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Are you denying yourself GREATNESS?

How great can you allow it to be?

“It is not our dark that most frightens us, it is our light.” Marianne Williamson

We are being guided to allow more greatness into our lives. 

Yet, are we subconsciously denying ourselves the greatness our heart and dreams desire?

Do we deny the growth and greatness by denying or avoiding our challenging experiences and circumstances?

Much of this growth and challenging experiences come through the relationships we have with others.  If we are courageous enough, we look within ourselves and we’ll see how we’re being shown the ways we are restricting ourselves from (more…)


What is holding you back?


One quick fix to FREEDOM – start by letting go of the stress, worry, beating up on yourself for procrastination, not doing enough, doing it “wrong”…

Step back and look – can you see it is really just you taking on OTHERS EXPECTATIONS that have been projected upon you?

How are you LIMITING yourself by putting on another’s shackles?

What are the UNDERLYING commitments and agreements you’ve subconsciously and subliminally agreed to?

And you know what is BEYOND all of this? What is really holding you back??


– pain of the judgment you’re afraid others will project on you
– pain of not fitting in / being abandoned
– pain of feeling what others will feel when you’re living happy, free, empowered, abundant, and showing up awesome wherever you are

The funny thing about this –



The Energy of Jealousy

Jealousy is golden! It’s a treasure!

In this quick video I share a streamline of consciousness about jealousy.  You know…when you are looking at someone who has something and you’re feeling envious or jealous because they have this thing or they are having this experience that you don’t have. 

I encourage you to take a look and be honest about what you are seeing in the other person or their experience – be honest about what it is that you want.

The truth is there is a part of you that knows that you can have whatever you are seeing that other person has and you are denying yourself of it!

It’s not about the other person at all.

It’s a signal for you to look inside. 

You can absolutely have that experience, that money, that relationship, that vacation..whatever it is you are seeing another have that you want.

In fact – because you are witnessing it, it is even closer to you.

Empower yourself and alchemize the energy.

Go inside and investigate the belief structures that are preventing you from having what you want.  There may be aspects of you that are holding you back because you want to be liked or you want to be the ‘good girl’ or good boy’. There might be patterns playing out the belief systems that hold you back.  You may subconsciously committed to not outgrow anyone that you are close to. So you hold yourself back!.

Jealousy energy is showing you that you want something you are denying yourself. 

Go after it! 

Go get it! 

Let go of the stories that say you are not good enough and you can never have it. 

Own it! 

Claim it! 

This it your life – go get what you want!

P.S. If you want to tap even deeper into your energy and manifestation vibration, you can get your Expansion and Attraction meditation here.


What are you missing out on?


Hey! Yeah, you – the one with all the magic, gifts, and talents inside.. You’ve been flying under the radar, hiding out.

Heads up – You are not going to be able to do that for much longer.  

I bet you even feel it – the ache, the urge, the deep desire that there is more.  There is more of what you have to share.  You feel the energy of it but you hold back or are held back.

Well, listen – I am SUPER PUMPED to be downloading this next group program. The title that initially came through – Remember Your Magic – is bouncing around and my mind is telling me its too ‘woo woo’.

And just now I said, out loud to myself – “Whatever!”  Seriously, who is meant to come on this journey with me will FEEL the words, the energy, the intention that I am sharing.  Me mussing about the title is just a distraction from me sharing this.  

WHO am I to get in the way of what is coming through??

What about you?  Ever find yourself holding back because of the stories that pop up in your mind or the beliefs, doubts and fears that rise up?

You know you’re meant to be showing up more but, you just can’t seem to get past or move forward?

What I am talking about here is serious business! – because, it is not just about you.  It is about who you are meant to be serving, touching, exchanging, leading, healing, transforming, empowering, guiding.…


I get it – It can feel super fucking scary.  You know why?  Because you’ve been doing this work for lifetimes.  LIFETIMES.  Who you were and what you did – it wasn’t so easy, acceptable, or supported in the past.

You might have even died over following your passion and doing your mission.

Perhaps you haven’t felt a ton of support in this lifetime. Yeah?

Maybe you’ve been the odd one of your family.

Maybe you feel you just don’t quite fit in.

You’ve been hurt by others.

Maybe as you’re expanding into more of you and your life is changing…

It has all been intentional.

To keep you quiet.
To keep you small.
To prevent you from empowering and enlightening others.
To keep you from having the profound impact you know SO DEEPLY IN YOUR HEART that is what you are here for.


But, you’re stuck.
It all feels hard and overwhelming.
You get in your own way.
You stop yourself.
You dim and hide your gifts.
You doubt yourself.
The fear feels like too much.

Yet, here is the thing… The inner nudge can no longer be ignored.  In fact, your body is likely giving you  signals.

