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Are you subconsciously denying your desires?

Do you know what you want?

Are you really clear on your DESIRES?

Or do you keep things at a safe distance away to not risk feeling what you’d feel if you allowed yourself to want it but, didn’t get it?

Or is there an underlying fear if you get what you want, you’ll lose it or it’ll leave? 

Do you subconsciously keep yourself from manifesting because it feels too vulnerable and risky to want something?

:: Love

:: Money

:: Hot body

:: Rocking business

:: Beach house, mansion, tiny home…

Were you taught wanting things is bad?   

Or there is a price to pay to receive it?

Or that you should just be happy with what you have?

Or maybe you’ll be hurt if you have it and it leaves?

With Empaths, Healers, and Sensitives I see additional inner programs about :

– it has to be hard / it can’t be easy

– others will be hurt / feel bad if I am successful, happy, healthy, rich

It’s not the things and experiences you cannot manifest…

You’re so fucking powerful you manifest EVERYTHING!

It’s the vibration you’re tuned into and coming from.

It’s the inner programs and belief systems running in the background that reflect in your experience.

It’s about taking the courageous risk (to the fears) and allowing yourself to be present with what arises within as you seek more of the life you want to live.

This is the Way of the Empowered Empath.

// To boldly choose.

// Grounded in vulnerability.

/ Confident in your path.

// Feeling safe to fully express yourself.

That’s the thing… Because your life has been a journey into your heart.

You feel so much.

Life is asking you to release the next layer of energetic protection.

To allow yourself to drop into your desires and feel what it feels like to have that wish fulfilled.

It’s not outside you. It’s within you.

It’s tuning into the frequency that attracts what you desire.

You must drop the density to tune in.

That’s part of the journey we’re traveling through in this next group course.

You have very carefully crafted these inner beliefs and programs;  they are no longer necessary.

Releasing them stirs up stuff you may have tucked away or used to keep you from feeling exposed or vulnerable.

It is not about getting rid of anything – that’s a whole other energy.

It is about remembering how powerful you are and how effortless it is to allow what you want.

It’s releasing the density, belief systems and programs that is the effort. Because intertwined in there is some pain that has yet to be resolved.

Ask yourself “Am I afraid to allow myself to want I want because I’m protecting myself from feeling some kind of pain?”

Or “Am I afraid to feel what others will feel about me if I feel great and I am truly happy?”

Happiness is your birthright.

I am inviting 10 people to come along with me on this five week journey.

The energy is so RIPE. Information is coming through on the daily.

I cannot wait to be inside a sacred space and circle to play with you, expand the energy, drop into other experiences, take quantum leaps, and feel more alive and empowered to create and expand on this journey. 

Let’s play! —> https://goo.gl/bNx8WR


April Energy

This is what I see in the current energy (know that there is a span of time this effects people and everyone is in different spaces).  

Can you relate?

People are unraveling.  Maybe you are too?
Feel like you’re losing your mind?  (some in a good way).
As others unravel and lose their mind, don’t get caught up in their chaos or PROJECTIONS. 

This shift occurs when old programs, paradigm and beliefs no longer fit with the alignment of your SOUL and the ego / limited self wants to hold onto what it knows.

The UNKNOWN can feel scary.
Trust your gut and HEART. This is the direction we’re moving toward – surrender, trust, faith. 
Roles you’ve played and agreements you’ve had with others are dissolving. Are you grasping on or allowing the dissolution?
This will kick up all kinds of EMOTIONS and feelings.  Allow them to move through you without attachment.

We are releasing density. Emotionally, physically and energetically. 

It’s not a process for the faint of heart. Yet, you’re here now because you can handle. In fact, you are an intricate piece.
Keep yourself cared for, grounded, nourished. Give yourself what you need.
Yeah, the ground rumbles when things collapse. 
From there a solid foundation is built and possibilities are wide open. 
Keep open to what is making its way through you.
Kelly Ann
PS The Way of the Empowered Empath course is channeled and supportive of these shifts.
Guiding you to not only releasing all that’s not serving you…
It is about allowing your SOUL Fire to burn free. For you to show up as your authentic self – confidently.
All the BS beliefs, roles and agreements you took on will be brought to the light and transformed.
It’s the human / ego that freaks out and holds on.
I will guide you through all that arises as you show up and claim all the things you are.
Consciousness, Energy, Emotional Alchemy.
You are the MASTER. Claim it!
Here is the link with the details and two options to register.

