Does this happen to you when you go through shifts and upgrades? 

When you’re receiving heavy duty downloads and upgrades, many shifts in your life can occur.    

It can look like:

  • People triggers – you triggering them, them triggering you.
  • Relationship challenges.
  • Old wounds rising up.
  • Fear patterns playing out.
  • Buried beliefs being mirrored back in real time.
  • Self imposed limitations becoming tighter than those jeans you wore back in high school.

How I roll through the shifts…

I listen to my body and what it needs.  Beyond the “why” this is happening,  I trust my body and Soul know what it needs and will guide me.  The trick is surrendering to it. 

Being vs. doing.   

It is not always easy for me to be still.  But, if I don’t listen, all other chaos unfolds.  I trust the process.  My Soul was calling.

So, all day Saturday I was in my PJ’s (until I got dressed Sunday afternoon)  I moved from one couch to the other – writing, meditating, reading, integrating energies, allowing my body to receive and stretch into this next version. 

Later, I cried through three hours of This is Us. 

It was totally intentional to watch back to back episodes of that brilliant show to support myself in moving energy through me. 

Tears felt so cathartic.  No stories.  Just allowing the energies to move through with the tears.

When that was complete, I rose from the couch feeling lighter – emotionally and physically

On Sunday I started slow, feeling the integration still in process.  Then the movement came – one of my favorite ways to move energy.  DANCE.

I danced through my living room and kitchen sporadically throwing in some yoga stretches and squats with arm presses.  For real – “Dance like no one is watching.”   

It felt good to BE in this body – taller, stronger, more integrated. 

While there are some outer things in my experience spinning out due to this shift, I keep focused on my power and stance. 

I know what is happening is burn off.  

:: Embers dying out from the fire I set aflame to what is not working for me and what no longer resonates. 

:: Old vibrations. 

:: Old patterns.

:: Old beliefs.  

The manifestation of what I’ve elevated from now spinning out and dying off. 

I witnessed my mind and ego struggle with the stories around what is happening and wanting it to be a different experience. 

But, it is what it is. It is all FOR ME and my highest good.

When we:

  • try to grasp on to what is leaving,
  • comfort or support the other person in the experience,
  • attempt to stop the unraveling,
  • change our beliefs and desires in hopes of rewinding what is already unfolding…

…we only cause more funk for ourselves.

Surrender is key.  Because I asked for more.  And transition and change are bound to occur. 

So, it may mean letting go of 

// being seen as the “good girl”. 

// worrying about other peoples reactions.

// holding back what I really want.

// allowing others or circumstances to define how I feel.

// fears that are causing more pain than to move through them.

Can you relate to any of that?

This is where many get off path, detoured, give up, quit, go back the comfort zone that isn’t really that comfortable anyway. 

As I remain and keep focusing on my power, intention, and desire, my inner GPS will keep guiding me in the direction of my highest and best. 

I know in order to receive and align with what I want, I must stay grounded in my knowing and allow the rest to fade in the dust. 

Its all an illusion anyway.  

But, the funny thing is… While all this is happening, life can feel a bit lost.  That illusion more “reality”. 

It is like this… I am directing the play and I don’t necessarily know what scene is next.  (Trust)

And I know I am the director!  (Faith)

I know it all will manifest from within. I know I’ve called forth a new scene. (Power)

I know change is a piece of the experience.  I know those and what is spinning out is part of the process.  (Surrender)

It is in these times of faith, trust, and surrender, I remain in my power – standing in the eye of the storm. 

Not grasping on to anything. 

Knowing all will settle as I’ve focused on. 

And… What led me to start this blog was…

Today, I drove to my regular Monday morning yoga class and came upon a completely empty lot.

I panicked – “Is it Monday?  Is this the right building? What time is it?

Have I shifted THAT much? LOL 

I left and went to the grocery store. I struck up a conversation with the woman smoking outside her car parked next to mine – Subtly seeking grounding and confirmation I haven’t lost my mind, confirming what day it was, what town I’m in….

And she said this as she stared and pointed up to the cloud filled sky…

“The sun is up there somewhere.”  

It is that simple.

In the midst of change, upgrades, shifting, and upleveling – keep it simple.

Ground in, stay focused, remain in your power, have faith, trust, and surrender to the process.

Simpler said than done, I know. Quit profound if you allow.

You are meant for more.

You asked for this.

Allow the process – don’t get caught up in it and don’t make it who you are.


Kelly Ann

P.S.  If you’re going through some change and are ready to tap more deeply into yourself to know your guidance, to trust what you are hearing, to have faith in the leaps your being guided to, and ready to surrender to the process – I have a program just for you (this one, I have 5 spaces available).

There are several programs to choose from. 

My programs are for those who know much of what I shared above is part of the process but no longer want to get pulled down by emotions, tossed about by chaos and drama, stuck in their smallness, and being held back by their fears. 

My programs are for those who want to live in Faith, Trust, Surrender, and in their Power.  For those who are ready for the ride of their life and know they are the driver of the car. 

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