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Be a Unicorn

Be a Unicorn. You’re meant to stand out, cause waves, and ripple effects of change simply by being you.
– Your sensitivities are a gift. Yet, you’ve been taught to hide them.
– Your genius triggered another’s “not enoughness” and you shut down.
– You feel ‘too much’ and lost connection with your own true North.
And that’s why it all feels a bit hard right now. You’re holding back the fullness, the bigness, the powerful parts of who you are.
Subconscious fears manifest as stories of why you can’t. Your insecurities have you fly just under the radar.
But, you know there is MORE. You can feel the rumbling within. So much so, you could burst.
But, “What is it? How do I get to the somewhere I don’t even know I’m going? What am I meant to be doing?”
Mind fuckery.
Don’t get caught up in the ‘what or how’. It will all present itself once you CHOOSE for yourself that you want more. More expression, more sharing, more life experiences, more impact…
It is your uniqueness, all of the things you’ve kept safeguarded, and all the things you call “crazy” that are exactly what and who your tribe of unicorns (clients, friends, partners) is looking for.
The thing you fear the most is your gateway to freedom and all you’ve been working your ass off to make happen.
Let it be easy… Set yourself free.
Kelly Ann
FYI – Empower applications close tomorrow (3/29). Six weeks of 1:1 guidance clearing the clutter and mind fuckery keeping your Unicorn, Sensitive, Empathic, Genius Self hiding out.
You’ll get clarity and gain the confidence to show up and share more of who you are. When the clutter, fears, limitations, and energies are cleared out, showing up and sharing becomes so much easier.
Here is the link to apply: https://goo.gl/Vbw21A

You are the Alchemist

You are the Alchemist going through a period of change and transformation.

Your past was the initiation to remembering your divinity, power, genius, unique gifts for NOW.

Do not focus on what happened in the past or what is happening now as things fall away. Transmute the energy – use it for the change you’re ready for.

Keep your focus on what you’re creating and birthing into.  In the energy, a quantum leap to that transition you’ve been culminating within is available to you now.

Allow yourself to be bold, BIG, and powerful. It is what the world is ready and waiting for.

Don’t let limiting stories clutter your mind, or the ‘reasonable’ excuses of why you can’t, or the subconscious fears of it all being great hold you back.

It all manifests from your choice.  What are you choosing?

Kelly Ann

P.S. Empower applications close 3/29. Six weeks of 1:1 guidance and mentorship clearing away the energetic and emotional clutter keeping you from taking the leap you can sense and feel alchemizing deep within you.

Clarity on your next steps and confidence to make the transition and share your genius, brilliance, and art in the world is available to you. Apply here.


Trauma as your initiation

Trauma was your initiation. The past is done. Yet, you’re still in the battle. You’re carrying forth your biggest limitation rather than what was meant to build your strength.

Trauma was your initiation. It was not meant to be your lifestyle.

You walk around wearing a heavyweight championship belt with so much pride, you don’t realize the armor you still carry.

Armor around your heart.
Armed guards keeping people at bay.
Invisible defenses on the lookout for all potential risks.

All keeping you from what you say you want. Love, Money, Business…

You’re showing up wanting the fight more than you want your desires to be fulfilled.

You say you’ve gotten past your past but it’s written all over your life. Fight. Defend. Fight. Defend. All in the name of “success” and winning battles that reap no rewards.

You’re still fighting a fight that’s long been over. Carrying your past into your every day. Defensive energy exuding from your pores. Attracting experiences for you to carry on your fight or keep away the very thing your heart desires.

The trauma was your training ground for you to realize what you’re made of. Your initiation was to show you who you really are.

You were meant to walk away stronger and more skilled. To break free from the imposed limitations and mind fuck programming.

You were meant to remember the Divine creator you are.

What you can’t see beyond the armor and programming is the risk of letting down the armor is only there because you’ve entangled yourself up in the fight and trauma to remain “safe”. And, that stance attracts more of the same experiences.

You’re fighting against yourself. You are in your own way.

The fight / defense / safety keeps you from making the change, taking the leap, and opening your heart to experience more.

Defense, fight, battle, trauma energies are going to attract more of the same. This is a vibrational world. Like attracts like. What you put your attention on expands. It’s not magic, it’s science.