Moving into the Power Paradigm

As we move into the Power Paradigm, all the old beliefs, agreements, and behaviors holding the old in place are collapsing.  It can feel easy to fall back… Lets not allow that to happen.  You are meant for more and better.  Here is a little about why I know such to be true….

Freedom has been a guiding word of mine for many years.  I’ve created my life in such a way that I have freedom in what I do with my time,  what I choose to do, who I choose to do it with.

A large piece of the FREEDOM I’ve created has come from freeing my MIND of constricting, limiting beliefs that have infiltrated my thoughts about life and what I am really capable of – what we are all capable of.

I grew up being told to get into a corporate job, get a pension and I’ll be set for life.  I did that – for many years.  I’m not saying it isn’t a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing – just wasn’t for me.

As I worked in those jobs I ALWAYS felt something underlying that I was meant to be doing something more and different – helping people in a greater capacity than I had been.  I also felt it would not be in a traditional way.

As I researched the mental health care path that didn’t fit either. It always felt too rigid and restricting for me.  Again, not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – I’ve been supported by some amazing therapists (they have always been a little non-traditional too).

Something within me (Soul) guided me along my journey where I came upon Energy Medicine, Reiki, Holistic Health, Emotional Freedom Technique. I studied with some amazing new thought, consciousness, alternative leaders.  I have taken all I have learned and developed techniques and process that support others in their liberation.

Along that path, I allowed (sometimes kicking, screaming, and crying) the life I thought I was meant to live to dissolve.

  • Long term relationship and engagement ended,
  • I left corporate,
  • sold my home (lived out of suitcases for a bit), and
  • became a full time Entrepreneur (not the traditional 40 hours).

I left everything “secure” and “traditional” to follow my Soul.  It has been a beautiful, amazing and, at times, a nail biting adventure.

What I have come to know is we are WAAAAY more powerful than we’ve been taught, trained, and brainwashed (I know, harsh).

This journey is about REMEMBERING who we really are – a channel for Divine energy and intelligence.  We are co-creators of our lives – not meant to be living by default but, to be a conscious participant in aligning with the desires in our hearts.

We are not given a desire that is not possible to experience. 

It is the old paradigm and programs that we are being guided to forget.  Undoing to BEcome.

It can feel super uncomfortable for the human personality, ego, fear programs as the forgetting and dissolving occurs.

Strangely enough, the discomfort of not allowing the desires to come through is more comfortable for some than allowing one to dive into the unknown path the Soul is guiding toward.  

Would you agree?  That what holds you back from what you REALLY WANT is the unknown?  Losing control? Not being sure what will happen?  (those are fear programs kicking into to keep you limited)

The brain likes to solve problems – so, it seeks allllll the possible ways the unknown path can go wrong.  And what happens?  Those thoughts and energy go to building up more of what you don’t want.

What is happening now is a HUGE SHIFT into the Paradigm of Power.  And with that, all the old is collapsing.  The old behaviors, ways of being, patterns, beliefs, subliminal agreements…. rising up, in your face, and giving you a chance to choose differently.

You are being guided to remember how powerful you are in co-creating MORE of what you WANT in your life. 

Remember how I said the human part gets stirred up?  Well, I totally get it!  I’ve been through the trials, tribulations and discovered the way through.  Kind of like the cliff notes version of ascension and evolution of the Soul LOL.

I was born this way – always discovering the way of ease.  I’ve always been a rebel.  Disrupting systems, questioning the ‘rules’, demanding more for myself.

What about you? Is life reflecting back to you a change you’re ready for?  That you’re meant for more and better?  Maybe you don’t know what that looks like, but you FEEL it, KNOW it, SENSE it.

Just as technology has evolved, so has the human Spirit.  What was working in the past is no longer the updated version.  What you may have once believed is outdated.  Even some spiritual beliefs and energy healing techniques are limiting.  I am and have been busting through it all and bringing my private clients along with me.

As this energy of the Power Paradigm has come in, I’ve been downloading processes, insight, and guidance to bring others through releasing the old.

The online group program is “The Way of the Empowered Empath”.

Grab the link with more info here.

It is a course for Empaths, Sensitives, Healers, Teachers of Consciousness and everyone who knows more is available and they’re ready to CLAIM it and dissolve the subconscious programs that have held them back.

