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Are you stuck in survival mode?

Inner aspects of you were developed to survive through past traumatic events. 

Whether they were big ‘T’ or little ‘t’ trauma, the inner aspect created an automatic response mechanism to keep you ‘safe’.

And, just like your heart operates automatically, so do these subconscious aspects and survival mechanisms.

Anything that feels like a threat to you, will be thwarted by this automatic response stored in the background of your subconscious.

Threats can look like –
: having the love or money you want, 
: allowing yourself to be seen,
: sharing your message and art,
: building a business you desire,
: being thinner / losing weight

When trauma is left unresolved – where you went right into survival – the energy of the event and emotions remain in your body.

This will cause you to feel stuck, confused, angry, overwhelmed, spinning in circles – hitting up against the same problem over and over (just a few symptoms).

To resolve trauma and the impacts it has on your life, these inner aspects running the survival response through your system are what need to be addressed – not just your beliefs, thoughts, and mindset.

You haven’t been able to release the aspects and mechanisms prior because they were created to keep you safe – now ‘safe’ from the things you desire to have.  

If you’re frustrated that all your ‘doing’, showing up, sharing isn’t working or your feeling stuck and heavy,  that is why. 


When disruption and chaos hit…

In these times of emotional eruption and chaos in life, as hard as it can feel – it is all FOR YOU

Life brings you exactly what you need… It just doesn’t always look like you’d expect, want, or can plan for.

It is not about the WHAT or WHY of the outer circumstances happening.  It is about the FOR.  (why? is a question from the ego) 

While all the disruption and chaos is occurring, the best way through it all is IN.

Inside you. The ‘inner work’. (It is ultimately how I lost and kept off 100 pounds – inner work).

Because it is about what is going on inside you that creates what is happening around and outside of you.

What is happening in your life, money, love, health, relationships, opportunities…

It begins within.


Hello trauma my old friend.⁣

Hello trauma my old friend.⁣
I thought I healed you but, here you are – back again.⁣

Although we’ve been through this before, ⁣
Here I am, on the floor. ⁣

It feels as though I’m at deaths door.⁣
I really can’t take it anymore. ⁣

The tears I’ve cried, my broken heart,⁣
It feels like my world is falling apart. ⁣

I’ve survived the past and I know this won’t last. ⁣
Yet, I feel ashamed from the stones been cast. ⁣

I know I’m not wrong for how I feel. ⁣
No one else knows my real deal. ⁣

You dealt me cards to help me grow stronger.
I just can’t hold up this smile for much longer.⁣

You knocked me down and I got up again. ⁣
Every time through, it is a win. ⁣

My strength gets stronger. ⁣
My wisdom gets wiser. ⁣
It’s what I hold onto as my reminder. ⁣

There is more to this life than meets the eye. ⁣
I am letting go of all the lies. ⁣

“I know I’m here for so much more”⁣
I repeat that mantra from the floor. ⁣

I take one breath at a time ⁣
Reminding my heart “we’ll be just fine”⁣

You’re here again not to break me down.⁣
But, to remind me now how far I’ve come. ⁣

Thank you for reminding me, ⁣
The more I love, the more I’m free.


Are fear and confusion getting in your way?

There are decisions and choices for you to make. How do you choose?

With the current cosmic alignments, energetic shifts, ascension, and expansion of consciousness there has been an upheaval in life, health, emotions, relationships, business…

On a hike this weekend I downloaded a message to offer single sessions through the end of January for those who are seeking clarity, direction, energy clearing.

As a clairvoyant, I identify the core aspect of where and why the disruption is occurring.

You can expect to leave the session feeling lighter, more grounded, clearer, and with the information and answers you seek.

Here is the link with further details and where to immediately book your session.

Keep going.

Where you’re being led is exactly what you’ve asked for.


Has life felt a little chaotic?

Have you been feeling out of control?t Do you want to know what it’s all about?


“Man Plans, and God Laughs” comes to mind.

In the chaos of change,
:: I want to control the ‘how’.

:: I grip on to what is shifting and changing.

:: I make the ‘now’, wrong.

:: I feel afraid of the unknown.

All variations of resistance.

Resistance to where I’m being led, what it looks like, what I’m being guided to let go of.

Back in the day, letting go of my 12-year relationship and engagement was NOT in the plans I had in mind.