Life is guiding you to show up more.

You touch peoples lives in just being who you are – in your home and through the way you move about the world.  You have an impact.

You share with small groups. Allow selected FEW know who you really are and what your talent is.

But, you have MORE of you to share – a FULLER way of showing up.  No more hiding out or hovering below the radar.  It is time for you…

I get it – I was there too. Life kept reflecting back to me, nudging me, guiding me to get out of my own way.  To OWN my truth, my gifts and surrendering to the energies ready to express through me.

Not living my full, authentic self made things hard, feel overwhelming – like I was being squished, held back, too hard to move forward.  My body slowed me down so that I could only be fully present to what was.  My mind made stories and created drama to distract me from my path.

I fought back because the alternative was not an option.

What other option do you have? (there really isn’t one – you and I both know it).

I see what was happening and I am here to share with you a way through. To bring you through the process of reclaiming your essence.  And setting parts of you free from the inner limitations, patterns and cycles.

No more hiding. No more hovering.

You have an impact that ripples out to others – a family unit, clients, the world.

You’ve needed to create survival mechanisms to get this far.  But, you don’t need them any more.

You’ll be letting go of those too. 

Now it is time to remember and reclaim.

When you do…

Life flows much smoother, the support shows up, you’re naturally in your element, you feel on purpose… You are doing YOU in your own way.

Isn’t is time –

  • To get out of your own way and get on your purpose
  • To reclaim and set free the aspects of yourself holding the fears in place
  • To share more of your gifts and who you are
  • To spread your magic through words, work, love, presence, being, healing, creating, sharing
  • To live authentically, fully expressive and freely YOU.


  • The two week group program is held inside a secret Facebook group – link to be sent once registered.
  • There will be energetic transmissions, live streams, and posts all supporting, guiding, lightening the way for you to OWN it and SHINE through.
  • We begin 11/11/17 and finish up 11/25/17.
  • I feel the energy of it all…. Those of you who have been hiding out and hovering under the radar – I’ve got you!  Come on out.  Let’s play!

Harness the powerful energy guiding you to ascend

We are in the presence of an energy opening available to support us in making powerful, huge changes and to take quantum leaps in our lives.

To leap, to own your inner light and brilliance, to claim your hearts desire can feel scary. It doesn’t have to be. With the energy present, you don’t need to break through all that has been holding you back – simply claim it.

This time is really so much about connecting into a grander piece of yourself. Your inner power, light, brilliance, and your magic. To claim what your heart desires. To leap into the unknown because that is where your intuition is leading you.

Do you feel the energy shifts we’re going through?  The energy here, at this time, is supporting us in choosing the larger, grander parts of ourselves.

You know you’re shifting when your body shows physical symptoms, your minds get a little busier, you begin to clearly see patterns and cycles playingout…

We are energy.  We all receive upgrades just like our phone, app, computers upgrade.  an upgrade may show up as chaos in our lives.

Our physical body may show symptoms – dizziness, headache, digestion challenges, body aches and pains.  Our emotional pain also arises.  Fears of survival, feeling lack, overwhelm – manifesting as depression, anxiety.

The more we relax into the process and know it doesn’t have to be challenging to upgrade, the smoother we move through it.

Life may change.  Relationships may change.  Physical, energetic and emotional bodies are changing and upgrading.

In our lives we are being presented with an opportunity to experience and have what we deeply and truly desire.  The only thing in the ways is ourselves.

The way is through release, surrender, trust, faith. To let go of the unconscious limitations, fears, ancestral patterns, cellular memory, buried beliefs…

It is as though all we had been putting into our vortexes of desires is now right in front of us.  What are we holding on to that is preventing us from opening up to what we really want.

Could be false fears – learned, passed on from others keeping us from stepping forward.

Buried beliefs – something, some meaning made about ourselves that isn’t true and its showing up as subtle sabotage.

Past pains – broke hearts, trauma, betrayal, abandonment… Painful experiences we do not want to repeat again so we put up walls around our hearts and entire beings.

Slowing down, being present, listening to what your body needs is going to bring you to the space where the expansion of you already exists.  Think of it as a plug in station for hybrid cars.  Or where the most rockinest dance party is at full force, tearin’ it up dancing and music blaring already going on.  You just have to allow and show up as you are guided to.

What I’ve seen with this energy is as if every dream we’ve dreamt, every desire we’ve had, every wish, hope, manifestation we’ve given to the universe – it is here, right in front of us.  Available.

Now is a time of choosing.

It may feel scary because you don’t know what is ahead. But, you do.  Choose.  Decide.  It is just that maybe you’ve become more comfortable with the discomfort and pain.

