Quantum Alchemical Activations

Think of these Quantum Activations like virus cleansings and software upgrades for your computer.

Except these are clearings, activations, and upgrades for your energy body, consciousness, and vibrational frequency.

These are currently the only option available for single sessions.

There are currently 4 Quantum Alchemical Activations

I use these as a base starting place and channel in what you need as I do the process.

  1. Receiving
  2. Empowerment
  3. Healing
  4. Worthiness

I have found some need just one for a shift and others need multiple activations.

Here are some things to ponder if you’ll will be a good match for this experience…

:: Does it feel like you’re doing all the work and nothing is shifting for you?

:: You know you’re worthy of love but, it’s crickets or you keep getting ghosted or maybe you’re SO DONE with the relationship patterns you keep having.

:: You’re done having painful relationship patterns and ready to feel empowered, confident and clear about what you want.

:: You’re doing all the things to share your courses, message, and art but, clients are not showing up.

:: You have a lot of inspiration and ideas inside of you but, you can’t seem to get past something that keeps you from sharing.

:: You want to feel seen, valued, respected in your relationships but, you can’t seem to shift what is making them challenging or attracting the ‘wrong’ people.

:: You know you have more inside you to share and experience but, you can’t seem to allow it to move through you.

:: You know physical pain is a manifestation of the subconscious mind and are ready to create a shift.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity…

  • You’ll receive an energy scan.
  • You’ll receive the activation(s) you request or are ready for.
  • I’ll clear your field of debris, static, invaders.
  • These sessions are done remotely – no appointment necessary. This energy work is done in the quantum field.
  • Your session will begin within 24 hours of your investment and after receiving your activation request.
  • The energy channel is open for 3 days – more if necessary, less if no response from my email contact back to you.
  • Also included is e-mail or messenger support for 3 days after your request is received.

Your investment is $175.

Check this link for what others had to say about their experiences.

To get started –

  • Send your investment to this link
  • Message me by email – hello at kellyanncory dot com with a short description of –
    • what your current experience is and ready to shift,
    • what you’re ready to have activated,
    • what you’re moving through and / or
    • what experience you’re ready to magnetize to you.
    • And, anything more you’d like to add.

Then what happens –
1. I receive your request and do your activation (I do them within 24 hours of your request – in my own time. No appointment is necessary.

2. I’ll email you once complete and let you know what I saw/felt/cleared/upgraded in your field.

3. I may ask you a few questions to allow the activation to continue or deepen or do an additional one you’re ready for.

4. You respond and let me know what your experience is (if no response, I close the channel).

5. I’ll advise you once the process is complete.

FYI… If you’ve had an activation already, you can do another AGAIN. The following activations will bring you deeper and further to where you were able to go before.

I can’t wait to share this with you!


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