It is no accident that you’re here.  

You’ve been guided and led because you want more for yourself but feel as though something is in your way and you don’t quite know what it is.  You feel ‘off’ but can’t put your finger on it.

What led you here? 

Spiritual Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Holistic Healing, or Private Retreat Day?

Using a variety of healing techniques I help you identify what is in the way of realizing your dreams.

You’ve read the books, hired the coaches, went to therapy, practiced the law of attraction, but it’s not working for you – at least not all the time or to obtain what you truly, deeply desire.

Utilizing my intuitive gifts, inner knowing, and clairvoyance, I will guide you in the process of healing your heart and releasing beliefs, stories, and patterns that are not in line with your true self and the life you desire.

I work with…

Spirited, unique, and open-minded clients who know there is more to life and are ready to experience it. I teach tools and techniques that yield abundance in all areas of life. I hold space for radical heart healing to occur. By harnessing your inner magic we begin to change the alchemy of your heart and with this change…. LIFE EXPANDS, DREAMS BECOME A REALITY. Just like a well-tended garden produces abundance and beauty, the same is true for your mind and your life.

Unconscious belief systems are powerful.

Sometimes we are unaware they exist or where they come from. These beliefs are created from residue left over from childhood, old love relationships and past failures. Developed as a protection mechanism they may be the very thing keeping you from your true heart’s desires – Love, Money..MORE JOY, HAPPINESS & PEACE.  Unless consciously discovered, healed, and transformed they remain in operation. With the seeing and knowing of what is going on under the surface, anything is possible.

You may wonder how can we turn old beliefs into more of what you desire? The answer is….

Radical Self-Love + Radical Self-Acceptance = Abundance, Happiness, and a Bad Ass Beautiful Life.

Radical Self Love is about getting to know your true self, learning to tune out the voices about what you are supposed to do, who you are supposed to be or what is / what is not acceptable.  It is listening to your inner knowing, making decisions for yourself (regardless of what others might think), and it’s saying “yes” to yourself and kindly saying “no” to others. This is your life. Time and attention to healing will facilitate RADICAL SELF LOVE.

Radical Self Love is it is beyond the ordinary, beyond the mani’s, pedi’s, massages or a new pair of shoes. Radical Self Love is very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary. Being radical takes courage and requires RADICAL HEALING!!

Radical Self Love is…..

•    Being true to yourself, discovering and owning your desires, your passions, your dreams and not wavering from them.
•    Getting clear about what you want despite the opinions of others and making choices accordingly
•    Breaking down patterns, negative thoughts and beliefs about impossibility.
•    Creating clear, healthy boundaries with confidence for yourself and others.
•    Learning to truly receive and to feel safe within your life.

What do you desire?  Love, money, career, health, happiness, peace?

My approach is a Holistic one.  

One thing affects everything and we begin with the number one relationship – the most important, the one you have with yourself. 

Sessions are available Internationally and held over the phone.  

For more information on my healing programs click here.

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