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Three simple keys to manifesting and how to get out of your own way

First thing I want to remind you is – you are more powerful than you have been taught.  You are always participating in the manifestation of your experiences.

:: If you are experiencing something that does not feel good, it is guidance to look within yourself – something is not aligned with what is really true for you.

:: If you feel like everything is hard and you are suffering – you just might be resisting the very thing you are wanting to come into your life.

Here are three simple keys to manifesting and how to identify if you’re in your own way.

1. Get clear on your desires. What is is that you really want to experience?

Beliefs that keep clarity from arising:

  • I’m not worthy
  • I don’t’ deserve it
  • I can’t have it or be it
  • What price will I have to pay?
  • I will be abandoned
  • I can’t do better or have more than my family

2. Feel what it feels like to already be in the desired experience.

What keeps you from aligning to the vibrations:

  • Energetic walls – the belief systems you have carry energy
  • Distractions, chaos, drama
  • Focus and attention goes to the change happening outside of you
  • Inner programs of fear, patterns of protection within divert the energy
  • Subconscious programing to keep you inside patterns from family unit, society, ancestry, past lives

3. Let it go

Why it is a challenge to let go, trust, surrender, and allow:

  • The need to control all conditions
  • Fear of losing control to the changes in life
  • Determined it can only happen a specific way or not being open to other possibilities
  • Having a stronger belief in the impossibility of it

Some additional questions to ask yourself:

:: Are subconscious fears and buried beliefs the things manifesting my experience?

:: Do I have energetic blocks or programs running that keep me from what I really want?

:: Am I able to have faith, to trust, and to surrender – unconditionally?

:: Is there an underlying need for me to control everything?

You do not have a desire for something without the possibility of having it also existing.

It is about you choosing –

  • choosing your desires,
  • choosing yourself,
  • choosing what it takes to align,
  • choosing to let go,
  • choosing to allow,
  • choosing radical self love…

Not choosing is choosing.  You have more power than you’ve been taught.  Use it consciously and watch what happens in  your life.


Kelly Ann


Are you going through some big changes?

This article and video links inside may help.

You are more than who you’ve known yourself to be.
More of you is integrating.
This can push the core fears, buried beliefs, painful patterns to the surface.
You’re being led to align with a greater vibration than you’ve yet to experience.
It may cause some chaos.
The video brings you through what to be aware of so you can come out on top and CLAIM what you’ve called forth (and what this is all about anyway!) rather than falling into old comfort patterns.

Are you going through a Spiritual Awakening?

Do you feel like you’re going crazy?

Is your body feeling all sorts of pain and brokenness?

Are your emotions all over the place?

Life seem to be falling apart?

Oh! I totally get it.  I have been there.  And, had I known then what I know now, my suffering and hard times would not have been so challenging for so long.

If you’re going through some big changes and challenges, seemingly out of nowhere, you’re likely going through a Spiritual Awakening.

What does that mean?

The way I see it is your human self and your Soul are merging.  Your Soul being an energy – a grander part of you, the essence of who you are merging more deeply into your human experience.

You’re becoming more embodied with the essence of all of who you are.  The essence of you that holds no stories, fears, lack, limitation.  The essence of you that is unconditional love, brilliance, talent, pureness.

As your Soul merges, the buried beliefs, subconscious cycles, painful patterns rise up to be released.  They are not a match or in resonance with the pureness of your Souls energetic imprint.

Everything you took on is being burnt off – ancestral patterns, societal beliefs, life experience limitations. 

More of you coming through to be expressed.  The more that you’ve been calling forth.  The more you’ve asked to experience. 

The keys to moving through a Spiritual Awakening are:

  • Intention
  • Trust
  • Faith
  • Surrender
  • Empowerment

Watch this video for guidance to move through these swift shifts and what to be aware of that may stop you from moving through with ease and grace.

Do you want support through your journey?  Are you ready to invest time, attention, and energy into yourself?

You are not meant to struggle through this process.

If you’re going through some change and are ready to:

  • tap more deeply into yourself to know your guidance,
  • to trust what you are hearing,
  • to have faith in the leaps your being guided to,
  • and ready to surrender to the process

I have several programs available that are custom designed for your unique process and path.

If you’re really ready – because there is no more time to be hiding out and playing small…. BEGIN HERE and apply for a call where we’ll talk about where you are on your path and how my energy, emotional, and spiritual healing processes will support your growth and evolution. 

In case it is not clear…

My programs are for those who know much of what I shared above is part of the process but no longer want to get pulled down by emotions, tossed about by chaos and drama, stuck in their smallness, and being held back by their fears. 

My programs are for those who want to live in Faith, Trust, Surrender, and in their Power.  For those who are ready for the ride of their life and know they are the driver of the car. 


What do you need to let go of …

…in order for what you’ve been asking for to come through to you?

In this video, I share about what Energy is, what Shifts feel like, what is happening now in Relationships, how Anxiousness is showing up, and the necessity of Soul Nourishment.

I also provided mini Intuitive Readings to those who were on live.  Watch the entire video – You’ll likely receive clarity and guidance from what came through for the others.

It is important for you to know MORE wants to come through you and YOU are the one who has the capacity to allow it to happen.

The current theme and guidance is “What are you holding on to?”

You cannot continue doing what you’ve always done and expect different results.

The desires you’ve called forth are also asking you to step up and into the truth of who you are.

Holding on and resisting the changes is what causes the difficulties and challenges – more than following through with where you’re being guided.

