When truth hurts

I know you asked, but can you handle the TRUTH?
Truth hurts. Until it doesn’t.
Truth is intended to disturb the false lies, inner limitations, victim mentality, the bullshit stories you tell yourself.
Your triggered response is an indicator there is something within, not serving you ready for release.
Truth stops hurting when you’re standing in your power, the truth comes, and you do something with it.
You don’t lash out, internalize it, or use the trigger to ignite drama as a distraction.
When you’re in your power, you feel the internal trigger, you recognize where you’re lying to yourself, you alchemize the energy holding the vibrational discord in place and you carry on.
The trigger is FOR you. 
For you to let go of –
– the bullshit story you’re telling yourself about why you can’t, aren’t enough, don’t have the time.
– all the bullshit stories bypassing your knowing of where you are SETTLING for less, allowing others to cross your boundaries and piss on your values.
– the crap you took on from others about what you aren’t capable of or the diagnosis, story, beliefs they handed you.
If any or all of this is happening, you should be triggered! And be grateful to the person in their power reflecting the BS back and where you’re out of integrity with yourself.
Truth is energy.
Destructive energy designed to disrupt what isn’t true. Designed to destroy YOU until you claim and own it.
When you claim your truth and own it, you stand in your power of what you are and are not available for. You are unwavering in your standards. You become a conduit to receive nothing less than a match to your highest and best.
You quit lying to yourself. And life responds accordingly.
Get super honest with yourself now and take a look around at where your ego is running the show, what behaviors you have in place defending your limitations, the fears you hold keeping you from stepping into the life you say you want.
The truth will set you free.
Can you handle it?
I promise you… It is worth it.
P.S. Are you ready to be free? To clear the subconscious lies limiting you from what you deeply know is possible and available to you?
I can’t NOT see the truth.
When a client comes to my work, they are ready for their limitations to be disturbed.
Seeing the energetic discord and knowing the truth my client needs to hear to shift them into what they’re here to do and experience is my superpower.
The temporary discomfort they feel, as truths blast out the lies, outweigh the years of stuckness, patterns, holding back what is meant for them.
I have TWO spaces available for private one on one clients. If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to be free from what binds you, message me here about the options available. We’ll chat and be sure we’re a good fit for this transformative work.


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