No failure, no person, no circumstance can hurt you unless you continue writing and speaking it into your life.

The limitations you are frustrated by are your creation.

Infinite energy is available for you to create as you design.

Are you creating what you really want to create?

You are powerful beyond measure. You’re creating it all.

Do YOU want to be liberated, free and successful?

Let your walls down. Release the armed guards. Take your power back from you past. Take the risks.

Now, that’s true strength.

Your desires are worth putting down the armor for.  And you’ll feel much lighter, freer and empowered.


Fear manifests right before the leap

What are you allowing to hold you back from taking the steps and making the transition toward what you say you want?

Not enough time, not the right time, don’t have enough, too busy…

When you are about to go outside of your comfort zone, FEAR will kick in and manifest in ALL kinds of stories and excuses.

When fear kicks up, what you choose at that point indicates where you are vibrationally aligned and what you are willing to do (or not do) to show up and share your gifts and genius with the world.

If you really want what you say you want, let your intention and desired feeling guide your choices. Not your mind.


Keep going. Don’t give up.

“The BIGGEST take-aways of this time together is the simple (but powerful beyond powerful) is my new understanding Energy Alchemy.

More and more becomes clear about how it all works. How I can actually transmute it all and also make tremendous Quantum Leaps, with ease, using my energy.” ~L.D. (member in Rebel Rebirth private course I’m wrapping up).

For the Rebel above – Once the energy patterns of the old were cleared, she became energetically aligned with the Healer she is within and took the leap and launched her new business.

Of course, layers of fears and patterns rose up along the way and we cleared them. It happens as you expand… What is holding you back, weighing you down, rises up. Then its cleared.

And, you keep going. #cantstopwontstop

As she started sharing more of the Magical Healer side of herself, and without selling, people began reaching out to her asking “how can I work with you??”

Wouldn’t it be great if what you wanted came to you? With a flick of your magic wand and wiggle of your nose? And in the meantime, living life, and enjoying yourself?

Is your mind already telling you this is too “woo woo” and it has to be harder? Maybe its time you cleared out the clutter and fired that voice.

Empower… 6 weeks, one on one with me guiding you to clearing the old and becoming an energetic alignment with the work, message, and art you are here to be an expression of.

This is for the Sensitive Leaders and Empathic Entrepreneurs who are done with it being hard and ready to finally do the thing you’re here to do.

Details and to apply for your space are here – https://goo.gl/XaTS2A


Your ego is a liar

Your ego is a pretty little liar. Is it about time you fired that bitch and all her little Princesses too?

Their lies and seduction are sabotaging your success and your ability to move forward and carry on as you’ve been guided to.

They are overriding your intuition – the very thing connected to your deepest TRUTH and highest guidance bringing you toward alignment with work you say you are here to do.

You don’t see it because these lying bitches hide out in your subconscious until…

You are about to take a leap outside your comfort zone.

The gang of princesses appear outta nowhere like mean girls from high school telling you why you can’t, don’t know enough and aren’t cool enough.

The trouble is…You listen to them and don’t see it for what it really is.

Their sparkly logic and conniving common sense are speaking for the shadow and fearful parts of your personality – doing exactly what they were created to do… Keep you in place, limited, and in your comfort zone.


Their “logic” (ie limitations) sound like…
– you made a mistake; turn back now!
– you don’t know enough.
– you don’t have the money.
– your website sucks.
– you don’t know what to charge.
– it won’t work out.
– it’s mercury retrograde.
– you have to do this, that and the other thing before you can put yourself out there.

The Princesses guide you to make desperate choices from triggered fear. Usually to stand still, take cover, play safe.

Their job is their survival.

Anything you do that may threaten their survival will put them in defense mode.

The stories and excuses pop in when you –
– look into the taking the course you’ve been looking at,
– go to reach out to the coach, healer or mentor you’ve been following,
– are about to sit down and write down your course ideas or launch the blog,
– are about to let go of the steady income gig and do your thing full time,

The “reasons” to not follow through on the guidance and take the leap in front of you all seem realistic.

So, you put off making the investment in support, slack on your commitment to take the leap and transition, don’t launch the course or organize your event.

Phew! Your pretty little ego and the broke ass lying princesses won!

