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You are not the Jackass whisperer

You aren’t the Jackass Whisperer.
Is it time you walk away?

Plus getting unstuck and breaking through emotional patterns.


The truth about procrastination…

…and the secret to breakthrough what holds you back.⁣

Meet me in my kitchen…


Why you’re not breaking through to your next level, SuperHuman

(video replay)

Inside this video, I share three ways subconscious ways you keep yourself from breaking through to the next level.

(This is only on FB right now – soon to be loaded to my YouTube. Are you a subscriber?)


How to know if you are denying your dreams and desires.

Do you have subconscious fears around your dreams and desires?

Were you conditioned as a child to deny your wants?

Are you subconscious denying what you want because you’re afraid it can be taken away or it’ll come but, you’ll lose it?

Are you afraid of your BIG dream because of what others might think when they see you happy?

Inside this video, I share ways in which you deny your desires and how to shift the energy from within you.

When ‘doing’ isn’t working, go within.


It’s Not a Mind Thing. It’s a Heart and Vibration Thing

Your heart is the magnetizer of your dreams and desires.

The frequency emanates from your heart and attracts back what matches it. It is a vibrational process. Tune in (lol, get it?) and hear what you can do to allow in what you say you want for yourself.

There are valid reasons you block your own dreams and desires.

You are also just as powerful to magnetize them in.

The course I mention is at this link.


Shadow Integration Online Workshop – replay available

Do you sense there might be inner aspects in your background, operating against your efforts?


:: When you start to put yourself into the dating world,
:: When you take steps to share your art, message, healing,
:: When you look into hiring the coach, mentor or healer,
:: When you start a new health routine,

When you move toward creating a shift in your life, does chaos, drama, self-sabotage pop up?

There are subconscious aspects within stopping you…

Want a way to identify, integrate and create a shift?

Shadow Integration & Alchemical Activation. The workshop replay is available for only $25.

The first part of the workshop is a channeled message and energetic transmission followed by a process to identify the aspect thwarting your action-taking.

You’ll understand the gifts of that aspect and integrate this knowing into your being. Essentially shifting the ‘job’ this aspect was playing out for you. You’ll receive your own, unique alchemical activation infused with the empowered energy and use it moving forward on your journey.

Email me for payment details and access to the one hour plus video. Once you receive access, you’ll have seven days / a week to go through the workshop.

The process you learn will save you years of traditional therapy and give you priceless freedom from what’s been getting in your way.


Is unresolved trauma the block and barrier?

If there is unresolved trauma operating in the background of your nervous system, all your ‘doing the damn thing’ won’t create the results you are working so hard to achieve. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, money, more clients…when there is unresolved trauma, an inner survival program operates by default and automatically swats away what you’ve been calling into your life.

Because on some level, having it does not feel safe. 

  • You don’t want to be judged for you choices. 
  • You don’t want others to feel bad when they see how happy, healthy, free, in love you are. 
  • You don’t want to be abandoned for expressing thoughts and feelings different than others around you. 
  • You want to belong and feel safe being you.

If you’re struggling, you’re holding onto something within you that’s not true and you’re choosing behaviors to protect it. 

The struggle and solution are within you. 

When I weighed 100 pounds more than I do now, I would lose weight and gain it right back. 

Lose 20, gain 30. Lose 15, gain 20. It went on for years. Until…

Until I got to the core of what was happening in the background. 

There were aspects of myself preventing me from keeping the weight off. Split aspects I developed early on as a way of survival and safety.

A subconscious condition to keep extra weight on as a form creating space between myself and others.  

As an Empath I could feel what people were thinking. It wasn’t always kind or safe. 

  • Inner conflict was created – which cracked my self trust – when they’d be saying something different than what I was feeling. And no one believed me. 
  • I was intuitive, empathic, psychic and energy sensitive but, shut it down early on.  

Later, after I lost and kept off the weight, I realized I had kept the extra weight on to protect myself from unwanted sexual advancements or attention.  

I wanted to shield myself and from what was happening energetically. 

So, anytime I would do anything that might dismantle the protection of extra weight, the aspects would kick in and sabotage my efforts. 

