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Does Past Pain and Trauma Keep You Trapped?

Inside this video, I speak about three 🔥🔥🔥 underlying factors at play keeping you from getting over the hump, past your pain, and, healing your body and mind.

Those who watched it live received shifts, inspiration, and motivation. I’d love to hear what you receive from this transmission.


Illuminated – New Group Course

Shine the light on your subconscious. Liberate yourself from the beliefs, fears, and patterns that confine your brilliance, essence, and light from shining through.

  • Release your patterns and cycles of emotional ups and downs and feel emotionally empowered.
  • Release trapped energy – causing physical and emotional discord so you can feel lighter, pain-free, inspired, get your creativity back your nervous system.  
  • Create shifts in your mind, body, and energy so you can move past what is holding you back and finally feel free to be creative, expressive, healthy, motivated…

Live Life Illuminated.

A three-week online group course held inside a private Facebook group.

Further details here. Below are the highlights and details.

Details for the online group

  • The group will meet inside a private Facebook group for three weeks.
  • There will be three live video trainings on
    • energy clearing
    • emotional empowerment
    • subconscious shifts
  • The live replays will be available – if you can’t catch live.
  • You’ll have my support inside the space to ask your questions
  • You’ll be with a community of like-minded superhumans there expand their experiences, empower their minds, and release the density in their fields.
  • The group will also be about sharing your wins, shifts, manifestations…

We start Monday, February 17th – March 6th, 2020.

Your investment

1. For this 3-week group course, trainings, and the private container, your investment is $247.

Click here to reserve your space.

2. Do you feel like going a bit deeper and having personalized guidance and energy work? There is a VIP option – add a private, 30 minute one on one session.

For the course and the private call, the investment is $347. Here is the link for the VIP bonus.

We start 2/17 and go through 3/6. The weekly lives will be available for replay and all the information inside the private group space for you to dive into on your schedule.

For the VIP, deeper dive, it is best to schedule your call within the 3 weeks of the course so we can work together to integrate what is being illuminated for you.

The VIP calls will not be scheduled past 3/6.


Are you willing to allow the experiences you say you want to have?

Are you willing to have a different experience? You say you want inner peace, health, romantic love, etc. but, something is in the way. Right?!?

Deeply you know what you desire is possible but, why isn’t it happening for you?

Because the change has to happen at the core of origination – beyond your thoughts and mindset.

To fully clear what is operating under the surface, you’ve got to go deeper within you to where the energy, aspects and survival mechanisms are operating.

Your codes need clearing and recalibrating. 

When that is resolved, you have access to energy you can put toward creation, pleasure, play – whatever you choose. 

Every session I’ve had this month they’ve said “I FEEL LIGHTER”.  

That happens when you let go of stuff you’ve been grasping and holding onto. 

It doesn’t have to take a long time to clear, heal, and recalibrate.  You simply have to be willing.


Are you stuck in survival mode?

Inner aspects of you were developed to survive through past traumatic events. 

Whether they were big ‘T’ or little ‘t’ trauma, the inner aspect created an automatic response mechanism to keep you ‘safe’.

And, just like your heart operates automatically, so do these subconscious aspects and survival mechanisms.

Anything that feels like a threat to you, will be thwarted by this automatic response stored in the background of your subconscious.

Threats can look like –
: having the love or money you want, 
: allowing yourself to be seen,
: sharing your message and art,
: building a business you desire,
: being thinner / losing weight

When trauma is left unresolved – where you went right into survival – the energy of the event and emotions remain in your body.

This will cause you to feel stuck, confused, angry, overwhelmed, spinning in circles – hitting up against the same problem over and over (just a few symptoms).

To resolve trauma and the impacts it has on your life, these inner aspects running the survival response through your system are what need to be addressed – not just your beliefs, thoughts, and mindset.

You haven’t been able to release the aspects and mechanisms prior because they were created to keep you safe – now ‘safe’ from the things you desire to have.  

If you’re frustrated that all your ‘doing’, showing up, sharing isn’t working or your feeling stuck and heavy,  that is why. 


Resolving trauma and releasing the impact it has on your life

Is unresolved, unknown trauma within you causing disruption and chaos? 

Video Replay – When unresolved trauma trumps all your trying. 

First, doing more is not the answer.

Second, you can see changing your thoughts and emptying your head trash isn’t working either.

Third, you do not have to revisit the trauma to let it go.