Until… What you’ve been calling into your life appears AGAIN and the cycle starts all over – you allow your pretty little ego and the Princesses to negotiate away what you’ve been wanting, visioning and dreaming of.

Can you see for yourself how powerful you are?

You pull in, manifest and attract the opportunities you want but then your pretty little lying ego and her gang of princesses take over and sabotage it.

Are you ready to be back in charge? To break the cycle of sabotage? Are you ready to take your power back from your fears, ego, and shadow?


Six weeks of 1:1 with yours truly. I’ll identify the liars running your choices and clear the energetic and emotional patterns holding the cycles in place.

You’ll gain clarity and confidence about your next steps and what you’re really here to be doing and sharing with the world (because these liars likely have you playing safe in your message and business).

You’ll tap more deeply into your truth, power, and magic and feel confident in expressing yourself.

This is for the Sensitive Leaders and Empathic Entrepreneurs who are here to have a ripple effect through your essence, message, and art.

Details and to apply here: https://goo.gl/XaTS2A

Due to the level of energy, guidance and support this course offers, there are only 5 spaces left. And, in the next round of this offering, the investment will increase.

Apply now. Let’s get these bitches outta here and you back into power.


Get out of the way and let YOU flow through


“The fact that I was pain-free in 30 minutes is amazing, but the shifts that followed?

Mind you: my physical therapist told me the recovery normally takes about 3-6 weeks with such an injury. Yes, 3 to 6 WEEKS! For me, it took 1 (30 min) session with Kelly Ann.

Prior to my scheduled 1:1 session, my body stopped working normally. There was something wrong with my back, as I was no longer able to sit or stand up due to severe lower back pain.

I had to crawl upstairs to get to my bed; it was that bad.

I sent Kelly Ann a message that I was unable to do the session and she kindly called me out on my own BS.

No other coach had ever been that direct to me!

It was needed, as it showed me I was holding myself back, right before a BIG break-through that would follow in the session.

The shifts that followed…
– I finally felt CONFIDENT. This is indeed an amazing thing to be proud of.
– I finally dared to step into this version of myself – The Leader, the Healer, the Mentor that I have in fact always been, but was too afraid to show.

But no more! The Magical Healer inside of me is finally UNLEASHED.”  Larissa Den Enting-Bremmer

Are you ready for your BIG breakthrough?

EMPOWER is open for applications. Six – SIX weeks of intuitive readings, energy alchemy, and clearing what is in your way of showing up and doing the work you are here for.

As space and internal clutter is cleared, clarity of what you’re here for will come through. You’ll be led to vibrational alignment and have support as you make quantum leaps in your current experiences.

Due to the high level, high touch support and guidance, spaces are limited.https://goo.gl/XaTS2A


Confused? Here is what that is really about

You’re not confused; you’re scared shitless.

You’re not confused about the leap you want to take. You’re afraid you won’t succeed.

You’re not confused about the work you’re here to do. You’re afraid of what other people will think if they see these parts of you.

You’re not confused about the course, the meetup, the workshop you want to offer and how much it should cost. You’re afraid you are not enough to pull it off.

In the story of confusion, you flap around like a fish out of water. You do all the “busy” work to help you feel accomplished; like you actually got something done but, still in the same place you were.

Your comfort zone.

You make enough money to get by while flying under the radar. Comfortable.

You work with people who don’t draw out the best of you. Easy.

Easy and comfortable until the discomfort in your comfort zone is too much to manage, life takes over and begins to push you out.

Push you out for you to step up.

Your credit cards max out. Your purse is stolen. You get laid off by your corporate job. Your bank account is empty. Your steady side gig or client no longer needs you.

Then you start putting bandaids on the gaping wounds. All your attention and energy goes to containing the eruption.

You try to find another ‘job’. You borrow money – again. You launch a course that flops (because everyone can feel your fear energy). You distract and numb yourself with the other people’s drama, TV, food, alcohol. You use some spiritual bypassing mindfuckery to lie to yourself about what is really going on.

The push is life pulling out the comfort zone rug for you to step up and do the damn things you’re here to do.

Share your truth, your voice, your message, your healing, your art…

To do the thing that scares the crap out of you.

The things that stir up all your inner limitations and senses of security and safety.

