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What is an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session and How it Can Help You

Psychic, tarot, astrology, and intuitive readings are all great. But, do you leave feeling like you don’t know what to do with all the information?  

What is possible if you not only receive the guidance and insight to help you move through but, also clear the energy that created your experiences?

In an Intuitive Reading and Healing Session you receive insight as well as guidance, clearing, and energy alchemy to support you in moving forward on your journey.

Here is a short video about how that process works and how it can help you.


Men, We Need You – Video

Feminine energy has been rising globally at exponential rates.  Men are feeling this at various levels and haven’t been given the support, permission, or guidance to integrate this energy.

Men, I want you to know it is okay – actually, it is imperative to your well being  –  to feel, to love, to be vulnerable, to have emotions.

There are many women holding space for you to come into your full self. To allow this integration. To allow the feminine energy to rise to clear all the shit out of the way in its path of you owning your full power.

It is impacting you on deep levels.  I see you pushing this piece of you down.  It holds SO much of your innate power.

There is more to life for you.  I know you want it too.

This video shares about how to allow this energy to rise within you and what is available to you and your life as you do. (so much more!)

Love, money, health…. When you harness ALL your energy, you are unstoppable.

When you stuff or push down the feminine energy that is rising, it is like denying your right arm or denying yourself oxygen.  This energy is absolutely a necessity to you.  Imperative to yourself and the world coming into balance.

Feminine energy is creative.  What are you ready to create?

If you are ready to create and claim more for yourself and your life… Lets make it happen.

The blog I refer to is here.

Thank you in advance for sharing this video with your male friends, partners, lovers, and those who love them.


Create your own happy no matter what life throws your way – Video

When life throws you a curve ball, pick that ball up and throw it right back!

This video shares a perspective shift in life’s events and how you can feel empowered as you move through life changes and transitions that come our way.

Life is for us but, it doesn’t always appear that way when things are not going so well.  

In the video I share how shifting perspective places you in a place of co-creating happiness and what you desire to feel.

You’ll learn to see what is happening and how to manage the energy to co-create what you wish to manifest and experience in your life.

Life is going to happen. How you respond to it is the magic that is available to you.  While you may have heard this before, this video shares a unique and energetic approach to creating happy in your life.

Please share with those who are looking for emotional freedom and empowerment.


How to surrender

Sometimes on this journey of life, we are met with tough experiences. It doesn’t have to feel tough if you could allow yourself to grasp the concept that life is for you. Life is leading you exactly where you’re meant to go. It doesn’t always feel the best nor is it easy.

The journey of surrender.

This video speaks about:

  • spiritual surrender,
  • why we’ve unconsciously feared surrender,
  • what makes change feel so hard,
  • why your being faced with these challenges, and
  • how to transition through what life brings you with ease and grace.

I hope it helps. Please share with someone who could use some ease and support during this time.


Life feel like chaos and emotions all over the place?

Click for video

Click for video

  • Are your emotions all over the place?

  • Relationships challenging, ending, old ones coming back, new ones starting?

  • Have there been sudden, swift life changes and you feel like you’re spinning?

  • Does it feel like you don’t have life direction, know what your next step is, and you are not motivated?



This video explains what this experience is about and how to move through these changes and transitions with ease and grace.

I share how this is impacting us emotionally, spiritually, physically and cellularly.

The video was transferred from a facebook live feed.

Essentially, the best of us is being called forth. Life is supporting us to make the necessary changes for us to align with what we have been asking for. If you are feeling this, it is a powerful time – take good care of yourself in the process.  There is so much magic, beauty, freedom, and power on the other side waiting for you.


Life Hacks for Emotional Freedom and Life Mastery

“Don’t look for miracles. You, yourself are the miracle.” Henry Miller

We were brought up being taught that it is the things outside of us that equate to our value and worthiness.  Then we spend a majority of our lives trying to attain these things – career, money, relationship, home, car.  When we do not attain these things or our life doesn’t look like what we are taught it should look like, we create underlying stress and disconnection from what life is truly about.  All of these things can be taken away and then what are we left with?  Ourselves.  And that is where we need to come back to – ourselves.

When we pull our attention and focus back to ourselves and not so outward focused, we have all our inner power.  Power to create what we desire – inner peace, freedom, love, happiness, joy.

Isn’t that what we all truly want to feel?

Click for video

Click for video

Sure, these “things” we attain may create these feelings but, generating the feelings within first is what helps us attract, manifest, and create the life we truly wish to experience.


It is time to drop all the should’s and have to’s.  It is time to create a life we love.

In the video I share 7 life hacks for emotional freedom and life mastery.  We are not taught this in school and it is one of the key elements in creating lasting, positive change in our lives.

It will seem too simple.  Yet, once you put into place these practices, you will begin to see positive results in all areas of your life.

  1. Stop comparing yourself
  2. Create healthy boundaries
  3. Stop making yourself wrong
  4. Do not believe everything you say to yourself
  5. Initiate good self care
  6. Honor your needs
  7. Take 100% responsibility

We are energetic beings.  We will attract what is a match to our inner vibration.  Wish to make a change?  It begins within.

This video will guide you to creating powerful, simple shifts to creating a life you love.




When you aren’t attracting love

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.43.29 PM

Click for 2 min video

Words have energy.

Your thoughts have energy.

Our beliefs hold energy.

What we believe about ourselves comes through to others.

Start telling a new story.

Shift our beliefs, our lives shift.



How to shift your energy

Life provides us opportunities to release energies in the form of emotion that we may not have felt in the past.

When you feel ‘off’ or cranky this short video will help you get back to feeling more at peace.



Managing powerful energy shifts

The last few years have been filled with massive, intense changes.  Am I right?

As 2015 rolled around I felt a bit of relief.  It felt as though a huge weight had been lifted.  Life was moving along with ease, opportunities showed up, magical synchronicities unveiled.  And then March arrived.  

Through these challenging (might I say chaotic?) few years I learned how to move through the intense energies that are moving through all of us. In this short video I share how to manage the powerful changes you may be experiencing during the times of BIG change.

Click to watch


Chakras simplified

What is a chakra?

A quick overview of your chakra system, the colors, and what they represent for you.

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