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The shadow of the law of attraction

Law of attraction has manifested a plethora of judgmental, cold-hearted bitches.

:: Have you been told HOW YOU FEEL is wrong?

:: Have you been gaslighted and told ‘you should just think positive’?

:: Or bypassed and told ‘your feelings are too much’?

:: Or rejected because ‘you’ll lower their vibe’?

Ohhhh, pAAAlease.

It’s all just another way your sensitivities, extra senses, brilliance, healing, and messages of transformation and change have been shut down and subdued.


Going through the process of unveiling and recalling your spiritual gifts and extra senses (waking up, ascending) is not a walk in the park.

The journey requires you to move through all the trauma, the conditioning, and programming placed upon you.

Sometimes that shit comes up for review. Like going through your closet, trying on the clothes, and then deciding “do I still want this?”

Do you still want the old beliefs, coping mechanisms, trauma responses, the ways you hold yourself back, hide who you really are, or numb out how you really feel?

The process of remembering can feel like your entire being is being pushed through the head of a needle. Everything being squeezed out of you… painfully.

No one knows or could know what your experience feels like except you.

As you’re waking up to who you are, superhuman, it’s going to be a bit messy. Keep going.

Don’t let anyone throw shade on you or your journey.
Don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel.

You are here for more. You DO FEEL MORE.

Feeling is a gift. A tool – like Harry Potter’s new wand… maybe you’re just remembering how to use it.

How you feel is a big piece of how you move through this world and create the ripple effect through your healing, art, and messaging.

Nobody knows what it’s like better than you.

Anyone else’s opinion is a projection – simply a reflection of their own rejection.

There are a plethora of superhumans who have and are going through a similar journey. You will come to find more who understand you – the more you allow who you are, to be – unconditionally.

You are seen, loved, honored, and respected for the fierce courage it takes to be with the discomfort and make bold choices for yourself.

Be super cognizant of who you allow to influence how you feel about you.

It’s really just YOU.


It’s okay if you don’t feel okay.

Does it feel intense? It’s okay if you don’t feel okay. You feel more than most are willing to. Your sensitivities are a precious gift and they are being upgraded now. ⁣

Don’t compare yourself. Everyone has their own journey. Many won’t understand. ⁣

Whatever is up for you, it’s best not to resist it. ⁣

Go in far enough to allow yourself to shed. Let the energy serve you. Give yourself what you need. ⁣

Cancel the plan, sleep, dance, bath, hike, cry, scream…⁣

Others are going through their own cycle; don’t take anything personally. Whatever is triggered within you, is for you. ⁣

Think of the full moon energy coming through like a street sweeper. A little disruptive and messy but, it takes the dirt away. ⁣

When the intensity hits, keep it simple… Breath, presence, and self-compassion.⁣

Allow the sweep. Allow the cleaning. ⁣

You will feel better, be stronger and have sharper senses through the other side of this. ⁣

You’ve got this. ❤️⁣


Have you been told, “You are too SENSITIVE!!”?

It is one of the top terms programmed to close down superpowers.

I was often told I was too sensitive. So much so I learned to close down EVERYTHING I felt in order to survive and fit in.

Closed down my heart, desires, passions… Even memories.

I was living a shell of a life… Making the motions but, knowing there was more… I was overweight, depressed, angry…

And now that I’ve done the inner work to bring everything back up and functioning at high capacity… I lost 100 pounds, I’m happy, anger isn’t my defensive mechanism…

With my sensitivities set free, it allows me to –

– see what isn’t seen with the eye,

– hear what’s not said,

– read energy and know patterns (of beliefs, fears, emotions),

– know where and why clients are stuck – emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically,

– identify emotional and behavioral patterns preventing desired outcomes (love, health, success),

– work with immense and potent energies that bring forth transformation and change to those who are ready for it,

– remote view – I work with clients all over the world and can see and feel what is happening with them.

Are you feeling closed down? Stuck and you KNOW more is possible?

Imagine where you’re feeling closed down or stuck right now… Would having a superpower to blast through it be helpful?

What ripple effect on the world would you have by allowing all of yourself to be seen, felt, heard?

It is all inside you…


You are not the Jackass whisperer

You aren’t the Jackass Whisperer.
Is it time you walk away?

Plus getting unstuck and breaking through emotional patterns.


Cut through the clutter

Imagine what having a Psychic Intuitive Channel on your business team could do to cut through the confusion, clear energy, and bring through precise insight and guidance for your next level…

Message me about current availability and how my services can support your journey.


Feeling stuck?

Any place you feel stuck, there is pain wanting acknowledgment.

Do so and let it go.


The truth about procrastination…

…and the secret to breakthrough what holds you back.⁣

Meet me in my kitchen…


You are not wrong

The number #1 your superpower (which brings ease to sharing your message, art, healing – life) isn’t in full effect is because…

… at some point in your life you were told or you came to believe something was wrong with you.

You were expected to behave certain ways.
Behave in ways that weren’t natural to who you are. You had to hold back. You were forced to conform.

Is it still happening?

Did you take over in making yourself wrong?


And just like that…

…the new website I was working on is gone.  (Sharing the lesson and bringing awareness about the energy you might encounter through the shifts happening now. And heads up of you try to hit up the site I shared a few days ago.)

For five weeks straight (through the holidays, long nights and weekends) I worked to create and birth the new website on the goal date of 1/2/2020.  I did it!

Then today, 1/5, the web person I was working with took it down.

Turns out they aren’t the professional they claim to be. (seems to be a theme lately)

Their wound got triggered and they let their emotions take over. (Another theme. Don’t get pulled into another’s drama).

The only thing they were available for was a fight and I wasn’t participating.

This was a perfect opportunity for them to change a deep pattern that has been getting in the way of their personal and professional relationships.

When I didn’t participate with their wounding, they kept fighting. (Be aware of the seduction)

✔️They unplugged my site from the host.
✔️The site no longer exists.
✔️I don’t have access to any of what I created. (borderline psychopath behavior – this paradigm is spinning out)

I own the domain but, they were hosting it. (don’t let someone else own your web hosting).

The beauty in all of it was support was right there for me once I became aware of all that was done.

The SuperHuman Squad in my Inner Circle helped with the technical bits, creativity to clean up the fragments, and energetic support to guide me through the breakthrough this presented FOR ME. 

In the meantime, www.KellyAnnCory.com is still up and running. Business as usual. 

There is no fight to win if they’re the only one fighting.

The real winner is the one walking away holding their integrity. 

Be the change.


Procrastination and overwhelm

They are signals you have a choice to make.

This choice will create massive change in your life.

Your system is preparing.

You’re not doing it wrong.

What choice are you being guided to make?

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