What to do when things feel uncomfortable

Take advantage of any discomfort you feel but, do not focus on it.

The discomfort is just parts of you holding on or resisting due to buried beliefs and patterns.  Parts of you that are afraid of the unknown.

We are in a time where claiming what we truly desire is right here.  A choice point.

Focus on what you desire to feel and experience.

Live in vision, not in circumstance.

The more you focus on what you desire and what is possible, the more ease and effortlessness in your expansion and ascension.

  • Your heart is opening.
  • You’re being led to integrate more of the essence of who you truly are.
  • You’re integrating with your Higher Self.

Opening your heart means dropping the walls and protections you’ve built up to keep you “safe” or from being hurt.  You will see these walls and protections are actually keeping you from what your heart desires.

The essence of who you are is beyond the mind and physical limitations.  In integrating more of yourself, you will see the abilities you have (and do) to create the (all) experiences you desire to have.

As you integrate your higher self, you lose the drama, trauma and pains that parts of you have held on to and kept you small and limited (what may be causing the discomfort now).  You will see the bigger picture.  What you felt was so important is no longer important.

You will feel freer, lighter, happier, have more inner peace.

Embrace the discomfort. Yet, is does not have to be part of the journey.  You decide.

You are literally designing your life in each moment.

Choose. Dream. Allow.


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