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Has all the ‘doing’ brought you off your center?

When you decided to start your business, did you also decide you would spend all your time working?  Do you believe in order to succeed, it has to be hard?  

Is there a voice in your ear whispering “who are you to have it easy?”

YOU are. Because you chose to. 

Everything that is happening comes from a choice.  Those choices come from beliefs – yours or other’s beliefs you’ve picked up along the way.

I know for me I was holding myself back in my business because I witnessed the generations before me work, work, work – affecting their emotional and physical well-being.

When I paused and evaluated what was happening in my life, under the surface I discovered a script running – 

“WHO AM I to use my intuition, psychic senses, and energy work to support and guide others beyond their limiting beliefs and into their gifts, talents, and genius? Who am I to let it be EASY?”

And, so I made it hard for myself.  Until I flipped the script.

If I were to take a guess – you went into business for yourself because you have something precious, unique (because you are) and, powerful to share with the world. 

You also value stuff like freedom, happiness, connection.

And, in all the ‘doing’ you’ve come off your center and you’re feeling frustrated, overworked, anxious, overwhelmed, resentful… 

Listen, you’ve got magic in you.  

You have something unique to offer the world.  

You are the precise One to be the expression of gifts to come through you. 

Who you are – your gifts, talents, genius, and essence has an impact on others. 

You’ve been crafting your skill.  You were born with what comes easy and natural to you.  

Are you ready to stop making it harder on yourself?  

Maybe it’s been this lifetime, maybe it’s from past lifetimes but, it is NOW that you have the opportunity to choose for yourself. 

  • To release the beliefs and fears keeping you from really enjoying this life you’re creating.
  • To transmute the energy blocks from allowing what you desire to experience – in work and life.

It is possible to have a business AND life you love.

What is easy for you, is very likely impossible for another.  Stop diminishing your gifts.

I know it is easy to be out in the world (and online) and get caught up in how others think a business should run, what qualifies as ‘successful’, the push to keep doing more and more, and to get swirled up in the energies and mindset of those around you.

But, you are a Pioneer. You are here to do it differently and use what comes easy and natural for you.

If any of this resonated with you, don’t wait until next year or next month to reevaluate your foundation. Start now – this moment.  What are your values? What was your motivation and inspiration to open your business? 

Take a look at what is happening in your business and life – what beliefs support what you see?  Are there other beliefs you’d rather choose to build upon?

Maybe you’ve got beliefs operating under the surface you can’t see for yourself.

This is where my genius comes in – seeing the energy and beliefs blocking empaths and sensitives from allowing the life and business they say they want in.

Oh, and that is the other way I see entrepreneurs make it hard on themselves – they make the process of allowing and creating change more ‘work’ for themselves. 

There is also a collective belief that change is hard, long, and arduous.  It is not necessary and a waste of your precious energy.

Change does not have to be hard or take a long time.

You simply have to choose.

I invite you to choose for yourself, your life, your business, your energy, and come inside a container with me to –

  • clear the mind clutter (#unfuckyourmind),
  • get back in touch with what is important to you,
  • drop into your magic and what comes easy and natural,
  • become the energy alchemist of your experiences.

Happy, Healthy, & Hot is a vibe thing.  

SLEIGH the Holidays & Beyond

For Highly Sensitive People & Empathic Entrepreneurs who want to…

Keep Your Vibe High, Maintain the Magic You’ve Created, & Let More Good In

… through year-end and into the next decade

If your vibe is tuned into stress, overwhelm, lack, fear, energy will meet you there and bring that to you.

Imagine (and feel into) emanating the energy of Happy, Healthy & Hot.  What would it be like to attract more of that into your life?

Maybe it’s joy, inner peace, faith…

Whatever it is for you, I have fast, efficient ways of guiding you back to you and what is really important.  As well as supporting you in owning the magic you exude and embodying the inner gifts you are here to share. 

Inside this container, you will: 

  • flip the scripts on the stories of how you should run your business, 
  • clear the energy and beliefs that have taken you off your course,
  • become a clear channel for what you desire to magnetize in the next decade – fearlessly,
  • leave behind stories of fear, lack, limitation
  • clear your heart and energy field of lingering residue clouding up your clarity of what you want to allow,
  • create or deepen your connection to your High Heart, 
  • practice exploring your gifts, talents, and genius and using energy to be the alchemist of your own experiences…

Who is the YOU you want to be going into the next decade?

Inside this course, you’ll receive: 

: 3 Energetic Transmissions (this is how easy change can happen – my voice is a transmission of change)

:: 1 remote group Breakthrough Activation (energy work session – Channel your High Heart) 

:: Channeled downloads, prompts, and guidance to support you in dismantling the inner beliefs, transmuting the energetic blocks, and bringing through your clarity, essence, and confidence.

