Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain

Healing and the Metaphysical Perspective of Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain

Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Pain are serious subjects.  Anyone experiencing these should seek professional support.

I share my perspective (<–video) to shed light on the subject and remove the shame from having these feelings.

As a metaphysical practitioner I have a holistic perspective on emotional discord and the energetics of emotions. 

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

With that behind us…

I observe these emotions and feelings as a greater part of you reflecting back to you insight, information and guidance.  Yet, for some reason, not feeling fabulous all the time is wrong or bad.  So when these heavier feelings come up, a person tends to hold it all in, hide how they’re really feeling, and isolate themselves.  

But, how different is this from being laid up, needing help for a flu or a broken bone?  Why does heavier, harder, less than happy feelings carry so much shame that many feel badly about themselves when they are feeling this way?

Feelings are your inner guide. 

What I share inside this video are a couple of perspectives on what these feelings might be telling you.

If you prefer to read, below is the gist of it…

From a metaphysical perspective, when you are feeling heavy, sad, fearful, anxious feelings, your inner guidance system is sending a signal you are on a cusp of change.  The hard feelings come from you holding parts of yourself back. 

The feelings are a manifestation of something inside you can no longer hold onto in order to align with the change ready to happen through you, where you are headed, and what you are ready to experience. 

The thing is… how change and alignment happen are unknown.  The unknown kicks up feelings and energies inside.  Then it is decided to label this experience “depression” or “anxiety”.

The challenge with the label is it boxes you in.  This is limiting, to what the feelings and energy are trying to communicate, by placing a container around the experience by labeling it.

If you want to go beyond the label, some questions to ask oneself are – 

If you’re feeling “depressed”… ask yourself:

  • Am I placing my thoughts and attention on the past?
  • Am I holding back parts of myself that want to come through?
  • Am I growing and parts of my old self are dissolving?

If you’re feeling “anxious”… ask yourself:

  • Am I placing my thoughts and attention on the future?
  • Am I projecting all the things that could go wrong in the future?
  • Is an expanded part of me trying to come through and integrate in my experience?

I know it can all feel really hard when the feelings and energy are in this space.  Do your best to make a shift to the next best feeling. 

Here are some practical options to support yourself in creating some positive movement and shift in your energy:

  1. Get support – a professional to help guide you. They can help you see what you cannot see for yourself.
  2. Food – pay attention to what you have eaten before these feelings kicked in. Some foods can cause emotional imbalance.
  3. Supplements – does your body need additional support? Check with your health care professional.
  4. Move your body – exercise, stretching, walking. Energy likes movement. Sweating is great to help release toxins that can also cause you to feel emotionally toxic.
  5. Change your behaviors – shakes up the inner patterns. Get up earlier. Go to be a steady time. Move your drinking glasses, silverware, or cabinets around. Drive a different way to the grocery, family, or office.  It wakes up different parts of your brain.
  6. Watch something funny.  Laughter helps open things up and bring you to the next better feeling.

Ignore the part of you that may pop up and say any of this is a waste of time and won’t work. 

Determine your go-to shift makers and use them when these heavier, harder feelings appear.  You’ll see how it helps shift your energy and up level your vibration to allow what is ready to move through you, to move through you.

And, tears are not such a bad thing…. Also part of the release.  Allow them. 

Here is a summaryStop trying to control the process and you will feel much better and in the flow.  Keep your mind focused on how you want to feel.  Do the things that make you feel good.  Make your vibration your priority.

Take care of your Mind, Body, Spirit…. it matters. YOU matter.

Here is the video link again.


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