And, it was the VERY THING that led me to Energy Medicine school and doing the deep inner work to heal my heart and release the fear, pain, and trauma I unknowingly held in my body (which manifest at an excess 100 pounds).

Chaos is the alchemy that brings the changes you’ve asked for. Just not in the ways you expect or can plan for.

What is this chaos guiding you to release?


Are you in physical or emotional pain?

Pain and discomfort are signals from your subconscious mind guiding you to realize you’re believing something about yourself or life that is a lie.

In this case, this client had back pain for 20+ years.

After one remote session, “I do feel like I have an energetically reconstructed spine”.


By identifying the belief and recalibrating the frequency that was running the pain pattern.

For me, it’s as easy as a computer expert finding and extracting a virus from your computer.

Are you willing to let go of suffering?


Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Who has time to be laid up for 6 months recovering from surgery? Or time to go back and forth to all the doctor visits and physical therapy?

Your body reflects your subconscious mind.

Heal the mind, heal the body.

Lots of disruption is life and your body’s way to get your attention.

If you’re feeling out of balance, your energy all over the place, your emotions elevated, your body aching… It’s going to reflect in your life and interactions around you.

A breakthrough session can help clear your physical, emotional, and energy body and have you on your way quickly.

Here is a link with more details and to book your session.


Would you go into the Amazon jungle without a guide?

Of course you can. But…

Would it be a more pleasant experience having someone guide you who has been through it often enough to know the in’s, outs, and best experience?

I would!
(I do, in fact, have a kick ass inner circle that guide me through any rough terrain I come upon).

Is there something you have felt challenged with?

Now or for some time?

You don’t have to go it alone.


Are you finding yourself stuck and feeling heavy?⁣

Has life, your energy, your body, relationships, old trauma, business, money, fears… been shaken up a bit? ⁣

If you’re trying to move through your current challenges from your mind only, it’s going to be more difficult and you’ll likely be back in the same pattern and feeling again. ⁣

Are you in a pattern now that is familiar? ⁣

Are you ready to move through and beyond it?

These single sessions are here for January only. ⁣

It’s a great session to get over a hump, bring clarity, get channeled guidance, bring relief to your nervous system, receive a direction to move toward… ⁣

Here is the link with more information and to schedule your session.


Shame…The silent kryptonite to your success and at the root of failure.

If you have been working to change your beliefs only to have the same things manifest and happen over and over again, do you want to know why?


Shame is rooted in beliefs about who you are that are not true. Shame is a liar.

Shame is your kryptonite, Superhuman. Invisibly working against your strengths, power, creation, expression…

Shame had me –
– holding onto excess weight (100 lbs lost),
– attracting relationships where I was betrayed and disrespected,
– hiding and holding back my gifts and knowledge (not having the ripple effect for others healing journey)

It is very difficult to be in flow of life, love, money, health, business when you’re rooted down with shame.

You can mantra, recite, journal all you want into new beliefs. While you can change the belief in your mind, if you don’t get the root out of the system, the weed regrows.

  • It wasn’t a special diet that allowed me lose 100 pounds.
  • It wasn’t the perfect dating profile that shifted the relationships I attracted into my life.
  • It wasn’t a fancy website, funnel, or marketing that brought me together with soulmate clients.

Everything shifted when I did the inner work and uprooted shame.

Is there shame in your system?

When shame is at the root, it’s like an invisible underground feeding system that operates below the surface. 

A slow drip, feeding subconscious beliefs such as “I’m not worthy, I’m not enough, I don’t know my purpose, no one will buy my (insert brilliant idea)” stopping you from expressing your superpowers (your message, healing, and art). 

Here’s the thing…to pluck out the weeds by the root, you don’t have to relive the events or process the emotions in the entire shame system. That is so 1979. 

It’s 2020. Energy and consciousness work gets right to the root and releases it – creating fertile ground for new growth. 

Growth of your Superhuman self to emerge and have a ripple effect on the world. 

Energy work and consciousness alchemizes kryptonite of shame into your Superpowers so you are no longer weighed down and stick. 

You’re free and strong to do what you’re here to be and do. 

It doesn’t have to hurt or take long to release it.

It actually hurts more and has a deeper impact when you choose to not do address what is happening at the root. 🖤

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