Are your inner limitations conditioned to keep you from manifesting?

Are you and have you been wanting to go beyond? To the next level? Attain a goal? 

Whatever that is for you… Whether it be around money, love, weight loss, career, relationships, health, business…

But, find yourself in a loop not quite being able to go beyond or maintain that next phase…?

You may have an inner limitation condition set to stop you in that area(s) of your life and goals.

Meaning, once you get to a certain point with money, love, health, etc., you get set back.  It could come in the form of self sabotage, distracting yourself, chaos, drama – something brings you steps back.

This condition is like an invisible ceiling.  We sense something is there but, we really can’t see it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life.  We’ve taken on and been passed down these conditions, beliefs and limitations from our ancestors, environment, societal expectations.  You’re a part of the greater whole and collective consciousness helping to clear the energy around all of this.

Therefore, the traditional way of attaining goals is outdated. 

You need to go beyond the ‘doing’ and taking action.  To break the inner limitation requires you to go inside yourself – look at mindset, energy and emotions.  Align your Mind, Body, Spirit to work in collaboration.

If you have noticed the inner limitation…


  1. What do I really want for myself?  So often we are just carrying on as our own what others before us did and how they lived – forgetting for ourselves what we really want to experience and who we are in this life.
  2. When and how do I stop myself?  How do I divert myself from my dream and vision?  Self sabotage, distractions, self doubt, negative thought patterns…
  3. What are my beliefs about what I want to create for myself?  Are they supportive or doubtful?

So, as you get clear in what you really want for yourself and the inner limitations rise up to your awareness – greet everything with love and compassion.  Then make the courageous, conscious choice that is aligned with your desires.  There will be pieces that pop up and distract you but, you’ll be aware and make the empowered choice. 

Repeat as necessary.

You are more powerful than you’ve been taught…. Play with this exercise in awareness, love and energy then let me know what shifts for you.


Kelly Ann


P.S.  Here is a link to a video where I speak about this.


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