift. From there, so much is possible.

Kelly Ann’s private practice offers International healing and consciousness courses available for individuals and groups.  She shares personal and divinely inspired stories through her writing and videos on social media and her blog – www.KellyAnnCory.com


Power, Disruption, Transformation, Elation, Grace

Lisa Erickson brings a fresh perspective to this ancient practice of meditation. A meditation guide with several years of experience, Lisa has studied under the tutelage of Yogi Mystics for the last ten years. Her profound classes and teaching various methods of meditation as a technology and tool that can be used to achieve and sustain long-lasting peace.

Lisa Erickson is the creator of Migraine Magick™, a superelectrolyte spray-on migraine pain  & tension transformer. After she transformed her migraines, she was lead to create Meditation Magick not only a meditation mist but also an energy medicine that works deep into the subtle energies. After she mastered Meditation Magick she was then lead to create Love Magick, a self-love potion, a gentle heart-opener.

In the summer she is in Maine with her family unplugging from wi-fi (mostly) and in the rest of the time she is based on the bogs—In the fall, you can find her giving her husband a hand during the cranberry harvest, in the summer weeding and always taking care of her 4 children.

She is greatly influenced by metaphysical understandings, and spiritually scientific techniques. Lisa, a Reiki Master holds a university degree from George Washington University and also comes with an extensive background in self-attunement and the healing arts. She is a Heartmath Global Coherence Ambassador and writes for the Huffington Post.



Full Moon Energy Alchemy & Quantum Healing for Transformation – Live event 10/25/18

Have you been feeling super challenged lately? 
* Has life been handing you more than you feel like you can handle?
* Have you had a recent breakdown (or a few)?
* Does it seem like everything is changing and you’re not sure what to do?
* Would you like some support, guidance and clearing around what is up for you?

Major clearings are happening providing you with phenomenal opportunities for growth, healing, and quantum leaps.

(ready to register? click here)

The clearings, expansion and healing can make life feel a little chaotic and challenging to manage everything arising at the same time.

All the life chaos and relationship triggers are guiding and supporting you to your next level experience and changes you are ready for.

When the ego or personality gets in the way, it is like a metaphysical door being slammed shut on what you have been calling forth.

Don’t close the door! Take advantage of this time and energy to bring you forward and expand.

Join Kelly Ann, Energy Alchemist and Clairvoyant Healer, through a guided group journey and transformative experience offering the healing, clarity, and expansion.

Inside a sacred field of energy, Kelly Ann will guide you through a meditation and energy clearing inviting you to connect deeply within and have access to the all knowing part of yourself.

The quantum field and energetic vibration you’ll be guided to align with is where all possibilities exist – some you have yet to imagine!

What are you ready for? How good can you allow it to be?

This experience is in good alignment with you if:
:: you’re feeling stuck in a cycle or pattern and ready for support through it,

:: you can sense there is something in your way and ready to release and up-level your energy and experience,

:: you are looking for clarity, guidance and direction on what is occurring in your life experience and how you can use it to support your healing and growth,

:: have been through some challenging times and want to clear the energy, and align with what is for your highest and best good,

:: feel wonderful and want to deepen your inner connection and expand your consciousness into all possibilities,

:: want to be a part of collective positivity, high vibes, and inside a sacred field and space of energy…

When two or more are gathered with positive intention and loving thoughts directed, anything and everything is possible in the way of healing and personal transformation.

Ready? Here are the details:

WHEN: Thursday, October 25, 2018

TIME: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
(please arrive on time or a bit sooner to get settled)

WHERE: 72 Center St, Southington, CT 06489
Phone: 860-919-3993

COST: $25 via PayPal
(super low intro price! for a healing and experience at this level)

$30 cash at the door
(still wildly reasonable!)

BRING: If you’d like to be laying down, bring a blanket, pillow, yoga mat, eye mask – whatever you need for your comfort.

Chairs will also available.

Please do not wear perfume.

Email Kelly Ann at hello at kellyanncory dot com

Connect and follow Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz on –
Instagram & Twitter: KellyAnnCory


Shame. The paradigm is dissolving. All the feels.

Okay, now… Let me ask you…

* Have you been feeling super challenged lately?
* Has life been handing you more than you feel like you can handle?
* Have you had a recent breakdown (or a few)?
* Does it seem like everything is changing and you’re not sure what to do?

Yep. Same.

Major clearing happening. The paradigm of SHAME is collapsing.

Yesterday morning I was feeling lots of shame. Even felling ashamed sharing I have shame. What a fucking mind virus, eh?

