New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Happy New Moon – February 26, 2017!

This one feels particularly good. Eh? Today we also had a solar eclipse which caps a two week window of intense energy (am.I.right??) that began with the lunar eclipse on February 10th.

The New Moon and this Eclipse are about new beginnings. As a part of the process, the last couple weeks were about clearing out the old.

For me, I felt like I went through the heavy duty spin cycle on the washer machine.

Some really weird life events happened – a date (first and last) gave me a stomach bug – it had me on the couch for three days followed by a snow storm that kept everyone inside for two days. Life was certainly keeping me still and present.  Just as I had my freedom back, my car broke down and I was told it was beyond repair – something I was not financially or emotionally prepared for.  Gratefully I was given my father’s truck to drive. Yet, it has only been six months since he passed away suddenly.  All the feelings not yet felt came up around that – being inside his truck and his energy…

Those were just a few things that triggered tucked away feelings and emotions for release (and also helped craft a couple chapters for my book – seeing the bright side).

Additionally, there were great moments of bliss, joy, magic, and miracles that guided me to remember the truth of this life, the creator I am, and what I truly want.

The skill and gift to self is to remain inside the desired feelings and be witness to what is coming up from within and to not get taken over by circumstance and the stories.

How did you do?

If you’re still experiencing some ‘static’, the best thing you can do is feel what is coming up and recognize what beliefs are being triggered.

With this energy we have the support to make positive shifts.

The less than pleasant experiences can be used to gain clarity on what you truly want for yourself and your life.

Daydream, play, vision, imagine what you want to experience and pull into your life.

Consciously and purposefully keep your focus on your desired feelings.  It is like a muscle – consistent practice makes it stronger.

Who is up for a Conscious Creator gym class? Yahoo!

The cool thing is as you put more focus on your desired feelings, you’ll experience more of that. It is how energy works.

If you find yourself in cycles, patterns, and beliefs you can’t seem to get yourself out of, let’s have a chat. Identifying the core cause is my superpower.

If life circumstances have taken over and you can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, lets chat.  You deserve to live free and happy! And its totally possible and within your abilities.


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