The Period of Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth – Coming out on TOP and Empowered.

Things feel hard? Challenging? Intense?

While it may appear life circumstances are creating the intensity, it’s really internal clutter creating external chaos.

You see, what’s really happening is…the next BEST VERSION OF YOU is trying to make its way through you.

It all feels hard now because you’re resisting and holding back your GREATNESS.

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Sounds crazy. Right?

“But this thing is happening and this person is doing this…..”

I know.

Hang with me….

Life circumstances are manifesting; some choices to be made; hard decisions in front of you.


What to do???

It is all about where you ALLOW your energy through.

Are you allowing it through from fear? Or from love?

* Love will bring forth the next best version of you.

* Fear will have you focused on the circumstances and keep you stuck there.

Here’s the thing… The circumstances are simply the evidence of your internal clutter. Emotions, beliefs, stories, fears….

All this does not belong to who you’re becoming and it is all being kicked up for clearing.

For the next best version of you to come through, you need to remain in your power.

Do not focus on the chaos or the clutter.

Taking a deeper look at what is being cleared, you may see part of your mind holding onto:

  • Stories of being a victim.
  • Past heartbreak.
  • False attachments.
  • Ego protections and projections.
  • Beliefs of smallness and not enoughness.

As you #unfuckyourmind and allow the energy to flow…

# the protections you built around your heart need to dismantle to let that love you want in.

# the circumstances and people once aligned with you are falling away in order for you to be energetically aligned with the next level you. 

# the false self, ego and masks lifting off to let your full self out and expressed.

# your lack and limitation beliefs pushing you to your edges so you can claim what is yours.

# your smallness belief and fear of being being seen coming into question for you to stand up for who you really are.

Can you see???

Yeah, it can feel hard and be messy.

Until you remember to

  • surrender
  • choose
  • stay in your power
  • trust life is unfolding perfectly
  • remember you’re a creator and powerful

Easier said than done sometimes. I know.

You always have a choice.

See you through the other side, Badass. 


Kelly Ann

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