Here are some notes and testimonials from those who have experienced the transformational work I do.

Sometimes in life, you come to a certain point where you’ve done all the journaling, meditations and inner work yourself, but you feel that more can still be uncovered and yet you just don’t know how…

I had followed Kelly Ann for quite some time already before I started working with her. My inner call to work with Kelly Ann got undeniably big, and now I can see why.

Working with Kelly Ann has shifted so much, from the very first moment we started.     

Prior to my scheduled 1:1 session, my body stopped working normally.

There was something wrong with my back, as I was no longer able to sit or stand up due to severe lower back pain.

I had to crawl upstairs to get to my bed; it was that bad.  

I sent Kelly Ann a message that I was unable to do the session and she kindly called me out on my own BS. No other coach had ever been that direct to me! It was needed, as it showed me I was holding myself back…

…right before a big break-through that would follow in the session.

During the call, Kelly Ann guided me through 30 extremely intense minutes. Not so much with regards to physical pain; that was gone before I knew it.  

But more as to what came up during the session. Multiple past lives, various kinds of trauma and releasing of it, energetic healing, quantum shifts; we did it all in those 30 minutes. It was insane and next-level amazing at the same time.  

After the call, the pain in my lower back was almost completely gone. Just a bit of a heavy feeling there, but no more pain.

I made a quantum jump into a reality where I was without pain!  

It was easy, painless and super fast.  

Mind you: my physical therapist told me the recovery normally takes about 3-6 weeks with such an injury. Yes, 3 to 6 weeks!

For me, it took 1 session with Kelly Ann.  

What changed after the session?

Not only was I pain-free and did I now also know how to stay pain-free, but so much more shifted in that one session.  

I have always known my gifts are powerful, but that has also scared me. A lot!

After the call, I finally felt confident that this is indeed an amazing thing to be proud of. I finally dared to step into this version of myself. The leader, the healer, the mentor that I have in fact always been, but was too afraid to show.  

But no more! The magical healer inside of me is finally unleashed, thanks to the amazing and ongoing work with Kelly Ann.  

Of course the fact that I was pain-free in 30 minutes is amazing, but the shifts that followed? Nothing compares to that! Thanks, Kelly Ann! Love what you’re doing!  

UPDATE 10 days later:

After the session, I could actually envision myself doing the work that I came here to do. Something that I couldn’t see this clearly before, even though I knew it was already available inside of me.  

I created a course, which I haven’t done in a long time. Back then, it was all very forced and felt difficult. This time it was different. It just came to me and unfolded so very easily.  

In addition, I now allow myself to show up online with live videos, during which I share my message. No longer having these immense fears of what others might say or think of me.

And when I recently did a live meditation session on social media, I instantly received messages from people who were inspired by me. People who I don’t know, who sent me messages to tell me it was exactly what they needed.

But not only for my business, things have changed this much. All areas in my life are changing, all because I learned some really valuable things about myself and energy alchemy. Whereas I used to be so focussed on DOING things…

…I now know it’s truly an inner game.  

Whatever happens in the outside world, I still get to choose how I feel. Maintaining a higher frequency vibration has become the most important thing for me to do, all day every day. Because this is what changes things, in all areas in life. Business, relationships, health, wealth. All of it! 

And the moments that some sort of pain tries to kick in again?

I now know that I have all the tools and wisdom to find the truth behind the pain and actually heal myself. Just as we did during this session with Kelly Ann.


The sessions I had with Kelly Ann were a blessing to me.

I was dealing with a physical symptom causing me pain and fear.  As a healer and energy worker myself, I knew I had to honor my physical body  and also the energy swirling around me.  So, I made the appropriate medical doctor appointment and right after that booked a session with Kelly Ann.

From the moment we connected I knew I had found the right soul to move me through this moment in my journey.  She is a powerful being with an open heart and laser focus and I felt and benefited deeply from her power.   My soul and body were honored and I have felt a freedom like never before to be my whole self.

Working with Kelly Ann is such an amazing opportunity to integrate and feel alive and move forward on your path.  She is has a beautiful gift and is a gift to all that work with her.

