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When your brain won’t shut off

Two tips to #UnFuckYourMind


Thoughts, feelings, emotions, oh MY!

If you are finding yourself feeling challenged with all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions running through your mind and body, they are most likely not all yours.

All that information and energy can feel very overwhelming at times.

It can manifest as migraines, anxiety, depression, short temper, emotional eating… 

Some of this is a habit, patterns, or conditioning and not always easy to break on your own.  BUT….

Can you imagine what you’d feel like without the excess clutter and static running through your mind and body?

It is available and possible!

The excess thoughts, feelings, and emotions may also be related to unresolved emotions and past pains.

UnF*ck Your System is a proven protocol I developed as a Holistic approach to cleansing, detoxing, and rebooting your Body, Mind, and Energy.

“The easiest cleanse I’ve ever done!”

100% of each past participant has had an improvement in their thoughts, emotions, and mindfuckery.   

Anxiety decreased, thoughts clear, inspiration, motivation…

Happier, lighter, and seeing more clearly what is not theirs.

In the protocol, I use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade supplements to help cleanse, detox, and replenish your system at a cellular level.your whole system at a cellular level.

It is SO much easier to think clearly, have stable emotions, and release cravings when you are not fighting against a gunked up system.

Not only their minds cleared but, also experienced – ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
💥 Weight loss,⁣⁣
💥 clearer skin,⁣⁣
💥 cravings eliminated,⁣⁣
💥 more energy,⁣⁣
💥 happier,⁣⁣
💥 moods stabilized,⁣⁣
💥 intuition stronger,⁣⁣
💥 new career paths forging… ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The Additional Benefits of the CPTG Supplement are:

  • promotes a healthy immune response (so important!) as you’re clearing out the toxins and waste from your system
  • supports healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin.
  • helps cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that can slow the body’s systems down, leaving a heavy, weighted feeling.
  • cleansing and digestive balance benefits 
  • supports healthy respiratory function.
  • reduces uncomfortable gas and bloating.
  • calming to the body and mind.

If you missed this round, join my newsletter (top right of my website) to receive the notification or email me at hello at kellyanncory dot com.


Remember how it all worked out?

You know how you can look back and see why things happen the way they did? How it all worked out.⁣

How that thing needed to happen so that other thing could happen? ⁣

And none of it made sense at the time.⁣

Same now. In times of change and uncertainty, the common denominator is the unknown. ⁣

Learn to work inside the unknown. ⁣

Get comfortable with discomfort – then it stops immobilizing or destabilizing you. ⁣

Igniting mobility and clearing the clutter between where you are to where you want to feel is available for those who are truly ready. ⁣

Self-trust, intuition, and your superpowers are the medicine for these times – and where you’re headed. ⁣

Do the work.


Is what you reject about yourself also your Superpower?

(Very likely, yes)

One thing is for sure… No one in zumba class is asking me if I used to take dance lessons 😂. I stepped on my own feet today.

I love myself anyway.

When I’m going the opposite direction, still doing the previous move, and my arms are doing something different, I laugh and love myself anyway.

This is a huge accomplishment as I’ve spent many years working through feeling okay to take up space in this world. Never mind a dance floor.

My brain works different. I love myself anyway.

Childhood trauma drew forth mechanisms and aspects determined to not follow directions from other people.

At times, I’ve made it harder for myself.

And, it is also my Superpower.

I am fiercely independent, driven, and determined to find ways of life that work for ME.

It is also what I easily draw out from people I work with. 🌈 Their true desires and gifts – and reminding them who the F they are.

Is what you made wrong about yourself also your Superpower?



Is this the year YOU breakthrough?

Are you frustrated looking around and seeing others experience what you want to be having, being, doing?

If doing more hasn’t given you the results and outcome you desire, read on…

When I dive into where Empaths, Artists, and Sensitives are feeling stuck in their businesses and life, I identify EXACTLY what is keeping them from breaking through to their next level.

I can see where what they say they want and what they are really available for doesn’t match up.

:: They say they want their courses full and calendar booked but, underneath – their energy, beliefs, and consciousness – says different.

:: They are working toward goals that aren’t really theirs or hustling to create a life that isn’t what they REALLY want.

:: Or they’re afraid of feeling vulnerable, afraid of failing – even afraid of being happy!

Inner fears, confusion, and beliefs like those (and others specific to each individual) are really what is in the way of your next level breakthrough.

Your next-level real success, impact, and ripple effect you’re here to have on the world.

If you know anything about computers and technology, you know the system will operate according to the inner programming.

Same with people.

Are you ready to #unfuckyourmind and clear the cache on the inner programming keeping you stuck and not having the business and life your heart and soul knows is possible?

It’s your time, SuperHuman.


Are you choosing?

Are you willing to be bold enough to choose what you really want?

So many get caught up in wishing, dreaming, visioning, hoping for….

And then remain stuck, stagnant, in patterns, and always vining for.

When you choose, the universe conspires to make it happen.

