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Creating Your Life from Your Heart’s Desires

I am a Metaphysician who will guide you through healing your heart and mind and align your energy in order for you to create the life your heart desires.

Your life experience is a reflection from what is going on inside of you.

Through your lifetime you’ve likely picked up beliefs from family and society that aren’t serving what your heart truly desires. Or maybe you’ve been through trauma that has halted your ability to dream and create for yourself. 

You’ll know because what you are experiencing doesn’t feel right.  You know, your heart and body know too. 

The misalignment shows up through

  • having similar relationships patterns repeat with different people
  • being unable to make or save money
  • emotional turmoil such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm
  • feeling stuck or immobile when trying to take a step forward

These unconscious programs and patterns keep you from allowing what you truly desire – love, money, career, lifestyle… Until you bring to the light what is hidden within.

I have the ability to see the patterns, programs, and traumas that keep you stuck or unable to maintain forward movement. 

Through the healing process I use a variety of techniques and healing modalities to guide you towards alignment with your true inner self and creative power.  You are more powerful than you’ve been told and I am here to support you in releasing what is keeping you from fully expressing all of who you are meant to be and experience in this world.

Each session is unique to my clients and where they are at the time of meeting. I utilize proven metaphysical healing techniques such as Energy Medicine, EFT (emotional freedom technique), and Holistic Health in conjunction with my Intuitive and Clairvoyant skills. 

You can read more about my professional training here.

In working together, you’ll release old patterns and programs no longer serving you. You’ll feel safe in releasing them.  The new energy that comes in will inspire you.  You will gain an understanding of why you’re holding on to something that no longer serves you. Using my intuitive gifts I bring to light what is difficult for you to see yourself and provide you with action steps that facilitate healing those areas and moving forward with a new vision.

My mission is to empower YOU. For you to become your own guide and understand yourself at a deep level. You will learn skills and attain tools you will use after our work together is complete. You will navigate the ebbs and flows of life gracefully and easily.  You’ll learn techniques to manage your emotions and align your energies to bring yourself back to center.

The energy healing and heart alchemy that happens is a very profound experience.  The work we do together supports you on the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and psychic planes.  It is difficult to describe because the transformational experience is profound.

Check out this page with testimonials from my clients.

I have found the best success in long lasting, permanent change as I work with clients for a period of time. I do offer a single session of 60 or 90 minutes for those who want to try this type of process.  For deeper dives into transformation, I offer three and six month program packages. Details can be found through this link

All sessions are held all over the world via phone.

Curious if this approach to healing is what you’ve been searching for?  Email me and tell me a bit about what you desire for yourself and why you feel this work may be a good fit for you at this time.

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