Rachel Klein, Wardrobe Design: Dressing Your Body and Soul


“Kelly Ann is really talented at reading a persons ENERGY and getting to the core BELIEFS that hold you back from feeling truly happy confident and SELF LOVED.
The work I did with her was…… The best way for me to describe it was Shamanic.
It was so powerful and so much EASILY came through for me and then dissipated.
It created a new pattern within me to follow when I found myself :
– not happy,
– anxious
– disconnected
That has served me and continues to show me new paths and directions to take within my heart, which lead me closer to my whole fully loved and supported by the universe self.”

“Had an experience lately working with Kelly Ann that helped me tremendously…

My father went in for a bone marrow transplant this week and it was bringing up alot of my past wounds along with the care and concern for him…

On a FB live with Kelly a lot of the past hurts were coming up with the clarity of what I needed to work on around it… Unmet expectations, abandonment, emotional unavailability…

How this pattern is through all my relationships with men…

The next day I had a 1:1 scheduled with her and we did deeper work on it…

Felt so much old baggage release around it and was able to step into love for him… Accept his love the way he is comfortable giving it…

The next day after a short texting conversation he texted me that he loved me to infinity…

It felt so good to just let that in without all the past attached to it.

Very grateful for Kelly Ann her gifts and glad I listened to my inner wisdom that pushed me to sign up.” Jana Beam Powers

“There are many memories of my past that I have held onto over the years, of which I thought could be the reason my energy was still feeling “trapped”.

Memories that were so traumatic, where I even had feared for my life at times. For sure, I thought these were “the key blockages”. But I was wrong.

Kelly Ann, as amazing as she is, was able to pinpoint the very first incidence that caused my “energy to lock in and feel suppressed/trapped”.

When Kelly Ann identified this as being a CORE blockage….flashbacks started, and I instantly started to recall details.

Kelly Ann helped me through the release and healing part of the session. I noticed over the weeks to come… just how much more expressive I had become.

I thank Kelly Ann because she used her gift to channel and explain to me when/what in my life had trapped me into place from moving forward.” Jennifer

Kelly Ann tuned into what was keeping me from being whole

I met Kelly Ann at a conference and quickly discovered how incredibly intuitive she is.

I was in the middle of my awakening process and had some pretty big road blocks to deal with in order to continue. Sometimes we need help from a friend but sometimes that help is so dire we need a healer. Luckily I found both, Kelly Ann tuned into what was keeping me from being whole and offered her help, which I quickly accepted.

Without sharing too much personal information, I will just say I had a lot of trauma. The trauma fractured me and I lost large pieces of myself. These holes in me were keeping me sick and I was living a miserable existence.

Then it comes time to rise up and reclaim what was lost. Here is where the healer steps in. Holding the space for me to tackle and face my pain. Guiding me back in time to gather myself fully. It was scary and painful but with Kelly and her guides I was reunited and made whole again.

Now it’s days after the healing session and I keep getting better and stronger daily. A shift has occurred so deeply in me and I feel powerful yet peaceful. I feel joy in my heart.

Something wonderful also happened 3 days after our session, my mom gave me photos of me all throughout childhood previously thought to be lost. I knew this was the evidence and validation that I had finally returned home.

I highly recommend Kelly Ann for any issues you may be experiencing. She is in direct communication with her guides and knew exactly what I needed.

Forever in debt, love you Kelly Ann.

Beth W.

Massachusetts, USA

Space & Energy Clearing

“Before Kelly’s help the energy in my condo felt stagnant and oppressive.

Kelly showed up and not once did I feel shamed. Instead, her energy was compassionate and inspiring.

Intuitively she knew where to start, when to pause for rest and reflection and always her suggestions or redirection resulted in a cleaner and clearer flow of energy.

Afterwards, the energy in my condo is lighter and happier; there’s flow and movement and its all so pretty too! Who knew she was also a natural at interior design!?

Chastity – CT

Reclaimed fragments of herself and feeling empowered.