:: A MONTH of access to ME in a private Facebook community where you can ask all your questions, get support and feedback on maintaining your forward momentum, emotional freedom, heart opening, and high frequency and vibration. 

We start 12/1/2019 and the group will be open until 1/1/2020.

There are three options for your enrollment – 

Dog Sled Toboggan – entry into the 21-day group course held inside a private online FB group.

Reindeer Sleigh – Group course, PLUS

Your investment – $497

Horse Drawn Chariot – Group course ($333) PLUS 

  • personalized Breakthrough Activation ($175 value)
  • 3 days private support via Voxer ($25)
  • 30 minute 1:1 session ($175)
  • Total value $708

Your investment – $647

When your enrollment of choice comes through, I’ll get you right into the group. All the information is there, waiting, and available to you.


How to know if you are denying your dreams and desires.

Do you have subconscious fears around your dreams and desires?

Were you conditioned as a child to deny your wants?

Are you subconscious denying what you want because you’re afraid it can be taken away or it’ll come but, you’ll lose it?

Are you afraid of your BIG dream because of what others might think when they see you happy?

Inside this video, I share ways in which you deny your desires and how to shift the energy from within you.

When ‘doing’ isn’t working, go within.


It’s Not a Mind Thing. It’s a Heart and Vibration Thing

Your heart is the magnetizer of your dreams and desires.

The frequency emanates from your heart and attracts back what matches it. It is a vibrational process. Tune in (lol, get it?) and hear what you can do to allow in what you say you want for yourself.

There are valid reasons you block your own dreams and desires.

You are also just as powerful to magnetize them in.

The course I mention is at this link.


Happy, Healthy, & Hot

SLEIGH the Holidays & Beyond

For Highly Sensitive People & Empathic Entrepreneurs who want to…

Keep Your Vibe High,

Maintain the Magic You’ve Created, &

Let More Good In

through year-end and into the next decade

Happy, Healthy & Hot – A 21-day online group course for the Highly Sensitive Leader and Empathic Entrepreneur

Maybe this course is best named “How to not lose your shit during the holidays – the end of year litmus test for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths” LOL. 

Sure, we’ll cover that. But mostly, darling, this course is about Slaying the Holidays and beyond.  

Has this year been a doozy or what?  

Especially for the ones on the journey of enlightenment, growth, healing, ascension.    #newvibewhodis ?

You’ve broken a sh*t ton of patterns, healed deep parts within you, and made some fierce, bold, courageous decisions. 

You are SO NOT the same person you were in January (and probably different yesterday and last week!).  

You worked wicked hard to get where you are now and feel the way you do. So, as you head through the holiday season, you do not want to forget who you are and get wrapped up in old behaviors and patterns. Right?!

This is the time of year where we see people we haven’t seen for a while, spend more time with family, tend to splurge and indulge. 

It can all be good stuff.  


It is super easy for you to fall into old patterns of behavior and let parts of your ‘old self’ come back up.  Old inner triggers on high alert, prepared to defend.  

You feel like you just got your nervous system into a good space and don’t want anyone fucking with your vibe.

After all, it just might be the people you’ll be around are who got you all twisted up in the first place.  

Shit, there is a good chance you’re not even invited to the family stuff (we’ll cover that too – not invited, don’t want to go, or go and want to remain empowered, confident, and HOT). 

Anyway, there is a lot of extra activity and people-ing you don’t normally do throughout the year. 

Lots of energy. It can be a bit much for your system. The people, parties, food… 

And for the single babes… the lull between all the events (or not having any at all), going to events alone, coming back to an empty home…

This time of year can feel like a hit of dopamine or crash of kryptonite – and a rollercoaster in between.  

And for those with partners and kids where you’ve got holidays to split, in-laws to see, running all over the place and you just want to have a nice holiday.

This time of year there is a whole lot of extra ‘doing’ and stress. You don’t want that to distract the forward groove you’ve got going on.

You’ve finally nailed down your routine and rituals that keep you balanced and happy – because you what happens when you fall out of that.

You definitely don’t want to let that happen now either.

You want to maintain, expand, and roll into next year – ON FIRE…  Feeling empowered, happy, grounded, creative, tuned in, and turned on.

As the end of the year approaches, it is prime time to SLEIGH the energy of the holidays.  

If you want to maintain the changes you’ve made this year, keep your heart open, and your vibe high through the holidays and into the next decade… Happy, Healthy, & Hot is where it’s at.