This email has gotten really long… I’ve just let it stream through me.  I am wildly passionate about guiding others to remembering and reclaiming their power, energy, and ability to co-create the life that lies within their hearts.

If you know someone who might be looking for this exact course and guidance, please do share.

We start May 5th with doors opening May 1st.

All my best,
Kelly Ann

Have questions?  Message me at hello at kellyanncory dot com


The Way of the Empowered Empath

This course is for the Empaths, Sensitives, Healers and Teachers of Consciousness…

Ready? Click the pic to start

Can you feel the shifts happening within and around you? 

As we are moving into the Power Paradigm, a huge shift is dissolving the:

  • roles,
  • contracts,
  • beliefs,
  • patterns,
  • cycles

you’ve been playing out, living and interacting with.

* You feel it in your body.

Done are the days of taking on others energies, enabling and the entanglement that has been going on consciously and subconsciously.

* You see it in your interactions with others.

The victim / perpetrator paradigm collapsing (which role are you playing? even with yourself)

* Your comfort zone – not so comfortable any more. 

The roles you’ve played of the People Pleaser and ‘Good Girl / Boy’ feel beyond uncomfortable and just frustrating to try and uphold any longer.

* Veils are thinning, your knowing is getting stronger, your senses more keen.

You’re noticing you can’t hide from yourself or tell yourself half truths any more. 

And so many other ways things are coming undone for you to BECOME…

You are ready to do it your way.

(know you’re ready for the course? there are two options to choose from: the course and an add on VIP)

You are being shown SOMETHING is ready to CHANGE and there is no avoiding it.  Because resisting what is happening and what is coming through you only causes more discomfort and challenging circumstances.

Here’s what is happening…

Many of us came into this life experience with subliminal programing and agreements to take on others energy, process their feelings, play certain roles, heal ancestral pain, dissolve patterns and cycles, shift the collective consciousness…


All the ways you’ve enabled others and entangled yourself is coming to an end.  If you keep holding on and forcing the roles and agreements, it is only going to become more challenging.


Because you’re meant to be using your power, brilliance, light, talents, gifts and magic for creating YOUR LIFE. 

To BE the example.  To show others how it is done.  By you living life your way.

The contracts are complete. The subliminal beliefs are dying out.  Others pain and feelings are for them to resolve.

How I see it is like a slight turn of your head and click into place and everything your heart has desired is right in front of you.

This does not mean you won’t be helping or supporting others.  You may – BY BEING YOU and doing it your way.

Your full on, authentic, brilliant, shiny, magical you.

Here is where it can get a bit challenging…

1. You’ve spent a lot of time dancing in the darkness – so much so, you can do it in your sleep!  Now is the time to be in your LIGHT.

What is calling forth from you is your Divinity. 

For you to remember your power and to take back your power in the ways you may not even realize you’ve given it away.

And when you make the slight shift, dissolve the beliefs, remember your power – its like having a full cell phone battery that never dies out. 

Life feels in flow. Synchronicity is a regular occurrence. The people and what you need practically fall into your lap.  

2. The people who you’ve played these roles with, enabling, and have been processing their ‘stuff’ are going to respond to you.

This is a HUGE piece that has kept you from remembering your power and fully stepping into the Power ParadigmAn underlying fear of being abandoned, no longer liked, pushed back on, ridiculed, even attacked.

Yeah, it sucks to no longer resonate and align with people you’ve been around with for so long.

It is time to stop holding yourself back so others are comfortable. 


Another option is as you shift, they shift.

Either way, it is imperative they do their own ‘work’ and process in this life.  You are no longer responsible.  Their shift is a piece of the collective, a part of their journey.

You’re actually cogging up the wheel by getting involved where you shouldn’t be.

Those are just two of the ways you may see your shift impacting your life and the lives of others and HOW YOU HOLD YOURSELF BACK. I have so much more to share with you and guide you to discovering for yourself. 

There really is no avoiding the shift that is happening.  Surrender is key. Doing the inner work that floats to the top is what guides you to the alignment you seek.

It is not outside of you.

Recognizing the fears, beliefs, and programs is the missing link to what you’ve been working so hard for or banging your head up against the wall about.

When you are not in alignment with your deepest truth, it will show up in your money, relationships, business, lifestyle, health…

You’re meant to be showing up more.  Being the channel of energy – beyond the small circle you’ve been entangled with.