Once I identified and healed what was underlying,

I kept the weight off and stepped off the rollercoaster of weight gain and loss. 

Are you feeling like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill to have more and experience more of life? 

Do you sense there might be inner aspects in your background, operating against your efforts? 

Take a look back… when did chaos, drama erupt in your life? 

Was it right when or just before you took a step toward something you want?


  • When you start to put yourself into the dating world, 
  • When you take steps to share your art, message, healing,
  • When you look into hiring the coach, mentor or healer,
  • When you start to put yourself into the dating world, 
  • When you start a new health routine,

…When you move toward creating a shift in your life that threatens an aspect of survival, it will create chaos, drama, self-sabotage… 

Experiences will occur to distract you (and keep the comfort zone cozy).
– car broke down, purse stolen, ex pops into your life, water heater breaks, fight with your partner…

You’ll hear all the reasons you can’t do the thing – no money, no time, it’s not the right time, it won’t work…

This is where your awareness is key and choice is your superpower.

Are you going to allow the distractions to deter you from where you were headed? 

The distractions and circumstances are choice points.  

How committed are you to yourself?

Quitting is a pattern. A survival mechanism. An inner aspect of you afraid it’s going to be harmed. 

It’s really just miswired and misfiring of your internal mechanisms.  An old operating system that once served you and is now working against you. 

You can identify the old system, extract the gifts from it (yes! there are gifts to these aspects of you), and rewire your operating system to be working with you, not against you. 

Could there be inner aspects of you operating to keep you safe?

And also away from what you want for yourself and life?


Ascension is the journey

5D is not a destination. It is a frequency, a state of consciousness. You are creating New Earth right here, right now.

Everything that is happening is pointing you back to your empowerment and to remember the SuperHuman you are.

3D is not a place you escape or get out of. It is a frequency and consciousness you transcend through your choices.


When you feel stuck, afraid, and can’t make the change…

Do you feel stuck, immobilized, afraid, creativity blocked?

Do you want to know what is really underneath your fear of doing the thing you want to do?

Things you’re afraid to do such as…

:: Share your message, art, healing but, you’ve changed so, who you’re sharing with will change.

: Pursue a relationship but, you’ve been hurt and heartbroken before.

:: Make an investment in the healer, coach, course, travel but, you’re telling yourself you don’t have the money.

:: Implement changes that would support your health (mind is a BIG piece here) but, you’ve failed so many times before.

Your mind is so focused on what can go wrong, you aren’t open or AVAILABLE to hear all the possibilities of what could go RIGHT.

Focusing on what could go wrong is your mind’s way of protecting your inner wounds.

Your choice to pursue what you really desire threatens the protection you’ve built to keep yourself from being rewounded. 

So, all the actions you’re taking or not taking will thwart the results you seek because of the underlying fears.

Think self-sabotage, procrastination, distractions, drama, chaos…

So, what do you do to clear what’s happening underneath?

Heal the fears, clear the energy, integrate the wisdom from the past pain and then…

– clarity arises,
– self-trust strengthens,
– barriers dissolved,
– your energy amps up,
– creativity flows,
– your hot factor ignites,
– your vibe is lit!

When you heal and clear what is underneath, behind the scenes, and what is really holding you back, you’ll feel free to be all of you and magnetize to you what matches your vibe.

You’re doing this already – magnetizing.

So, if what you’re experiencing doesn’t feel good, it’s about what’s happening inside you.

No outer action can change that.  You’ve got to go in.


When you freeze at taking the next step –

– parts within you that are fearful, limited, self-doubting, and insecure will rise up and revolt.

Revolt against participating in anything that will bring you beyond your comfort zone.

These inner parts will revolt by creating drama, chaos, distraction.

Once you’ve made a choice to participate in an activity that will bring you beyond your comfort zone you might hear stories and excuses as to “I don’t have the money, it’s not the right time, I’m too busy…”

Click pic for video

At one point, these shadow aspects were created for your survival. But, they’re actually keeping you from what you want.

So, as you take action towards going beyond your comfort zone, the stories, drama, and excuses will kick up to divert you.

Your awareness of this is your power to make choices that support the life and person you say you want to be.

Integrate these aspects and you’ll discover they hold gifts for you as well.

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