Your Great Awakening

Do you have your popcorn ready?

The movie – The Great Awakening – is now premiering. ⁣

Many of us are at the same movie theatre, same movie, same characters but, perceiving completely different plot lines.⁣

The perception, plotline, and emotional triggers will be different for each of us. ⁣

What we perceive and see that triggers us, is FOR US. ⁣

The trigger is a call for a re-write. ⁣⁣

Arguing with, belittling, and pointing fingers at fellow attendees is where you’ll find the movie is playing you. ⁣

We cannot change what is on the screen. ⁣

We can only change what we project and receive back. ⁣

The plot twist… ⁣

We are also the director, producer, writer, editor, camera operator, casting director, craft services… of our life’s movie. ⁣

What we are triggered by shows us the inner script we are running.⁣

powerless, ⁣
limited, ⁣
doomed, ⁣
not enough, ⁣
insecure, ⁣
self-doubting, ⁣
afraid… ⁣

We’re triggered because what we are perceiving is fake news to the truth of who we really are.⁣

The truth is…⁣

Power is not outside of us. ⁣

No one is coming to save us. ⁣

It is US.⁣

Don’t like the movie? ⁣

Change the script. ⁣

Changing the script, deleting bad lines, eliminating characters, changing the plotline – it is a courageous, faith required journey. ⁣

To take responsibility for one’s life, inner terrain, and outcome requires courage, tenacity, trust, determination, strength…⁣

Not everyone will choose to live their best performance. ⁣

Some will remain in victim, blame, and martyr roles. ⁣

Don’t let that stop you from making the best of the rest of your life. ⁣

Defy the critics and those in the nosebleed seats. ⁣

Disregard the hecklers. ⁣

Roll out that red carpet and draw the curtains back.⁣

Believe in yourself so fiercely that no matter what plot twist comes your way, the commitment to yourself and your life is to allow it to be your best performance and artistic expression ever. 


All rights reserved © Kelly Ann Cory Matuskiewicz

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