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Transcending levels of consciousness and deep soul level guidance

I dropped into an expanded field and channeled a guided message and meditation…

She said “Hella powerful meditation!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! 😊🎉

It was!

I took my time coming back from that journey to beyond…

This download was specific for the You are the Medicine members.

In the days that followed, members in that group were having: “ah-ha” moments of clarity and blasting through inner limitations and having it all manifest as clarity of their purpose, feeling more aligned and ON PURPOSE, feeling empowered…

And when you feel like that inside, the outside manifests to align.

So, what is it YOU want?  Money, Love, Health…? 

I’ll tell you… When I aligned within, I lost and kept off 100 pounds, I lept into a life as an entrepreneur doing work I enjoy, I met soulmates, developed deep friendships, and more…

What I’ve always wanted was freedom in my life to be in flow, make my schedule, be the channel… I have it.

It is Soul Aligned Living… The rest falls into place.

It is what I do best.  And enjoy showing others how to do it for themselves.

I have the ways to clear energy patterns and subconscious belief systems and teach you how to shift your mindset and alchemize your energy for your highest and best. 

Once the static is quickly nipped away, we get to spend the rest of our time together creating YOUR VISION.

It is super fun work.

What can I help you create for yourself?

This morning I received inspiration for another new way people can do work with me.  It is literally coming together as I download this post.

“Soul Aligned – something.”  I can see it… the words aren’t here yet.

Definitely 1 on 1 – I see it as a sort of apprenticeship.  But, it is you and your soul apprenticing. 

And me? I’m providing the energy readings, channeled guidance, and vibrational adjustments along your way.

Yeah, that feels good.

Well, I went off track with this but, not really.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down… came this far on the blog… You are ready for some expansion. 

What level of support are you ready for?

Toes in –> Then, You are the Medicine is for you (here is the link)

Full Soul Plunge –> Then 1:1, Soul Aligned journey is it. (message me and tell me what you’re ready for and why NOW is the time)


Are you open to exploring beyond?

I can tell you how amazing the membership group is… but, it boils down to what you are choosing for yourself.

Are you choosing the stories and the limitations and current circumstances?

Well, it doesn’t take a scientist to figure the results of that one out.

Where you put your attention to, you create more of.

Are you open to exploring beyond? Tapping more into your power of co-creation and energetic alignment…

We’re doing some fun stuff inside the private group… And it is showing up as more money, business ideas, upleveling lifestyle, implementing health routines, self trust, confidence…

Come see for yourself… Let your body decide, feel into this…

Transcendence isn’t something one decides from their minds… They feel, see, hear or just know.

What is your superpower and natural, next level genius?

Everyone inside the group is becoming more and more clear of what living #soulaligned manifest and feels like (GOOD!).

Want to know what you receive in your monthly membership?

:: Two LIVE transmissions – minimum. Monthly themes supporting the consciousness and energetic vibration of the group; support from me answering your questions ($111)
:: Individual Energy Readings and
:: Channeled Soul Guidance ($240)
:: Sacred space, group energy with like-minded, high vibe people (pricele$$)

Total value – $351

(the level of support and guidance for this value is insane!)

—–>>> Your investment $150 <<<—–

Join anytime. It is a month to month membership. Tap out anytime.

This stuff is so good… I don’t think you’ll want to leave.


Finding Blind Spots, Buried Beliefs and Getting Unstuck

Does it feel like something is in your way of what you want for your life, business, money, love or some other experience and reality?

In this 20 min video (from a live Facebook transmission), I share an effective and empowered way of moving through your blind spots, buried beliefs, subconscious fears, stuck spots…

…all the ways you hold yourself back from allowing your heart and soul desires.

I know this because I spent a lot of time searching for the things that were in my way and in searching for blocks and beliefs, I always found them.  And through that and now on the other side, I found there is an easier way.  #unfuckyourmind 

Energy flows where attention goes.

When I started to put my attention toward more of what I wanted to experience and be, what I put my attention toward became more of my experience.  

Read that again… That sums it all up.

As my focus shifted, any of the blocks or blind spots in my subconscious naturally rose up for release.

