The messages from your body

Got aches, pains, sciatica, digestion issues, tension, tightness, skin breakouts…?

⁣(I am not a doctor nor making any diagnosis claims. Trust yourself and the guidance to take actions your body is expressing)

Your body is expressing a message. ⁣
There is an emotional and energetic discord. ⁣

I read these messages very well and clearly.

I also know how to guide you through resolving them – and showing you how to do the same.

A client was having neck pain. I read her body and field (remotely) and identified the issue at the root cause.⁣

I did energy work on her and the pain was immediately resolved. ⁣

You aren’t meant to manage pain. ⁣
Are you to be free? ⁣
You have to choose. ⁣

When you’re ready, come find me.

I f*cking LOVE working with fierce ones who strive to be free and empowered.


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