Inside this 21-day journey you’ll: 

  • clear your heart and energy field of any lingering residue from all the changes you’ve made this year,
  • create or deepen your connection to your high heart, 
  • become a clear channel for what you desire to magnetize in the next decade – fearlessly,
  • learn to work with the high energies and be the alchemist of your own experiences,
  • flip the scripts and leave behind any and all stories of limitation around food, love, relationships, energy and the Healthy, Happy Hottie you already are.
Click pic for testimonials

If you’re done fighting with your truth around your dreams and desires, want a direct connection to your High Heart, and ready to set fire to lingering limiting beliefs, Happy, Healthy & Hot is for you.  

You’ll get : 

:: 3 Energetic Transmissions (one of them is an energy work session – Channel your High Heart) 

:: 1 remote group Breakthrough Activation

:: A MONTH of access to me in a private FB community where you can ask all your questions, get support and feedback on maintaining your forward momentum, emotional healing, heart opening, and high vibration. 

We start 12/1/2019.

There are three options for your enrollment – 

Dog Sled Toboggan – entry into the 21-day group course held inside a private online FB group.

  • Your investment $333

Reindeer Sleigh – Group course, PLUS

Your investment – $497

Horse Drawn Chariot – Group course ($333) PLUS

  • personalized Breakthrough Activation ($175 value)
  • 3 days private support via Voxer ($25)
  • 30 minute 1:1 session ($175)
  • Total value $708

Your investment – $647


Shadow Integration Online Workshop – replay available

Do you sense there might be inner aspects in your background, operating against your efforts?


:: When you start to put yourself into the dating world,
:: When you take steps to share your art, message, healing,
:: When you look into hiring the coach, mentor or healer,
:: When you start a new health routine,

When you move toward creating a shift in your life, does chaos, drama, self-sabotage pop up?

There are subconscious aspects within stopping you…

Want a way to identify, integrate and create a shift?

Shadow Integration & Alchemical Activation. The workshop replay is available for only $25.

The first part of the workshop is a channeled message and energetic transmission followed by a process to identify the aspect thwarting your action-taking.

You’ll understand the gifts of that aspect and integrate this knowing into your being. Essentially shifting the ‘job’ this aspect was playing out for you. You’ll receive your own, unique alchemical activation infused with the empowered energy and use it moving forward on your journey.

Email me for payment details and access to the one hour plus video. Once you receive access, you’ll have seven days / a week to go through the workshop.

The process you learn will save you years of traditional therapy and give you priceless freedom from what’s been getting in your way.


In-Person Workshop: Shadow Integration & Alchemical Activation 11/9/19

We are in shadow season; Scorpio season – where what has been under the surface rises up.

As above, so below.

What’s rising are denied aspects of yourself. Denied through pain, trauma, fear, betrayal – from others, from yourself.

At some point, denying these aspects was for your survival, to remain belonging.

In denying these aspects, you also deny your innate gifts, wild genius, power, insight, wisdom…

When you deny parts of yourself, it becomes more challenging to attract the experiences you desire… love, money, business, health, freedom, expression, inner peace, bliss, joy…

Here is a video I did on this topic – it will give you a good idea of what this workshop is about.

In this experiential workshop, you’ll be guided to connect with the denied aspect; a shadow aspect of yourself that is ready and waiting for you to integrate into your being.

Upon shadow integration, you’ll channel your very own, unique alchemical activation to use for your healing, expansion, ascension, creation…

Whether it be an inner child, a broken heart, a survival pattern, misguided fear, without integration these aspects cause all kinds of chaos and challenge – essentially working against your highest desires.

Join us in this workshop and learn the process of shadow integration and alchemical activations to use in your life’s journey.

When: Saturday, November 9, 2019
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm EST
Where: 33 N Main St Suite D, Wallingford, CT 06492
Investment: $25 pre-pay to reserve your space
Venmo = @kellyann-matuskiewicz
Bring: Your journal, something to write in and with

Optional: totem to charge with your energy and activation – jewelry, crystal, piece of clothing…


Are you in your own way?


Guilt: Poison to Your Purpose

Who are YOU to be happy, wealthy, fit, in love, free…living the life you desire? 

Click picture for video
click picture for video

🤯 It’s not that you aren’t deserving or worthy of the relationship, money, business, life you want… it’s the unfounded guilt about being happier than those around you – parents, family, friends…

🤯 It’s not that you’re afraid to share your message, healing or art… it is the unfounded guilt about the life you’ll create and have by showing up and sharing who you are. 

