The Way of the Empowered Empath

This course is for the Empaths, Sensitives, Healers and Teachers of Consciousness…

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Can you feel the shifts happening within and around you? 

As we are moving into the Power Paradigm, a huge shift is dissolving the:

  • roles,
  • contracts,
  • beliefs,
  • patterns,
  • cycles

you’ve been playing out, living and interacting with.

* You feel it in your body.

Done are the days of taking on others energies, enabling and the entanglement that has been going on consciously and subconsciously.

* You see it in your interactions with others.

The victim / perpetrator paradigm collapsing (which role are you playing? even with yourself)

* Your comfort zone – not so comfortable any more. 

The roles you’ve played of the People Pleaser and ‘Good Girl / Boy’ feel beyond uncomfortable and just frustrating to try and uphold any longer.

* Veils are thinning, your knowing is getting stronger, your senses more keen.

You’re noticing you can’t hide from yourself or tell yourself half truths any more. 

And so many other ways things are coming undone for you to BECOME…

You are ready to do it your way.

(know you’re ready for the course? there are two options to choose from: the course and an add on VIP)

You are being shown SOMETHING is ready to CHANGE and there is no avoiding it.  Because resisting what is happening and what is coming through you only causes more discomfort and challenging circumstances.

Here’s what is happening…

Many of us came into this life experience with subliminal programing and agreements to take on others energy, process their feelings, play certain roles, heal ancestral pain, dissolve patterns and cycles, shift the collective consciousness…


All the ways you’ve enabled others and entangled yourself is coming to an end.  If you keep holding on and forcing the roles and agreements, it is only going to become more challenging.


Because you’re meant to be using your power, brilliance, light, talents, gifts and magic for creating YOUR LIFE. 

To BE the example.  To show others how it is done.  By you living life your way.

The contracts are complete. The subliminal beliefs are dying out.  Others pain and feelings are for them to resolve.

How I see it is like a slight turn of your head and click into place and everything your heart has desired is right in front of you.

This does not mean you won’t be helping or supporting others.  You may – BY BEING YOU and doing it your way.

Your full on, authentic, brilliant, shiny, magical you.

Here is where it can get a bit challenging…

1. You’ve spent a lot of time dancing in the darkness – so much so, you can do it in your sleep!  Now is the time to be in your LIGHT.

What is calling forth from you is your Divinity. 

For you to remember your power and to take back your power in the ways you may not even realize you’ve given it away.

And when you make the slight shift, dissolve the beliefs, remember your power – its like having a full cell phone battery that never dies out. 

Life feels in flow. Synchronicity is a regular occurrence. The people and what you need practically fall into your lap.  

2. The people who you’ve played these roles with, enabling, and have been processing their ‘stuff’ are going to respond to you.

This is a HUGE piece that has kept you from remembering your power and fully stepping into the Power ParadigmAn underlying fear of being abandoned, no longer liked, pushed back on, ridiculed, even attacked.

Yeah, it sucks to no longer resonate and align with people you’ve been around with for so long.

It is time to stop holding yourself back so others are comfortable. 


Another option is as you shift, they shift.

Either way, it is imperative they do their own ‘work’ and process in this life.  You are no longer responsible.  Their shift is a piece of the collective, a part of their journey.

You’re actually cogging up the wheel by getting involved where you shouldn’t be.

Those are just two of the ways you may see your shift impacting your life and the lives of others and HOW YOU HOLD YOURSELF BACK. I have so much more to share with you and guide you to discovering for yourself. 

There really is no avoiding the shift that is happening.  Surrender is key. Doing the inner work that floats to the top is what guides you to the alignment you seek.

It is not outside of you.

Recognizing the fears, beliefs, and programs is the missing link to what you’ve been working so hard for or banging your head up against the wall about.

When you are not in alignment with your deepest truth, it will show up in your money, relationships, business, lifestyle, health…

You’re meant to be showing up more.  Being the channel of energy – beyond the small circle you’ve been entangled with.

I get it! It has been safe in your little cocoon.  You know how to manage – you’ve been doing it for years.

What you haven’t been doing is showing up as your full on, wild, whack-a do, woo woo self.  And it is EXACTLY where you’re being guided.

By the way, I don’t buy into the negative connotation of ‘woo woo’ – that is just another example of a subliminal message attempting to limit you. 

Yeah, there have been Spiritual Guides and Gurus that have opened the path for you to emerge.  It is part of natural evolution.  The thing is – some of those beliefs are outdated and also limiting.

Moving into the Power Paradigm means really remembering who you are, what works for you, living how you want, sharing yourself fully and unabashedly – guilt and shame free.

Gosh! So much has been shoved down our throats, ingrained as (false) truths, forced upon us to keep us in fear and limited.


You’re remembering.

It is easy to slip back into something you’ve done for years and lifetimes before.  When you change, things around you change and that can cause disruption for the ego part of you.

It is time to transcend the brainwashing, enabling, entanglement, subliminal messages, and subconscious beliefs that keep you limited from experiencing and expressing the most expanded version of yourself and life.

You are THE SOURCE.  There is nothing outside of you that has more power than you.

You are co-creating –  All.the.time.

Much of what has been happening lately has been your Higher Self guiding you to situations to help clear out your density.

The shift is about the inner work.  Because that is where all co-creation begins.

Time to drop what others think is “right” or their blueprint of what life should look like for YOU.

Where you focus expands. The thing is… are you aware of where your subconscious focus is going?

All of this and more is what we’ll be working through together inside The Way of the Empowered Empath group course.

  • Once you disentangle and halt enabling you have more of your energy and power to focus on what you consciously desire to co-create.
  • Your sense of self, confidence, assuredness will be unwavering.
  • You’ll strengthen the beliefs that are empowering and aligned with who you deeply know yourself to be.
  • You’ll have a deeper relationship with yourself, higher self, intuition, and guidance. 
  • Self trust will be strong and secure to follow the nudges, hints, and signs popping in from your Higher Self.
  • You’ll clearly see what is happening in the underlyings and learn how to shift to become aligned with the desires of your Soul.

Are you ready to let the fire in your Soul to burn free?

Here are the details with two options for you to choose from –

Option 1:

  • Five weeks together with me as your Guide #unfuckingyourmind, dismantling the programs, dissolving the limitations and up-leveling your vibration and coming into alignment with all the things.
  • The group is set inside a sacred space via a private Facebook group.
  • It’ll all manifest through live videos and posts.

Option 2:

VIP option includes all of the above and a private one on one call with me where I’ll identify a core belief subconsciously playing out a pattern or cycle that is keeping you from aligning with your highest and best.

Once identified, I’ll bring you through a clearing process where the energy holding the pattern in place will be cleared.  From there you’ll be vibrationally elevated and aligned with your intention and desires.


We begin May 5th with doors opening May 1st.

If you’ve been inside a group course with me before you know I flow with the energy and go live as I am inspired and guided.  The course is a combination of teachings, intuitive guidance, channelled messages and energy for those who come together inside this sacred space.

Choose your option


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