Are you going through changes?

I’ve got great news for you… we are in HUGE change energy.

Like, life-changing energy is upon us.

I am writing to you today to share two important aspects inside the process of  CHANGE.

First, when making a change in this kind of energy, there comes a choice point between Fear or Faith.

It happens every.single.time there is an opportunity for you to take a leap or change directions.

You always have a choice – we live in a ‘free will’ universe.  Yay us!

You can choose to follow something known (fear) or something unknown (faith).

Hence, it is why you are always responsible for your outcomes.  Always. (Know this and watch your life uplevel)

Here is one choice point that keeps people from making the lasting change their heart craves…

Even when the current reality is uncomfortable, it is familiar and the ego likes familiar and known.  Ugh!

Don’t let your ego choose.   This very well may be the change you’ve been wanting!

Understand that when heading into new, unknown territory, your internal energetic patterns and subconscious thought process mechanisms may need to be re-routed for the change you are moving toward to effectively occur – and last.

And your mind may do all it can to hold on.  Even to what is not working for you any longer.

(It is also why my work and approach is a holistic one – looking at every aspect of your life and creating a custom approach just for you)

When the internal programming and mechanisms are not re-routed, it manifests as – 
– self-sabotage,
– roller coaster ups and downs,
– feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel,
– overwhelm,
– feeling stuck, stagnant, stale…

Any of this feel familiar?

What if all you’ve wanted is on the other side of it all? 

Wouldn’t it be worth it to take a deep look and understand what you’re dealing with underneath it all?  To know what the thing(s) operating your system and deriving the outcomes you’re having are?

The second aspect to understanding and EMBRACING this change energy we are in is…

taking Soul Aligned Action.

Soul aligned action comes from an inner voice, an inspiration and an elevated feeling of excitement and passion.

It feels like the gears click into place and you’re in flow, moving forward.

It is not something from your mind or logic – it is likely an unknown to your mind.

In this space and energy you are being guided to expand beyond what your mind can calculate.

Coming from Soul Aligned Guidance means:
– the next step is the only visible piece
– the whole picture isn’t clear
– you won’t know the ‘how’ it is all done
– you have no control
– you are unattached to the outcome
– you’re not worried what others may think

Sure, a little scary (or a lot) but, while you may still feel fear, it is a fear more about going outside your comfort zone and breaking through your limitations.

Don’t let the fear energy stop you.  Listen to your heart, intuition, your gut instinct.

A side benefit – your confidence will increase.  Taking Soul Aligned action uplevels your vibe because your knowing, intuition, and self-trust gets stronger as you use it more.

Sure, you might stumble or flop along the way but, you’ll also get stronger, trust yourself more, become more clear on your desires and realize you are your best ally.

You are your Medicine.


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