Intuitively Identified Deeper Health Issues & Helped Improved Healing

“For the past three years I wondered about Reiki and its healing abilities.   Hearing a close friend tell me how powerful it was intrigued me, I was curious  to find out more. Unfortunately in the past nineteen months, I have been suffering from many issues due to antibiotics ruining my stomach and more…  I have been seeing many Doctors, an Acupuncturist, and most recently a Naturopath. The Naturopath was helping the most, conventional Doctors dismissed the fact  that meds could have caused my issues, or didn’t know what to do with tests or even interpret the test results. 

I then went to see Kelly Ann for some Reiki, in hopes that we would find something.  Right around this time, I had also just lost my best friend, I was a mess!

I honestly had no idea what to expect, Kelly Ann immediately had me sit, talk, and open up.  She listened, and gave me a few pointers that I still continue to implement.  One of which was to think positive, don’t hem and haw over the bad.  Another was to imagine how I used to feel a few years ago, that was very helpful in my opinion.  And stop waiting for a good day to enjoy life, get out there and live in the moment!  That was huge…

During the session, I felt very relaxed, I kept believing that something positive would come from this…  And it did.  Kelly Ann mentioned a few things; She saw my best friend next to me, by my side, as my Guardian… He is there to give me support, and that meant a lot to me as I have had so many signs that its hard to dismiss them.  Another was her suggestion to take MSM to help my joints, and the last was her suggesting me to look into my gallbladder.

Since these two sessions, I have been feeling better and better, thinking more and more positive… I have been taking the MSM, I have my Guardian by my side.  And most recently I had some tests done with my Naturopath, and was asked “Did you have your gallbladder removed when you were younger??”  I was floored!  We found some issues with the gallbladder and are working on supplementing it to get it working properly again.

I cannot recommend Kelly enough, for anyone that wants to heal and feel better.”

Dan Lombardi
Florida, USA

Renewed trust in herself, trust in life, and back in touch with her own inner magic. 


Video testimonial from Hannah. 

In our work together Hannah boldly faced what was in her way of becoming clear about what she desires to do in her work and how she is here to express herself.   Click here for video


Hannah, NYC


My entire life is in the vibration of Love!”

Fia-Lynn“Kelly Ann I can’t thank you enough for your incredible work.  Before working with you and your program I felt a neediness around love and had a very hard time being alone.  And I couldn’t attract the type of guy that I really wanted to be with.  Dating was a very frustrating and exhausting experience filled with a lot of disappointment.You helped me see WHY I was not attracting the love that I wanted and helped me on the journey of becoming the person who CAN attract amazing love into my life

I no longer feel lonely and needy around love, I feel love ALL of the time, no matter who’s around or even if I am alone. And I am amazed at who I’ve attracted into my life!  I couldn’t have done this without you as you could see what I couldn’t and explain things in a way that I really GOT.

You are amazing and I want everyone who is struggling and single to know about you and how you can transform their love life!”

Fia-Lynn Crandall

Prior to my session with Kelly Ann, I felt stagnant and fearful, deeply desiring to swim to an unseen shore, yet only able to keep treading water, finding myself slowly sinking despite all my effort and energy spent.

I always felt I was on a path “to” somewhere, had an clear idea in my mind of the woman I “want to be”. I saw myself as “getting there”, “working on it”, but never quite tasting that final product. And the words I used matched those feelings of never being quite “there” yet.  My own words, manifesting against me…

I thought I knew what I was looking for, but I had hit a personal, spiritual plateau, and couldn’t figure out what the “problem” or “blockage” was, I knew only that I was “stuck”.

So I called Kelly Ann for help.

I now feel that a small but essential piece of myself had been tucked away within a box, hidden and unseen. Not that it was “locked up”, but perhaps simply forgotten up on that high and dusty shelf, deep within.

Kelly Ann helped me to find that box. Together, we took it down from its shelf, dusted it off, and she helped me find the courage to open the cover. As I released its contents across a floor before me, pieces fell like an untamed puzzle, each piece with a clue to what I was missing, the part(s) of me that desperately desired to be correctly arranged and share their light with the rest of the whole of “me”.

