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Do these subconscious fears keep you from moving forward and…

… living the fullest expression of your life?

In this video (from a Facebook Livestream), I share five subconscious fears and the remedies to create a shift in your experience and support you in moving forward.

Before you decide to watch this or not – be aware of any part of your smallness or inner limitations that does not want you to watch this.

The five fears may not initially resonate with you… allow them to ruminate and see what surfaces.

The way subconscious beliefs work is they have been developed at some point where your mind may have felt it needed to create them to be “safe”.  And so, exploring them will cause your buried fears to rise up and fight to keep these subconscious fears and beliefs in place.

These subconscious fears run deep and effect all areas of your life.  And when you liberate yourself from them – all areas of your life shift and open up.

A shift into freedom and a fuller life experience is available – your smallness will want you to remain inside your comfort zone.  You have to consciously make different choice to create different outcomes for yourself.

These are the five subconscious fear I speak about in this video (along with the remedies).

1. Afraid you’ll lose control

2. Afraid you’ll be made fun of

3. Afraid of what could go wrong

4. Afraid you wont get what you want

5. Afraid you of not being liked.

Again, your mind might not even take these in or tell you that you don’t have these fears.  I encourage you to watch, listen and feel.

The video contains the remedies available for you to create a conscious shift in your experience.


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Living Life with NO Regrets

Life is too short to hold back any longer. 


Here is a link to a brief video shot via Facebook Live where I share a bit of my awareness, understanding and life experience about Living Life with NO Regrets.


If you feel like this is your year to invest in your growth, healing, and expansion… lets discuss what that looks like for you.



Transitioning from 2017 to 2018 – Making this the best year YET!

In this video I share –

  • what the current energy is presenting
  • how life is manifesting opportunities for growth and evolution
  • how your inner limitations are manifesting
  • what you can do to create change



The Period of Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth – Coming out on TOP and Empowered.

Things feel hard? Challenging? Intense?

While it may appear life circumstances are creating the intensity, it’s really internal clutter creating external chaos.

You see, what’s really happening is…the next BEST VERSION OF YOU is trying to make its way through you.

It all feels hard now because you’re resisting and holding back your GREATNESS.

click for video

Sounds crazy. Right?

“But this thing is happening and this person is doing this…..”

I know.

Hang with me….

Life circumstances are manifesting; some choices to be made; hard decisions in front of you.


What to do???



Are your inner limitations conditioned to keep you from manifesting?

Are you and have you been wanting to go beyond? To the next level? Attain a goal? 

Whatever that is for you… Whether it be around money, love, weight loss, career, relationships, health, business…

But, find yourself in a loop not quite being able to go beyond or maintain that next phase…?

You may have an inner limitation condition set to stop you in that area(s) of your life and goals.

Meaning, once you get to a certain point with money, love, health, etc., you get set back.  It could come in the form of self sabotage, distracting yourself, chaos, drama – something brings you steps back.

This condition is like an invisible ceiling.  We sense something is there but, we really can’t see it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life.  We’ve taken on and been passed down these conditions, beliefs and limitations from our ancestors, environment, societal expectations.  You’re a part of the greater whole and collective consciousness helping to clear the energy around all of this.

Therefore, the traditional way of attaining goals is outdated. 

You need to go beyond the ‘doing’ and taking action.  To break the inner limitation requires you to go inside yourself – look at mindset, energy and emotions.  Align your Mind, Body, Spirit to work in collaboration.

If you have noticed the inner limitation…




Are you denying yourself GREATNESS?

How great can you allow it to be?

“It is not our dark that most frightens us, it is our light.” Marianne Williamson

We are being guided to allow more greatness into our lives. 

Yet, are we subconsciously denying ourselves the greatness our heart and dreams desire?

Do we deny the growth and greatness by denying or avoiding our challenging experiences and circumstances?

Much of this growth and challenging experiences come through the relationships we have with others.  If we are courageous enough, we look within ourselves and we’ll see how we’re being shown the ways we are restricting ourselves from (more…)


Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain

Healing and the Metaphysical Perspective of Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain

Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Pain are serious subjects.  Anyone experiencing these should seek professional support.

I share my perspective (<–video) to shed light on the subject and remove the shame from having these feelings.

As a metaphysical practitioner I have a holistic perspective on emotional discord and the energetics of emotions. 

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

With that behind us…

I observe these emotions and feelings as a greater part of you reflecting back to you insight, information and guidance.  Yet, for some reason, not feeling fabulous all the time is wrong or bad.  So when these heavier feelings come up, a person tends to hold it all in, hide how they’re really feeling, and isolate themselves.  

