Ego, beliefs, limitations and ultimately – liberation

“Your ego is not your Amigo”

How often do we listen to that inner voice telling us stories that aren’t true or make us feel bad?

Stories like:
– I’m not enough (thin, pretty, wealthy…)
– It’s too hard
– I am not worthy
– I’m too much (loud, strong, independent, powerful…)
– There is not enough (lack thinking)
– It cannot happen because ______ (insert limitation)

But, these stories are so familiar! We don’t know any other stories or ways of thinking? (lie & unconscious limitation)

Has pain become the comfort zone?

Does your Amigo tell you that outside the comfort zone isn’t safe? (liar)

If this ego Amigo was your human BFF (best friend forever), would you keep them around?

Does this Amigo say things you’d say to your BFF?

Why do we sometimes talk negative to or limit ourselves by what we hear?  
– the comfort zone is comfortable and familiar
– we repeat behaviors we were taught by others
– we can’t see what else is possible
– we are afraid we’ll hurt another or be hurt by going beyond
– to keep false beliefs alive that we made up to keep ourselves “safe”

Sooooo many other reasons and possibilities.

The key to unlocking inner peace, courage, and creating lasting, positive change is understating what is going on under the surface – within the unconscious beliefs.

What was your Amigo created for? What is it protecting? What pattern does it keep playing out?

The Amigo has a purpose. As we make changes that impact the job of the Amigo (see above), the Amigo is threatened and kicks it up a notch.

That kicked up notch looks like self sabotage, stuck in cycles, and repeating negative behavior patterns.

As we make change, the Amigo will feel it is being annihilated and will do all it can to survive.

That’s why sometimes change feels impossible and why the cycle and patterns can be hard to break. Until you understand what is going on within the depths of you.

This ego Amigo sabotage could show up in:
– money
– relationships
– health
– work / business

If you’re attempting to make any kind of change but, experience resistance, sabotage, cycles, patterns that boomerang you back or keep lasting change from occurring – you’ll want to explore what your Amigo is up to.

Discover what those inner beliefs and fears may be. Once you take a look at them, you may realize they’re not yours and not even real. Just something you picked up along the way it took in from another.

How do you begin to discover what your cycle or sabotage pattern is coming from?

Listen to the things you think and say. Those will be your golden ticket clues.

Sometimes there is deeper stuff we can’t get to on our own – that Amigo is a clever fella. Get support or ask a friend for their observations of you.

My natural super power is to see these buried beliefs and false fears and identify where they originated from.

My healing process goes in the side and back door – around where the ego Amigo is guarding the station.  If you want some help, reach out. Limiting yourself is so 1980’s.

Listen (actually, read and feel this), you are here to be brilliant, talented and gorgeous; to explore and experience this life fully. This is your life’s journey and who you keep company with will have an impact on that – including yourself, other humans, and that Amigo.

Choose wisely. You’re worth it!



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