🤯 It’s not that you need another process, modality, or blueprint… it’s unfounded guilt about allowing life to be easy by using your Wild Genius and Natural Gifts that come easy to you. 

Your Purpose is about what matters to you. There isn’t anything you need to or should do other than be you. 

🌈 Naturally being you has a ripple effect on those who cross your path. 

There is a journey within you that is available to unfold – with ease

Yet, the human – along with programming and conditioning – has gotten in the way. 

The human parts that you can allow to fall away and let your life be about experiencing your Soul, Heart, Essence.

It’s the human parts that got caught up in things outside yourself and making them  matter more than what you think, truly desire, and feel. 

💣 Buying into unfounded guilt is taking responsibility for how another feels.

It’s not just the guilt… It is what’s under the guilt and what holds it all in place. 

And you operating your life and making choices from that space. 

You believe you’re not moving forward in life, love, money, business because you don’t know enough, aren’t worthy, don’t deserve… 

All false and stemming from unfounded guilt. 

You can change your mind about guilt. But, if your circumstances don’t change, there is something under the guilt keeping you from allowing yourself what you desire. 

It’s a mindfuck. 🙊

You can be doing all the things and be going nowhere. 🌪

I see you show up and try so hard to share who you are and get engagement. 

It all feels hard because there is an inner battle that’s actually keeping you from having what you’re trying to hard to accomplish. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s love, money, business, health you desire… 

💥 If you have subconscious, underlying agreements UNDER unfounded guilt, you’re going to keep spinning in circles – going nowhere. 

💥 You can do all the things but, if the reality of having it is opposed to your inner agreements, nothing is going to come to fruition. 

➡️ If your comfort zone is no longer comfortable and you’re done spinning in circles and being stuck in patterns, let’s pluck the core out of what’s keeping you locked in. 

Embodied Mastery.

You and I together for 6 weeks where I’ll identify the core belief and attachment preventing you from the forward momentum, flow and soul living you know is possible but, can’t seem to lock into. 

With the cog in the wheel cleared, it is all about your creation. 

Your purpose flows through, creativity expands, confidence exudes, motivation and inspiration set free.

In this work, incomes have tripled 💸💰💵, dreams implemented 🎨, ideas birthed, opportunities manifested ❤️…

It’s like taking the boulder out of the way and allowing the river to flow through. 

🌊 What life is ready to flow through you?

Message me to apply or ask your question. There are six spots currently available. We start Friday, 9/13 (3 days!). 

There is also a sacred retreat option – with the course or on its own. The retreat is in CT 9/20-9/22.

Details in this link

With the programming and conditioning cleared out of the way, who is the YOU underneath it all?  

What matters most to YOU? 

That’s your Purpose. ⬆️


Embodied Mastery: Integrating Your SuperHuman

You cannot live a SuperHuman life (5D and above) while you have fear and limitation programming running in the background (3D and below).

What is a SuperHuman life?

✌️Living your fullest expression,
✌️Allowing your Wild Genius and Natural gifts to be free,
✌️Listening to your gut and intuition AND following through – even when it doesn’t make sense to the mind,
✌️Unhooking from the spiritual golden carrots and tuning in to what is real and RIGHT for YOU…

So what? What is it all good for?

Well…All the things you desire to experience – the LOVE, Money, Booming Business, Healthy Body, Freedom… – ALL begin within.

Within YOU. You, the SuperHuman.

You see, part of the programming and conditioning has been to train you to look OUTSIDE yourself for attainment, value and worthiness.

Essentially detaching you from the essence you are.

You were taught, from a young age, that what made you a valuable human BEing was the popularity, a hot body, cars, homes, the relationship, money…

All of that is TOTALLY possible and AVAILABLE to you. It is your Divine right. But, it is NOT who you are.

When you have the courage to unhook, trust yourself, and allow consciousness to move through you, your life becomes a mystical masterpiece for you to craft.

If you’ve gotten this far, you get what I am saying and it is likely tingling something within you.

For others, the programming and conditioning already judged this as ‘woo woo’ and kept scrolling.

Not you. YOU know more is possible and available.

Join me for Embodied Mastery.

This is next level one on one mentoring where I’ll be your Guide for 6 weeks to clearing away the programming, conditioning, and limitations keeping you from allowing the life and experience your heart and soul crave.

Breaking free is what stirs up the fear and limitations programmed within to keep you in line and contained. It is what keeps you going back into cycles and patterns you haven’t been able to break free from.

If your heart and Soul are craving to be set free and your being is ready to be held in sacred space as you courageously explore your inner landscape, this course is for you.

There is so much more than can be said about what happens in working with me. It barely can be put to words.

