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Laughter Medicine

Do you need a laugh?  Watch this video – blooper – I found on my phone from November last year.

One of my medicines is laughter.

I can bring a client to and through some really tough spaces and then alchemize the energy to create an internal shift.

When a shift happens internally, their world shifts externally.

Yep. Trauma, pain, fears, hard to look at beliefs

I clear out the clutter then integrate the new with laughter.

It can be easy.


Is this a good time for you to do some inner work?

Who do you want to be when we all emerge from this lockdown the Universe has presented?

Before all this started, I was already guided to put my courses online and make them available for self-study.

Right now they are $97 with code Equinox – until 4/4/2020.

The course information is organized on my website through private access. 

The current courses available can be found through this link

There is some REALLY GREAT stuff inside these courses.

These courses are really great if you have been interested in my work, message, and approach but, not quite ready for one to one mentorship.

Here is the link to my online store. Don’t forget to enter Equinox to save $$. 


Could Flower Essences support you at this time?

They sure have been helpful to me! 

Right now Julie has a few special offers – 

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For some FUN – go to this link, you’ll find a tab for “Oracle” – shuffle to cards and see what flower essence is chosen for your mind, body, spirit. 
Julie’s flower essence are the best I have come to experience! 

She also does custom orders. Reach out to her.  She is magical.

Staying tuned in and connected

I hope this post finds you well during this time of change, uncertainty, and confusion. 

I’ve been working closely with my private clients, groups, creating, working with these energies – business is usual for me.

I was made for this time.  My life has been an initiation of change, transition, death, rebirth, uncertainty, confusion, trauma healing, energy healing, emotional empowerment…

And here I am now –  Very well prepared to support you in what is coming up for you.

To identify what is under the surface and clear, heal, transmute it and free yourself so you can step into the CREATION you are here for. 

You can find easy access to resources I share on my blogyoutube channelFacebook, or Instagram.  <— All of these will have the most up to date info. 

A recent message from a past client


Wonderland – A Playground for Creators

Under construction.

Thank you for visiting.

This group membership is receiving it’s own upgrade. Immediately after initial launch more came through for this group (it’s next level!).

When it comes back together, I’ll share it.


The Online Store

Here is a link to my online store with all the current offerings.

Offerings such as –

  • meditations,
  • at home self study courses,
  • group courses,
  • consultations,
  • intuitive readings – by email,
  • private mentorship.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter (to your right) to receive up to date information on courses and events.


Do you believe change has to take a long time?

This client went from stuck at SINGLE for a long while to 2 dates in one week – in less than an hour.

When you get to the core of what is malfunctioning, EVERYTHING can shift.

Here’s the millions dollar question…

Will you allow the shift? 😉

In this session, I did some heart healing with this beautiful soul. Spirit showed me a prominent relationship from her past that left some wounds.

I focused the heart healing within her and between them. She could see how that pattern continued in relationships that followed. She had been single for a while and quite frustrated.

When we have these open wounds, we tend to do all we can to keep the wound from being poked. That includes keeping the love we really want at arms length away from us – unconsciously and energetically.

It was a beautiful and gentle process where she felt a shift and changed the story about her experience. And then was asked out on two dates

When we shift the energy within and are able to see our story differently, our experience shifts.

I feel so honored to do this sacred work with beautiful people who are totally ready to shift what’s in their way of having the love and life they desire.


How survival mechanisms work

Fuck the spiritual bypassers. Fuck the law of attraction gas lighters. If you’ve had life events that have jacked your nervous system and created a mechanism to survive, you’re like a feral cat. ⁣

When the things you want come close to you but, triggers feelings of unsafety and vulnerability, you’re going to arch your back and your claws will come out to defend yourself. ⁣

Automatically. Subconsciously. ⁣

That’s how survival mechanisms work. Even for the things you want to have and experience in your life. ⁣

You’re in high alert for what could go wrong that you don’t allow in what you want. ⁣

This is why LOA, affirmations, and vision boards don’t work for you. Right now. ⁣

No go around’s are going to get you the results. Especially if it requires you to let down walls of protection and increases exposure of your heart and hurt pieces. ⁣

You’re not doing any of it wrong. You’re not broken. It’s not about worthiness.⁣

It’s just that right now feeling safe feels better than looking at these outdated mechanisms and releasing the “protection”.⁣

When you’re ready, I’d be honored to guide you through and beyond. ⁣

In the meantime, love yo’self. ⁣


It’s not them, it’s you.

Do you know when you come across a mentor, coach, or healer and it’s like they are speaking directly to you?

Your choice to work with them isn’t 100% about THEM being a match for you.

Is much more about are YOU going to show up for YOU?

No one else can do the work for you or make the choice.

Where could you be in your life, body, mindset, business, love, health – after having awareness about what is operating your life from your subconscious?

You are worth your time, energy, and attention.

Or knowing how to work with your energy field and nervous system to release pain programming and survival consciousness?

Or to have cleared the internal clutter and chaos to now hear your own intuition and knowing?

Check out the current offerings here for your healing, ascension, and expansion journey.


Does Past Pain and Trauma Keep You Trapped?

Inside this video, I speak about three 🔥🔥🔥 underlying factors at play keeping you from getting over the hump, past your pain, and, healing your body and mind.

Those who watched it live received shifts, inspiration, and motivation. I’d love to hear what you receive from this transmission.

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