Finding Blind Spots, Buried Beliefs and Getting Unstuck

Does it feel like something is in your way of what you want for your life, business, money, love or some other experience and reality?

In this 20 min video (from a live Facebook transmission), I share an effective and empowered way of moving through your blind spots, buried beliefs, subconscious fears, stuck spots…

…all the ways you hold yourself back from allowing your heart and soul desires.

I know this because I spent a lot of time searching for the things that were in my way and in searching for blocks and beliefs, I always found them.  And through that and now on the other side, I found there is an easier way.  #unfuckyourmind 

Energy flows where attention goes.

When I started to put my attention toward more of what I wanted to experience and be, what I put my attention toward became more of my experience.  

Read that again… That sums it all up.

As my focus shifted, any of the blocks or blind spots in my subconscious naturally rose up for release.

  • Buried Beliefs such as lack, limitation rose up.
  • Blind spots such as fear, insecurity became more apparent. 
  • Self-sabotaging patterns that kept me stuck were clear.

It all rose up for me to witness and observe and make a different choice. 

In that freedom to choose, I am an empowered co-creator of my experience.  And so are you!

I shifted my thoughts, what I said, how I felt, cleared my body of the energy I held, chose for myself and my energetic vibration cleared to become more aligned with the experience already available to me. 

I know its not easy to shift – never mind know what to shift!  Yet, that is what I am here for – to guide you through.

So, move toward your desire, choose for yourself, feel it before it occurs, and be present to the opportunities life makes available (the opportunities to guide you to clearing and those to keep you aligning).

You’re always manifesting and creating.  Get more of what you DO want by using your natural born tools wisely.  {I can help you discover and fine tune what is within}


Kelly Ann

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