  • Buried Beliefs such as lack, limitation rose up.
  • Blind spots such as fear, insecurity became more apparent. 
  • Self-sabotaging patterns that kept me stuck were clear.

It all rose up for me to witness and observe and make a different choice. 

In that freedom to choose, I am an empowered co-creator of my experience.  And so are you!

I shifted my thoughts, what I said, how I felt, cleared my body of the energy I held, chose for myself and my energetic vibration cleared to become more aligned with the experience already available to me. 

I know its not easy to shift – never mind know what to shift!  Yet, that is what I am here for – to guide you through.

So, move toward your desire, choose for yourself, feel it before it occurs, and be present to the opportunities life makes available (the opportunities to guide you to clearing and those to keep you aligning).

You’re always manifesting and creating.  Get more of what you DO want by using your natural born tools wisely.  {I can help you discover and fine tune what is within}


Kelly Ann

P.S. Here is a high-level break down of the monthly membership group

This is for you if you are open to expanding your consciousness and aligning with potentials beyond what you have yet to imagine and are ready to take quantum leaps to have the experiences you desire. 

You receive –

  • Two LIVE transmissions – monthly themes, intuitive energy readings, channeled downloads, my support guiding the group and answering your questions  ($111)
  • Individual Readings and
  • Intuitive Soul Guidance inside the group ($240)
Total value – $351

Your investment $150 

(this is an insane value! – the members will even tell you)

—> Join anytime.
—> It is a month to month membership – No obligation.


How to not miss what you’re looking for

Are you missing out and not seeing the abundance and love that is already all around you?

Do you see the way life adjusts and opens after your slight shift, your request, after voicing a desire?

  • You weren’t taught to look for the good.
  • Your brain is wired to find and fix problems.
  • Your nervous system on alert to survive, fight or flee.

Until you #unfuckyourmind

With my private clients, I see all that is unfolding and unveiling for them. How their programming keeps them from seeing and allowing all the good.

As they tap into their power and start shifting their worlds, they see the direct correlation to their energy and experiences.

Once you realize what is possible and how you can do it for yourself… there is no going back.

One client, an artist, held on to a subliminal “rule” about how music and instruments “should” be used for expression.

Her “homework” was to get outside, dance wildly and allow her voice to channel the energy and consciousness wanting to move through her in whatever way – NO RULES.

Shortly after we spoke and shifted the energy around that belief, she was gifted a new violin.

(Side note: this client is going to be doing a lot of things HER WAY! It is these little breakthroughs that support the foundation of what’s ahead)

This picture of me… I had expressed my love for bubbles a couple times that week. Days later I’m dancing outside to great music in a shower of bubbles raining down on me.

If you don’t notice the little things, you’re likely missing the big things.

It’s gratitude. Annnd… dissolving the invisible walls inside, dropping the roles of “good girl / good boy”, being firm in your desires, deleting the subliminal rules, claiming what you really want… (the last one is a biggie)

Start looking more closely for the good, love, magic, gifts, abundance in life and you’ll see how life shifts for and with you.

Are you ready for some personal guidance to get beyond your subconscious limitations and tap into your power to co-create?

Message me… Tell me what you want for yourself.

Photo by Studio Feruvius


Fear, Excitement, Change, Energy Alchemy

You are the Medicine & The Alchemist

The energy of Excitement and Fear… They have the same or similar physical sensations.  It is really just energy.  Your experience is about what your mind does with the information your body and subconscious are providing through the sensations in your body. 

Last night, as I laid in bed, I was feeling tremendous amounts of energy moving through my chest and heart space.  The thoughts that ran through my mind connected to ‘excitement’ and it started to tie into and connect with the thoughts and excitement I have about all the new information coming through and the different ways my work is impacting those that come across my path. 

It felt like my heart might leap out of my chest.  

I didn’t stop the feelings or try to control it.  I allowed and observed.  The human condition isn’t used to these high vibrations and the nervous system goes into a response – it turns things on in your mind to try and make connections.  

You don’t want to do stop or push down what is happening.  All the energy moving through is also clearing and in support of increasing your vibration.  