I get it! It has been safe in your little cocoon.  You know how to manage – you’ve been doing it for years.

What you haven’t been doing is showing up as your full on, wild, whack-a do, woo woo self.  And it is EXACTLY where you’re being guided.

By the way, I don’t buy into the negative connotation of ‘woo woo’ – that is just another example of a subliminal message attempting to limit you. 

Yeah, there have been Spiritual Guides and Gurus that have opened the path for you to emerge.  It is part of natural evolution.  The thing is – some of those beliefs are outdated and also limiting.

Moving into the Power Paradigm means really remembering who you are, what works for you, living how you want, sharing yourself fully and unabashedly – guilt and shame free.

Gosh! So much has been shoved down our throats, ingrained as (false) truths, forced upon us to keep us in fear and limited.


You’re remembering.

It is easy to slip back into something you’ve done for years and lifetimes before.  When you change, things around you change and that can cause disruption for the ego part of you.

It is time to transcend the brainwashing, enabling, entanglement, subliminal messages, and subconscious beliefs that keep you limited from experiencing and expressing the most expanded version of yourself and life.

You are THE SOURCE.  There is nothing outside of you that has more power than you.

You are co-creating –  All.the.time.

Much of what has been happening lately has been your Higher Self guiding you to situations to help clear out your density.

The shift is about the inner work.  Because that is where all co-creation begins.

Time to drop what others think is “right” or their blueprint of what life should look like for YOU.

Where you focus expands. The thing is… are you aware of where your subconscious focus is going?

All of this and more is what we’ll be working through together inside The Way of the Empowered Empath group course.

  • Once you disentangle and halt enabling you have more of your energy and power to focus on what you consciously desire to co-create.
  • Your sense of self, confidence, assuredness will be unwavering.
  • You’ll strengthen the beliefs that are empowering and aligned with who you deeply know yourself to be.
  • You’ll have a deeper relationship with yourself, higher self, intuition, and guidance. 
  • Self trust will be strong and secure to follow the nudges, hints, and signs popping in from your Higher Self.
  • You’ll clearly see what is happening in the underlyings and learn how to shift to become aligned with the desires of your Soul.

Are you ready to let the fire in your Soul to burn free?

Here are the details with two options for you to choose from –

Option 1:

  • Five weeks together with me as your Guide #unfuckingyourmind, dismantling the programs, dissolving the limitations and up-leveling your vibration and coming into alignment with all the things.
  • The group is set inside a sacred space via a private Facebook group.
  • It’ll all manifest through live videos and posts.

Option 2:

VIP option includes all of the above and a private one on one call with me where I’ll identify a core belief subconsciously playing out a pattern or cycle that is keeping you from aligning with your highest and best.

Once identified, I’ll bring you through a clearing process where the energy holding the pattern in place will be cleared.  From there you’ll be vibrationally elevated and aligned with your intention and desires.


We begin May 5th with doors opening May 1st.

If you’ve been inside a group course with me before you know I flow with the energy and go live as I am inspired and guided.  The course is a combination of teachings, intuitive guidance, channelled messages and energy for those who come together inside this sacred space.

Choose your option


When you get close to your next level thing…

 Whatever your thing is…

…5D, 7D, 12D, Romantic partnership, Health, More money, Sharing your voice / message / art, or Consciously manifest ________…

You get stuck, self sabotage, can’t move forward, distractions and fears pop up, you’re immobilized…

Does this happen for you?

Look within – Is your ego focused on what is being lost or left behind?

:: You get to choose what you think about.

:: What you think about creates your perception of experiences.

:: Subconscious beliefs manifest what you think.

So, could it be possible that what you desire is a belief away?

What are you believing about that next level thing you can’t seem to quite make happen??

I’d love to help you #unfuckyourmind and for you to be fully empowered and experiencing life more aligned with your greatest desires.

Take the next step and message me here to find out how you can burst through the limiting beliefs and step into that next level thing you’re ready for.

Soul Integration and Emotional Alchemy

Has it been a rough ride for a bit? Want to set yourself free?
:: Feel your feelings.
:: Drop the stories.
:: Tune into the sensations.
:: Love what arises.
I know easier said than done.
Your smallness, fears and limitations fight back hard to hold on.
They even blur your clarity and block your ability to open your mind to possibilities.
The energy of it all maybe even appearing in your body.
This is the work of your heart and soul.