This time (whenever you find this post, its your time) is about choosing another way.  Allowing ease in the upgrade.  Asking for a hand to hold as you cross the threshold.  To see and be seen for the truth of who you are.  Feeling empowered. Creating a new energetic imprint.

It is like once you’ve had the upgrade and entry to the dance party, you don’t really ever want to go backwards.

Ascend into that new space with ease and grace.

It’s kind of like a speakeasy… You know the space exists… Easier to get there with someone who has been there already.

Are you ready to feel and express more of your magnificence?  Let the upgrade begin.


Manifesting what you desire

Are you not manifesting or creating as you desire?

Have you created vision boards, mantras, and chanted affirmations to still not have or feel what you desire?

Have you read all the books, hired the coaches, took all the programs to only still feel blocked or stuck?

Go within and ask what your beliefs are in regards to your desires.

Sometimes the buried beliefs are what block you from the very thing you want.

It may manifest as self sabotage, patterns or cycles you may or may not be consciously aware of.

Self awareness is empowering and arises as you ask and pay attention to what you say and do.

If you are feeling blocked or stuck, an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session will provide the insight and guidance you’re looking for.

Think of it as a psychic reading for your soul.

Clients come out of the session feeling clearer, lighter, inspired, and free from what was holding them back.


Maybe for you it’s Love, Money, Health, Career. Or a combination. I find the core block typically effects multiple areas of ones life.

Once the core block is transmuted, several areas of life open up and blossom.

:: What buried beliefs are you ready to let go of?

:: What would freedom feel like for your life?

::What are you ready to align your vibration with?


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse February 2017

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse today, February 10, 2017.

The few days prior to today may have felt a little awry for some, bland for others. Things have been shaken up or felt a little boring.

Full moons shine the light on the dark and eclipses bring surprises. The energy is felt a few days prior and is alive a few days following.

As I feel into this energy, I sense there could be some ‘rock your world’ events.

Exciting for some, shocking for others, and relief for many. Not necessarily “good” or “bad”.

Remain grounded and present.

Opportunities we’ve been waiting for may be unveiling and presenting themselves. We’ve been given glimpses and hints to get out of our own way – this time will show us how so and if we’ve changed our ways.

Choices may be blatant and demanding of us. Clear new paths in front of us. The easiest decisions aren’t always for our best.

It’s okay to have your best. It is safe. Now is the time to claim it.

It may feel quite paradoxical. Trust yourself. Follow your heart.

Blessing my friends. We are here at a precious and monumental time. Claim it. Own it.


Subtle ways you give away your power and how to reclaim it

– Do people take advantage of you?
– Do you feel unappreciated and undervalued in relationships?
– Do you feel like you’re blocked in love, money, career…?
– Does your heart yearn for something but, you cannot seem to make it happen?
– Do you put others before you do for yourself? (people pleaser)
– Do you have a hard time saying “no”?
– Can you manifest some things easier than others?
– Do you recognize patterns in love, money, health but, can’t seem to get out of it?

These are some of the experiences we have when we subtly give away our innate power. This innate power, we were born with, is waiting for us to align with it to co-create and experience amazing lives for ourselves.

When we stop giving away our power in these subtle ways, we manifest with ease, we are in the flow of life, synchronicity is a natural occurrence…

This video comes from a facebook live feed I recorded.Reclaim your power

I share 7 ways for you to explore how you might be giving away or leaking your power.

I then share 9 ways to reclaim your power and align with the powerful co-creator you are.

:: What would a life of inner peace, effortlessness, ease, and joy feel like for you?

:: What if everyone around you valued, loved and adored you?

:: What could be possible when all the inner blocks are clear?

If you find you have blocks, patterns or beliefs you cannot seem to move through on your own and are ready for support in making a change in your life, I’d be happy to explore what results are possible through doing work together. Find more about my transformational work here.


Radical Self Love as a Spiritual Practice

I believe there has been a long time misunderstanding and confusion about what self love means. I consider radical self love to mean caring for yourself, honoring your well being, taking responsibility for yourself and your life, respecting your body, meeting yourself with compassion and kindness, making empowered choices, being a conscious participant in creating your reality. Self love certainly is not about being an egomaniac, self centered, or arrogant.

We have unconsciously been taught that to love ourselves is to be vain, selfish, conceited, and wrong. We learned to feel ashamed about liking ourselves – never mind speak to anyone out loud about our goodness.

Radical self love is a way to shift these beliefs and unconscious thought patterns. These buried beliefs we picked up and made meaning about ourselves are not serving our greatest potential. These patterns and beliefs hold us back from living out our fullest expression in this life.

Our life experience is a manifestation of the vibration we carry within us. This is why I suggest Radical Self Love as a Spiritual Practice. The relationship we have with ourselves is what is expressed from within and mirrored back to us.