Then, at 3:30 am I woke from a bad dream.  In the drea,m I was at my event (the in person one I am organizing in CT) and everyone was there but, I had forgotten to pick up my friend who is co-facilitating with me!  She had landed hours prior at an airport in NY.  So, it would be even more hours before I could get to her and back to CT.  hahahaha the panic I was feeling! 

My point – the energy that was moving through my body at 3:30 am was the same feeling and sensation I had before I went to bed.  My mind was processing the energy differently.  It is all good and fine.  Just part of my subconscious clearing through an inner fear, block or limitation as I take my work to the next level – Just as each of you are being guided to be more expressive, authentic, claim your art, be your fullest self, allow energy and consciousness to move through you. 

This morning I didn’t stop the feelings.  It is the energy releasing was holding in any kind of fear, limitation or block to the expansion I am moving through.

I get it! It can feel scary to feel this level of sensation.  If you’re ever in a space where you feel you need medical attention, do so.  

I share this information and my experience to invite you to open your mind and perhaps even shift the pattern your thoughts might go to when energy and sensations are moving through your body.

In your awareness and conscious attention to your body and mind, you are empowered to stop and shift habitual patterns that keep you in a loop of fear (and all that is under the fear umbrella).

As we approach this last eclipse of the season – Saturday, August 11th – your subconscious is likely working to clear things out.  You might even be seeing the opportunities for clearing, releasing and healing manifest in your life experiences.

In this video, I share about changes, how life presents the opportunities for change, the phases of change when you resist, the levels that occur to create lasting change, what it takes to make the leap for yourself.

Change is upon you.  You are being guided to clear out and truly claim for yourself what you really want for your life.  Without desire, without choosing for yourself, without asking – life is more a default versus being the intentional, powerful, co-creator of your reality.

The last thing I’ll leave you with is, inside the “You are the Medicine” group, there are incredible people making life path changes for themselves and their lives.  They are stepping up, deciding, choosing more and better for themselves.  And with that, their underlying fears are rising, their buried beliefs are becoming more clear, the limiting blocks to their success and happiness are popping up.  

As it all happens, I read their energy and provide the Soul guidance for each individual and share the steps they need to take to clear what is there and keep their vibration high and forward movement happening.  

Your soul is guiding you.  If life is challenging, you may be resisting the changes you’re being guided to.  How much longer are you going to put off what is meant for you and your journey?

As a part of the monthly membership group, I channel a message of consciousness for the members inside the group as well as insight on collective consciousness and energy we are all moving through.  

It is like “here is a new tool you’re being given and how to use it for your highest capacity” and a ‘heads up’ to what is up and what you can do with it all – for yourself.  

Many times I am crying with joy at what the members are creating from their changes.  I am humbled to be a witness as they leap courageously and do what they need to do to break the patterns and cycles keeping them stagnant.  

Allow your consciousness to clear. 

Decide and choose what you want for yourself. 

Ask for what you need.

Then surrender and trust how life and your Soul will co-create your experiences to align you with what you’re ready for.


Kelly Ann


P.S. Inside the group yesterday I did a phenomenal energy transmission that had us all floating for hours.  I recorded it but, the website where I collect the recording is down.  I will be recreating that.

So, there is still time to join and gain access to the transmission and be a part of this months theme.  You can invest and join through this link.

P.P.S. High-level level details of the group

  • Two LIVE transmissions – monthly themes (think 4 week courses) ($111)
  • Individual Energy Readings and 
  • Intuitive Soul Guidance in the group ($240)  (you should see what is happening with everyone!)

Total value – $351

Your investment $150


Lets talk about manifestation, beliefs and magic

In this video I share about the process I went through to manifest my new home space and how you can do the same for anything you desire to manifest.

I share how life was reflecting back to me where my vibration and belief system was in regards to a home for myself and how I used that insight to do the inner energy work to create a new reality.