Kelly’s intuitive guidance helped me start flipping over the pieces to reveal their colors, each’s tiny share of the message contained within. She helped me start connecting them, linking them, feeling out what each was trying to say to me. She shared ways of communicating with their wisdom, finding out the missing parts of my story, my heritage, my future.

Since our time together and because of her lessons, I have been able to continue putting my puzzle together. Such spirit-puzzles, I think, have no real edges or boundaries; they are life-long landscapes of soulful evolutions and I respect that unending process. But I am no longer leaving that sealed box of certain pieces up on that dusty shelf, unseen and unacknowledged, for the missing-ness to bind me and block my soul the way it had been. I no longer feel like I’m treading water in a pool of questions, of discombobulated discernment dreaming.

She helped me to realize that this woman I want(ed) to be, the “me” that was some far off goal, was not really at the end of some ever-elusive path I must travel. That the woman I had aimed to evolve into is already here within me, right now, simply waiting to be heard and seen.

She is I, and I am She. We are the same, we are one, we are We. Her power, a strength I thought I would only earn “someday”, is right now coursing through my veins, Our veins. Her wisdom hides within me, begging to be found, acknowledged, recognized for what it is – Our Wisdom.

As I allow these and other discerning truths to absorb, to align, to take hold and grow wings within my spirit, an inner narrative has returned – one I forgot used to always be there, when I was younger, freer, less afraid. A quiet inner voice, a constant self-dialogue of watching, observing, wondering, inventing, creating, of “seeing without eyes” (a phrase I take directly from my session). The words and stream of consciousness of this voice are the truest form of me, of my inner self, that I’d tucked away up on that shelf to grow dusty.

Have you ever inhaled through your nose and, although no identifiable smell can be labeled, you still know you smell something – like the smell of the air just before snow falls? That is how I feel since my session – I feel something exposed, renewed, reborn, within my soul, within my spirit, unidentifiable and unnameable, and it is becoming, blooming, breathing. Although I cannot name it or point to it or define it, it is absolutely and undeniably (t)here. Seeds planted take time to grow, yet their potential, their life energy pushing ever higher toward the sun that feeds them, the vibration of that energy is what I feel within this corporal body, within which the truest deepest ‘me’ temporarily resides.

I am no longer “on” a path. Now, I am the path. I am She who I would be. I am.

Thank you, Kelly Ann.

Hope V.

Connecticut, USA

“The Healing Work We Did Shifted All Areas of My Life”

“When I started working with Kelly Ann, I had a multitude of limiting beliefs, lack of confidence and fears holding me back in my relationships and in my career. Through our work together, I have shed all those negatives and have more clarity and confidence in my personal and professional life. My relationships have deepened and I am showing up more powerfully in my business. Kelly Ann is a great listener and her intuitive guidance has quickly shed light on what was really holding me back. She provides powerful, practical recommendations that make sense and create permanent shifts.

The healing work we’ve done together has shifted all areas of my life. I owe much of my success and growth in my most transformational year to the direction, support and encouragement that Kelly Ann provided me!”

Lisa Sugrue

“I’m Now Living My Best Life”

CatieWorking with Kelly Ann fell into my lap. There have been so many fabulous  teachers in my life. I see that now. I see them every day, even in many moments  in a single day. But it was in working with Kelly Ann that drove this point  home. It’s funny that one of my greatest lessons is that every moment is a lesson. Not in the school sucks kind-of way and why do I have to learn. But in the miraculous, I get to live my best life because I SEE the lessons and I have  the support I need, at all times.

Her program was like a Masters degree in my self, in my healing, in my capabilities to shift and manifest. It’s been the gift to myself that keeps on giving. I only have to sit for a minute to feel the rush and reflection on the abundance of ways Kelly Ann has supported me on my path. Through the doubt, fear, to this beautiful present moment I am so grateful to Kelly Ann for her loving presence, her wisdom, insight and ability to really see me and in turn teach me to see myself.”

Catie A
Rhode Island

“I’m Broke Through My Limiting Pattern For Good!”