As your Soul integrates into your being, all not aligned with love is coming to the surface.

It will show up in
  • your outer life in relationships, exchanges with others, your body, money, health, career
  • circumstances soulfully and divinely designed to support you in releasing the gunk tucked into the deepest spaces
  • some of the hardest stuff you’ve yet to feel, see and witness
  • some stuff you’ve already worked on – and maybe quite ticked off it is still effecting you

What is happening is it is calling you forth to own who you are, tap into your truth, claim your power…

All stuff you’ve not been taught.
In fact, you’ve been manipulated into believing the opposite.
But, you FEEL it all rising up.
Your eyes are clearing the fog.
Your body wanting to stand taller.
Your essence vying to be expressed.
Your mission to be in motion.
Your heart to be filled and held.
If you don’t want to go through this cycle again, BE with what is here for you.
On the other side is all you’ve desired to experience.
Carry on Brave Ones.
Kelly Ann
P.S. Do you want a Guide who can see the full picture for you? To know what and where that gunk is tucked in? To be held in sacred space as the energy, pain, stories are transmuted? To lock arms as you go through the dark spaces and claim your light and brilliance?
I have many tools that go around your ego and smallness. Around the side and back door where it can gently be resolved to its highest vibration.
Through the process we’ll transmute the energies and lower vibrations and integrate the higher vibe energies making they way in.
You’ll be empowered, freed, illuminated, on purpose, clear…
Are you a “Hell Yes” ? Message me at hello @ kellyanncory dot com or choose your package now.  I have several ways we can work together to ensure you don’t fall back into the comfort zone of pain and limitation.

Does this happen to you when you go through shifts and upgrades? 

When you’re receiving heavy duty downloads and upgrades, many shifts in your life can occur.    

It can look like:

  • People triggers – you triggering them, them triggering you.
  • Relationship challenges.
  • Old wounds rising up.
  • Fear patterns playing out.
  • Buried beliefs being mirrored back in real time.
  • Self imposed limitations becoming tighter than those jeans you wore back in high school.

How I roll through the shifts…

I listen to my body and what it needs.  Beyond the “why” this is happening,  I trust my body and Soul know what it needs and will guide me.  The trick is surrendering to it. 

Being vs. doing.   

It is not always easy for me to be still.  But, if I don’t listen, all other chaos unfolds.  I trust the process.  My Soul was calling.

So, all day Saturday I was in my PJ’s (until I got dressed Sunday afternoon)  I moved from one couch to the other – writing, meditating, reading, integrating energies, allowing my body to receive and stretch into this next version. 

Later, I cried through three hours of This is Us. 

It was totally intentional to watch back to back episodes of that brilliant show to support myself in moving energy through me. 

Tears felt so cathartic.  No stories.  Just allowing the energies to move through with the tears.

When that was complete, I rose from the couch feeling lighter – emotionally and physically

On Sunday I started slow, feeling the integration still in process.  Then the movement came – one of my favorite ways to move energy.  DANCE.

I danced through my living room and kitchen sporadically throwing in some yoga stretches and squats with arm presses.  For real – “Dance like no one is watching.”   

It felt good to BE in this body – taller, stronger, more integrated. 

While there are some outer things in my experience spinning out due to this shift, I keep focused on my power and stance. 

I know what is happening is burn off.  

:: Embers dying out from the fire I set aflame to what is not working for me and what no longer resonates. 

:: Old vibrations. 

:: Old patterns.

:: Old beliefs.  

The manifestation of what I’ve elevated from now spinning out and dying off. 

I witnessed my mind and ego struggle with the stories around what is happening and wanting it to be a different experience. 

But, it is what it is. It is all FOR ME and my highest good.

When we:

  • try to grasp on to what is leaving,
  • comfort or support the other person in the experience,
  • attempt to stop the unraveling,
  • change our beliefs and desires in hopes of rewinding what is already unfolding…

…we only cause more funk for ourselves.

Surrender is key.  Because I asked for more.  And transition and change are bound to occur. 

So, it may mean letting go of 

// being seen as the “good girl”. 

// worrying about other peoples reactions.

// holding back what I really want.

// allowing others or circumstances to define how I feel.

// fears that are causing more pain than to move through them.

Can you relate to any of that?

