Hello trauma my old friend.⁣

Hello trauma my old friend.⁣
I thought I healed you but, here you are – back again.⁣

Although we’ve been through this before, ⁣
Here I am, on the floor. ⁣

It feels as though I’m at deaths door.⁣
I really can’t take it anymore. ⁣

The tears I’ve cried, my broken heart,⁣
It feels like my world is falling apart. ⁣

I’ve survived the past and I know this won’t last. ⁣
Yet, I feel ashamed from the stones been cast. ⁣

I know I’m not wrong for how I feel. ⁣
No one else knows my real deal. ⁣

You dealt me cards to help me grow stronger.
I just can’t hold up this smile for much longer.⁣

You knocked me down and I got up again. ⁣
Every time through, it is a win. ⁣

My strength gets stronger. ⁣
My wisdom gets wiser. ⁣
It’s what I hold onto as my reminder. ⁣

There is more to this life than meets the eye. ⁣
I am letting go of all the lies. ⁣

“I know I’m here for so much more”⁣
I repeat that mantra from the floor. ⁣

I take one breath at a time ⁣
Reminding my heart “we’ll be just fine”⁣

You’re here again not to break me down.⁣
But, to remind me now how far I’ve come. ⁣

Thank you for reminding me, ⁣
The more I love, the more I’m free.


All rights reserved © Kelly Ann Cory Matuskiewicz

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