Vicki“Thank You, Kelly Ann! I am feeling more confident, clear, and inspired.  I now have the courage to take the steps I need to in order to bring into my life the Love I desire. If you’ve ever needed validation on your intuition, here it is! You’ve helped me see how my patterns keep repeating themselves and I’m so grateful to have found a solution to break these patterns for good!  You really understand me and that provides me such a comfort.  The support, insight, and practical tools you offer are essential for helping me stay in my power and have clarity in all areas of my life.  I know my life will never be the same!”

Vicki D
Kirkland, Washington

“My Life Opened Up in Ways I Didn’t Expect”


“There is so much change going on so fast in my life right now!  Since we spoke last a few things have dramatically shifted!  I have realized the job I am currently in does not suit me.  This clarity is pushing me towards doing things I truly desire to do.  I have decided to go back to school and get my Masters in teaching!! I realized that I have been holding myself back from this dream for a long time, mostly because I did not trust myself, and lacked the self confidence.  So, thank you for helping me recognize those pieces of myself and for helping me begin to move through a few of my blocks.”
Ingrid D
Portland, OR

Life Changing Experience

“I worked with Kelly Ann for 6 months and received exactly what I needed and more!  Not only has my personal life improved, but my professional life is at an all-time high. 

I can’t recommend her intuitive skills and coaching enough.”


Uncovered Hidden Barriers to Attracting Love


“I really thought I was open to a relationship but the fact that I wasn’t even seeing available men much less attracting them was a sure sign that I was manifesting the lack of a relationship!

At this stage of my life, my 50’s, I am quite sure that this is one of my life’s lessons.  It doesn’t make sense that the intent was for me to live this life without experiencing true love  Someone I am close to recommended Kelly Ann – said that her work is life changing!  I realized that I needed help on this journey and have received help since our very first call!

I am learning that in order to attract the love that I want, I need to first show that love and self care to myself.  I didn’t even know how to do that.  I am becoming more open again and even in this short time there is proof of that all around me.  I am not holding myself back in communication and am not nearly as scared of a romantic relationship that I was just a short while ago.

I look forward to this adventure with Kelly Ann.  There isn’t anything quite like having someone you can tell anything to that is supportive and encouraging while still asking questions that make you stop and wonder whether what you think is true really is true!

As a result of Kelly Ann’s coaching, I really am opening to love – I can hardly wait to see what manifests!

Deborah M

Journey of Healing to a Happier Life.

“Kelly Ann you are AMAZING!!!

Thank you so much for guiding and assisting me in my journey to a happier, healthier life. I am so grateful to you for all that I have been able to learn, the most important thing being to live life in the positive, not the negative. You have truly been a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to have had the chance to enrich my life through your healing.”


Finally some clarity.

“Kelly Ann,

I really appreciated our time together. Thank you for listening, your input, and helping me find clarity. The reading was also very insightful.”

Thanks again,
Marlena B

“The Caliber of Men I’m Attracting Changed!”

“I knew I had to change, set boundaries in place, follow some rules, stick to my “dealbreakers” etc. And things are looking up. Each time the date gets better! Since connecting with you and putting your guidance into practical use I have taken on an entirely different approach to dating and it has yielded AMAZING results!




A note from Kelly Ann

When a client decides to begin work with me, the universe also steps up and the energy starts flowing before we even connect on the phone/skype.

We are energy and the Universe matches our vibration.

When you invest in you,
When you are ready for change,
When you decide you want more and better for yourself…

That message vibrates out to the world and brings back to you matching energies.

I received this note before the first session: “You are amazing, and I have felt shifting already. I’ll fill you in when we talk tomorrow.”

She is going through a major life transition.

In the days after scheduling her session, a few different people came into her life (new and old friends) and provided her with support, love, being seen, and words she needed to hear.

She said “This week – things just got easier.”

Phew! I Love it!

* What your heart wants is possible.
* Who you are is Love.
* You are more powerful than you’ve ever been taught.

Allow me to remind and guide you to remembering your truth, light, power, gifts, brilliance,,,

You’re here for more and you know it.

You deserve it. You are worthy.

Claim it.


Kelly Ann

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