Is there something in your way?

Do you know you’re in your own way? ⁣

Or you know SOMETHING is in your way, you have an idea what but, you can’t seem to get beyond this place you’ve been stuck in? ⁣

You do ALL.THE.THIGS but, still go nowhere? ⁣

Or you know what you need to do but are afraid? ⁣

I will bet you the thing keeping you stuck is NOT what you think it is. ⁣
When clients come to my work, they’ve been focused on trying to make the changes they know they need but feel stuck, in a pattern, or on a hamster wheel going nowhere. ⁣

Those who come to me already have a deep level of self-awareness. ⁣

When they tell me what’s been going on and where they want to be. ⁣

I read their field and see what is in their way – the core to the issue is typically several layers down than what is at the surface. ⁣

The deeper blocks are quite tricky to see for one’s self. They serve deep commitments and subconscious emotional protection. They don’t give up easy. ⁣

⁣I used to think the problem was my job, relationship, money, or my past. ⁣

Those were all just manifestations of the core issue.⁣

The core was stuff I couldn’t see on my own or I wasn’t ready to see at the time. ⁣

Apparently, I needed to get to a place where everything fell apart before I stepped up and through the fears. ⁣

It was then I knew there was something more happening than what met the eye and I wanted to understand what it all meant for me. ⁣

You don’t have to let it all fall apart to get to the core and you don’t have to figure it all out to know how to move through it. ⁣

Really. ⁣

It was my journey so I could come through and guide others. ⁣

Share the fast route – it’s something I do naturally. ⁣

You already know something is off. ⁣

You’re in a bit of denial, fear, or lack mentality. ⁣

The thing you’re avoiding will eventually blow up, tear down, fall apart. ⁣

I’m telling you… it doesn’t have to get to that point.⁣

I mean, we’ve advanced so much in technology – our weather can be reported 14+ days in advance. It wasn’t that long ago the tornado was upon you and that’s when you knew. ⁣

That’s me. Yeah, a tornado when it comes to shifting energy, patterns and beliefs.

What I mean is I’m more like an internal weather soul-caster. ⁣

:: I read your vibrational field and emotional patterns. ⁣
:: I see where the internal storm is brewing, where the emotional patterns originated.⁣
:: I guide you to creating vibrational shifts and change your experiences and emotional weather. ⁣

Astrology tells you what’s up. ⁣

I guide you how to move through it – emotionally and energetically empowered.⁣

It’s not the things outside you that matter. That’s the programming that’s kept you limited – having you focus outside yourself. ⁣

What you seek is within you. ⁣

If you’ve been feeling stuck, in your own way, doing all the things and going nowhere, there is programming that needs to be undone. ⁣

The undoing may not be in the way you think or learn. There are quicker, effective methods to clearing the mind clutter and energetic static.⁣

Then the rest of the ‘work’ is focused on tapping into the depths of who you are and navigating your Soul journey. ⁣

How much longer are you going to be in your own way of what is inevitable?⁣

It’s time for your advancement. ⁣
Be ahead of it. ⁣
Know how to navigate. ⁣

There is so much more to this life’s journey. ⁣

Are you ready to tap into that? ⁣

I have two spaces for qualified one on one clients. ⁣ Apply through this link.

This work is for those fiercely committed to doing what it takes to be a full on participant in their own life, ready to come home to themselves, align with Soul and surrender to the journey. ⁣

To not surrender is to suffer.

You have a choice. ⁣

What are you choosing? ⁣

If you believe you’re one of the fierce ones committed and ready to take yourself next level, message me with what you’re ready for and why. ⁣

Let’s see if we’re a good match to do the damn thing!


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