Healing Past Pains and the Key to Freedom

I’ve got a mind hack that just may be THE THING that has been holding you back.

If you are showing up here, and watching this video, then you understand the energy of consciousness and the Law of Attraction and having a positive mindset and focusing on where we want to go.

Yet, you can’t get there if something is misaligned.  There is unconscious stuff happening below the surface that you have control over to make the shift!

As an Intuitive Healer, I  move through the world a little bit differently.  My mind sees the energy of the collective consciousness and I can break it down and be the bridge to help you understand your own inner workings.

Sometimes our minds get tangled up like an old fishing line or a slinky and it can be very challenging to untangle all of that.  I can help you master your own belief system and really get to know what’s going on inside yourself!

Sometimes those things that are tangled up inside of us won’t even allow you to show up, or be aware of the misalignment within. And the beauty of this work is that you don’t need to go digging around in the past to look for what is holding you back.  As you keep your focus ahead and move forward – the past pains and things in the way will naturally rise to the surface.

Your buried beliefs, past patterns and subconscious cycles are what is stopping you from moving forward. Once you begin to recognize them, you can make a different choice!

How do you begin?

Focus on where you want to go, and especially how you want to feel:

  • Do you want to feel free?

  • Do you want to feel empowered?

  • Do you want to feel that you are following your life’s mission?

  • Do you want to be at peace and feel joy?

Do not get distracted by looking at what is wrong – it takes you off your path.

As you move forward, you will notice certain fears and pains getting in the way.  These may be fears that were projected onto you from other people:

  • Afraid of moving forward

  • Afraid of being judged

  • Afraid of success

  • Afraid you might grow beyond your inner circle.

Is the fear of this pain holding you back?

Look at the stories you have been telling yourself – or the stories you believed when they were told to you:

  • Freedom is hard – it comes at great cost

  • Life is hard

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • Everyone is suffering – who are you to want more?

Believing these stories is painful, and can become a big distraction.  Moving forward can feel vulnerable and scary, staying with this pain can start to feel comfortable. But the way this energy is moving, holding yourself back is going to start to feel more uncomfortable than moving beyond the pain!

The Golden Ticket is beyond the pain!

And the pain is just a perception – you think that if you move forward you might feel shame, or guilt, or abandoned, or judged, or there might be too much responsibility and you can’t handle it.

You are in control of your pain.

What happens is… you put all the pain in a bucket and hold it up in front of yourself as a barrier.  The bucket is full of your fears and stories you are telling yourself of what might happen if you go too far!

The mind trick is… you know these stories and these pains and how to manage them.  The real fear is if you were to let go of this pain and barrier you might subject yourself to a myriad of ways different pain might come at you.  Your mind says you won’t be able to control the pain that comes from others.

And the Truth Bomb is this:  Letting Go is not nearly as scary as your brain would have you believe. And the fear you are afraid you might be subjected to – may not even be real!

When you let go of your pain and perceived stories, you can be:

  • Healthy

  • Wealthy

  • Fit

  • Free

  • Follow your life’s passion

  • Be your awesome self!

It’s all right on the other side, beyond your comfort zone, beyond the pain and the buried beliefs that are keeping you small.

It is time.  You are amazing and it is time for you to UNLEASH your amazing awesome self! This energy will not let you hold back much longer – your comfort zones are becoming uncomfortable because you know there is more for you!

It’s time to do the inner work.  Ask yourself;

  • How comfortable have I become in my own pain?

  • What aspects of myself are coming forward trying to keep me small?

As you begin to expand and grow, certain aspects of yourself will be kicked up – trying to keep you safe, and comfortable. They may be holding that protective pain barrier in front of you, keeping you from getting where you want to go.

You can’t just bypass them, because they will keep popping up and distracting you.  With awareness, you can recognize these aspects of yourself, allow the feelings, be present with them and release them and let them dissolve.

I am here to help you break through the barrier and set yourself free.

I have a special program package only available until December 31, 2017 or until the remaining three spots are filled.

It is a 21-day, full access to me, one on one program called Unleash Your Power and Align Your Energy.  Click the link for details.

Don’t let the pain from the past, stories you’ve picked up from others, or the perceived fears hold you back any longer from what your heart desires and knows is available. You can create the shift you need to move onto your true path!

Here is a link to a video on this topic.  Enjoy, share, comment, like….


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