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Are things feeling unstable?

There is an unraveling occurring.

Cellular, nervous system, DNA, and energetic grids unraveling from within.

You’re receiving new systems. Receiving upgrades and integrating simultaneously.

(I’ve been receiving messages from past clients opening up to next level superpowers – because they know how to work with this energy).

Are you seeing it too?

Seeing it in the experiences you’re having – how you’re feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually?

Through the unraveling and upgrade, you’re being guided to own more of your innate power, brilliance, wisdom, knowing… your superpowers.

Being invited to release, shed, dissolve the fears, doubts, trauma patterns, survival cycles, beLIEfs about yourself… 

These energetics are my jam.

Do you wonder about energy and how I work with it? Feel free to send me a message and ask your questions.

I asked my higher self for an example and here is what came through… 

I read your energy just as air traffic controllers read the wind.

You can’t see wind, right?  But, you can see the effects wind is having.  

You can’t see energy.  But, I can see the effects your energy is having.

I read energy and see how your frequency is having an impact on your life – your body, emotions, and physical being.

In reading your energy, I determine where the misalignment originates from. 

Misalignments in –

  • what you say you want to what is actually happening
  • how your body is out of balance – disruptions in well-being, digestion, aches/pains, anxiety, excess weight, depression… 
  • why you can’t break patterns or cycles

In working with your energy and creating the healing, shifts, alchemy, release – whatever you need – your outer life shifts.  


Laughter Medicine

Do you need a laugh?  Watch this video – blooper – I found on my phone from November last year.

One of my medicines is laughter.

I can bring a client to and through some really tough spaces and then alchemize the energy to create an internal shift.

When a shift happens internally, their world shifts externally.

Yep. Trauma, pain, fears, hard to look at beliefs

I clear out the clutter then integrate the new with laughter.

It can be easy.


When the heaviness shows up

When the heaviness shows up at your door (depression, anxiety, fear..,), you don’t have to let it in. ⁣

The reason it shows up is not because of what is happening outside of you. ⁣

It’s because there is a match to what you’re holding inside of you. ⁣

The metaphorical door dash is delivering what your soul ordered to show you what you’re holding onto – that’s hurting you.

The suffering you are choosing. ⁣

Old pain, patterns, programs…⁣

When the heaviness shows up, ask “Is this mine?” ⁣

What isn’t yours will leave. (Empaths and Sensitives – this is such an important practice!)⁣

What remains is for you.⁣

For you to go into and through. ⁣

To finally resolve and dissolve the past pains. ⁣

To unveil the divine being you are underneath the lessons and initiation provided to help you remember your true self. ⁣

Much love to you as your journey in and through what is being delivered – for you.


Is this a good time for you to do some inner work?

Who do you want to be when we all emerge from this lockdown the Universe has presented?

Before all this started, I was already guided to put my courses online and make them available for self-study.

Right now they are $97 with code Equinox – until 4/4/2020.

The course information is organized on my website through private access. 

The current courses available can be found through this link

There is some REALLY GREAT stuff inside these courses.

These courses are really great if you have been interested in my work, message, and approach but, not quite ready for one to one mentorship.

Here is the link to my online store. Don’t forget to enter Equinox to save $$. 


Could Flower Essences support you at this time?

They sure have been helpful to me! 

Right now Julie has a few special offers – 

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For some FUN – go to this link, you’ll find a tab for “Oracle” – shuffle to cards and see what flower essence is chosen for your mind, body, spirit. 
Julie’s flower essence are the best I have come to experience! 

She also does custom orders. Reach out to her.  She is magical.

Staying tuned in and connected

I hope this post finds you well during this time of change, uncertainty, and confusion. 

I’ve been working closely with my private clients, groups, creating, working with these energies – business is usual for me.

I was made for this time.  My life has been an initiation of change, transition, death, rebirth, uncertainty, confusion, trauma healing, energy healing, emotional empowerment…

And here I am now –  Very well prepared to support you in what is coming up for you.

To identify what is under the surface and clear, heal, transmute it and free yourself so you can step into the CREATION you are here for. 

You can find easy access to resources I share on my blogyoutube channelFacebook, or Instagram.  <— All of these will have the most up to date info. 

A recent message from a past client


Creating from chaos

And three key practices that guided me through huge life changes.

Welcome to my world.

What happening in yours?


Wonderland – A Playground for Creators

Under construction.

Thank you for visiting.

This group membership is receiving it’s own upgrade. Immediately after initial launch more came through for this group (it’s next level!).

When it comes back together, I’ll share it.


Lessen your stressin’

Lessen the stress 🤬, fear, and anxiety by understanding what is at the core of it – these 3 categories.

Plus an #unfuckyourmind 🤯 bonus category.

A time to make the shift. 💩 With ease. 💖


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