I pinky swear!  It is more challenging to remain as is than to surrender to what is ready to be released.

And, I know some of this energy and life experiences are calling forth a brave, courageous look within yourself.  The nudges are bringing you to truly be standing up for you and what you desire.  This can stir up all the internal things – fears, buried beliefs, past pains, subconscious cycles.

It is time to break the patterns and tap into your natural flow!

If it is in your heart, it is possible.  And not as hard as your smallness and limitations will tell you. (pinky swear, again)

You really don’t have to do this alone.  I am here when you’re ready to have the guidance, support and clarity to take you into the next level.

In my Intuitive Psychic work, I see all the potential possibilities available to you but, I can’t do it for you.

You have to choose YOU first.

In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell icon to receive notifications of the new videos as they roll out.

Kelly Ann


Lastly, I highly encourage you to no longer allow your smallness, limitations and fears to make your decisions that keep you from stepping up and owning your inner power and innate gifts.

Make your choices and decisions from the person you are ready to BE. 

If you’re ready to dive in and make the lasting change your heart desires… There are eight spaces left for a complementary Intuitive Energy Assessment through January 31, 2018.

On the call, I will read your energy and share where the buried beliefs, false fears, and subconscious cycles are holding you back.

I’ll share what I see the best course of action of aligning with your truth looks like, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to do some transformational work together.


The unknown can feel scary.
To me, remaining the same is even scarier.



Do these subconscious fears keep you from moving forward and…

… living the fullest expression of your life?

In this video (from a Facebook Livestream), I share five subconscious fears and the remedies to create a shift in your experience and support you in moving forward.

Before you decide to watch this or not – be aware of any part of your smallness or inner limitations that does not want you to watch this.

The five fears may not initially resonate with you… allow them to ruminate and see what surfaces.

The way subconscious beliefs work is they have been developed at some point where your mind may have felt it needed to create them to be “safe”.  And so, exploring them will cause your buried fears to rise up and fight to keep these subconscious fears and beliefs in place.

These subconscious fears run deep and effect all areas of your life.  And when you liberate yourself from them – all areas of your life shift and open up.

A shift into freedom and a fuller life experience is available – your smallness will want you to remain inside your comfort zone.  You have to consciously make different choice to create different outcomes for yourself.

These are the five subconscious fear I speak about in this video (along with the remedies).

1. Afraid you’ll lose control

2. Afraid you’ll be made fun of

3. Afraid of what could go wrong

4. Afraid you wont get what you want

5. Afraid you of not being liked.

Again, your mind might not even take these in or tell you that you don’t have these fears.  I encourage you to watch, listen and feel.

The video contains the remedies available for you to create a conscious shift in your experience.


P.S. If you dig my YouTube videos, please subscribe, comment, share. I love hearing from you!


Living Life with NO Regrets

Life is too short to hold back any longer. 


Here is a link to a brief video shot via Facebook Live where I share a bit of my awareness, understanding and life experience about Living Life with NO Regrets.


If you feel like this is your year to invest in your growth, healing, and expansion… lets discuss what that looks like for you.



Transitioning from 2017 to 2018 – Making this the best year YET!

In this video I share –

  • what the current energy is presenting
  • how life is manifesting opportunities for growth and evolution
  • how your inner limitations are manifesting
  • what you can do to create change



The Period of Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth – Coming out on TOP and Empowered.

Things feel hard? Challenging? Intense?

While it may appear life circumstances are creating the intensity, it’s really internal clutter creating external chaos.

You see, what’s really happening is…the next BEST VERSION OF YOU is trying to make its way through you.

It all feels hard now because you’re resisting and holding back your GREATNESS.

click for video

Sounds crazy. Right?

“But this thing is happening and this person is doing this…..”

I know.

Hang with me….

Life circumstances are manifesting; some choices to be made; hard decisions in front of you.


What to do???



Are your inner limitations conditioned to keep you from manifesting?

Are you and have you been wanting to go beyond? To the next level? Attain a goal? 

Whatever that is for you… Whether it be around money, love, weight loss, career, relationships, health, business…

But, find yourself in a loop not quite being able to go beyond or maintain that next phase…?

You may have an inner limitation condition set to stop you in that area(s) of your life and goals.

Meaning, once you get to a certain point with money, love, health, etc., you get set back.  It could come in the form of self sabotage, distracting yourself, chaos, drama – something brings you steps back.

This condition is like an invisible ceiling.  We sense something is there but, we really can’t see it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life.  We’ve taken on and been passed down these conditions, beliefs and limitations from our ancestors, environment, societal expectations.  You’re a part of the greater whole and collective consciousness helping to clear the energy around all of this.

Therefore, the traditional way of attaining goals is outdated. 

You need to go beyond the ‘doing’ and taking action.  To break the inner limitation requires you to go inside yourself – look at mindset, energy and emotions.  Align your Mind, Body, Spirit to work in collaboration.

If you have noticed the inner limitation…




Are you denying yourself GREATNESS?

How great can you allow it to be?

“It is not our dark that most frightens us, it is our light.” Marianne Williamson

We are being guided to allow more greatness into our lives. 

Yet, are we subconsciously denying ourselves the greatness our heart and dreams desire?

Do we deny the growth and greatness by denying or avoiding our challenging experiences and circumstances?

Much of this growth and challenging experiences come through the relationships we have with others.  If we are courageous enough, we look within ourselves and we’ll see how we’re being shown the ways we are restricting ourselves from (more…)

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