When change happens

Are you going through a CHANGE?  I recently posted about the theme of this energy being:

‘What do I need to RELEASE or let go of in order to allow what I’ve been asking for?”

And with that process comes change.  Right?

Change can stir things up and it is uncomfortable.  One of the biggest reasons people remain stuck and still.  Not wanting to feel the discomfort of change.

I know safety, security, and knowing what is going to happen feels better for the ego and personality.  But… Remember – You’ve asked for more and better!

Heres the deal… The stirring up is an indicator of not being in alignment with what you want and what wants to come through you.  Change is guiding you to get really clear and claim what you want and who you want to be.

When you avoid doing the thing you know you need to do in order to get what you want (change required) – life may make the changes for you.

Sometimes the change is gradual, other times you had been receiving nudges hinting to you about decisions and choices you need to make, and then other times sometimes change comes super fast and seemingly out of no where.

Where you get stuck is looking at the person or event playing out the change with you and prevent the flow of change energy from moving through. 

This manifests as all kinds of drama and chaos.

If you can take a step back and see where life is leading you, what that decision and next step really means, and that all of it is FOR YOU – the process of change happens with more flow and ease.

I know – easier said than done.  Yet, this is true empowerment.

Know that your Soul is guiding you… Don’t allow your ego or personality to get in the way… Surrender. Have Faith and Trust exactly what is happening is bringing you to what is most aligned for your highest and best good.


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