Set yourself free from guilt

The other day I wrote about the shame and guilt paradigm dissolving and the impacts shame has.

Today I want to share a bit more about guilt.

The difference between guilt and shame are –

:: guilt is something you believe about yourself

:: shame is something another believes about you and you took it on.

The impacts of having both these energies underlying your energetic vibration are debilitating to any efforts of moving forward or having more and better for your life. 

You can take all the courses, read all the books, follow the blueprints, have a dating profile up but, if you have guilt or shame playing out under the surface you’ll feel stuck, stagnant and sabotage any forward momentum you are able to attain.

Guilt will keep you from allowing your desires to manifest.  Depending on how deeply interwoven, guilt will prevent you from even having desires.

Guilt gets buried so deep you become unconscious to the ways it plays out in your life.  It becomes an automated operating system you are blind to because on some level it acts as a protection from feeling the feelings guilt represents.

As with all feelings, guilt carries an energetic vibration that attracts similar. 

Some shadow aspects of guilt are feelings of unworthiness and not deserving.  If you only address the shadow and not the core, the energetic pattern will continue to play out in your life.

The patterns play out by feeling stuck, being in a pattern you can’t get out of, attracting people and experiences that match the underlying belief of guilt.

It manifests as relationships not working out, the health plan or workout routine is sabotaged, you can’t seem to bring in the money you want, your creativity is halted, you can’t quite get your business rolling…


Guilt is learned through family – passed down like a family recipe.  It is taken on from an experience you didn’t have emotional intelligence at the time to resolve.  It is subliminally taught through institutions to keep you limited.

These limiting paradigms are dissolving.  I believe those drawn to this writing and my work are an integral component to clearing and dissolving the paradigm.  What you shift within, shifts collectively. 

Therefore, through this process of dissolving, the energies and patterns of shame and guilt rise up.  You’ll see it around you and also within you. 

As it rises to be resolved you’ll witness how –

:: you’re carrying guilt and shame in your body (the body is the messenger of the subconscious mind)

:: it plays out in your life through people and interactions

:: it holds you back from what your heart and soul know is possible

Your soul is calling it all forth to help you see, transmute and release.

You are a part of the team creating Heaven on Earth.

While it may very tempting to ignore, avoid or stuff down these feelings, facing and doing what is required to clear the pattern is the path to the freedom and allowing what you desire to come into your life. 

To shift and heal this does not come from changing the people or experiences outside of you.  You have it within to clear and release these patterns. 

Once you clear these energetic patterns – 

: have available to you the energy this feeling was holding.

: open up the doors and channels of creation this pattern was closing off and blocking.

: attract people and experiences that match your new vibration.

: are connected more fully to your power to create more of what you want.

If things in your life are not going the way your heart desires and your soul knows is possible and you are ready to give yourself the time, energy and attention you deserve, message me about where you are at and what you are ready for. 

As an Intuitive healer and energy alchemist, I get to the core of the energetic pattern and clear the vibration; supporting you in aligning with the realm and reality of possibilities available to you.

This work is life-changing.  Releasing what has been holding you back is priceless.  You wouldn’t have the desires you do if they weren’t possible and available to you. 

Isn’t it about time you set yourself free?


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