A high-level of what I share about the process:  

  1. Choose. Choose what you want and decide you want it. (so many people are stuck here because of underlying beliefs, fears, insecurities).
  2. Know what you want but be detached from how it comes or what it exactly looks like
  3. Observe the evidence of what you are attracting and manifesting.  Life will provide you with information about your energetic and emotional alignment.  
  4. Adjust your energy and mindset accordingly – based on what you see from your current reality.
  5. Get support from those who can hold space for your expansion.  This is why we have each other – to help us get out of our own way. 
  6. Energetically and emotionally align yourself with the expanded vision and reality you’re moving toward.  Be the person in the experience you desire. 
  7. Keep focused forward – regardless of your current reality.
  8. Pay attention to your body when it comes to making your decisions.  Your intuition will guide you. Your body will give you signals.
  9. Go within to make adjustments to the things you want to have changed or be different.  Trying to change the thing outside you will only have you going in circles.  It happens within first. 

Manifestation is an inner experience.  Inner creates the outer.  Your beliefs will guide.  Life will reflect back to you.  You have the magic within you.

Are you ready to uplevel your vibration and remember how to use your energy to adjust your experiences?

If you don’t want to read the thousands of books and take the hundreds of classes then personal one on work is the fastest route to remembering and reigniting your inner magic.

As an Intuitive Guide, I see your inner energetic patterns, subconscious programs, buried beliefs as well as the fuller vision of your life. 

My ‘work’ with you is to be that bridge.  The bridge connecting you from what is to what is possible.

It is possible because you have the desire.


If you desire it enough, it is possible. 


Here is the link to the video.


Are you feeling anxious?

Me too. Low level anxiety is what one may call this. Something running under the surface, not feeling quite right, sea legs, like learning to ride a new bike…

From a metaphysical perspective, it is our systems adjusting to the releases and integrations it’s been through – the last few days in particular.

• presence
• breath
• fulfilling needs
• honoring soul
• maintaining neutral vibe
• body movement
• hydration

Moment to moment choosing for your highest and best good.

Do that thing, honor your needs, make choices aligned with your vision and who you are becoming.

It’s happening. Now.

You are the medicine.


Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Things not working out? This may be why…

(don’t feel like reading? here is a link to a video on this subject)

Like Glinda the Good Witch says… “You’ve had it within you all along.”

The desires you have would not be in your realm or heart if it wasn’t possible.

But, things not working out as you hoped?

It may be because you’re not doing it YOUR way.  You’re following another’s blueprint.

When fears, self-doubt, and insecurities arise, do you search outside yourself for the answer?

When you do, you are giving away power to a thing outside of yourself. 

Connect to your innate inner wisdom.

Here is the thing… Your own way may have no previous path to follow.  No one has done it before.  Those around you may not have crossed these roads. 

You are a Pioneer.

And it takes courage to take leaps, let go of what is proven and find your own way.

If there is a gap between what you want to experience and what you are experiencing, look within and ask –

  • am I connected with myself?
  • am I following my own medicine? (intuition, gut instinct, inner voice)
  • am I following another blueprint?
  • am I trying to stay within the confines of a structure?
  • am I tuned into someone else beliefs and disregarding my own?

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, things aren’t working, come back to balance through reconnecting within – to yourself and detach from anything outside of you.

Take a look at your path, the ways you’re doing things – business/career, relationships, money, health…

–> The ideas you have about life – do they fit, feel good, match who you want to be?

–> Are you following patterns of behavior that have been passed down? 

–> Are you following others limited beliefs?

With inner inquiry, you open yourself up to the wisdom you have within you.

Oh, I know! It gets scary when you’re going to take a leap, draw outside the lines, take a left when everyone is taking a right.

Fear will come up.  Don’t allow fear to rule you any longer or make decisions for you. 

As you take the steps, leap and fly… your ego and personality may try and get in the way.  Just know it is a built-in mechanism that is outdated and do not give it any more power.  The mechanism will naturally fade away.

As you journey through this path of the Pioneer, the layers around your heart will also start to come down.  It may feel vulnerable without them there.  Don’t put them back up. You’ll quickly see all that is available on the other side of the layers – more love, magic, connections, abundance… Heaven on Earth unfolding.

