Harness the powerful energy guiding you to ascend

We are in the presence of an energy opening available to support us in making powerful, huge changes and to take quantum leaps in our lives.

To leap, to own your inner light and brilliance, to claim your hearts desire can feel scary. It doesn’t have to be. With the energy present, you don’t need to break through all that has been holding you back – simply claim it.

This time is really so much about connecting into a grander piece of yourself. Your inner power, light, brilliance, and your magic. To claim what your heart desires. To leap into the unknown because that is where your intuition is leading you.

Do you feel the energy shifts we’re going through?  The energy here, at this time, is supporting us in choosing the larger, grander parts of ourselves.

You know you’re shifting when your body shows physical symptoms, your minds get a little busier, you begin to clearly see patterns and cycles playingout…

We are energy.  We all receive upgrades just like our phone, app, computers upgrade.  an upgrade may show up as chaos in our lives.

Our physical body may show symptoms – dizziness, headache, digestion challenges, body aches and pains.  Our emotional pain also arises.  Fears of survival, feeling lack, overwhelm – manifesting as depression, anxiety.

The more we relax into the process and know it doesn’t have to be challenging to upgrade, the smoother we move through it.

Life may change.  Relationships may change.  Physical, energetic and emotional bodies are changing and upgrading.

In our lives we are being presented with an opportunity to experience and have what we deeply and truly desire.  The only thing in the ways is ourselves.

The way is through release, surrender, trust, faith. To let go of the unconscious limitations, fears, ancestral patterns, cellular memory, buried beliefs…

It is as though all we had been putting into our vortexes of desires is now right in front of us.  What are we holding on to that is preventing us from opening up to what we really want.

Could be false fears – learned, passed on from others keeping us from stepping forward.

Buried beliefs – something, some meaning made about ourselves that isn’t true and its showing up as subtle sabotage.

Past pains – broke hearts, trauma, betrayal, abandonment… Painful experiences we do not want to repeat again so we put up walls around our hearts and entire beings.

Slowing down, being present, listening to what your body needs is going to bring you to the space where the expansion of you already exists.  Think of it as a plug in station for hybrid cars.  Or where the most rockinest dance party is at full force, tearin’ it up dancing and music blaring already going on.  You just have to allow and show up as you are guided to.

What I’ve seen with this energy is as if every dream we’ve dreamt, every desire we’ve had, every wish, hope, manifestation we’ve given to the universe – it is here, right in front of us.  Available.

Now is a time of choosing.

It may feel scary because you don’t know what is ahead. But, you do.  Choose.  Decide.  It is just that maybe you’ve become more comfortable with the discomfort and pain.

This time (whenever you find this post, its your time) is about choosing another way.  Allowing ease in the upgrade.  Asking for a hand to hold as you cross the threshold.  To see and be seen for the truth of who you are.  Feeling empowered. Creating a new energetic imprint.

It is like once you’ve had the upgrade and entry to the dance party, you don’t really ever want to go backwards.

Ascend into that new space with ease and grace.

It’s kind of like a speakeasy… You know the space exists… Easier to get there with someone who has been there already.

Are you ready to feel and express more of your magnificence?  Let the upgrade begin.


  • Iris

    Hi Kelly, how are you, miss seeing you, but love your posts. Are you talking about ascending into the fifth dimension, using the Violet Flame & Ascended Masters, just wondering
    Much love, Iris

    • kellyann22

      Hi Iris, Miss see you (in person) too. Yes, that is what I’m talking about. Using whatever one is led to expand and ascend by. There is no one way in particular. Each must find what is best for themselves.

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