I channel an energy of change and transformation. When you step inside a container with me, the fields, grids, energies, and consciousness converges.

  • I can read your coding.
  • I see where your limited programming lies.
  • I see your conditioning and what it will take to unhook.

But, most importantly – it is about YOU and what is available to you.

This is not a canned course that everyone gets. It is a custom-designed unfolding for YOU. Channeled guidance, energy clearings, and activations specifically for the shifts and changes you are ready for.

I am holding space for 6 people to participate. This is a high touch, high-value support.

We begin Friday, September 13th and together for 6 weeks. 
You’ll be inside a sacred container where alchemy naturally occurs. 

You’ll have weekly 30 minute calls and 24/7 access to me and all my gifts for your use (energy clearing, activations, intuitive readings…). 

When we are through,

  • you’ll have clarity on YOUR dreams, desires, mission, message, vision – because all the “shoulds and have to’s” will be cleared, 
  • you’ll have an understanding and feel comfortable in owning your gifts, genius, and extra senses, within you, 
  • the hidden fears and limiting thought patterns will be cleared;  upgraded consciousness in its place,
  • you’ll have the inspiration and motivation to take the forward steps in being your full expression – through your art, message, healing, and simply BEING YOU.

Investment for this level is $1,997.

The next level option includes all of the above PLUS a two-night sacred ceremony in CT for the Fall Equinox energy – September 20-22.  

This option is $2,600.

Message me to apply or ask your questions. No pressure at all; it is about making sure this is a fit for each of us.

You are already a Master… Is it time for you to embody it?


When you feel stuck and frustrated…

You are not doing it wrong. It’s just there is an easier way.

{Getting out of the way and allowing your Healing, Art, and Business to rise up and come through you with EASE}

Are you frustrated and wondering where the money and your mission is?

Have you been doing all the things to get you, your heart, your healing, your wisdom, your work of art out into the world but, the bills aren’t getting paid by months end?

You know what you have within you creates ripple effects of change for the people who connect with you but, no one is seeing or hearing you.

Dribs and drabs of connections occur with huge lulls in between.

You think…Is it my messaging or website? I need new photos, I need to learn that other process and get certified!

Yeah! That’ll do it!

But, it doesn’t.

It feels like you’re putting all this effort in and nothing is happening. You’re doing all the things and no one responds to your posts, offers or comes to your workshop.

You think about quitting.

Then you consider the alternative (a job, live with parents, keep going deeper into debt) and that’s a huge Fuck NO for you!

Then what?

The entire cycle starts all over again. Messaging, marketing, learn another technique, update website, create a course…..



And, you are right.

Firstly, you don’t need anything more to be you. You are enough.

You’ve just gotten in your head a little and taken on stuff that is not yours.

You needed their certifications to get you where you are now, but their blueprints and processes are not working for you.

There is a Rebel within you who always wanted to do things their way and you’ve been limiting and restricting the expression by following others guidelines and rules (you might not even realize how deep it goes).

But you… YOU have a unique way of bringing healing, change, inspiration, and transformation into the world.

No one does it like you do.

But, you’ve gotten in your own way.

Your healing, art, and business is a consciousness that YOU are the channel and expression of.

Trying to hold it back, control what it is or force the flow makes what you want to do that much more challenging.

It is less about doing and more about BEING.

Being patient, surrendering to flow, and allowing life to come to you… not so easy either.

Letting it be easy isn’t a mind thing; it’s a consciousness thing.

Letting it be easy is releasing restrictions, limitations, and control.

Letting it be easy is allowing what is already within to rise up and come through.

You’re not doing it wrong. But, are you doing it YOUR WAY?

If you know there more to come through you and you’re ready to get out of the way and let it rise up and through you, join me for Rebel Rising.

It is a six week one on one intensive where I’ll identify the limiting aspects having you feel frustrated and held back. (Imagine KNOWING THE THING that’s been blocking you?)

I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of moving through what arises as you get out of the way and allow. (These ins and outs are patterns that stop you and you subconsciously follow)

Clarity and CONFIDENCE rise up. You drop into ease and feel at peace as you allow the expression of your healing, art, business consciousness to rise up and through you.

You are in a deep state of TRUST – of yourself, life, and your intuition – as you follow the guidance that comes to you.

It is all about YOU, your way.

Rebel Rising begins 8/8. There are 7 spaces left. Message me to apply or to ask your questions.

Additionally, ask me about the optional sacred ceremony in Connecticut that would be a supportive adjunct to the work we do inside Rebel Rising. 

Are you ready to do it your way, the easy way, Rebel?

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