Resolving trauma and releasing the impact it has on your life, body, and emotions must go beyond the mind – into the energy.


When disruption and chaos hit…

In these times of emotional eruption and chaos in life, as hard as it can feel – it is all FOR YOU

Life brings you exactly what you need… It just doesn’t always look like you’d expect, want, or can plan for.

It is not about the WHAT or WHY of the outer circumstances happening.  It is about the FOR.  (why? is a question from the ego) 

While all the disruption and chaos is occurring, the best way through it all is IN.

Inside you. The ‘inner work’. (It is ultimately how I lost and kept off 100 pounds – inner work).

Because it is about what is going on inside you that creates what is happening around and outside of you.

What is happening in your life, money, love, health, relationships, opportunities…

It begins within.


Is unresolved trauma the culprit?

💗 It’s not that you can’t lose weight. You’re afraid, holding resentment.

💗It’s not that you can’t be healthy. You have a subconscious belief, fear, agreement.

💗It’s not that the love you want doesn’t exist. Your fear of being heartbroken again is the energy block.

When all the doing isn’t working…

Unresolved trauma.

A trauma response is developed to keep you safe; it creates an aspect of your personality to be sure your survival mechanism operates.

It’s like you hold onto things so you can control them. But, they’re controlling you.

Just like your heart operates automatically, so do the subconscious aspects and survival mechanisms.

The challenge is…you don’t need them any longer and they’re keeping you from what you want.

Something behind the scenes and under the surface isn’t in agreement with you.

Clear it out and everything changes. Your creativity flow, confidence exudes, you execute your ideas, you feel lighter and more free…


Hello trauma my old friend.⁣

Hello trauma my old friend.⁣
I thought I healed you but, here you are – back again.⁣

Although we’ve been through this before, ⁣
Here I am, on the floor. ⁣

It feels as though I’m at deaths door.⁣
I really can’t take it anymore. ⁣

The tears I’ve cried, my broken heart,⁣
It feels like my world is falling apart. ⁣

I’ve survived the past and I know this won’t last. ⁣
Yet, I feel ashamed from the stones been cast. ⁣

I know I’m not wrong for how I feel. ⁣
No one else knows my real deal. ⁣

You dealt me cards to help me grow stronger.
I just can’t hold up this smile for much longer.⁣

You knocked me down and I got up again. ⁣
Every time through, it is a win. ⁣

My strength gets stronger. ⁣
My wisdom gets wiser. ⁣
It’s what I hold onto as my reminder. ⁣

There is more to this life than meets the eye. ⁣
I am letting go of all the lies. ⁣

“I know I’m here for so much more”⁣
I repeat that mantra from the floor. ⁣

I take one breath at a time ⁣
Reminding my heart “we’ll be just fine”⁣

You’re here again not to break me down.⁣
But, to remind me now how far I’ve come. ⁣

Thank you for reminding me, ⁣
The more I love, the more I’m free.


Are fear and confusion getting in your way?

There are decisions and choices for you to make. How do you choose?

With the current cosmic alignments, energetic shifts, ascension, and expansion of consciousness there has been an upheaval in life, health, emotions, relationships, business…

On a hike this weekend I downloaded a message to offer single sessions through the end of January for those who are seeking clarity, direction, energy clearing.

As a clairvoyant, I identify the core aspect of where and why the disruption is occurring.

You can expect to leave the session feeling lighter, more grounded, clearer, and with the information and answers you seek.

Here is the link with further details and where to immediately book your session.

Keep going.

Where you’re being led is exactly what you’ve asked for.


Has life felt a little chaotic?

Have you been feeling out of control?t Do you want to know what it’s all about?


“Man Plans, and God Laughs” comes to mind.

In the chaos of change,
:: I want to control the ‘how’.

:: I grip on to what is shifting and changing.

:: I make the ‘now’, wrong.

:: I feel afraid of the unknown.

All variations of resistance.

Resistance to where I’m being led, what it looks like, what I’m being guided to let go of.

Back in the day, letting go of my 12-year relationship and engagement was NOT in the plans I had in mind.

And, it was the VERY THING that led me to Energy Medicine school and doing the deep inner work to heal my heart and release the fear, pain, and trauma I unknowingly held in my body (which manifest at an excess 100 pounds).

Chaos is the alchemy that brings the changes you’ve asked for. Just not in the ways you expect or can plan for.

What is this chaos guiding you to release?

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