What I know is… it’s really about what is underneath NOT making the choice that holds people back.

🖤 Unworthiness
🖤 Fear of what others will think
🖤 That the choice doesn’t ‘make sense’
🖤 Not knowing the ‘how’ it’ll happen
🖤 Who might be affected by your choice
🖤 ….. and more.

Choose. You can’t get it wrong.

What you’ll see is life steps up to meet you at your choice.

I can promise you this… choices that change patterns and catapult you beyond your limited living and thinking are outside your comfort zone.

Play with choosing.
See what happens.
Let your magic be unveiled.


What gets in the way of attracting your tribe?

Have you heard the phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe“? 

In the past I hadn’t really resonated with the word ‘tribe’ but, the more I recognize the life I’ve created and the people surrounding me, the more I see how ‘tribe’ fits. 

To me, my tribe includes friends, clients, family, associates, and romantic partnerships. 

Along the way, I’ve lost, left behind, and grew apart from many.  It wasn’t always easy – And, it ‘not being easy’ is no excuse to NOT go on without those you don’t vibe with anymore.  

The fear will tell you ‘you’ll be alone forever’.  It’s not true. 

In the periods of time you spend alone and in between changes in your life, take the space and honor yourself in it.  Let yourself morph into the person who IS LIVING your desired life and doing work you love.

Here is what I know to be true – when you allow yourself to shift, grow, and change, there will be people there to meet you.  

When you shift, those who are vibing at a similar frequency, are a match to you and want what you have, they will show up – nearly out of nowhere. 

  • soulmate clients,
  • fabulous friends,
  • other brilliant entrepreneurs,
  • the business partner you were seeking,
  • the amazing VA who gets you,
  • the wizard web and graphic design person,
  • the best dates ever…

It all happens with ease when you are vibing in the frequency of those who are a match to you. 

Are you a SensitiveLeader and single? 
Are you an Empathic Entrepreneur and not making sales?

Check out this video... Inside I share three ways you may be inadvertently preventing yourself from attracting the people you desire to have in your life.  

Listen, you can’t get it wrong.  Ever. 

The imperative piece is you allow yourself to be open and guided.  To trust your inner guidance and follow-through.

Trust you are reading this for a reason…

I’d love to hear what you received out of the video or this email.  Message me here.

Kelly Ann


Unveiled – private mentorship for your 20/20 vision

Pull back the curtain on your magic & be fearless in the embodiment of your power.

I see you.

I see the magic you haven’t quite embodied.  

I see the power you keep contained. 

I see your brilliance you repress. 

: You learned to hide who you are because others around you didn’t understand you.

: You hold your power back afraid you’ll annihilate others if you let it loose.

: You tame your brilliance because you can feel how others feel about themselves when around you.

Somewhere along the way you decided there was something wrong with you.  It was just easier to fit in with everyone around you than to stand out.

You created circumstances and evidence to prove yourself right.

It was challenging for you to see, hear, know what was really happening behind other’s words and non-verbal communication.

You also see the best in others and that has placed you in compromising positions. 

Deep within you, underneath the fear, all the stories, and the veil there is a part of you that knows more of you is available to experience.  

You know life is meant to be different and lived with more ease. But, you keep bumping up against the walls and barriers… walls and barriers of fear, beliefs, insecurities.

It all feels uncomfortable because you are being edged out of what once was your comfort zone. 

It is now becoming too uncomfortable to hide who you are and the power and magic you hold.

You’re tired of fumbling around with your gifts and talents and squandering your magic.  

You’re tired of holding yourself back so others don’t feel uncomfortable about who they are.

All of this is only harming YOU.

Are you ready to succumb to the magic and power within you?

To unveil all of who you are?

To tap into your innate magic, gifts, and unveil your superpowers?

Here’s the thing… It is SO NOT about doing.  It is about BEing. Becoming. Building your will.  Learning how to work with your magic and high vibrational frequencies.

Are you looking around at others wondering why you can’t do what they do?

It is because your magic is different. Are you ready to discover and embody it?

When you’ve cleared the fears, released your underlying beliefs, and built strength in your energy body, life begins to flow – with EASE.

What would it be like for you to ask a question about a direction or choice you need to make and receive the answer?  From your wisdom.

How would it feel to tap into your energetic frequency and magnetize to you the experiences you desire?  With ease.

Do you want to be surrounded by others who see you and respect and honor ALL that you are? Fearlessly.



Pull back the curtain on your magic & be fearless in the embodiment of your power.

Join me for six weeks of unveiling – private, one on one mentoring with 24/7 access to my intuition, psychic seeing, and energy attuned to clear limitations and ignite you into quantum leaps.

Behind the scenes, I have been working intimately with potent and powerful energies that are bringing through shifts in beliefs, reality, energy, and consciousness for those who have said ‘yes’ to receiving.

I have embodied these galactic energies and work in the quantum field.

In my cultivation, it has become gleamingly clear I am a Channel and Guide for other Goddess, Gods, Leaders, and Empaths with gifts within them to ignite, embody and expand upon.