But, how different is this from being laid up, needing help for a flu or a broken bone?  Why does heavier, harder, less than happy feelings carry so much shame that many feel badly about themselves when they are feeling this way?

Feelings are your inner guide. 

What I share inside this video are a couple of perspectives on what these feelings might be telling you.

If you prefer to read, below is the gist of it…



Opening to Possibilities…

… even in the difficult circumstances.

Are you feeling stuck in a painful situation?

  • A relationship?
  • A job?
  • A family dynamic that you can’t break free from?

Take this short break (click for video) with me as I invite you to be playful, to daydream and to have fun while you embrace your own freedom and open your minds to new possibilities. 

click pic for video

I will invite, inspire and even challenge you to recognize and seek other options available to you – especially in the more difficult situations.

Although many of us have learned since we were young to maneuver through these difficult situations, traumas or dysfunctions; it’s important to know that we have the power to choose something different.

Making new decisions might feel scary, but I will teach you how to train your brains to think about the possibilities instead of the pitfalls.  I will show how our thoughts and beliefs can form our realities. 

If you can begin to think about all the beautiful possibilities that live beyond this difficult situation – you can actually create them. You can live in a new reality. 

It takes a lot of courage to make your own decisions about life instead of letting life make the decisions for you.  #LiveinPossibilitiesNotinCircumstances  



Moving Through Energy Shifts, Expansions and Downloads

We just went through another big expansion and shift in energy.  Did you feel it?  What have you noticed?

We are in really powerful times and my intention is to guide you to using the energy to your highest advantage. 

Everyone is going through shifts and feeling the energy on some level.  There are different experiences and phases of the expansion.

What happens and how long it last is about what you do with what pops into your experience. 

For me, I felt a palpable shift – One day I woke up and everything felt different. #quantumleaps.  The world even looked different.

That morning – and since – has had the energy and essence of New Years Day.  You know – new beginnings, fresh starts, blank slate, fulfilled…

There is a whole other level of inner openness I feel.  I know it is a direct result of the inner work I have personally been doing as well as the energy that has been unleashed from running this last group – Mastery of YOU (no worries if you missed it – another group program is formulating now).  

It is surreal.  

I am also very much intrigued by



What Does “Be the Change You Wish to See” mean?

Join me on my hike for some soul nourishment and replenishment as I share my radical thoughts on how we can each take responsibility for changing the world. 

In this video, I will guide you to gently look at your own feelings with curiosity and investigate how you can make changes for yourself. 

Mahatma Ghandi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

What does that mean? 

How can I have any impact on the world when there is so much violence and so many mass shootings and senseless murders?! 

How can I make a difference to all the fear and anger in the world?

A common reaction is to become angry and frustrated and start pointing fingers at who is to blame for what is happening in the world.  People are through with sending thoughts and prayers and are demanding that we affect actual change!

My radical suggestion is that we can affect actual change by looking inward and changing what is going inside of us.

Our thoughts and feelings are energy and we are always projecting them into the world. When we are angry and blaming and fearful and judgmental, we are sending those ‘energy rockets’ into the world. 

Let’s look at these feelings and transmute them into something positive. Just like the butterfly can flap her wings and cause a tsunami, let’s intentionally be a tsunami of Love and Joy and Play, and send that wave out into the world!

If you are feeling angry, ask yourself:

  • How am I contributing to the anger in the world?
  • Who am I angry at?
  • My boss?
  • My neighbor?
  • My family?
  • Myself?
  • If you are feeling judgmental, look deeper:
  • How am I being judgmental in my own life?
  • Who do I judge when I’m walking by them?
  • How can I transform my inner judgment?
  • If you are feeling afraid, ask:
  • How can I transmute my fear?
  • What am I afraid of in my own life?
  • Putting myself out there?
  • Being in a relationship?
  • Being happy?
  • What will other people think of me?

I encourage you to experiment with how you can embrace your own feelings, and recognize how you are the expression of that in the world.  Begin to accept, with love, all of these parts of yourself and feel how your energy changes. 

When you deny your feelings, stuff them down, and point fingers at others, you are unwittingly projecting the anger and fear into the world.

Martin Luther King, Jr told us that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only light can do that.” 

You have the power to be the light that the world needs, simply by changing what is happening inside of yourself! 

Take responsibility for your own feelings, and your reactions and what you decide to do with them.  Accept all of the parts of you. It is empowering to be 100% responsible for ourselves; we give away our power when we blame and judge people.

I believe the reason we are here is to transmute these feelings that arise within and integrate the energies that move through us into LOVE.  And to guide each other home and to remind each other that we are all LOVE.

Please join me, with Love.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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