As I have been present with myself and all the discomfort, I see the recent week or so of this upheaval energy moving through, has an underlying theme of shame.

It’s not about what is happening but the underlying spark to fire off shame.

Shame is having another say something about you and you believe it to be true.

• Have you noticed yourself comparing yourself to others?
• Your inner voice saying “you fucked up, you’re doing it wrong, you’re not enough”?
• Or something along those lines?

It’s even more challenging with internet access and social media. All ways we can subtly, subconsciously can be shamed and shame ourselves. Oy vey!

It’s not just the present time. If you carry shame from your past, all of what is happening is to clear it out.

I’m resonating with this clearing due to shame in my system from my past. I was manipulated into believing I should be ashamed of myself (for things done to me).

And because of what I do for a living (healing work), I feel shame for not being through it and 100% “healed”. More useless mind fuckery.

The paradox is … it is EXACTLY why I’m so good at what I do around shifting mindset and alchemizing energy. I get it – all sides of it.

Is shame holding you back?

There’s been a lot of #unfuckyourmind happening over here in these parts. No coincidence I’m running a course called “The Art of Being You” – where all members of the group are being divinely guided to be their fullest expression.

This layer of shame and dissolution of the shame paradigm are a piece of the process of my fullest expression.

Fortunately, I understand what is happening and have the tools and resources to clear out this next layer.

Because, where I’m headed and what I’m aligning with, there is no room for shame. It’s got to go.

Same for you.

For all of us. I mean – we are seeing shame being cleared on a collective and very public level. It is going to impact any of us holding shame. Macro / Micro. Masculine / Feminine.

The best, most effective way is through.

So, as powerful co-creators we are, life manifests in ways to get us to clear out the crevices, face the parts of ourselves we carry but no longer serve who we are.

I see it manifesting in total life upheaval, relationships ending, homes shifting, money collapsing, bodies expressing the misalignment, career / business shifts… Much of which you won’t see coming.

When life seems to be falling apart, it’s not easy to be all “ra ra ra”. But, don’t hide either. You’re only as sick as your secrets. Let it out. Allow the clearing.

Life is FOR you. What is happening is supporting you.

And, I get it, the battle with shame can be a rough one.

Shame is the table top and the legs holding it up are aspects of
– fear of abandonment,
– survival,
– insecurity,
– not-enoughness,
– being wrong…

So, it is not just shame you may be facing. It’s all the things related that placed shame as the guardian.

It’s a lot at once. Major clearing happening. And –> YOU’VE GOT THIS!

What I’ve done to support myself and the release is get down and back to the basics.

:: Make sure I’m in the present moments. Not ruminating in my past or fearing the future.

:: Self care. Which may mean putting things off, others being disappointed…

:: Feel the energy and sensations in my body. Allow them to move through.

:: Paying attention to where my thoughts and self talk are and shift as needed.
(Side note: mantras and such are helpful but not if used to cover up what is underlying. What’s underlying has to be cleared or you’ll keep attracting it)

:: Clear my mind by dumping everything into my journal.

:: Reach out for support when my amygdala is stuck and my nervous system has gotten hijacked.

What do you do to help yourself? 

That’s the thing with shame… it puts people in hiding. Imagine if we all just put it out there? There would be nothing to hide from.

Because I’ll tell you… I know I’m not the only one feeling all this and being challenged. You are not alone.

It’s only what I / you think about what you are seeing and feeling that makes the suffering continue.

I share this today so you know you’re not alone, not broken, not doing it wrong…

:: You can and will be through the other side of this.
:: Take care of you.
:: Don’t let your mind fuck with you.
:: Allow the energy to move however it needs.
:: Reach out for support.

Because on the other side and through the feelings and energy presented, I feel much more my true self, at peace, trusting life, in my heart, creative, connected and available.

At this point, what do you really have to lose?

It is so much more about what is to gain.
Kelly Ann

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I’ve witnessed so much magic for myself and all the others in the group.  The groups are fabulous! So much changes for you in just 4 weeks but like Kell said the more you show up the more you get out of it.

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Relationship Triggers, Mirrors… and what its all for

I did a live transmission on Facebook with my friend Jordan at his space – Heaven on Earth Healing Center – in Southington, Connecticut.  You can watch the replay here or click the picture.

We had a conversation about Triggers, Mirrors, and the opportunities for growth, evolution, and healing life is presenting through them.

We’re in profound energy… Take advantage of the opportunity!

If you are in the Connecticut area, I am doing an in-person Full Moon Energy Alchemy & Quantum Healing for Transformation group session on Thursday, October 25th.

Here is the link with all the details for the event in CT.

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