When you feel frustrated, stuck, and ready to take the next step but…

Do you self sabotage?  You have really great intentions but, somehow don’t follow through or stop yourself?

Do you notice patterns and cycles that you cannot seem to break?

Do you know there is more meant for you to express and live more fully into life but, cannot seem to make it happen?

In this video I speak about how to get clear in what is holding back, allow the resolution, and step into the greatness making its way through you.

When you’re feeling stuck, resistant, and self sabotaging….

There may be more that is ready to come through you and part of you is resisting it.

You know it because you feel discomfort.

The discomfort is manifesting in your relationships, body, and experiences (money, job, interactions, home…)

You cannot avoid what is trying to come through you right now.

The grandest piece of yourself ready to come through is here. The authentic expression of you.

The thing is… parts of you are resisting it and that is where the discomfort is.

On some level you know there is more for you ready to be expressed and your life to feel authentic and fulfilled.

If you’re denying it, there is tension – emotional and physical tension.  Your body and feelings are your compass.  Watch the video for guidance on how to move through what is holding you back.

Some of this stuff hides deep within us.  If you are feeling stuck and ready for support in transformation, reach out.

As an Intuitive, I identify where you are feeling stuck and guide you to moving through.  I use various energy healing techniques and modalities to help my clients release and transmute these patterns on the emotional, physical and spiritual level.

You can read more about the process and results on my website and youtube channel.


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