Be a Unicorn

Be a Unicorn. You’re meant to stand out, cause waves, and ripple effects of change simply by being you.
– Your sensitivities are a gift. Yet, you’ve been taught to hide them.
– Your genius triggered another’s “not enoughness” and you shut down.
– You feel ‘too much’ and lost connection with your own true North.
And that’s why it all feels a bit hard right now. You’re holding back the fullness, the bigness, the powerful parts of who you are.
Subconscious fears manifest as stories of why you can’t. Your insecurities have you fly just under the radar.
But, you know there is MORE. You can feel the rumbling within. So much so, you could burst.
But, “What is it? How do I get to the somewhere I don’t even know I’m going? What am I meant to be doing?”
Mind fuckery.
Don’t get caught up in the ‘what or how’. It will all present itself once you CHOOSE for yourself that you want more. More expression, more sharing, more life experiences, more impact…
It is your uniqueness, all of the things you’ve kept safeguarded, and all the things you call “crazy” that are exactly what and who your tribe of unicorns (clients, friends, partners) is looking for.
The thing you fear the most is your gateway to freedom and all you’ve been working your ass off to make happen.
Let it be easy… Set yourself free.
Kelly Ann
FYI – Empower applications close tomorrow (3/29). Six weeks of 1:1 guidance clearing the clutter and mind fuckery keeping your Unicorn, Sensitive, Empathic, Genius Self hiding out.
You’ll get clarity and gain the confidence to show up and share more of who you are. When the clutter, fears, limitations, and energies are cleared out, showing up and sharing becomes so much easier.
Here is the link to apply: https://goo.gl/Vbw21A


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