Depression, Anxiety, and Emotional Pain – Healing and the Metaphysical Perspective

Healing past pains and creating freedom in your life

Opening to possibilities

What does “Be the Change You Wish to see” really mean?


Are past pains holding you back?

The energy of jealousy

Is the fear of being seen holding you back? Here is what it is really about.

Are subconscious patterns and sabotaging cycles keeping you from moving ahead?

What is all the discomfort about?

The subconscious ways you hold yourself back

How the seduction of Self Sabotage keeps you in cycles and how to break them.

When you feel frustrated, stuck, and ready to take the next step but…

Feeling Unsettled, Emotional, Going through Hard Times?

What is happening to your body??

Break the relationship cycle and patterns – heal through challenges

How to tap – emotional freedom technique (EFT)

Does monkey mind have you feeling out of control?

What is an intuitive reading and healing session?

The rise of feminine energy and the impact on men

Create your own happy no matter what life throws your way

Subtle ways you give away your power and how to reclaim it

Guided Energy Healing and Expansion Meditation

Emotional, Chaotic Life, Sudden Changes, Relationship Challenges – What it is all about

Life hacks for emotional freedom and life mastery

Healing core wounds and emotional triggers

Moving through change with ease and grace

What to do with all the energy after an eclipse.


What to do when beliefs, fears, and patterns that don’t serve you pop up

How to integrate expansive, new energies


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