Are you denying yourself GREATNESS?

How great can you allow it to be?

“It is not our dark that most frightens us, it is our light.” Marianne Williamson

We are being guided to allow more greatness into our lives. 

Yet, are we subconsciously denying ourselves the greatness our heart and dreams desire?

Do we deny the growth and greatness by denying or avoiding our challenging experiences and circumstances?

Much of this growth and challenging experiences come through the relationships we have with others.  If we are courageous enough, we look within ourselves and we’ll see how we’re being shown the ways we are restricting ourselves from allowing what we really want.

Denying ourselves the greatness right in front of us!

We are powerful manifesters.  We have dreams and visions and bring them into reality.  But, with that we also bring to the surface the cycles and patterns that throw things off kilter or knock away what we just attracted.

Here is where we are being given the opportunity to bravely put down the inner barriers, fears, ego, and allow ourselves to courageously allow greatness to integrate through our lives – in whatever form you’re ready for now.

In seeing and experiencing some of that greatness, here is where we’ll see and be shown the limitations we are dragging along and holding us back from what we really want.

Life is asking us…. “Do you REALLY want to keep dragging that along with you?”

We know we are dragging because things feel uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable because we’re denying the greatness we can be experiencing.

This is where the cycles and patterns repeat until we go inside and look at what is going on there that is manifesting in the outer experience.  We developed these inner patterns as protection mechanisms from past pain and trauma.  Annnndddd…. 

  • We have asked for MORE. 
  • Life brings it. 
  • THEN – We have to let go of the inner barriers to it.

Yeah, so, it takes courage, compassion, radical self love to allow these wounded parts of us to surface – to have love and light shone upon them.  And, it is the only way beyond – to the next level.

When we are feeling conflict in our experiences?  We need to ask ourselves:

  • What am I believing about myself here?
  • What thoughts am I thinking about this circumstance?
  • What familiar story is playing out in this current manifestation?

When we are truly honest and compassionate with ourselves, we can see we’ve manifested the challenging experiences to help us release the barriers to love (in whatever form it is being presented to us).

Because when it boils down to it, there is only Love or Fear.

Choosing love blasts through the blocks and barriers that prevent what we want.

Choosing fear keeps the barriers, patterns, and cycles in place.

And, here is where we can ask ourselves:

  • “How GREAT can I allow it?” From there we will see where our mind focuses towards. 
  • “What perception or filter am I looking through?”  One of fear, past pain, or love?
  • “Where am I focused?” I what is wrong or on what I really want?

As we focus on love and the desires within our hearts, we will naturally be shown the limitations to greatness we hold.  We need to allow everything to rise up and be met with compassion and love.  And to give space for what rises to be heard.  (I do this in meditation or writing it out).

The courageous act is to see what has been hidden out for so long, to shine the light on the pain, trauma, fears.  Not to make them wrong but, to embrace them so we can also embrace the greatness ready to come through and be experienced.

Go within.

Choose love.

Meet what arises with compassion.

Choose and claim what you REALLY want.

Watch, witness, and adjust as necessary.


Here is the link to a video where I also speak on this.


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