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Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Supplements, Personal Care, Diffusers at doTERRA.

Self-Study Courses

  • Mastery of YOU
    Remembering and reclaiming your gifts, talents, and magic.

  • Soul Flow
    Drop into what is real and right for YOU and allow Soul to flow through.

  • You Are The Medicine – Shadow Integration
    Identify your shadow aspects, see how they operate in all areas of your life, the genius of these aspects, and how to integrate the energy and genius into your whole being.
self study online course


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40-minute phone consult to address immediate matters.

Click here to purchase and schedule your session.

*NO Refunds. Missed appointment times will not be rescheduled. Be sure to mark your calendars and have the correct time zone.

Guided Meditations

Emotional & Energy Alchemy Meditation for Clearing and Balance

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Follow this 20 minute guided meditation and tune into your body.

Learn to understand the messages your body is communicating.

Practice this process to clear the emotional and energetic patterns held in your physical, emotional and energetic body.

Once your purchase is complete, a private link to the meditation will be emailed to you. Be sure your email address is accurate.

No refunds.

Expansion and Attraction Meditation:

11:11 You are a powerful creator. Tap into that force.

Use this as a guide to expand your energetic vibration. You’ll be guided to send this energy to and through your body and beyond.

This energy becomes a powerful vibration to open the spaces for what you desire to be called to you.

From there it is up to you to allow.

Once your purchase comes through, you will be emailed a private link for access to this meditation.

Virtual Intuitive Reading

Virtual Intuitive Reading:

This reading occurs virtually – through email exchange.  Have questions on something for your life, love, career, money, health?

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a link with a few questions to answer and space to ask 2 questions related to your topic.

I will read the energy of your words as well as your energetic body. I determine blocks, barriers and beliefs in the way of you experiencing what you deeply desire.

Your intuitive reading will be sent back to you within 24-48 hours of me receiving your answers.

This is a good option for those seeking understanding, clarity, and desire quick guidance.

*NO Refunds. Missed appointment times will not be rescheduled. Be sure to mark your calendars and have the correct time zone.

Recalibration Session

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Click here to purchase yours now.

Has life felt chaotic?

Have your relationships been challenging?

Is there a choice you need to make and you’re unclear?

Are you moving through a change and feel like your feet aren’t touching the ground?

Have your emotions and energy been all over the place?

The phone session is 50 minutes. My intuition and energy reading is sharp. This period of time allows for the quick, fast and lasting changes to come through in a solid container.

Once you make your investment, you’ll receive a link with questions to guide the session.

When I read your responses, I will do an energy reading and prepare for your session. (this is why my policy is no cancellations or refunds under 24 hours from your scheduled session).

You’ll likely have next steps and actions to take as this is me reminding you of what is already inside of you… while channeling the courage, clarity, shift in perception, and energetic recalibrations you’re ready for.

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*NO Refunds. Missed appointment times will not be rescheduled. Be sure to mark your calendars and have the correct time zone.

Bioluminescence Flower Essence

Flower essence creations from my friend Julie Dokas.

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