And, isn’t that exactly what you’re here to do? Create change and cause a ripple effect in the world? Stir things up? Do things differently than they’ve ever been done before?

It is why it’s been so hard for you – you’re trying to do it another’s way when it’s YOUR WAY that is needed.

The world is ready and waiting for you to get out of the way. For you to do the things you are contracted to do here in this lifetime.

To be the truth teller, wave maker, status quo shaker-upper.

It begins with you.

You’re not confused. You’re afraid of the truth that lies within you. You’re afraid to get honest with yourself because of the ripple effect it will have in your own life. Afraid to let go of the illusion of control (you’re actually creating it ALL. Why not create for your own good??)

You want to be free from your fears? You’ve got to get super honest with yourself about what it is you really want, who you really are, and what you’re here to do.

Self-honesty and letting who you are flow through you is WAY easier than this confusion game and energy drain you’ve been trying to manage.

Start with: Don’t allow fear to be your story and get super honest with yourself.

Your truth will shake you. It will shake free the false constructs you’ve built to keep yourself small, just enough, hiding out.

From there, all you’ve been banging in your head about, struggling with, and forcing to make work, will flow with ease.

Because it’s natural for you.

It’s not as hard as you’ve made it out to be. It’s just different. And you wanting to fit in and not rock the boat. Because if you are seen, everyone will see what you’re hiding from yourself.

The way out is in.

All you seek is within you. Under the confusion. Under the fears. Under the insecurity and self doubt. Under the bullshit stories you tell yourself about why you can’t.

The leap is in front of you because you’re ready. You’ve got to let go of all the things you’re grasping onto. You’ve got to remember – beneath it all, you’re empowered beyond measure.

Get out of the way and let it flow.

Doors to Empower are now open. For the fierce ones who are ready to do what it takes and transition into the life you’ve visioned and dreamt of and share your message with the world.

It is for the sensitive leaders and empathic entrepreneurs whose essence is here to have a ripple effect.

Six weeks, private one on one energy reading, channeled guidance, energy alchemy, and quantum leaps.

I’ll identify to the core and pluck out the stuck point that’s held you back and in self-sabotage patterns. I’ll clear the belief, fear, pattern and the energies holding it all in place.

You’ll get clarity on what your natural gifts and talents are and what you truly desire to be the expression of.

You’ll tap into the vibrational match of the next level version of you and begin living into who you’re here to be.

Finally. Fearlessly.

Details and to apply here.

P.S. As of posting this, there are only 5 spaces left for this private, high touch, high support, quantum leaping mentoring journey.  New cycles will open in 7 weeks. 


Empower. What is possible for you?

A distraction to your growth and expansion is when you become involved in the details of the chaos created to bring forth the annihilation of your limitations, fears, and blocks.

The chaos isn’t a ‘bad’ thing.  It is showing you what you are aligned with and what you are available for.

The chaos is an indication you’re going through an up level.

All the chaos is leading you and making available to you energy to use and create the changes you seek#energyalchemy

…. Click pic for video replay

Life is perfectly designed to bring you what you ask for – to guide you to be the person you say you want to be, and to align you with the love, money, business you desire.

But, you’ve got to let the chaos do its thing. Allow the limitations and fears to be annihilated, be guided into alignment with your vision, and become the person who lives this up leveled life.

New arrives through the annihilation of what no longer serves you.

The annihilation of the aspects of you that

  • abandon yourself,
  • keep yourself in victim mentality,
  • have you people pleasing,
  • don’t allow your desires to be fulfilled,
  • are focused on lack,
  • are dragged down by fear…

These aspects must be annihilated for you to go next level. For you to be the person you say you want to be and live the life you say you want to live.

And, if you are here to bring transformative work to the world and guide others through their healing and next level, you’ve got to be able to hold the expanded vibration yourself.

When you alchemize the limiting aspects, beliefs, and fears, you become open to all possibilities – beyond what your limited mind was tuned into. You become empowered to make choices that bring you to the next level.  You remember how truly powerful you are.

It is not the other way around.

You see, you need to become the person first, THEN the experiences manifest and align to match who YOU are.

Super Full Moon

I’ve been annihilated so many times… I barely recognize my past self. If you knew me then, you don’t know me now.