In the process of these shifts, the walls coming down, your layers shedding, it is helpful to unplug, rest, get away from the static and distractions that subconsciously pull you in. 

Stillness and BEing may be uncomfortable for your ego – telling you stories of not being productive enough, shame and guilt may rise up – all signs of what is not serving you dissolving.

When you are trusting yourself and following your soul, you can never go in the wrong direction.

You are the Medicine.

Me…. I am the guide shining the light within you.  Here to lock arms with you, cheer you on, hold strong grounded space as you’re taking the scary leaps, going beyond your comfort zone, breaking through the glass ceiling and coloring outside the lines.

You are meant to be doing it your way.  The world needs more and more people doing it their way.  #livingismyart

The time is here.  You’ve done all you need to allow yourself natural born sovereignty and letting your soul shine through. 

Shine on, Pioneer!


Are you going through changes?

I’ve got great news for you… we are in HUGE change energy.

Like, life-changing energy is upon us.

I am writing to you today to share two important aspects inside the process of  CHANGE.

First, when making a change in this kind of energy, there comes a choice point between Fear or Faith.

It happens every.single.time there is an opportunity for you to take a leap or change directions.

You always have a choice – we live in a ‘free will’ universe.  Yay us!

You can choose to follow something known (fear) or something unknown (faith).

Hence, it is why you are always responsible for your outcomes.  Always. (Know this and watch your life uplevel)

Here is one choice point that keeps people from making the lasting change their heart craves…

Even when the current reality is uncomfortable, it is familiar and the ego likes familiar and known.  Ugh!

Don’t let your ego choose.   This very well may be the change you’ve been wanting!

Understand that when heading into new, unknown territory, your internal energetic patterns and subconscious thought process mechanisms may need to be re-routed for the change you are moving toward to effectively occur – and last.

And your mind may do all it can to hold on.  Even to what is not working for you any longer.

(It is also why my work and approach is a holistic one – looking at every aspect of your life and creating a custom approach just for you)

When the internal programming and mechanisms are not re-routed, it manifests as – 
– self-sabotage,
– roller coaster ups and downs,
– feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel,
– overwhelm,
– feeling stuck, stagnant, stale…

Any of this feel familiar?

What if all you’ve wanted is on the other side of it all? 

Wouldn’t it be worth it to take a deep look and understand what you’re dealing with underneath it all?  To know what the thing(s) operating your system and deriving the outcomes you’re having are?

The second aspect to understanding and EMBRACING this change energy we are in is…

taking Soul Aligned Action.

Soul aligned action comes from an inner voice, an inspiration and an elevated feeling of excitement and passion.

It feels like the gears click into place and you’re in flow, moving forward.

It is not something from your mind or logic – it is likely an unknown to your mind.

In this space and energy you are being guided to expand beyond what your mind can calculate.

Coming from Soul Aligned Guidance means:
– the next step is the only visible piece
– the whole picture isn’t clear
– you won’t know the ‘how’ it is all done
– you have no control
– you are unattached to the outcome
– you’re not worried what others may think

Sure, a little scary (or a lot) but, while you may still feel fear, it is a fear more about going outside your comfort zone and breaking through your limitations.

Don’t let the fear energy stop you.  Listen to your heart, intuition, your gut instinct.

A side benefit – your confidence will increase.  Taking Soul Aligned action uplevels your vibe because your knowing, intuition, and self-trust gets stronger as you use it more.

Sure, you might stumble or flop along the way but, you’ll also get stronger, trust yourself more, become more clear on your desires and realize you are your best ally.

You are your Medicine.


Are you being led to make a CHANGE?

In the process of change, there comes a choice point of Fear or Faith.

It happens every time there is an opportunity to take a LEAP.

You always have a choice.

Keep in mind…The internal energetic patterns and subconscious thought process mechanisms may need to be cut and re-routed to allow the change to occur.

As uncomfortable as the old is, it is familiar.

Don’t let your ego choose.

This change energy – like, HUGE life change type of energy – is upon us.

What if what you’ve wanted is on the other side of it all?

Inside the You are the Medicine group we’re going deeper and further than ever before. Here is the link with the details.

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