What is holding you back?


One quick fix to FREEDOM – start by letting go of the stress, worry, beating up on yourself for procrastination, not doing enough, doing it “wrong”…

Step back and look – can you see it is really just you taking on OTHERS EXPECTATIONS that have been projected upon you?

How are you LIMITING yourself by putting on another’s shackles?

What are the UNDERLYING commitments and agreements you’ve subconsciously and subliminally agreed to?

And you know what is BEYOND all of this? What is really holding you back??


– pain of the judgment you’re afraid others will project on you
– pain of not fitting in / being abandoned
– pain of feeling what others will feel when you’re living happy, free, empowered, abundant, and showing up awesome wherever you are

The funny thing about this –

* Isn’t it more painful to hold back who you are, how you feel, how you express yourself?
* Isn’t it more painful to deny yourself your wants, needs, desires?

The latter appears easier to the mind and ego because you can put all of your own pain in a box. You have control over it. You’ve learned how to manage it.

What keeps you from opening up an GOING BEYOND THE PAIN??

A myriad of possible ways you could be subjected to pain AND have NO CONTROL over from who, when or where this pain will be triggered from.

So, WTF do you do?

First, realize that you’ve been projected upon and infiltrated with others BS, fears, patterns, stories for a good majority of your life.

Do you see and feel the dichotomy this presents?

The division of what you REALLY WANT and what you’re ALLOWING yourself.

Are you through with carrying the load of others fear, pain, restriction?

Are you tired of holding back who you are and what wants to be expressed through you?

Perhaps BEYOND THE PAIN is what your HEART and SOUL are calling you toward.

And, a little mind-fuck hack truth bomb – The pain is a distraction. It is a mechanism of smallness designed to keep you conformed. Fucking trickery.

So, you know what? Fuck conformity too!

The second piece to move through holding yourself back…

* OWN who you are.
* Own your differences, uniqueness, and alternative spin on life.
* Own your needs, wants, desires.

Because, until you own who you are, what you want, how you show up, and how you express yourself – you are at the default of the programs put upon you from so long ago.

Here’s the last piece that is super important –

The pain is not as painful as your mind tells you it is. Although, it is really convincing.

It does take courage, determination, and intention. Otherwise the default is everyone else’s beliefs, fears, and stories.

You got that?
You see this?

The GREAT NEWS is you have the capability to create the change and move beyond self imposed holding back.

It is NOT SERVING you or serving anyone in your life.

What if… WHAT IF – you living full out, free and freaky is exactly the ‘role’ you’re meant to be playing? Showing others how its done. Empowering others to own their pain and power.

What if beyond the pain is EVERYTHING YOU WANT to feel, be and experience? (hint: it is!)

Isn’t it worth exploring deeper? Isn’t your freedom worth exploring? What would it feel like to live your life for YOU?

The good news is… You have the power to create the shift you desire…. Because it is you that is ultimately holding yourself back.

You’ve got this. Now, go out and be your freaky amazing self!

Kelly Ann

P.S. What do you need to set yourself FREE?

I get it – it is scary to explore spaces and places you’ve tucked away for so long. Like a monster under the bed. But, I’ve got you.

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From knowing the underlying program running and buried beliefs playing out, I’ll guide you to shifting the energy, belief systems, and ways of being. Change takes time and consistency. And these inner things have had a hold on you long enough. Eh?

You’ll have private calls with me, VIP access through email or Voxer, energy readings, channeled messages, next steps and a path to aligning with the authentic version of you.

Because I know – fears pop up when breaking through subliminal programs, when releasing the patterns, and disrupting cycles.

And to top it off, while in change and transition, life provides opportunities to confuse and distract you from your path. And it’s just so easy to fall back into what has been – the comfort zone of pain – for so long.

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