This is where many get off path, detoured, give up, quit, go back the comfort zone that isn’t really that comfortable anyway. 

As I remain and keep focusing on my power, intention, and desire, my inner GPS will keep guiding me in the direction of my highest and best. 

I know in order to receive and align with what I want, I must stay grounded in my knowing and allow the rest to fade in the dust. 

Its all an illusion anyway.  

But, the funny thing is… While all this is happening, life can feel a bit lost.  That illusion more “reality”. 

It is like this… I am directing the play and I don’t necessarily know what scene is next.  (Trust)

And I know I am the director!  (Faith)

I know it all will manifest from within. I know I’ve called forth a new scene. (Power)

I know change is a piece of the experience.  I know those and what is spinning out is part of the process.  (Surrender)

It is in these times of faith, trust, and surrender, I remain in my power – standing in the eye of the storm. 

Not grasping on to anything. 

Knowing all will settle as I’ve focused on. 

And… What led me to start this blog was…

Today, I drove to my regular Monday morning yoga class and came upon a completely empty lot.

I panicked – “Is it Monday?  Is this the right building? What time is it?

Have I shifted THAT much? LOL 

I left and went to the grocery store. I struck up a conversation with the woman smoking outside her car parked next to mine – Subtly seeking grounding and confirmation I haven’t lost my mind, confirming what day it was, what town I’m in….

And she said this as she stared and pointed up to the cloud filled sky…

“The sun is up there somewhere.”  

It is that simple.

In the midst of change, upgrades, shifting, and upleveling – keep it simple.

Ground in, stay focused, remain in your power, have faith, trust, and surrender to the process.

Simpler said than done, I know. Quit profound if you allow.

You are meant for more.

You asked for this.

Allow the process – don’t get caught up in it and don’t make it who you are.


Kelly Ann

P.S.  If you’re going through some change and are ready to tap more deeply into yourself to know your guidance, to trust what you are hearing, to have faith in the leaps your being guided to, and ready to surrender to the process – I have a program just for you (this one, I have 5 spaces available).

There are several programs to choose from. 

My programs are for those who know much of what I shared above is part of the process but no longer want to get pulled down by emotions, tossed about by chaos and drama, stuck in their smallness, and being held back by their fears. 

My programs are for those who want to live in Faith, Trust, Surrender, and in their Power.  For those who are ready for the ride of their life and know they are the driver of the car. 

Ready to drive? —>  Choose your ride.


The Wisdom in Wounds

Being misunderstood has been one of my core wounds and life challenges. I remember a time, back in elementary school when some girls told another girl I had said something mean about her. I did not say what they said and nothing I could have said would change what the second girl thought.

I secretly hope she reads this, knows it is her, and learns I never said that terrible thing. I know it really doesn’t matter but, damn – kids can be so mean.

Okay… back to my point in sharing…

This pattern of being misunderstood has carried out through my life and relationships. It is a really hard place to be in – knowing your own truth and having another not believe you annnnd think negative things about you.

Before my awareness of what this pattern was really about, I easily fell into trying to get others to hear me out and believe my truth. That is frustrating on many levels and a dead end street – with a cliff at the end. Just don’t go there.

After moving through many iterations of not being misunderstood, all the frustration, all the trying to fix outside of me, I now see all those times were really my lessons to own who I am. Own my beliefs, feelings, needs and desires – a key component in Radical Self Love.

Sure, the lessons came in some whacky, hard to deal with ways that don’t appear related. But, the outcome is the same in every instance. For me to ground into MY TRUTH.

It all led me inside – radically self loving me. Choosing me – even when where I stand is outside the ‘norm’ and not doing what is expected.

Now, as I sit inside the work I do – energy medicine, metaphysical transformation, mindset healing, shifts in consciousness, quantum leaps in reality – I know I could not bring this work, my mission into the world worried about what others think.

A step in stopping the worry about what others think boils down to (IMO): (more…)


What is holding you back?


One quick fix to FREEDOM – start by letting go of the stress, worry, beating up on yourself for procrastination, not doing enough, doing it “wrong”…

Step back and look – can you see it is really just you taking on OTHERS EXPECTATIONS that have been projected upon you?

How are you LIMITING yourself by putting on another’s shackles?

What are the UNDERLYING commitments and agreements you’ve subconsciously and subliminally agreed to?

And you know what is BEYOND all of this? What is really holding you back??