I’ve struggled my way through.  I’ve been pulled into the undertow of emotions.  I’ve gotten caught up in the chaos for hours, days, weeks, months.  I was stuck in patterns of pain and struggle.

I learned a way through.  An easier way.

I learned how to use the chaos showing up in my experiences as a guide to what I was in alignment with and available for.  I learned how to take the energy stirred up from the chaos, emotions, and pain and alchemize it for creation and my evolution.

I didn’t always know these things.  I thought I was at the mercy of what was happening to me and working hard to resolve the issue at hand – the relationship, boss, bank account, body, etc.  I believed the answers and resolution were outside of me.  I sought and searched through the struggle – always knowing there was more and better available.

I never gave up on myself and I found my way.

I’ve transmuted the limiting beliefs of not being enough.  I’ve remembered my power and pulled it back from the people and things outside of me.  I alchemized my vibrational frequency beyond the trauma, heartbreak and pain from my past.  I learned to use energy to create.  I shifted my perspectives and my life changed.

If you are like me and know deeply more and better is available and possible for you, join me in a six week one on one journey of identifying your biggest block (shifting this shifts ALL areas of your life) and learning to use energy to create the shifts you’re ready for.  No longer getting pulled into the chaos but, taking the chaos and directing the energy into creation.


6 weeks 1:1 – you and I, private mentoring, 24/7 access.  Me in your back pocket through your 6 weeks of evolution, change, and uplevel.  Click this link for investment information and to apply. 

Due to the level of support and energy exchange, spaces are limited. 

For the fierce Healer, Leader and Mentor ready to come out of hiding, stop flying under the radar, and align with the powerful aspects already within you to create the ripple effect you’re here to bring to the world.

Empower is for you if you are ready to release the root fears that hold you back, alchemize the energy of your inner shadow aspects, transmute the underlying triggers that keep you trapped.

We’ll fire your ego from working your spiritual evolution, healing, and expansion process.

We’ll get to the root of your biggest barrier, block, and limitation that has been in your way and making things so hard so you can move forward with ease and allow in all you’ve been struggling to make happen for yourself and your life.

We’ll clear out the energetic chaos, subliminal programming, and subconscious beliefs that have you anchored to your current reality and take quantum leaps into the experiences you’ve only tapped into through your dreams.

You’ll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to take those next steps.

Because when you shift what is within, everything around you shifts to meet you there. 

It is already always happening. Is it time you took charge of what your experience looks and feels like?

Applications open on March 4th. 

Here is the link to apply and investment information.

Have questions? Message me through the link or hello at kellyanncory dot com.  


F@ck fear

You have healing, art, a message within that has been stifled, shut away, hidden. It manifests as confusion, lack of motivation, frustration.

Your attempts at everything but what is naturally within you is an effort. You’ll do all the things, with hard work and force and not attain the results you desire.

Because there is more within you wanting to come through you but, you’ve allowed fear, insecurity, stories of lack and limitation to dominate your actions or lack of.

You are way more powerful than the fears, stories, and beliefs that keep you stuck.

EMPOWER is here…

6 weeks 1:1 – you and me.

This is for the fierce badass, rebel, magical beings who are ready to come out of hiding, stop flying under the radar, and align with the powerful aspects already within you.

Empower is for you if you are ready to release the root fears that hold you back, alchemize the energy of your inner shadow aspects, transmute the underlying triggers that keep you trapped.

We’ll fire your ego from working your spiritual evolution, healing, and expansion process.

We’ll get to the root of your biggest barrier, block, and limitation that has been in your way and making things so hard so you can move forward with ease and allow in all you’ve been struggling to make happen for yourself and your life.

We’ll clear out the energetic chaos, subliminal programming, and subconscious beliefs that have you anchored to your current reality and take quantum leaps into the experiences you’ve only tapped into through your dreams.

You’ll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to take those next steps.

Because when you shift what is within, everything around you shifts to meet you there.

It is already always happening. Is it time you took charge of what your experience looks and feels like?

Message me for the details and ensure Empower is a good fit for what you’re ready for.

We begin March 4th. 

Those who register by March 1st receive a guided healing meditation recorded by me with the energy and vibration of healing and liberation. 

Message me through the link or hello at kellyanncory dot com for the details to ensure Empower is a good fit for what you’re ready for. 

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