We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. We see the reflection back from our experiences with others and in life. We have the ability to shift what we experience by loving ourselves more.

My reality is a reflection of who I believe I am.

Before I began teaching and coaching radical self love, I was on the phone crying to a friend about how poorly someone important to me how treated me. Thank goodness this friend didn’t feed into my story of being a victim and told me the truth – “You have to love yourself first”, she said. I gasped ” C’Mon! Of course I love myself!”

After some honest, inner exploration, I discovered I had no idea what ‘to love myself first’ really meant. In fact, what was happening around me and in my relationships reflected how I was treating myself. Gasp!

When I started to practice radical self love, my entire life experience shifted to more positive interactions and outcomes. I felt more confident, self assured, I trusted myself. Who and what I attracted into my life felt better and I was more in the flow.

Unfortunately, not many of us know how to truly love ourselves. This is a key piece preventing us from manifesting our dreams and creating the lives we desire.

We must be easy on ourselves through this inner exploration. The relationship we have with ourselves was developed from what we learned by example from the generations before us and their self love – or lack of. We also made meaning about ourselves from how they treated us.

Many of us have been through some challenges and traumas in our past where we’ve unconsciously decided those experiences meant “I don’t matter”, “I’m not important enough”, “I’m not worth it” or something along those lines.

Then what happens is we carry that with us and our life reflects back to us these meanings throughout our relationships and experiences.

Radical self love wipes out those stories and old programs.

Radical self love reframes the beliefs about who you think you are. Allow me to remind you who you are… You are amazing being that the universe thought was a great idea and brought you here at this particular time because you play a unique, exceptional part in the vastness of the entire experience of this world.

Yes. It is true. So, to think that you are not worthy, not valued, or don’t matter is ri-dic-u-lous! Lets just start there.

In order to change what was happening in my life I brought conscious attention to what I was focusing on and putting my energy towards. I started to realize how the negative, Debbie Downer thoughts I was expressing matched my experiences!

I put more attention toward what I wanted to feel and experience than what was actually happening.

Self love is the new anti-aging.

:: I changed the way I spoke to myself – I wrote affirmations and mantras on sticky notes all over my home. Soon attracting a partner who said the exact words to me.

:: I loved up my body – healthier choices became more natural and easier to make. With the heavy, negative thoughts gone, physical weight released too.

:: I practiced giving more to myself and built the muscle of feeling safe to allow and receive – more good came my way for me to receive from others and life.

:: I said “no” to others and said “yes” to myself – giving myself what I needed first because we are all better for the world when our own cup is full first.

:: I nourished my soul through allowing my feelings to flow and not hold them back any longer – I swear it is the best anti-aging secret!

:: I bravely stood up for myself – I showed the inner parts of me that life is safe now, I am in charge and I’ve got my back.

:: I created a life I love by letting go of others expectations – creating a business that shows others how they can do the same.

:: I let go of resenting others – seeing how holding on held me in the vibration of being wronged or victimized (dead weight for my energy field).

:: I practiced and became skilled at self trust by making choices my heart guided me to – finding myself in the flow of life and ending up exactly where, when and with whom I am meant to be.

Reframing the inner thoughts and beliefs creates an energetic shift and the outer experience becomes a match to that vibration.

If what we are experiencing doesn’t feel good it is a signal to take a brave, compassionate look within.

Doing the inner exploration of my thoughts, beliefs and how I was creating my world wasn’t always easy. Along the way I had help making these changes. I created practices to remind me the truth of who I am and how to always come back to self love.

If you are inspired to add radical self love as a part of your practice, begin by:

:: exploring your beliefs,
:: asking yourself honest questions,
:: place attention on what you say about yourself,
:: notice the things you are focusing your energy toward,
:: look at the visions you are playing over and over in your mind.

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

All change happens within and then manifest in your experience. Nurture and make the relationship with you a priority and witness the world reflect back to you. You are so worth your own time and attention!

Would you like a guide to help you make this part of your practice and change your relationship? Grab a mini e-course: A guide to radical self love.


Stories tell us our deeper fears

Is the story you tell more about how it won’t work, you can’t have it, it’s too much, there’s not enough…? bridge to success

That is usually coming from the part of you that is afraid. Afraid of change, afraid to fail, or even afraid of how good it can be (Yup! Some of us are fearful of good).

What would be so bad about change or maybe failing?

Put your fear(s) in perspective with what could be POSSIBLE.

Now, with that perspective, don’t the fears seems insignificant? Compared to what is possible….

Remember, you aren’t in charge of “how”. You just hold the desire / goal with an open mind to all that is possible. Then allow.

Stop telling the stories that aren’t what you want the universe to serve up to you. (foot tapping emoji)

Start telling the stories of what could be possible.

Day dream, play, imagine…

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