– pain of the judgment you’re afraid others will project on you
– pain of not fitting in / being abandoned
– pain of feeling what others will feel when you’re living happy, free, empowered, abundant, and showing up awesome wherever you are

The funny thing about this –



What are you missing out on?


Hey! Yeah, you – the one with all the magic, gifts, and talents inside.. You’ve been flying under the radar, hiding out.

Heads up – You are not going to be able to do that for much longer.  

I bet you even feel it – the ache, the urge, the deep desire that there is more.  There is more of what you have to share.  You feel the energy of it but you hold back or are held back.

Well, listen – I am SUPER PUMPED to be downloading this next group program. The title that initially came through – Remember Your Magic – is bouncing around and my mind is telling me its too ‘woo woo’.

And just now I said, out loud to myself – “Whatever!”  Seriously, who is meant to come on this journey with me will FEEL the words, the energy, the intention that I am sharing.  Me mussing about the title is just a distraction from me sharing this.  

WHO am I to get in the way of what is coming through??

What about you?  Ever find yourself holding back because of the stories that pop up in your mind or the beliefs, doubts and fears that rise up?

You know you’re meant to be showing up more but, you just can’t seem to get past or move forward?

What I am talking about here is serious business! – because, it is not just about you.  It is about who you are meant to be serving, touching, exchanging, leading, healing, transforming, empowering, guiding.…


I get it – It can feel super fucking scary.  You know why?  Because you’ve been doing this work for lifetimes.  LIFETIMES.  Who you were and what you did – it wasn’t so easy, acceptable, or supported in the past.

You might have even died over following your passion and doing your mission.

Perhaps you haven’t felt a ton of support in this lifetime. Yeah?

Maybe you’ve been the odd one of your family.

Maybe you feel you just don’t quite fit in.

You’ve been hurt by others.

Maybe as you’re expanding into more of you and your life is changing…

It has all been intentional.

To keep you quiet.
To keep you small.
To prevent you from empowering and enlightening others.
To keep you from having the profound impact you know SO DEEPLY IN YOUR HEART that is what you are here for.


But, you’re stuck.
It all feels hard and overwhelming.
You get in your own way.
You stop yourself.
You dim and hide your gifts.
You doubt yourself.
The fear feels like too much.

Yet, here is the thing… The inner nudge can no longer be ignored.  In fact, your body is likely giving you  signals.

Life is guiding you to show up more.

You touch peoples lives in just being who you are – in your home and through the way you move about the world.  You have an impact.

You share with small groups. Allow selected FEW know who you really are and what your talent is.

But, you have MORE of you to share – a FULLER way of showing up.  No more hiding out or hovering below the radar.  It is time for you…

I get it – I was there too. Life kept reflecting back to me, nudging me, guiding me to get out of my own way.  To OWN my truth, my gifts and surrendering to the energies ready to express through me.

Not living my full, authentic self made things hard, feel overwhelming – like I was being squished, held back, too hard to move forward.  My body slowed me down so that I could only be fully present to what was.  My mind made stories and created drama to distract me from my path.

I fought back because the alternative was not an option.

What other option do you have? (there really isn’t one – you and I both know it).

I see what was happening and I am here to share with you a way through. To bring you through the process of reclaiming your essence.  And setting parts of you free from the inner limitations, patterns and cycles.

No more hiding. No more hovering.

You have an impact that ripples out to others – a family unit, clients, the world.

You’ve needed to create survival mechanisms to get this far.  But, you don’t need them any more.

You’ll be letting go of those too. 

Now it is time to remember and reclaim.

When you do…

Life flows much smoother, the support shows up, you’re naturally in your element, you feel on purpose… You are doing YOU in your own way.

Isn’t is time –

  • To get out of your own way and get on your purpose
  • To reclaim and set free the aspects of yourself holding the fears in place
  • To share more of your gifts and who you are
  • To spread your magic through words, work, love, presence, being, healing, creating, sharing
  • To live authentically, fully expressive and freely YOU.


  • The two week group program is held inside a secret Facebook group – link to be sent once registered.
  • There will be energetic transmissions, live streams, and posts all supporting, guiding, lightening the way for you to OWN it and SHINE through.
  • We begin 11/11/17 and finish up 11/25/17.
  • I feel the energy of it all…. Those of you who have been hiding out and hovering under the radar – I’ve got you!  Come on out.  Let’s play!

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