If you say “yes”, you’ll – 

  • Unfuck your mind from limiting beliefs.  
  • Transmute the energies that have held you back and in hiding.  
  • Attune your energy body and consciousness with the expanded aspects of yourself.
  • Embody all of who you are.
  • Learn how to be with the energy and emotions as you move through the process of unveiling.
  • Become confident in your inner gifts and innate talents.
  • Discover how easy life can be when you surrender and allow.
  • Realize the conscious co-creator you are.

You’ve got the cosmic energies supporting the shift, transformation and, unveiling you’re ready for. The Full Moon, the Winter Solstice, New Moon, end of a year… 

Are you ready to pull back the curtain on your brilliance, embody your gifts & allow yourself to be seen in 20/20 and beyond?

Yes?  Message me – tell me what you’re ready for.  

Your investment is $1997.

I look forward to hearing from you.


On-Line Workshop: Shadow Integration & Alchemical Activation 11/12/19

For my friends around the globe who want to identify the aspects of themselves in the way of what they’re trying to create and learn how to integrate the empowered aspects, I am hosting an online workshop.

We are in shadow season; Scorpio season – where what has been under the surface rises up.

As above, so below.

What’s rising are denied aspects of yourself. Denied through pain, trauma, fear, betrayal – from others, from yourself.

At some point, denying these aspects was for your survival, to remain belonging.

In denying these aspects, you also deny your innate gifts, wild genius, power, insight, wisdom…

When you deny parts of yourself, it becomes more challenging to attract the experiences you desire… love, money, business, health, freedom, expression, inner peace, bliss, joy…

Here is a video I did on this topic… It will give you an idea of what this workshop is about and what you can expect to walk away with.

In this experiential workshop, you’ll be guided to connect with the denied aspect; a shadow aspect of yourself that is ready and waiting for you to integrate into your being.

Upon shadow integration, you’ll channel your very own, unique alchemical activation to use for your healing, expansion, ascension, creation…

Whether it be an inner child, a broken heart, a survival pattern, misguided fear, without integration these aspects cause all kinds of chaos and challenge – essentially working against your highest desires.

Join us in this workshop and learn the process of shadow integration and alchemical activations to use in your life’s journey.

When: Tuesday, November 12, 2019
(The replay will be available inside the group for 5 days)

Time: 3:00 pm EST
(I will be available to answer your questions about the process)

Where: Inside a private Facebook group.
You: Be in a quiet space where you can relax into the guided meditation and journey of integrating shadow and receiving your alchemical activation.

Investment: $25 pre-pay to reserve your space
Venmo = @kellyann-matuskiewicz

Have: Your journal, something to write with

Optional: totem to charge with your energy and activation – jewelry, crystal, piece of clothing…


The Art of Being You

Are you feeling like something is ready to change? 

Maybe you aren’t sure what the change is but, you know something needs to shift.  You feel it stirring within.

Or maybe you know exactly what it is and want a Guide along your journey summoning forth that future self that already exists.

It’s been quite the journey.  This 2018, hasn’t it?!? 

Life a bit chaotic, HUGE changes, lots of uncertainty and healing.

You’ve released patterns, recognized your limited beliefs, you’ve dissolved past pains and now you’re wondering:

”Who am I,

What am I here for,

What is next for me,

What do I really want?”

On October 1st The Art of Being You officially begins.

Together we‘ll explore the art of your life and what is ready to come through you and be the expression. 

:: What is the art of your life look like? 

:: What could it become from your design?

:: What more is available to you?

You’ll meet inside a secret Facebook group with other like-minded, high vibration members.

Through the course of the month you’ll be prompted to explore through the downloads I post specifically for this theme and group energy.

You’ll be supported as you go deeper exploring within, gaining clarity, and receiving inspired direction and next steps.

You’ll learn about the energies moving through and how you can use them to integrate into the art that is you.

The practical pieces:

~ A minimum of 2 live transmissions where I’ll channel insight and guidance about the energies specific to the group  ($111 value)

~ Throughout the month: energy readings, intuitive insight, soul guidance as you show up in the group, respond to the posts, and interact on the videos. ($240 value)

~ We start 10/1 and go through 10/31.

Total Value: $351

** Your investment $150**

(**this is an insanely reasonable price for the level of guidance and support you receive)

 BONUS:  The first 7 to register by October 3rd receive a 30 minute, one on one private session with me ($120 value). 

DOUBLE BONUS: refer a friend, they receive a 30-minute laser session too. ($120 value)  AND YOU receive an additional 30 minutes  ($240 total value)

** Total, Total Value: $471- $591  

I’m doing the numbers and thinking…What?!?!

This is trusting Soul and allowing what comes through.

It is a win/win for all; is how I see it.

P.S. I am capping the membership off at 17 this month.  The doors will close on 10/5/18.

Join me and a community of others who are creating life by their design. 

Discover what life of The Art of Being You is all about.

For more about my approach, check out my website

Or my YouTube channel 

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