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Energy Alchemy and Empowerment Programs

All of my sessions and programs are held over the phone or Skype call.  This enables me to connect with more people all over the world.  It also allows you to be in your own comfortable space without extra driving time.

Energy knows no time or space.  I can read, feel, and sense energy of those who choose to do work with me.  My work is about your empowerment.  I shine the light and guide your way back to you remembering who you truly are. You receive support, tools, and techniques you can use for yourself between sessions and after our work together is complete.

Spiritual, Emotional, Metaphysical Healing

You know what is occurring in your experience is beyond the physical reality of it.  There is more than the eye can see.  When you see the physical manifestation and have the experience of it, it has already become.  To change your experience, it must begin on the inner, energetic and emotional levels.  You can and do create your reality and experiences… Why not just create them from an empowered, clear, relaxed way?

Life has had us looking in the wrong direction, having us go the tough route.  The days of digging up what is wrong are past us. Now is the time to claim the empowered, creative being you are.

Life is so much more fun to create when we get out of our own way and allow ourselves what we truly want.


Are you looking for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) specifically?


Intuitive Reading & Healing Sessions

Virtual Intuitive Reading:

This reading occurs virtually – through email exchange.  Have questions on something for your life, love, career, money, health?

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a link with a few questions to answer and space to ask 2 questions related to your topic.

I will read the energy of your words as well as your energetic body. I determine blocks, barriers and beliefs in the way of you experiencing what you deeply desire.

Your intuitive reading will be sent back to you within 24-48 hours of me receiving your answers.

This is a good option for those seeking understanding, clarity, and desire quick guidance.

If you desire healing and energy clearing around your concerns and challenges, I recommend the 60 minute intuitive reading and healing session.

Guided Meditations

Expansion and Attraction Meditation:

11:11 You are a powerful creator. Tap into that force.

Use this as a guide to expand your energetic vibration. You’ll be guided to send this energy to and through your body and beyond.

This energy becomes a powerful vibration to open the spaces for what you desire to be called to you.

From there it is up to you to allow.

E-Course: Radical Self Love – The Portal to Creating an Amazing Life (no cost)

The relationship you have with yourself is default programing. No one taught you how to love yourself. You picked up programing and patterns that were passed down from generation to generation and throughout societies ideals.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to create new, positive patterns aligned with the love and life you wish to experience.

This costs you nothing but your own time, energy and attention.  You are so worth it.  To find out more or sign up for this no cost, email based program, click right here.

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